Monday, October 24, 2016

Local holiday hijinks to celebrate Halloween throughout this week

Posted By on Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 12:50 PM

If you're looking for something to do to celebrate Halloween other than trick-or-treating or carving pumpkins, check out one of these local events — if you dare!


The Rocky Horror Show
This cult classic fave is brought to life this season at the Spokane Civic Theatre. Full of sexual escapades, boisterous humor and unconventional relationships, this fantasy tale is rated for mature audiences. Through Nov. 5 • Thu-Sat at 7:30 pm; Fri-Sat at 11 pm; Sun at 2 pm • $25 • Spokane Civic Theatre • 1020 N. Howard St. 


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
This show by the Theater Arts for Children takes a fun look at an adaptation of the play by Washington Irving. With a goofy schoolmaster and the Headless Horseman, this is a spooky tale not to miss. Through Oct. 30 • Thu-Sat at 7 pm; Sat at 3 pm; Sun at 2 pm • $10/adults; $8/student, military, senior • Theater Arts for Children • 2114 N. Pines Rd.

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Monday Morning Place Kicker: 'Hawks make history, Eags and Cougs roll

Posted By on Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 11:13 AM

If you managed to stay awake through Sunday night's Seahawks/Cardinals OT non-thriller, congrats! You witnessed a little history, although not necessarily exciting history. Thankfully there were some better games through the weekend to make up for that prime-time clunker. 

Let's break it all down: 

Even Pete Carroll can't believe what he saw Sunday night. - SEAHAWKS.COM
  • Even Pete Carroll can't believe what he saw Sunday night.

The Seahawks traveled to Phoenix to take on their division rival Arizona Cardinals, and the result was a 6-6 tie — the first tie in Seahawks franchise history! That's pretty much the most exciting aspect of a game that featured a lot of great defense, particularly by the Seahawks against the Cardinals relatively competent offense. The 'hawks, though, looked downright anemic on offense, and quarterback Russell Wilson just doesn't look himself with that leg injury. Oh, and both team's kickers missed potential game-winning chip shots, so that old adage about special teams being just as important as offense or defense certainly rings true today. 
The big takeaway: The Seahawks are still in first place in the NFC West, and head to New Orleans for a game against the Saints Sunday. 
What to say to your Seahawks-loving friends today: "Of course I stayed awake for the whole game!" 

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Walking Dead, Seahawks, Dakota protests and other news to start your week

Posted By on Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 8:56 AM

• THIS WEEK: Monty Python vets, genius poets, rhinos, Soul Pimps and more
• CONCERT REVIEW: The 1975 sparks energetic frenzy at sold out Spokane stop
• NEWS: More than a quarter of all Spokane County jobs fall below the Initiative 1433 minimum wage threshold

During last week's Trump Wall rally at WSU, a protester knocked a phone out of the hand of a Trump supporter. The protester, an as-yet-unnamed student, could face criminal charges.  

Who will die? Answer: viewers, a little bit.
  • Who will die? Answer: viewers, a little bit.


The Walking Dead premiered its seventh season last night with a gory, brutal episode, picking up at last season's cliffhanger, with the newest warlord, Negan, threatening to bash someone's head in with a barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat. He kept his word, and we all got to see the hamburger-y result. More than one critic (and fan) likened it to "torture porn." Nevertheless, the show's cycle continues: After beginning to feel safe, our favorite characters have been reminded that there's always someone worse out there, someone who actually enjoys the new world.  

The Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals battled it out Sunday night in the desert. It was about defense, pass rushers, punters and kickers. The game would go into overtime, where each team added a field goal, bringing the score to 6-6. That's where it'd end, in a tie. There were no touchdowns, but hey, no one lost.

William "Bo" Kirk (seen at right), 41, was last seen Saturday night leaving work at Northwest Specialty Hospital in Post Falls. His truck was later found on fire. (KXLY)

A homeowner claiming a trespasser refused to leave his yard shot the man in the leg, and when the authorities arrived, the wounded man wouldn't cooperate with first responders, according to KXLY. The man died at the scene. 

