Sunday, September 30, 2012

The party is almost here

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The countdown to Wednesday has begun. Millions will watch Obama and Romney square off for the first time — and at least a couple hundred of them will be at Party Politics!, The Inlander’s presidential debate party on Oct. 3.

Come one, come all. There will be a huge screen, lots of other big screen TVs and drink specials from our host, nYne Bar and Bistro.

See the Facebook event page here.

The Inlander’s Party Politics! • Wed, Oct. 3, beginning at 5:30 pm • $3 at the door • nYne • 232 W. Sprague Ave. • All-ages

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CITY HALL EYEBALL: Can cities hire more police officers by busting police unions?

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The New York Times this weekend ran a front-page story on how Camden, N.J., is disbanding its police force to get rid of its union.

The reason? Generous time-off policies have made it so that about 30 percent of officers do not show up on any given day. And high salaries mean the city can't afford to hire the police officers it needs to combat crime. If the city's plan works, it will replace 273 unionized officers with as many as 400 non-union officers.

Spokane, which has about three times the size of Camden's population, currently has about the same amount of officers — roughly 275 — as the smaller city.

The New York Times story — read it here — cites poor response to property crimes as one of the reasons more officers are needed. Sound familiar?

For more City Hall Eyeball, let us steal your heart.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Want to be a decent human? Help the victims of this week's apt fire

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The blaze that put a column of smoke up from South Hill  and destroyed an apartment building didn't kill anyone.

But it left plenty of victims.

Tenants in the apartment lost everything. And if you'd like to help them get back on their feet, bring a donation into The Tailgater bar.                                    

"We're takng anything from toothbrushes and toothpaste to clothes and shoes," says Jenn Mitchell, the owner of the bar, adding, "One of my bartenders was one of the fire victims."

Mitchell has taken money for the victims, and says she's coordinating with the victims to figure out what they need. You can call the Tailgater at 509-328-9000 for more information or just drop in.

So if you want to be a completely copacetic, well-regarded, upstanding, verifiably-awesome member of your community, you know what to do.  

(Photo credit:

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Posted By on Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 1:56 PM


Visually, The Phat House is actually a pretty small house buried in the shadow of the South Hill hospitals. Aurally, though, it’s home to a big sound — provided, mostly, by local artists.

“We’re trying to be basically for the artist and I think that our premise is good,” says owner T. Michael Miller. “I want to run this from an artist’s [perspective]. Remove the middle ground to work with the artists.”

The Phat House throws a couple grand opening shows this weekend, featuring the EWU Jazz faculty and the Carcinogens on Friday night, and Tommy G and Mythship on Saturday, among many others. Check out our blog here with details, and get to Inlander HQ before 5 pm today to get free tickets. (21)

Also happening:

Baby Bar, Flying Spiders Birthday Bash with Baby Spiders, MJ the Inhuman Beatbox, Third Seven (21)

Northwest Event Center, Abney Park (All-ages)

A Club, Boot Scootin' Country Night


Kristine Flahert went from the Stanford University classroom to being called K. Flay and being praised on the worldwide hip-hop stage. Read our interview with her from April here, and check her out at the A Club Saturday night. (All-ages)

Also Saturday:
Phat House, Grand House Warming Party, night 2

Some GREAT shows Sunday night:

You totally remember Local H, right? “And you just don’t get it, keep it copacetic, and you learn to accept it, you know you’re so pathetic…” That song, “Bound for the Floor,” made the Chicago two-piece band (a rarity at that time) a smash success in the late 1990s. They play Carr's Corner on Sunday at 8 pm. (21)

Mike Watt, of the Minutemen, comes to town Saturday with his band, the Missingmen, and his latest rock opera. We got on the phone with Watt this week to talk about those old days of rock, and continuing to learn through life — read that interview here. (21)

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Phat House Grand House Warming Ticket Giveaway

Posted By on Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 10:55 AM


Check out Spokane's newest music venue this weekend: The Phat House. It's a funky little spot in an unlikely area — and claims to be Spokane's only "house bar." The venue tears the roof off this weekend with a two-day show. The Phat House is located at 417 S. Browne.

