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Moscow Farmers Market named Idaho's best; local market season wraps up soon

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Since 1977, the Moscow Farmers Market has been providing Palouse residents with fresh produce, meat, baked goods, flowers, plants and handmade arts and crafts. This year, the market was recognized for its longterm success by the American Farmland Trust, a national nonprofit with the mission to preserve the agricultural trade for generations to come.

From the American Farmland Trust website:

  • Family farms who sell at farmers markets have nearly a 10 percent greater chance of staying in business than those selling goods through traditional channels. 
  • Businesses near farmers markets report higher sales on market days — supporting the local economy and generating extra tax revenue in the community. 
  • Farmers market shoppers save on average nearly 25 percent on food annually — when compared to shopping at grocery stores.

Throughout this summer Farmland Trust held its Farmers Market Celebration, during which the Moscow Market was voted the No. 1 farmers market in Idaho and one of the top 25 in the U.S. The public could vote for their market in five areas: People's Choice, Focus on Farmers, Healthy Food for All, Pillar of the Community and Champion for the Environment. Moscow's market placed at the top in each for all Idaho markets. 

The Moscow Farmers Market is held every Saturday, from 8 am-1 pm, through the end of October, in downtown Moscow's Friendship Square.

Here's a roundup of other regional farmers markets still running as this season's harvest begins to wane:

Bonners Ferry Farmers Market | Last day of market is this Saturday, Oct. 3, from 8 am-1 pm. At 6181 Kootenai St., Bonners Ferry, Idaho. (208-267-2780)

Chewelah Farmers Market | Fridays, through Oct. 23, from 11:30 am-5:30 pm. At the northwest corner of City Park. (509-963-4353)

Coeur d'Alene Farmers Market | Wednesdays, from 4-7 pm, through Oct. 28. At Sherman Ave. and Fifth St. (208-772-2290)

Emerson-Garfield Farmers Market | Fridays, from 3-7 pm, through Oct. 16. In the parking lot of Knox Presbyterian Church, 806 W. Knox Ave. (

Fairwood Flea & Farmers Market | Tuesdays, through Oct. 6, from 3-7 pm. At the Fairwood Shopping Center, 319 W. Hastings Rd. (466-0682)

Hayden Farmers Market | Saturdays, from 9 am-1:30 pm, through October 31. At the corner of Highway 95 and Prairie Avenue. (208-772-2290)

Kendall Yards Night Market | Wednesdays, from 4-8 pm, through Oct. 14. On Summit Parkway, between Cedar and Adams Alley. (

Liberty Lake Farmers Market | Saturdays, from 9 am-1 pm, through Oct. 10. Town Square Park, 1421 N. Meadowwood Ln. (290-3839)

Moscow Farmers Market | Saturdays, from 8 am-1 pm, through October 31. Friendship Square, Fourth Ave. and Main St. (208-883-7132)

Northeast Washington Farmers Market | Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 9 am-1 pm, through Oct. 31. At Main and Astor, downtown Colville. (509-935-0555)

Pullman Farmers Market | Wednesdays, from 3:30-6 pm, through Oct. 28. In the Spot Shop parking lot, 240 NE Kamiaken St. (509-334-3565)

Sandpoint Farmers Market | Wednesdays, from 3-5:30 pm and Saturdays, from 9 am-1 pm, through Oct. 10. Farmin Park, Third and Main. (208-597-3355)

South Perry Thursday Market | Thursdays, from 3-7 pm, through Oct. 29. The Shop parking lot, 924 S. Perry. (

Spokane Farmers Market | Saturdays and Wednesdays, from 8 am-1 pm, through Oct. 31. At 20 W. Fifth Ave. (995-0182)

West Central Marketplace | Tuesdays, from 3-6 pm, through mid-Oct. (see Facebook for updates). A.M. Cannon Park, 1920 W. Maxwell.

Scenes from the bustling Thursday Market in South Perry. - THURSDAY MARKET FACEBOOK
  • Thursday Market Facebook
  • Scenes from the bustling Thursday Market in South Perry.

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This morning's top headlines

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In case you missed it at

-Charges for men involved in attack on local transgender woman are dropped
-Q&A with Spokane's Interim Police Chief Rick Dobrow

A massacre on the Umpqua Community College campus in Roseburg, Oregon, left 10 people dead including the gunman.

