Thursday, April 28, 2016

Central Valley High's art program could win big money for making some very cool shoes

Posted By on Thu, Apr 28, 2016 at 12:29 PM

The shoes submitted by CVHS to the Vans contest.
  • The shoes submitted by CVHS to the Vans contest.

They started as four pairs of blank, plain canvas shoes, but now those kicks might earn students at Spokane Valley's Central Valley High School $50,000.

The CVHS art department entered the Vans Custom Culture contest earlier this school year and are now one of the 50 semi-finalists for the top prize, which will benefit the entire art program. Vans provides participating high schools with the four pairs of blank shoes and then it's up to the students to conceptualize, design and paint the footwear to create what you see above.

Vans says the contest is meant to not only reward the creative efforts of young people, but to also bring attention to the dwindling arts funding available in today's public schools.

Half of the final score comes from a public vote, and you can vote for CVHS' designs once a day until May 11 right here. If CVHS makes it to the final five, they get a trip to Vans headquarters.
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InHealth: Bike bursts, dyslexia news and a community benefit

Posted By on Thu, Apr 28, 2016 at 11:30 AM


No Excuses
Think you have no time to get fit? Could you fit in less than 10 minutes of activity three times a week? That may be enough to help. In a small study of sedentary men, one group performed stationary-bicycle training at moderate intensity (70% of max heart rate) for 45 minutes. The other group performed two minutes of cycling interspersed with 3 twenty-second bursts of maximal effort. Both groups did a two-minute warm up and three-minute cool down. After 12 weeks, the study’s authors report, “Brief intense interval exercise improved indices of cardiometabolic health to the same extent as traditional endurance training in sedentary men, despite a five-fold lower exercise volume and time commitment.” So go put in your three minutes.

Dizzy Yet?
If you've ever doubted the difficulties faced by people with dyslexia, check out this dizzying dyslexia simulation.  

Explore local efforts to help children with dyslexia cope in the April/May issue of InHealth. “It’s extremely, extremely stressful,” notes Spokane neuropsychologist Angelique Tindall. Read more here

Upping the Odds
Enjoy gambling with “funny money” at Northern Quest Resort & Casino Saturday, April 30, from 5:30 to 8:30 pm for $50 a person. The event benefits Communities in Schools of Spokane County. In just the last year, their efforts helped 6,342 students stay on track to graduate from high school. The pay out? Research shows that for every $1 invested in Communities in Schools, $11.60 comes back to the community. 
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Blink-182 headed to Spokane in September

Posted By on Thu, Apr 28, 2016 at 10:22 AM

(left to right) Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and Matt Skiba of Blink-182
  • (left to right) Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and Matt Skiba of Blink-182

If you like your punk on the poppy side, today is your lucky day: Blink-182 is heading to Spokane in September for a show at Spokane Arena. Tickets go on sale May 6. 

This might not be the Blink-182 you know and love. As fans of the band know, long-time guitarist Tom Delonge is long gone, replaced by Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio, joining long-time members Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker. The new lineup recently released a lyric video for a song on their new album, California, and it sounds pretty much like what you want out of a Blink-182 song: 

The band will be joined at its Spokane show by A Day to Remember and All-American Rejects. 

The show is September 16, and tickets go on sale May 6 at 10 am, for $25, $50, $65 and $75. 
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Bloomsday's past, a surgeon's mysterious death, costly software glitch and other news

Posted By on Thu, Apr 28, 2016 at 9:15 AM

Dr. John Marshall in Afghanistan - COURTESY OF SUZAN MARSHALL
  • Courtesy of Suzan Marshall
  • Dr. John Marshall in Afghanistan


• In honor of its 40th anniversary, an oral history of Bloomsday.

• What the heck is a legislative aid anyway, and just how much power do they have? 

• Shhh! He's concentrating. This local artist, who also happens to be autistic, dreams of starting his own animation company. You can buy his work at 4000 Holes and

• The wife of the VA surgeon whose body mysteriously turned up in the Spokane River months ago is still searching for answers after police have suspended the investigation. 


• Fatal drug overdoses and suicides in Spokane County spiked to levels not seen since 2009. (Spokesman-Review

• A 7-year-old got to be a cop for a day. (Spokesman-Review)

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Spokane Arts seeks designs for downtown sidewalk tree grates

Posted By on Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 11:00 AM

A tree grate near the Davenport Grand Hotel.
  • A tree grate near the Davenport Grand Hotel.