A bus returning from a casino crashed into a tractor-trailer on Sunday near Palm Springs, killing 13 people and injuring 31, according to CNN

More than 100 activists were arrested over the weekend while protesting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota. Law enforcement also shot at a drone flying overhead after a helicopter pilot monitoring the protests felt threatened by it.
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Sunday, October 23, 2016

CONCERT REVIEW: The 1975 sparks energetic frenzy at sold out Spokane stop

Posted By on Sun, Oct 23, 2016 at 3:29 PM

  • Chey Scott
Near the end of The 1975's 90-minute set, a bra was ceremoniously thrown onto the stage from somewhere in the audience. Which wasn't terribly surprising as the mostly female crowd of teens and 20-somethings seemed to hang on every word that heartthrob/frontman Matthew Healy — who occasionally paused to sip from a glass of red wine and steal drags from a cigarette — was singing.

Spokane's reaction to seeing the ultra-popular British pop-rockers the 1975 this past Saturday night was something reminiscent of millennial Beatlemania. As simply a casual fan of the band's upbeat yet broodingly lyrical music, I confess that I felt a little bit like a fraud while observing the crowd's frenetic reaction to the band's first-ever Spokane show, which sold out soon after being announced months ago. I didn't know the names of, nor the words to, most of the songs minus a few favorites. But standing on the side of the crowd — along with some bored chaperone moms on their iPhones while waiting for their teen daughters — I could easily affirm that back when I was a teen or even during my college years, I definitely would have been one of those young women screaming and jumping up and down with my friends in reaction to the opening chords of this or that song.

Despite feeling a little disconnected from the crowd's hype, this show was unmistakably worthwhile. The sound production and the band's stage setup, with bright light-projection pillars that backlit them in epic fashion and washed the crowd in blue, pink and red, were some of the best I've ever seen from groups playing the Knitting Factory. Also, considering the viral popularity of the 1975, and how quickly this show sold out, it seems obvious the concert could have easily moved to a larger venue, like the Spokane Arena's Star Theater. Just sayin': more tickets (even at $44 a pop) would have been sold.
  • Chey Scott
While most of the concertgoers seemed more than content just to see and hear the Brit rockers live, I couldn't help but feel that their interactions with us — Healy spoke little between songs — was less than genuine. Spokane was yet another stop on another long U.S. tour, at another venue again filled with a starstruck, mostly female audience. (To the bros in the bar emphatically jumping up and down and singing to the opening numbers of the night, I salute you.)

Yes, Healy did say something to the effect of they'd never been to Spokane (I think he pronounced it Spo-cane, but you know, there was lots of screaming...) and they appreciated such a warm welcome. After slowing things down halfway through for a bit of an interlude, however, he did get on the celebrity soapbox to deliver the following proclamation, which I did my best to frantically make note of:
"I know we're here as a distraction... but the thing is, this year in England we completely fucked it up and in a nutshell, what it was is that a younger generation expected an older generation to be responsible…. We expected them to make the right decision and they didn't…. The situation in America is that we're all very, very close to a very fucked up situation. It's easy for me to say fuck Donald Trump. Every night we see thousands of intelligent liberal people... What I mean is, you have to vote or you're fucking dumb. Don't vote for Donald Trump." 
And of course, the crowd (many in attendance may be voting in their first presidential election) went wild.

After breezing through hit after hit from both of their chart-topping records, the quartet took a brief break before heading back out on stage for a three-song encore to end the night. As the crowd slowly filed out of the venue (why does the Knitting Factory not offer more than one exit from the venue to expedite this?!), a line for the merch booth grew, winding down the long hallway leading to the entrance. The energized vibe of the crowd was palpable. These Brits left Spokane swooning.
  • Chey Scott

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THIS WEEK: Monty Python vets, genius poets, rhinos, Soul Pimps and more

Posted By on Sun, Oct 23, 2016 at 1:00 PM

Monty Python founders Eric Idle (left) and John Cleese are coming to Spokane Friday.
  • Monty Python founders Eric Idle (left) and John Cleese are coming to Spokane Friday.

We're barreling toward the end of October and Halloween, so get your costumes prepped and pumpkin-spice drink of choice prepared to hit the town. There are plenty of options in our event listings and Staff Picks for your perusal. 

Here are some highlights of the week ahead: 

Monday, Oct. 24

FILM | Gene Wilder had so many iconic film roles in his life that it’s hard to pick just one that best represents the man’s incredible comedic chops. While you can certainly make the case for Willy Wonka, I’m going with Dr. Frederick Frankenstein from Mel Brooks’ 1974 flickYoung Frankenstein — although he would prefer if you pronounced it “Fronkensteen.” It's showing at the Bing Crosby Theater tonight. 