Our nation continues to mourn as more news filters in about another mass shooting. A 26-year-old male, equipped with body armor, three handguns, and an assault rifle, killed nine and injured more yesterday. According to a father of one of the victims, the shooter asked students their religion before opening fire. (CNN)
Meanwhile, Eastern Washington University takes its own worse-case scenario drills seriously. (KXLY)
Also, an Oregon army veteran is recovering after his family said he rushed the gunman. (KREM)
President Obama addressed the nation. (Seattle Times)

The Taliban claims responsibility for shooting down a crashed plane in Afghanistan.
NATO has confirmed that 11 people, including six US soldiers, were killed in a C-130 military transport plane crash in Eastern Afghanistan. The Taliban, notorious for exaggerated battlefield claims, says they shot it down but NATO has not yet confirmed that.

Economy added 142,000 jobs in September and unemployment stays at 5.1 percent.
These numbers do fall short of what economists had predicted. Sectors that gained jobs were healthcare, business, retail and food services.

Spokane weekend weather: High is low-70s, low is low-40s

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

What we know so far — and what we don't — about the mass shooting in Oregon

Posted By on Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 3:28 PM

A 20-year-old man killed multiple victims at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon, today.

Initial news reports on the number of people killed vary, but the officials in the office of the Oregon attorney general, Ellen F. Rosenblum, are saying 13, according to the New York Times. Other reports have said 10 people are dead, with at least 20 others injured. The shooting occurred at Umpqua Community College. 

CNN, NBC and CBC are reporting that unnamed shooter is dead.

Reuters is reporting the man was shot by police.

Watch President Barack Obama's reaction: 

What we don't know, according to the New York Times: and click here for live updates via NYT
Watch reaction the governor of Oregon:

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East Spokane mural painting paves the way for Fresh Soul restaurant

Posted By on Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 1:33 PM

Gonzaga students came out last weekend to help paint the forthcoming restaurant's building. - MAKAYLA WAMBOLDT
  • Makayla Wamboldt
  • Gonzaga students came out last weekend to help paint the forthcoming restaurant's building.

Last weekend, Michael Brown’s long-envisioned dreams exhibited the first signs of realization to Spokane’s East Central neighborhood in the form of a vibrant mural on the side of a dilapidated building on east Fifth Avenue. The location is the site of what last was home to Flippers Ice Creamery, and where Brown now intends to create his mission-driven restaurant called Fresh Soul.

The colorful occasion drew dozens of Gonzaga students from a class titled “Art, Race, and Public Space: U.S. Murals” taught by professor Shalon Parker. Under the vision and direction of local artist Ellen Picken, students had the opportunity to learn outside the classroom, while brushing up their painting skills in the process. While the students’ contribution appears in small, brightly colored squares spread across a background of bright blue, these shapes are some of the first physical stepping stones toward the restaurant’s future opening in early 2016.

While Fresh Soul is expected to operate as a café serving southern-style cuisine, its mission transcends beyond food. Brown, a long time resident of the East Central neighborhood, envisions Fresh Soul to be a place that benefits the area’s youth through employment, job training, and mentorship with the goal of empowering students to further their education. The nonprofit restaurant is the manifestation of a grassroots initiative to foster transferable job skills to local teens through a number of community partners. One of these partners is Spokane Eastside Reunion Association, an organization that strives to promote community through basketball camps, mentoring, tutoring, and now, through its support of the local café.

“Fresh Soul is going to be much more than just a restaurant,” Brown says. “We want to motivate and teach our kids skills that will inspire them to continue their education, and provide a platform for success and to find their passion.”

A big proponent of the project is to create a physical presence in the community that will hopefully further a sense of revitalization in the East Central area, a lower-income neighborhood of Spokane. While this past weekend filled the block of East Fifth with a little more color, Fresh Soul is still seeking the remaining funds needed to open, an estimated $100,000. Find more information and stay updated on its progress here

  • Makayla Wamboldt

  • Makayla Wamboldt

  • Makayla Wamboldt

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Q&A with Spokane's Interim Police Chief Rick Dobrow

Posted By on Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 12:19 PM

Spokane's Interim Police Chief Rick Dobrow - MITCH RYALS PHOTO
  • Mitch Ryals Photo
  • Spokane's Interim Police Chief Rick Dobrow

Interim Police Chief Rick Dobrow sits with his hands folded across his lap in the office next to his former boss — Frank Straub. A shiny gold badge on his chest reads "CHIEF" and his new business cards just arrived. 