If you're looking to go, but don't have a ticket (and are 21), stop by The Inlander office (9 S. Washington, fourth floor) TODAY before 5 pm and grab as many free tickets as you can for the two-day celebration. Otherwise, it'll cost you $10 at the door.


5-7 pm - EWU Jazz Faculty

7:30-9:30 pm - 3H

10-11 pm - Mythship

12-2 am - Jazz and Funk Jam


12:30-2:30 pm - Tommy G

3-4 pm - Carcinogens

4:30-6:30 pm - Mojo

7:30 - Robin's Rebels

8 pm - midnight - Soul Proprietor

12-2 am - Tone Collaborative with special guests

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CITY HALL EYEBALL: Questions surround Anthony's property sale

Posted By on Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 10:42 AM


Another turf war is brewing between the Spokane City Council and Mayor David Condon.

It irked some city council members earlier this week when city officials announced that the piece of city-owned property under Anthony's restaurant had an "apparent" buyer.

They're getting even more irked since the city hasn't shown them how the decision to choose Mad Anthony's, the owner of the restaurant, was reached. 

"I wish the administration before they made that announcement would have at least allowed us to review the documentation," Councilman Mike Allen tells The Inlander.

Allen, along with another council member, asked for the proposals from the two buyers, financial analysis and the scoring sheets to see how the winner had been chosen. As of Friday, council members had only received a financial analysis sheet, according to Council President Ben Stuckart. That analysis sheet is dated Sept. 26, two days after the sale was announced by the city.

"If I was an employee of anybody and that was how I made a $4 million decision, I’d be fired," Stuckart said Friday. Stuckart compares this decision to Condon's directive to try and shove out Police Ombudsman Tim Burns and eliminate the city's real estate office.

Stuckart says he's calling on the council to submit a letter to lengthen the timeline for proposals on he property, which sits above the river and offers views of downtown.

"This is the last piece of [city] property we’re ever going to be selling that will shape the future of Spokane," he said. 

A city official is going to talk more about the proposed sale in the council's closed session on Monday, though "I’m highly doubtful that there will be new info revealed to us," Stuckart said.

City Spokeswoman Marlene Feist referred requests to view the bid proposals and scoring documents to the City Clerk's Office. The office allowed The Inlander to review the proposals this week, but made us file a FOIA request for the scoring documents, so we haven't seen them yet.

You're apparently invited to read more City Hall Eyeball here.

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CAT FRIDAY: Meet Tard, a perpetually grumpy cat

Posted By on Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 10:28 AM

A perpetually grumpy-looking cat named Tardar Sauce has been blowing up the Interwebs this week. It all started on Monday when someone posted a picture of a cat on Reddit giving the saddest and most disapproving frown you may have ever seen from a cat.

Of course, initially people were calling the poster out on the photo, saying it had to be Photoshopped. It's not.


While she may as well just be pissed off at all the problems of the world (who isn't?), this cat can't help her strange expression because it turns out she was born that way, and looks angry even when being petted and cuddled. (Maybe this cute little oddball is LIL BUB's long-lost cousin?)

Anyway, Tard - yep, that's her name for short - has been blogged about on pretty much every cat site (Catster wrote this) that exists, and even has made it onto Fox and The Huffington Post. Not to mention her face has spawned a Grumpy Cat meme, and, as of today, a T-shirt featuring her frowny face. 

Apparently, Tard is still a kitten and not only was born with an extreme kitty underbite, causing her to have a perma-frown, she also has really short little legs and a short-ish tail. Both of these characteristics are the effects of inbreeding. Oh no! 

In one of the first stories published about Tard that's been circulated around the 'net, the cat's owner, Tabatha Bundesen, of Arizona, was quoted saying that her daughter:

"attached to her instantly. I usually give our kittens away, but she put a hefty price tag on this little one. Any one who responded to my ad for the cats were rudely informed by [the daughter] that Tardar was not a free kitty.”

While the Snowshoe Siamese may be just too cute to handle, I think one message of this story is clear - adopt from shelters, and spay and neuter your pets. PLEASE. Probably one of the last things the world needs are cats being inbred with lots of genetic defects and resulting health problems just to please demanding humans.