LIVE MUSIC | Get your roots-music on with the mighty fine Jared & the Mill, headlining a show at The Bartlett. Here's a little sample: 

Tuesday, Oct. 25

WORDS | Gonzaga political science lecturer Sean Swan is featured at a free talk on Europe at a Crossroads in the school's Magnuson Theatre. 

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Friday, October 21, 2016

WSU student who knocked Trump supporter's phone out of his hand could be charged

Posted By on Fri, Oct 21, 2016 at 5:41 PM

Fernando Reyes standing in the middle of a crowd of protesters holding a Trump flag and a phone - WILSON CRISCIONE
  • Wilson Criscione
  • Fernando Reyes standing in the middle of a crowd of protesters holding a Trump flag and a phone

On Wednesday, a man stood in the middle of the crowd at Washington State University's campus holding a Donald Trump flag and a phone. Surrounding him, protesters held up signs and shouted in opposition to the 'Trump Wall' that was erected by WSU College Republicans.   

The man in the middle of the crowd is named Fernando Reyes. He was recording the scene for a live video on Facebook.

More than an hour and a half into the video, one of the protesters, a student, shoved Reyes' phone away from him. When Reyes found him again about 10 minutes later, the student shoved the phone away again. 

Now, that student could be charged with a gross misdemeanor.

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More than a quarter of all Spokane County jobs fall below the Initiative 1433 minimum wage threshold

Posted By on Fri, Oct 21, 2016 at 2:53 PM

More than a quarter of the jobs in Spokane County pay less than $12.23 an hour. Initiative 1433 would change that, impacting fast food joints and coffee stands in particular.
  • More than a quarter of the jobs in Spokane County pay less than $12.23 an hour. Initiative 1433 would change that, impacting fast food joints and coffee stands in particular.

We've written a lot about the minimum-wage hikes proposed by Initiative 1433 — reaching $13.50 by 2020 — but so far, we haven't really gotten into just how big that change would be for Spokane County. 

In other words, just how many local jobs would have their pay structure altered because of the initiative? And how much would that cost local businesses? 

This week, Anneliese Vance-Sherman, the regional economist for King County, sent over a rough estimate from Scott Bailey of the Washington Employment Security Department.

He essentially creates a "What If" scenario.

Like, say, Earth 2, from The Flash, except instead of the alternate-universe being plagued by the malevolent speedster supervillain Zoom, this Earth 2 is exactly the same in every way except that Initiative 1433 was already fully implemented in Washington state. Then he takes that lens and applies it to the economic situation last year. 

First, Bailey provides a crucial caveat: 

"This exercise does NOT imply what the impact of an increase in the minimum wage would be, as employers may react to an increase in a number of ways (e.g. reduce profits, increase prices, increase automation, reduce hours worked, up-skill lower-wage jobs, etc.)" 

In other words, it just gives a sense of the scope of the required wage increases, not their actual impact. 

— Last year, there were 226,457 jobs in Spokane County. 

— Over 15,000 of those jobs in Spokane County were minimum-wage jobs, about 6.7 percent of the total. 

— But a much larger number of jobs — 59,608 — were paid below $12.23 an hour. Why is that strangely specific number important? Because, assuming a typical rate of inflation, that's would bring us to $13.50 by 2020: All these jobs — 26.3 percent of jobs in the county in 2015 — would have to pay higher wages if Initiative 1433 is passed. 

— Of course, many of these jobs are part-time jobs. So it's also instructive to lump part-time jobs together to look at the number of full-time equivalent jobs in the county. Last year, 3.2 percent of full-time equivalent jobs in 2015 paid minimum wage while 18.5 percent were paid below the initiative's proposed threshold. 

— Okay, that's the worker angle. But about how much more in salaries, theoretically, should Spokane County expect to pay? More than $96.6 million in today's dollars, the data suggests  — about 1.1 percent of their total payroll. 

That number differs from county to county, the data shows. Spokane has a lot more low-wage jobs than Snohomish County, so far fewer jobs would be impacted.  

Nearly a third of Lewis County is paid below $12.23 an hour currently, compared to less than 6 percent in Whitman County.

But, of course, the impact is radically different for different industries. The construction and manufacturing industries already pay their workers relatively well, so they're unlikely to see much of a change in their payroll at all. But the agricultural, fishing and forestry industries would see a significant big bump. 