After former Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub was forced to resign last week, Mayor David Condon appointed Dobrow as interim. The mayor has said that he does not yet have plans for a nationwide search for a new chief.

We sat down with the 21-year veteran of the SPD last Friday afternoon to get his thoughts on his new responsibilities, the direction of the Spokane Police Department and Straub's tenure.
INLANDER: What's your No. 1 priority as new chief? 

DOBROW: Actually, we have three priorities, and they haven't changed. No. 1, we're going to continue our efforts to drive down crime. Under Chief Straub’s leadership, we have been very successful in fighting crime. We’re riding on a double digit crime reduction right now, but I think we can do better.

No. 2: I don’t think the relationship between the Spokane Police Department and the Spokane community is where it can be. We have come a long way in the years since former Chief Straub came to the Spokane Police Department. People can see there has been kind of a shift in tone, and I think the trust in the community and the Spokane Police Department is stronger, and I think that people have seen from our actions that we’re committed that we’ll continue to build upon that relationship because it’s absolutely critical. We see what’s going on in the rest of the country and we don’t want that to happen here in Spokane.

No. 3: We still have this [Department of Justice] collaborative reform effort, and matter of fact, the mayor, the city administrator and I had a conference call with the Department of Justice C.O.P.S. (Community Oriented Policing Services) office at 11 o’clock this morning, assuring them that we are totally committed. Our commitment level has not changed with a change in leadership.

We’re continuing to move forward with the implementations of 42 recommendations. And I am very very proud of the success so far and how far we have gone.

Will you make any staffing changes? 

No, and you wanna know why? There have been so many changes in just the last three years, I think what people want internally is for the machine to slow down. For us to be able to pause, catch our breath... and figure out what we need to do to make every single person feel like they’re a valued member of the organization and create an environment where everybody feels safe to be able to express an opinion and provide information without feeling apprehensive and create an environment where people are energized to come to work. 

You see yourself as a stabilizer? 

I do, because you wanna know something? I'm a cop. I was hired as a cop, I worked the street, I worked by way through the chain of command, and I know what it feels like to have an unsettled feeling in my stomach. I don't want people distracted by what's going on in here. 

There was some concern when Frank Straub was first hired that he wasn't a commissioned officer, how important is that?

In the eyes of cops, it’s very important. Credibility. I’m not saying that it’s deserved in some cases, but cops are a different group of people, and they’re a rough crowd.

What's the most vital fix for SPD?

Trust within the organization. People feeling that the environment is safe enough to where they want to participate in providing information, whether it’s through committees or whether it’s just ad hoc. And asking people for suggestions about 'How do we improve? What are better ways to do things?' 

This is where I differ from former Chief Straub. I’m not an academic, and I have never claimed to have all the answers. There are a lot of very, very talented, bright people within the organization, and I think they deserve a voice. 

Is that the kind of environment Straub created? 

Yes. It definitely makes things more difficult. 

You were assistant chief for a while under Straub. Did he mentor you in any way? 

He may not have done much formal mentoring, but I was recording everything that he did — the positive and some things that I might not find effective.

Can you give me an example of each of those? 

Yes, for every action you take there’s a reaction, and you have to think of every single potential consequence. And sometimes if you make a decision too quickly, you might miss one of the collateral effects. In order words you have to recognize an incident not specifically for what it is but what it may become or what its potential could be.

And an example of what you learned doesn't work? 

I’ll tell you this: He never created an environment where I felt safe enough to be entirely candid with him. It was always very formal. I always addressed him by 'Chief.' It was never a relaxed environment even if we were out at lunch together.

We talked about [managing] people, and I would say that's a challenge for him. 

Did you ever disagree with any of his decisions? 

Yeah on a couple of disciplinary things. I’m more of a disciplinarian. [Straub] can be pretty abrupt and hard line, but he seemed to be kind of soft-sided sometimes when it came to some of the disciplinary issues.

I can’t speak freely about our internal affairs investigations, but an investigator would make a recommendation for a suspension of 40 hours, for example, and [Straub] would counter with, 'How about half that?'

How long do you plan to stay in this position? 

As long as the mayor wants me to be here. If I was asked to stay on a more permanent basis, I would commit to that. There is way too much at stake to not take an opportunity that I’m given to lead an organization that is just a few clicks from greatness.

