Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We Love All-agers: March 29-April 4

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Under 21 and want to go to a show this week? There's something going on every day this week that all-ages friendly, but your BEST bet is to go out next Wednesday. See below.

Thursday, 3/29

The Hop!, They're Watching, La Muerte Viva, Fizzlin Dicks

Knitting Factory, Nit Grit, Two Fresh

Friday, 3/30

A Club, The Rooks

The Hop!, EDM

Saturday, 3/31

The Hop!, Face Down, Strong Refuge, Mosaik USA, Sonus, Ellis, Scary Jane

Knitting Factory, The Sky Turns Red, Thirstyperfect, Silent Theory, Drop Off

Luxe Coffeehouse, Bradford

Sunday, 4/1

Knitting Factory, Rusted Root, Skinny Lister, Malea

Monday, 4/2

Calypso's Coffee (CDA), Open mic

The Hop!, Impending Doom, Navigator, It Came From Over There, Yukon the Archer, A Pyrrhic Victory

Tuesday, 4/3

The Hop!, 20xx

Knitting Factory, DevilDriver, Job for a Cowboy, Wretched

Wednesday, 4/4

A Club, Oberhofer, Pond, Andrew James Rumsey, the Finn

“I love Oberhofer!” That’s what Paul Shaffer, the bespectacled longtime pianist of the Late Show with David Letterman, yelled after the New York band performed on the program last week. It’s praise not every band gets — and it’s the latest in a tidal wave of love that Oberhofer (the name of one young singer and his band) has received in recent months. The Guardian’s Paul Lester named the band in a recent “Band of the Day” column, where many emerging artists — like Lady Gaga — got early boosts. It’s gritty pop music about rejection and malaise. Oberhofer is refreshing; even when he uses plinky xylophones, the music maintains its boyish raucousness and never swings into being too adorable.

The Hop!, Ashylus, Straight to Our Enemies, Losing Skin, Deviance

Luxe Coffeehouse, Dennis Smith

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Idaho: Greenest. State. Ever.

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Cue your sad face, Washington. When it comes to using its own green energy, Idaho is greener than you. 

In fact, Idaho is greener than everyone. Yep, greenest state in the nation.

(Don't tell them that. It'll ruin their street cred.)

According to government numbers crunched by The Atlantic, Idaho generates 84 percent of its energy from 'green' sources. In the case of the Gem State, it's mostly hydroelectric power. Watch the fun and informative slideshow here.

Dirty, dirty Washington comes in second place, with 72 percent of its energy use covered by green energy, also from hydro power.

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Taking that ultrasound bill to court

Posted By on Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 1:46 PM

Idaho legislators this week shelved a bill requiring women to view ultrasounds of their fetuses before an abortion.

But if passed, would it actually have survived? An Oklahoma district judge today struck down a similar law in Oklahoma, according to the Associated Press.

Oklahoma's law, enacted in 2010, goes a step further than Idaho's. In addition to the ultrasound, doctors had to describe the physical features of the fetus to the woman

Attempts to stop a similar Texas law have so far been unsuccessful. And a Louisiana ultrasound law is also on hold until their courts figure what to do with it.

Check out a map of states that are considering or already have mandated abortion ultrasound laws here.

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MORNING BRIEFING: Condon buzz kill, bro!

Posted By on Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 7:42 AM


Hide your kids, hide your wife: a con man goes door to door on the South Hill selling magazine subscriptions. (KXLY)

Lookin to get your fix from malt lix? Mayor Condon's about to kill your buzz. (SR)

Condon is also not so thrilled about the police chief applicants either. Try harder, guys. (KREM)

This week, you will forget what the sun even looks like. (KXLY)


Old Bush endorses Romney. Yay. (Washington Post)

This just in: Olympic volleyball players are no longer required to show off their giblets. (Yahoo)

You know that time I said I'd never fly JetBlue again? I meant it. (SR)


How to Dance Goth from APBS on Vimeo.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

City Hall Eyeball: Council endorses Measure 1

Posted on Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 3:43 PM


At the same meeting where they said nay to a West Plains casino, the Spokane City Council unanimously endorsed the renewal of a tax to pay for expansions to the convention center and Spokane Arena.

Measure 1 would renew a bed tax and a sales tax to pay for the expansions. The Spokane Public Facilities District, which operates the buildings, estimates the venues brought in $63 million in 2009.

The measure passed unanimously, as did the appointment of Nancy Isserlis as city attorney.

But the big news of the night was the council passing a resolution against the Spokane Tribal Council's effort to build a casino in the West Plains. That passed by a 4-3 vote.

You can read more about that issue in Thursday's edition of The Inlander

But if you can't wait to once again make eyes with the City Hall Eyeball, glance in this direction.

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MORNING BRIEFING: You're drinking bugs.