New public art projects continue to beautify the Lilac City in all forms.

Not too long after the city-supported arts nonprofit Spokane Arts put out the request for the second series of locally designed traffic signal box wraps to be placed throughout several neighborhoods, a call for submissions for the next big public art project went out.

The latest endeavor seeks to use local artist's work to bring interest to the metal grates placed around trees planted along city sidewalks. Five unique designs will be selected, each representing the following downtown Spokane areas and/or districts: arts and entertainment, business, south core, convention and university. 

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Tiny houses in Spokane, tiny hands win primaries, and headlines of the day

Posted By on Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 9:16 AM

More teenie-weenie houses like these, from Olympia, will be coming to Spokane - TIM RANSOM PHOTO
  • Tim Ransom photo
  • More teenie-weenie houses like these, from Olympia, will be coming to Spokane


Is not the hiccups... Isakov!
Gregory Alan Isakov is coming back to Spokane, and he's bringing his band of musicians with him. 

The Phaaaaaaaaaaaaantom of the Opera is (coming) Here
Here are the big Broadway shows coming to Spokane. And no, Hamilton is not among them. 


Jackson Hits Jackpot 

The Spokane Valley City Council may be deeply fiscally conservative. But the sudden way they fired City Manager Mike Jackson has resulted in them agreeing to pay a $411,000 settlement. (Spokesman-Review)

Hold My Closer, Tiny Houses
• The Spokane City Council (including conservative Mike Fagan) have been throwing their support behind itsy-bitsy houses. We wrote about the movement two years ago. (KXLY)

Minicultural Center

• Some minority students from EWU aren't happy the proposed multi-cultural center would be smaller than desired. (Spokesman-Review)


Making Trump Trump Again 
Trump has pivoted! Trump has become conciliatory! Trump is becoming more presidential! The insult comic Trump is a thing of the past! Trump is... making fun of Kasich for the way Kasich eats pancakes? Trump is... oh God... Trump is saying that Hillary Clinton would only get 5 percent of the vote if she were a man

You can take the Donald out of the Trump, but you can't take the Trump out of the Donald.

Trump Abhors a Vacuum
• Trump absolutely crushed it last night. Like, even-if-Cruz-wins-Indiana-it-may-not-matter-levels-of-crushed-it. Part of the reason? Trump thrives where the Republican Party is comparatively weak, as in the Northeast and New York. It's in places like Idaho and Texas where he stumbles. Meanwhile, Cruz is making a major announcement at 4 pm today.

Our guess? He's going to launch a new attack into the way Trump eats pizza

Bern Out? 
It has become essentially impossible for Bernie Sanders to win. Can he settle for making Hillary feel a bit more of the Bern
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Gregory Alan Isakov bringing his full band to Spokane in August

Posted By on Tue, Apr 26, 2016 at 11:30 AM


One got the sense during his first-ever show in Spokane last year—a sold-out gig at The Bartlett—that Gregory Alan Isakov would be back. Now it is so, and he's coming back big. 

Isakov, a master of atmospheric folk-rock that's taken him from the small Colorado ranch where he lives to play shows all over the world, is coming back to play a show at The Knitting Factory on Aug. 5, accompanied by his band and accompanied by a group called the Ghost Orchestra. 

Isakov's songs reflect his life spent on the move, from his native South Africa to Philadelphia and eventually Colorado — along with years of touring with both his band and solo — and while they can be sad, delicate things, his live show last fall proved anything but. Playing solo other than a few songs when he was accompanied by opener Laurie Shook or guitarist Justin Landis, Isakov smiled often and joked constantly between songs. 

While his show at the Bartlett was a sparse, solo affair, albeit a highly entertaining one, this go-round, maybe Spokane will get the full Isakov live experience that's earned him critical raves and comparisons to fellow sonic painters like Paul Simon and killer lyricists like Leonard Cohen and Bruce Springsteen. In June, a collaboration with the Colorado Symphone on his music will be released.

Tickets for Isakov go on sale Friday at 10 am via, the Knitting Factory website or by calling 866-468-7623.

Here's a bit of Isakov:  

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Here are the shows coming to Spokane for the 2016-17 Best of Broadway season

Posted By on Tue, Apr 26, 2016 at 10:01 AM

A scene from "Beautiful, The Carole King Musical."
  • A scene from "Beautiful, The Carole King Musical."