The job description for police chief requires a college degree. Do you intend to pursue any higher education?

I'm 55 years old. I'm done with my education. Life experience adds a lot to how effective you are, and I have just under 34 years of being in this business, working in almost every aspect of law enforcement. I would put that up against a degree. But really at this point if education becomes such an issue, then I wouldn’t compete.
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Charges for men involved in attack on transgender woman dropped

Posted By on Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 10:48 AM

Jacina Carla Scamahorn - JAKE THOMAS
  • Jake Thomas
  • Jacina Carla Scamahorn
Charges against two Spokane men accused of attacking a transgender woman last winter have been dropped due to a lack of evidence, the Spokane County Prosecutor’s Office has confirmed.

The charges stem from a confrontation that occurred in February at Boots Bakery & Lounge in downtown Spokane. According to court documents, Jacina Carla Scamahorn, a homeless transgender woman, spit in the face of Adam Flippen. Scamahorn, in court documents, said she spit in Flippen’s face after Flippen made disparaging remarks toward her on the patio outside of Zola. Flippen denies making the remarks.

Flippen followed Scamahorn back into the bakery and assaulted her, according to court documents. Marc Fessler is alleged to have made slurs during the incident.

Flippen was charged with second-degree assault and malicious harassment, essentially Washington state’s hate crime statute. Fessler was also charged with malicious harassment.

The incident triggered an outpouring of community outrage after news of the incident emerged, including a rally and a show of support for Scamahorn at a city council meeting.

“I find the dropping of all charges against the suspects to be troubling and shocking,” said Blaine Stum, the chair of the city’s Human Rights Commission, in a statement emailed to the Inlander. “The victim’s testimony, as well as eye witness accounts, corroborate the fact that she was assaulted by these men in act of violence fueled by bias. Dropping malicious harassment charges would have been egregious enough, but to not pursue any charges is a travesty.”

The charges were dismissed without prejudice, meaning that they can be refiled if the prosecution later finds more evidence. The prosecuting attorney on the case wasn’t available for comment.
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Police ombudsman commission opts to offer Florida candidate interim position, do more thorough background check

Posted By on Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 9:58 AM

Candidate Robert Breeden speaks during a public interview with the OPO Commission - YOUNG KWAK PHOTO
  • Young Kwak Photo
  • Candidate Robert Breeden speaks during a public interview with the OPO Commission

The Office of Police Ombudsman commissioners are frustrated.

Last night, the five-member volunteer group opted to offer Robert Breeden the police ombudsman position on an interim basis. In the meantime, they plan to ask City Council for funds to send an investigator to Florida to dig deeper into the allegations of his abusive and domineering management style and the whistleblower lawsuit he filed against his former boss. (You can see the lawsuit and the 100-plus-page investigation into his management style at the bottom of this post). 

If Breeden were to accept the offer, he would be hired for four months with the option of renewing the contract as the permanent ombudsman, a three-year-term. The Commission has not ruled out candidate Raheel Humayun and plans to send an investigator to Victoria, British Columbia if given the funds. All five commissioners agree the third candidate, Allen Huggins, is not a viable option. 

Commissioners pointed out two problems with this decision during their discussion last night: 1. there is no guarantee Breeden will accept the offer. He lives in Florida, and as Commission chair Deb Conklin pointed out, "it would be asking a lot of him." 2. the Commission has no budget to hire an investigator, and will be reliant on City Council for the funds to do so. 

Community members in the audience were satisfied with the decision, considering the fact that the Commission discussed scrapping all three candidates and asking the selection committee to start over. 

"I think it's about time," Phillip Tyler, a member of the NAACP and former lieutenant in charge of operations at the Spokane County Jail, said after the decision. "I'm happy that they made a decision, temporary as it may be, to move forward."

"They're in a real tender spot," Tim Connor, a former Center for Justice spokesman and law enforcement watchdog, said of the Commission. "I was concerned they weren't going to do anything and instead sent it back to the selection committee, which isn't going to work." 

Throughout the meeting, which lasted more than two hours, commissioners voiced their frustrations. 

Conklin blamed the selection committee for not properly vetting each of the candidates. When Tim Burns was hired, the city sent investigators to his home in California before offering him the job. Mayor David Condon also flew to Indianapolis before hiring now-former Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub. 

