Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Inlander is giving everyone a 12th man flag this week

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Even though we are on the other side of the state, the Inlander feels like the Seahawks are our home team. Pick up your free Seahawks poster in every Inlander paper on stands Thursday and wave your flag!!


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Cut me, Mick!: A champion boxer answers our Rocky-inspired questions

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For someone who could easily kick my ass despite my being roughly twice her size, Tiara Brown doesn’t look all that intimidating. It might be the smile, or the easy laugh when she talks.

She’s an engaging personality, to be sure, and probably uses that to her advantage when she’s pummeling foes in the boxing ring. Brown is a featherweight who won a world championship in 2012 and followed up with a USA national championship in 2014 right here in Spokane. Brown ended the year with a bronze finish at the 2014 world championships, her strength sapped by an illness that hit in Korea just as the tournament started. Bronze is great for some, but not for someone defending the title and aiming for the Olympics. “I was so disappointed,” Brown said during a visit to the Inlander office, “because when I’m not, I’m on it.”

She’ll look to be on it this week at the USA Boxing National Championships, fighting in preliminary rounds at The Hub in Liberty Lake before most likely reaching the semi-finals and finals at Northern Quest Resort and Casino Friday and Saturday.

During her visit to Inlander central, Brown agreed to answer some questions — all of them inspired by a Rocky marathon I watched days before we met:

Inlander: Have you ever eaten raw eggs for training?
Brown: Ewwww! No! I’ve thought of doing that to see what it’s like, but I can’t stomach it. The first thing I think is , I might get salmonella. If there’s a chance I met get it, uh-uh. 

Have you ever chased a chicken around to get your speed up?

Check this out! When I went home (Ft. Myers, Florida) for Christmas, I actually did chase a chicken! But it wasn’t for training or anything like that. The chicken got loose from its den and it found its way down the block from this lady’s house. Me and my cousin were walking and heard “cockle-doodle-doo!” And this lady asked us to get him. I didn’t catch it! He ran away and I was like, “I can’t catch this chicken!”

To train for fighting Ivan Drago (in Rocky IV), Rocky runs up a mountain and throws logs around. What’s the most extreme thing you’ve done for endurance?
We have this drill in our gym called the playstation. We take a treadmill and put it on the highest incline. Then we take this water weight and put in on our back, and we have to climb up that treadmill for three minutes straight. And there are different stations we do for an hour straight with no break. Then we go to the next treadmill and it will be cranked to like 13 mph with no incline. Then there’s the dip machine. All of them for three minutes, with no break. My favorite thing is the tire. We flip that thing every day.

Own any pets like Rocky’s turtles or his dog Butkus?
I have a greyhound. She’s down at home with my mom. That’s my baby. She’s 10 and still thinks she’s a little puppy. She’s so lazy. When the doorbell rings, I’m looking for a bark. Nope. Freedom Brown is her name

If you could have any musician perform in the ring before you fight, ala James Brown in Rocky IV, who would it be?
Right now I’m on this new band The Script, I’m really digging them. My favorite band is the Kings of Leon. I love watching them on YouTube. They give it all.

When you’ve been out training, have you ever had a bunch of kids start following you or running with you?
Yeah. In the summer I’m actually in charge of a summer camp for boxing. Our boxing gym is attached to a rec center, and when I start running with our kids, the kids next door come out and want to run a lap with us. I’ll be doing like four miles, and to have the little babies come out and run with me, that’s fun.

Have you ever become friends with someone you’ve beaten in the ring, an old foe?
Sofya (Ochigava), she’s No. 2 in entire world, won silver in the Olympics back when I went up to 132 in 2010 to go to the Olympics. I fought her. She’s from Russia. When she fought everyone else, she wanted to destroy them. But when me and her fought, she wasn’t like that. We ‘ve been friends ever since 2010. We Skype every other weekend. Facebook. Instagram. The friends I’ve made. I never imagined.

The USA Boxing National Championships host the semi-finals on Friday and finals on Saturday at Northern Quest Resort & Casino in Airway Heights.  
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Suds and Cinema, Saul Williams at SFCC and live jazz

Posted By on Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 10:08 AM

Plenty of opportunities await your attention in our event listings, and in our carefully selected Staff Picks. Take a look, you won't regret it. 