Posted By on Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 9:10 AM


Despite the success of their own Northern Quest Casino, the Kalispel Tribe publicly opposed the Spokane Tribe's proposed casino plans at a public hearing last night. (SR)

Spokane City Councilwoman Nancy McLaughlin announced plans to run against Sen. Lisa Brown this November. (Bloglander)

Idaho's totally terrifying ultrasound bill is dead. (SR)

How 'bout that rain yesterday? Moscow, Idaho got more drenched than we did. (KHQ)


The question isn't if you like Frappucinos. It's how much you like eating bug particles. (KHQ)

A new type of hammerhead shark has been discovered. Awesome! (Fox News)

Madonna has a new album! Oh, poop, critics don't like it. (LA Times)


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Monday, March 26, 2012

Spokane councilwoman Nancy McLaughlin to challenge Senator Lisa Brown

Posted on Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 5:06 PM


Spokane City Councilwoman Nancy McLaughlin will take on Democratic Sen. Lisa Brown in this November's election.

"I just thought, if I'm not happy with the leadership that's coming into the 3rd [District], I'm happy to step aside if there's a better candidate," says the two-term councilwoman, who says she will be running as a Republican. "People kept coming to me saying, 'You're the right candidate, you're the one that needs to come out.'"

A spokeswoman for Brown, who has represented Spokane's 3rd Legislative District since 1993, declined to comment.

Defeating Brown would be a coup for state Republicans, since Brown is the Senate majority leader and one of the few Democratic lawmakers in Eastern Washington.

McLaughlin says she's upset over Brown's handling of the state's budget deficit.

"We have had five special sessions in the last two years. We’re over a billion in debt, and yet we’ve had more revenues coming in than before and yet she can't get the votes to have a sustainable balanced budget," says McLaughlin, referencing the special session the Legislature is currently in. "These special sessions are certainly not special these days."

McLaughlin will make her official campaign announcement on Tuesday at 11:30 am at Madison Elementary School in north Spokane, at 319 W. Nebraska Ave.

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MORNING BRIEFING: Mondays Suck edition

Posted By on Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 9:30 AM


An employee of HuHot Mongolian Grill in Spokane Valley was robbed last night by two armed men after closing for the night. Crime Stopper is offering a cash reward for tips that could lead to an arrest. (SR)

Bodies were pulled out of both Bonnie Lake and Spirit Lake this weekend. (KXLY)

The Lady Zags were knocked out of the NCAA tourney last night by Kentucky Wildcats. (SR)

In case you hadn't noticed, it is raining like a motherf--ker out there. (KXLY)


Better locate your nearest bus stop: Average gas prices in Washington have rocketed to $4.07. (KHQ)

Three days of arguments began today in which Supreme Court justices will decide how legal Obama's healthcare plan is. (Reuters)

Rick Santorum has a potty mouth. (LA Times)



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Friday, March 23, 2012

THIS WEEKEND IN MUSIC: Tyrone! Lannigan x 4! Bros of Midnite!

Posted By on Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 1:57 PM



Matt Nathanson sings mild-mannered folk-inflected tunes tonight at the Knitting Factory — but be sure to get there to catch the opening act, Tyrone Wells. He's from Spokane! Plus, we think he's got serious potential to be the next big thing. Show starts at 8:30 pm. $23. All-ages.

Get to the Baby Bar early tonight: today is Whiskey Dick Mountain singerTim Lannigan's birthday, and the man, apparently, wants to entertainthe masses for it. He'll be playing in four bands tonight: WDM, the Shirkers, Duck Duck Suckerpunch and the Offending Members. Free. 10 pm. Gotta be 21.Watch the video to get a sense of what kind of fun that'll be.

If dance club atmospheres aren't for you, then perhaps Brothers of Midnite — a local DJ duo who spin drag, witchhouse, goth and grime — are. It's a club night, just not like what you'd see in most places around town. Check out our feature on the two guys here, and see them at 9 pm at Mootsy's. $3. Gotta be 21.

Now with a backing band, local gal Cami Bradley has gone from a church music director to a singer with serious crowd appeal. Read our feature on the sweet-voiced gal here, and check her out at 7 pm at the Spokane Club (1002 W. Riverside) with Horse Thieves. $12, all-ages.

For, arguably, the heaviest show in town tonight, check out Tacoma grind and metalcore bands Czar and Burn the Threshhold playing with locals Odyssey, Stress and Khan Khowa at Dragon Garden (4824 E. Sprague) at 8:30 tonight. $5. Gotta be 21. 


Giant benefit show tomorrow at the A Club, with proceeds going to help the family of a man named Ray Gray. Fallen Regiment, Full Blown American, Formada, Mayday Transmission and Onefall play. Show starts at 7 pm, donations at the door. All-ages.

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MORNING BRIEFING: Hoodies Will Get You Shot edition

Posted By on Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 9:48 AM


Ten years after voting to expand the convention center, we're being asked to expand it again. (S-R)

Burglars go country. (KXLY) 

Zag women pack up for the Sweet 16 in Rhode Island (KHQ) 

Mike Leech leads his first practice at WSU (KREM) 


The white-hot flood of anger over the death of Trayvon Martin has been met with a lot of strange deflecting by people eager to dodge charges of race-motivation. The old It wasn't racially motivated because George Zimmerman is half-Latino, for example. The most ridiculous, and hilarious, though, comes from Geraldo Riviera, as such things usually do. He says he wants Zimmerman "investigated," sure, but we also need to bring in the fashion police: "I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin's death as George Zimmerman was." (Via Gawker, via FOXNews)

The Israeli government may still bomb Iran, but Israeli Facebookers never will. (New Yorker)

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