And for fast-food joints and coffee shops? The impact would be massive. Taking into account the minimum wage increases already scheduled in Seattle, fast food joints and coffee shops statewide would have had to spend more than 10 percent more on average on their entire payroll to comply with the initiative. 
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THIS WEEKEND IN MUSIC: The 1975, Isamu Jordan Benefit, Paul Nelson Band

Posted By on Fri, Oct 21, 2016 at 11:03 AM

The 1975's first Spokane show ever already sold out weeks ago.
  • The 1975's first Spokane show ever already sold out weeks ago.

Even without their fearless leader Isamu “Som” Jordan, Spokane’s own hip-hop orchestra, Flying Spiders, have persevered in the past three years since Jordan’s death. But the multi-piece crew will never forget the rapper/writer/teacher. Friday, the annual Isamu Jordan Benefit heads to the Observatory with the help of local acts Bandit Train and the Smokes. The night will raise money for Jordan's family while celebrating the life and times of one of Spokane's biggest fans. As author Jess Walter wrote in the Inlander following Jordan’s death: “Som showed that, as an artist, you could burst with pride over being from Spokane and still push it to be better.” That rings true today as much as ever. The 8 pm show includes a $10 suggested donation.

Also, catch Karrie O'Neill free solo at Arbor Crest Wine Cellars tonight starting at 5:30 pm. We wrote about the local singer-songwriter's brand new album and upcoming national tour in this week's music section. 

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Spokane artists receive Artist Trust grants to complete art, music, poetry projects

Posted By on Fri, Oct 21, 2016 at 9:54 AM

Spokane Arts Month continues for another week, but the local arts community has another reason to celebrate the vibrancy of our creative minds.

Earlier this week, the statewide arts advocacy nonprofit Artist Trust announced a long list of recipients for its 2016 Grants for Artist Projects (GAP). On that list of 61 grant winners, chosen from an applicant pool of nearly 400, are five names familiar to those who keep close eyes on the local arts scene:

Brooke Matson, a poet and the executive director of the nonprofit Spark Central literacy center in Kendall Yards, received Artist Trust's Centrum residency. The award allows her to spend a month at Centrum, an artist retreat in Port Townsend, Washington, and also comes with a $500 stipend. Matson plans to use the time to work on her ongoing project Impossible Things: A Poetic Interrogation of Matter, which melds poetry, chemistry and physics to examine the nature of "human trauma, both personal and societal."

Julie Gautier-Downes, a photographer and installation artist who relocated to Spokane a year ago, plans to use the $1,500 GAP visual arts grant to create an installation that examines fractured connection with her childhood home, called "Dislocated Memories."

Ellen Welcker, a Spokane poet, received a $1,500 GAP literary grant for her project called "The Pink Tablet," a 29-page poem in the theme of a modern fairy tale.

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Clinton/Trump comedy throwdown, Urban Outfitters opens in Spokane and more morning headlines

Posted By on Fri, Oct 21, 2016 at 9:33 AM



• The new Washington State University med school in Spokane has received preliminary accreditation

• Rigged elections? Virtually nonexistent. Rigged elections and conspiracies on television and in movies? Everywhere, helping stoke the fury of unenlightened voters

• Former Sesame Street actor Bob McGrath dropped by Spokane Thursday and shared some words of wisdom. 


Maybe possibly happening?
Is the Ridpath finally, truly on the path to a brighter future? The Spokesman's Shawn Vestal thinks so. 

Attention Spokane shoppers
You've been waiting so patiently for this day to arrive — Urban Outfitters is now open downtown after a year of construction. And today there's a party to celebrate the reopening of Wall Street downtown as well. (KXLY/KREM)

Get your stoke on
A Seattle businessman has bought Silver Mountain Resort in Kellogg, and says he plans to "up the stoke" at the ski resort and water park. Better wear water wings if the stoke gets too upped. 


March on Mosul continues
The anti-ISIS forces battling to retake Mosul in northern Iraq made more progress Thursday despite repeated suicide-bomber attacks. (Washington Post)

Wait and see
GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump now says he'll accept the results on Election Day "if I win." That's not looking very likely as of today. (New York Times/

Trump and Clinton hone their standup
A day after facing off in their third and final debate, Trump and Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton sat (almost) next to each other at a fundraiser for underprivileged kids, and roasted each other in generally light-hearted speeches. They even shook hands at the end of the night. (CNN)

Here are some highlights from the Al Smith dinner: 

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