We're not blaming Tard's owner for her genetic accident, but this message is something that similar genetic oddball LIL BUB has stated many a time to her fans.

We salute you, Tard, for being so damn cute and we hope that you live a long and happy life with your mad little face! 

Let us know what you think about Tard the Grumpy Cat in the comments! 

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Morning Briefing: Nazi rock in Idaho, free golf for life

Posted By on Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 8:58 AM


The South Hill Rapist won't see freedom

Let's pretend to be surprised: Nazi rock festival coming to Idaho.

Sprain your ankle = free golf for life and $215,000

A popular Spokane restaurant closes its doors. 


Plane crash near Mt. Everest kills all on board.

The Pac-12 is setting up for a crazy season as UW upsets #8 Stanford

A ski resort in Arizona is going to make snow out of sewage, finally catering to all those people who love skiing on poop.

Finally, it's National Drink Beer Day, which is apparently a thing. Or, as we call it, "everyday."

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Garlic is Gone: Spokane's West Wing Mediterranean restaurant closes

Posted By on Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 12:58 PM


The South Hill has lost its garlic go-to spot, the West Wing restaurant on Regal Street.

Raci Erdem, the owner of the Whitehouse Grill and the Oval Office in Post Falls, closed the sister location on Monday night, which had been serving its Mediterranean cuisine out of its upper South Hill mini-mall location for two years. 

Erdem said the number-one reason for closing the West Wing was to put his focus on the Whitehouse, the Oval Office.

“It’s easier to run two restaurants next to each other rather than losing focus,” he said. 

For Erdem, the West Wing was an expensive venture and one that was ultimately unsatisfactory. The restaurant proved to be too small and would pack out between 6 and 8 pm, but being busy for those hours wasn’t enough. 

“We would lose [our] customer base because we were always busy,” Erdem said. “We should have gone to a bigger restaurant. We made a mistake.”

About half of the West Wing employees were able to transfer to the Whitehouse because many were already working at the business’ three locations. Erdem is doing some touch ups back at the Whitehouse to make the original restaurant even better.

"The Whitehouse is the most important part of this company,” he said. “Whitehouse will be as sharp as it has always been and better.” 

In case some Spokanites were hoping to get their garlic fix at the Garlic Mobile, formerly parked on N. Division St., Erdem said the food truck is taking some time off. He said he plans to bring it closer to Liberty Lake to have a better eye on it.

A lot people are sad about the West Wing being gone, Erdem admitted, but he said the Whitehouse is where he wants to be.

“I just felt like I wasn’t giving my 100 percent,” he said. “Now it’s 100 percent back to the Whitehouse.”

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mumford & Sons' new album is a hit

Posted By on Wed, Sep 26, 2012 at 2:28 PM

Yesterday, breakout British indie folk-rock group Mumford & Sons released its much-anticipated sophomore album Babel.

My Facebook newsfeed has been blowing up the last two days with sentiments about the album like: “Officially obsessed with the new Mumford & Sons album. No better way to relax after work than with amazing new music,” and “Listening to the new Mumford & Sons on the way to work :)."

Sure, I’ve listened to (and liked) their stuff before when it’s come on my Pandora stations, but I could never really say I was a real, true fan. Until today.

Prompted by friends’ musings about the new album on Facebook, I hopped on Spotify. In the last hour or so I have listened to the album nearly twice through. It’s really, really good.

The songs on Babel stick to the band’s roots of its first album, 2009’s sleeper hit Sigh No More, which features their first chart-topping single, "Little Lion Man." 

The opening title track on Babel features the group’s familiar, bluegrass-esque, rollicking melodies and a thigh-slapping beat, with lead singer Marcus Mumford’s gritty voice belting out passionate, poetic lyrics.

They break things down a bit in the middle tracks, with some slower ballad-style songs: “Ghosts that We Knew,” “Reminder,” and “Lover’s Eyes."

Fans who loved the first album should go absolutely berserk over the crisper and more polished sound of Babel, which, of course, still features Mumford & Sons’ signature, fast banjo picking, vocal harmonies and heartfelt, raw lyrics – everything is just all-around better than before.

Read more about what The Atlantic, The Huffington Post, and The Washington Post have to say about Babel.

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