As the final engagement of the current 2015-16 WestCoast Entertainment Best of Broadway season approaches (Newsies is here May 3-8, which you can read more about in Thursday's edition of the Inlander), the lineup of productions coming through our fair city starting this fall is ready to go.

This morning the lineup was officially announced, which includes three touring shows that are currently enjoying Broadway runs in New York City. Also back for a third year is the popular National Geographic Live! series, which features photographers, scientists and writers who've traveled around the globe on assignment for the magazine.

Below is the scoop on what's coming for the 2016-17 season. Season ticket packages go on sale for the upcoming season today, with a deadline to renew of May 31. Single ticket on-sale dates are to be announced early this summer.

Broadway touring productions:
Beautiful, The Carole King Musical, Nov. 8-13
Pippin, Jan. 12-15, 2017
Kinky Boots, Feb. 28-March 4, 2017
Cinderella, May 11-14, 2017
The Phantom of the Opera, June 28-July 9

Special engagements:
Annie, February 4-5
RAIN, A Tribute to the Beatles, February 26
Mamma Mia, March 22-23

National Geographic Live!
"Rhinos, Rickshaws and Revolutions" with photojournalist Ami Vitale, on Oct. 26
"Ocean Soul" with underwater photographer Brian Skerry, on Feb. 8
"Point of No Return" with mountaineer Hilaree O'Neill, on March 15
"I Bought a Rainforest" with Charlie Hamilton Jones, on April 26 

Most notably, one highlight booking of the upcoming season, Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera, has been refreshed and updated from its original 1980s treatment. The show then went on tour for a sell-out visit to the United Kingdom. The same show coming to Spokane includes all new set, lighting, costuming and choreography, along with special effects. A cast of more than 50 also makes this version of Phantom one of the largest productions out there. 
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Spokane Valley loses another councilman, Deflategate returns and morning headlines

Posted By on Tue, Apr 26, 2016 at 8:52 AM


Hafner resigns
Spokane Valley City Councilman Dean Grafos announced his resignation last week (Inlander). Now, his ally, councilman Chuck Hafner, is following him out the door. (Spokesman-Review)
Chuck Hafner served on Spokane Valley City Council for almost five years - YOUNG KWAK
  • Young Kwak
  • Chuck Hafner served on Spokane Valley City Council for almost five years

Woman assaults bar owner and smashes wine bottles

A woman allegedly walked into Left Bank Wine Bar early Monday morning and started punching her ex-boyfriend in the face before throwing bottles of wine around. Police say there were 80 broken bottles of wine in the bar when they arrived. (KREM)

Clinton, Trump hope for big victories
Five states — Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island — all have primaries on Tuesday. Clinton could essentially lock down the nomination if she wins big enough, while Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich hope their new alliance can slow down Donald Trump. (CNN)

Tom Brady loses Deflategate appeal 
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will have to serve his four-game Deflategate suspension after all, according to a federal appeals court. But Brady still says he will fight to reverse the decision. (ESPN)

This San Francisco police officer seems pretty racist
CNN has obtained a list of text messages from a San Francisco police officer named Jason Lai. "I hate that beaner, but I think the nig is worse," reads one text. Another one: "Indian ppl are disgusting." Lai resigned from the department earlier this month.
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Monday, April 25, 2016

Mayor whips out his veto pen over transit ordinance

Posted By on Mon, Apr 25, 2016 at 3:28 PM

Not to be confused with "Vito," the representative from North Idaho.
  • Not to be confused with "Vito," the representative from North Idaho.

It's not often that Mayor David Condon uncaps his pen and writes the word "veto" over a council ordinance. After all, the 6-1 liberal majority on council can easily override him if they so choose.
But on the Spokane City Council's latest transit ordinance, he's gone and done it. 

The ordinance, passed 6-1 on April 11, allowed Transportation Benefit District funds — currently funded through car tabs — to be used in the future to fund transit projects, like bus routes. The bill's sponsor, Councilwoman Amber Waldref, was very clear that she did not intend to move funds currently being used for street projects to transit projects, or to fund transit projects with car tabs. Instead, she suggested the council would use the flexibility to ask voters for a sales tax increase to help fund the $4.1 million annual cost of operating the Central City Line, the proposed high-frequency electric bus route between Browne's Addition and Spokane Community College.

(The Spokane Transit Authority already has state dollars and is in the pipeline for federal grant dollars to pay for the entirety of the project's construction. But to get the federal grant dollars, STA needed to find operational funding first)

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