Nancy Isserlis, the city attorney and chair of the ombudsman selection committee, did not return several phone calls asking for comment on the selection process. But city spokesman Brian Coddington told the Inlander earlier this month "the expectation was that the ombudsman commission would do its own due diligence." 

Conklin is also frustrated with the fact that the selection committee met in secret. 

Commissioner Scott Richter asked if the commission has been forced to choose Breeden given the circumstances of the other two candidates. Huggins' criticisms of the Black Lives Matter movement lost him credibility within the community, and it could be months before Humayun is allowed to work in the United States. 

Commissioner A.J. VanderPol expressed his frustration with the backlog of complaints since Burns' departure, which is why he was in favor of hiring Breeden for the permanent position. 

Jenny Rose, the newest member of the Commission, said she wouldn't have felt comfortable voting in favor of a permanent hire, if that's what the Commission had decided to do. She was appointed after the three candidates' public interviews, and hasn't met any of them, she said. 

"I would have rather seen them hire permanently," Tyler said. "But the fact that they opted to put someone in place at least bodes well for the citizens of Spokane. Otherwise, it would just be a nauseating experience — the definition of insanity."   

Read Breeden's whistleblower lawsuit and the investigation into his management style below: 

BREEDEN Lawsuit Complaint

BREEDEN Investigation

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CONCERT REVIEW: Def Leppard can still deliver, bringing Spokane Arena a full bag of tricks and hits

Posted By on Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 9:50 AM

Def Leppard knocks out "Love Bites" at Spokane Arena Wednesday. - DAN NAILEN
  • Dan Nailen
  • Def Leppard knocks out "Love Bites" at Spokane Arena Wednesday.

Anyone who wants to chalk up Def Leppard's ongoing success simply to nostalgia for the band's '80s and early '90s commercial heyday should probably ask themselves why most of the band's peers from that era aren't also consistently selling out arenas and amphitheaters in 2015. 

The British rockers were a cut above from the very beginning of their career, crafting anthems full of killer hooks and impressive harmonies that stayed a part of their songwriting as they shifted from being an up-and-coming part of the so-called "New Wave of British Heavy Metal" to a pop-rock machine embraced by the mainstream with chart-topping albums like 1983's Pyromania, 1997's Hysteria and 1992's Adrenalize

Yes, the band's concerts still lean heavily on those golden years of monster hit singles, but the songs for the most part sound timeless and alive, rather than simply aural museum pieces hearkening the good old days. At the Spokane Arena Wednesday night, the guys in the band might have looked a little older, but the rocking songs still hit hard, the ballads still soared, and the crowd filling the place to the rafters sang along nonstop as they were treated to a great night out. It's hard to imagine anyone went home complaining. 

The current lineup of the band has been together since 1992, when Vivian Campbell replaced long-time guitarist Steve Clark after his death, and the other four members have been together since the early '80s. That kind of consistency in the ranks makes this version of Def Leppard incredibly tight on stage, where each of them has ample opportunities to shine over the course of their shows.

Wednesday, 57-year-old guitarist Phil Collen scampered around shirtless, sporting a six-pack just as he did as a 25-year-old and ripping out solos on nearly every tune. Campbell, a veteran of Dio and Whitesnake before joining the Def Leppard ranks, played well alongside Collen, melding gjuitar lines here and there, and taking on solos of his own and those penned by his predecessor Clark as well. And the three longest-standing members of the band all shined, too. Bassist Rick Savage and drummer Rick Allen locked in early and kept the bottom end booming behind the band's guitars all night, and lead singer Joe Elliott showed he has little problem hitting the notes of the band's deep catalog of songs. 

Def Leppard hit the stage with purpose, cranking through "Rock Rock (Till You Drop)," "Animal" "Let It Go" and "Foolin'" before anyone in the crowd could even take a breath — four huge songs in the band's career, all delivered with nary a word beyond the lyrics. 
A catwalk jutting into the crowd on the arena floor got the band closer to its fans. - DAN NAILEN
  • Dan Nailen
  • A catwalk jutting into the crowd on the arena floor got the band closer to its fans.

Three screens showing the action on stage so the folks in the back of the arena could see were among the few production bells and whistles; for the most part, the show was just the band on a sparsely decorated stage, kicking out classic songs, with perhaps a few lasers flashing in the background. Not many hard-rock bands feature four guys harmonizing together, but Def Leppard's vocal abilities help them stand out, and make already-huge-sounding songs come through all the more massive. 

"Paper Sun" from the band's 1999 album Euphoria was a bit unexpected early in the set, but served as a reminder that the band has continued making albums semi-consistently since radio trends moved away from their style of hard rock; they have a new one coming this fall, although that wasn't represented during the set Wednesday. Instead, after "Paper Sun," it was pretty much non-stop massive hits that had the crowd on its feet throughout, screaming along with the band: "Love Bites," "Armageddon It," "Rock On," a solo Joe Elliott acoustic take on "Two Steps Behind," performed on a catwalk jutting toward the middle of the arena floor. 

All told, the band delivered about 90 minutes of ear candy, all of it a vivid reminder of why these guys went head to head with Michael Jackson's Thriller at the top of the Billboard charts when they first broke through in America, and eventually sold more than 100 million albums worldwide — an absurd number back in the '80s, and an impossible one in the current music scene. They ran through "Rocket," "Bringing on the Heartbreak," "Hysteria," "Pour Some Sugar On Me," "Rock of Ages" and "Photograph" before it was all over and the crowd departed to the chilled night air outside the arena. 

Def Leppard was clearly and deservedly the headliner, but both openers certainly had fans thrilled to find them in Spokane. Styx was sort of the oddball of the bill, given their more poppy and prog-rock inclinations than the other two bands, but they got a lot of love from the audience as they ran through songs like "The Grand Illusion," "Too Much Time On My Hands," "Lady" and "Come Sail Away" during their hour on stage. 

Kicking things off a few minutes before the announced 7 pm start time was Tesla, and the Sacramento crew remains a gem, albeit an under-appreciated one. They were unfairly lumped in to the "hair-metal" scene back in the '80s, but their songs like "Hang Tough" and "Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)" have a complexity not many of the hair bands on the Sunset Strip could match. Wednesday night, both those songs sounded great, as did "Love Song," "Little Suzi" and the band's acoustic-driven hit cover of "Signs." 

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Need to know morning news

Posted By on Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 8:43 AM

You can now legally purchase pot in Oregon.
  • You can now legally purchase pot in Oregon.

A temporary Spokane police ombudsman has been named.

Last night, the Spokane police ombudsman commission unanimously offered a four-month temporary police ombudsman position to former Florida Department of Law Enforcement supervisor Robert Breeden, despite concerns of his background. Breeden has not yet accepted or declined the appointment. (Spokesman-Review/Inlander)

Oregonians can now purchase pot legally in their state.
Folks 21 and over can buy up to a quarter-ounce of dried flowers from more than 200 medical marijuana dispensaries statewide, and people are celebrating. (The Oregonian)

Bernie Sanders raised nearly as much money as Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
Sanders' growing campaign, which packed out arenas this summer, raised $26 million in the third quarter, his team reported, while Clinton’s raised $28 million.

Hurricane Joaquin batters the Bahamas, could hit the East Coast this weekend.
Already East Coasters are feeling the effects of Hurricane Joaquin with rain, and this weekend the National Hurricane Center says weather could worsen. Meanwhile, heavy rain and 100-mile-per-hour high winds pounded the Bahamas today. Hurricane Joaquin is currently a Category 3 storm. 

Yelp for people?
You can already rate your experience doing pretty much everything online; why not rate an interaction with a friend, enemy or lover? An app called Peeple, set to launch in November, would allow users to rate others with a one- to five-star rating. And you can’t opp out.

Tonight's Death Cab For Cutie show at the INB Performing Arts Center was postponed to December, but here's a little something to hold you over in the meantime. 

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Police Ombudsman Commission to make a decision tonight

Posted By on Wed, Sep 30, 2015 at 3:24 PM

The Office of Police Ombudsman Commission meets tonight at 7 pm in City Council chambers to discuss whether or not to hire one of the three final candidates. 

The Commission has a few options: 

1. Pick one of the three candidates. To read more about each candidate, click here. We took a more in-depth look at one of the candidates, Allen Huggins. To read that report, click here. The Spokesman-Review did the same thing for candidate Robert Breeden. To read that report, click here

The third candidate's resume is available here.

2. Decide that they need more information on each candidate. Commission chair Deb Conklin says that might mean sending someone to one of or each of the respective cities to do a more thorough background investigation. We wrote about what Conklin says are the inadequacies of the selection process earlier this month. 

3. Tell the search committee to start over, send three more names. 

Stay tuned, we'll update this post after the meeting. 
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