No time? No problem. Here are some highlights for Wednesday, Jan. 21: 

FILM/FOOD & DRINK | We know you're not going to miss the opportunity to join the Inlander for Suds and Cinema at the Bing, where we'll screen The Royal Tenanbaums by director — excuse me, Oscar-nominated director — Wes Anderson. It's a modern classic packed with great performances. Seriously, Gene Hackman has never been better, and that's saying something. With Iron Goat Brewing providing some tasty libations and an after-party upstairs post-show, consider it a one-stop shop for a good time. Here's a look at the movie: 
LIVE MUSIC | Jones Radiator has their weekly jazz infusion Wednesday courtesy of Sally Bop Jazz

WORDS | The Inland Northwest Writers Guild is holding its monthly meeting at Auntie's at 6:30 pm, this month featuring a presentation on how to pick that perfect cover for your self-published novel. 

COMMUNITY | If you're lucky enough to read this post in the morning, make your way to Spokane Falls Community College for some of their MLK Day festivities at 11:30 am, including a keynote address by Erin Jones, Director of Equity and Achievement for the Federal Way School District, and appearance by spoken-word poet and musician Saul Williams, who will be on hand to sign copies of his book The Dead Emcee Scrolls. Here's a look at Williams doing his thing: 

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MB: City official under investigation and Paris sues Fox News

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Jan Quintrall, division director of business and development services, is being investigated for her hiring of temp worker. (INLANDER)

The Washington House is considering an “ag-gag” bill meant to deter animal rights activists from secretly filming agricultural operations. (S-R)

Avian Flu has been discovered in southern Idaho. (S-R)


Last night, an obscure politician named Barack Obama gave a long speech outlining his goals and vision for the country. A couple people listened. Best of luck to this ambitious political newcomer. (WaPo)

Facebook has announced that it’s cracking down on hoaxes or deliberately deceitful material on the social networking site. (Reuters)

The mayor of Paris plans to sue Fox News for basically making stuff up about the city. (Guardian) 

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How to dress up for the Royal Tenenbaums Wednesday at the Bing

Posted By on Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 5:06 PM

For our next installment of the Suds and Cinema series, we are hosting a screening of the 2001 instant Wes Anderson classic The Royal Tenenbaums.

We're opening doors for beer at 6:30 pm and then starting the movie at 7:30 pm.

Iron Goat Brewing will be on hand with their beloved locally made beer for $4 a pint and also giving out some Iron Goat gear to folks who take the initiative to dress up in character. 

After the screening, stick around for a special after party at the Bing Crosby Theater's new Ovations Lounge, which will feature the first night its top floor will be open. And yes, there will be drink specials. And music from a DJ.

We think you should come and if you want to win a prize, you should wear a costume depicting any character in the movie. You could be one of the hotel bellhops (what's with Wes Anderson and bellhops?), the doctor who's always in Anderson's movies in some minor role, the Egyptian guys selling Eli Cash some drugs. It doesn't matter. You could even be Dudley! The more creative the better.

More likely, though, you're going to go with one of the Tennenbaums and here are some pointers.

Fur coat + cigarette (unlit, duh) + hair clip = Margot Tenenbaum. Bonus: One of those dresses that looks like a polo shirt.
Track suit (any brand, red preferably) = Chas Tenenbaum, or one of his boys. Bonus: a dog.

Cowboy hat + any shirt or jacket with vaguely Western fringes = Eli Cash. Bonus: face paint
Sweatband + sunglasses + sportcoat = Richie Tennebaum. Bonus: tennis racket, beard or a live falcon
Pinstripe suit + mustache = Royal Tenenbaum.  Bonus: a cheeseburger
Bowtie + checkered shirt = Henry Sherman Bonus: Danny Glover mask
Power suit + pencil in your hair = Etheline Tenenbaum  Bonus: archeological equipment

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Weird Al Yankovic’s tour comes through Airway Heights

Posted By on Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 4:31 PM

It’s about to get weird (and funny) at Northern Quest Resort & Casino on September 13 when the never-more-popular "Weird Al" Yankovic takes to the stage as part of his epic international tour, dubbed the Mandatory World Tour.

For 30 years, this dude has sold millions of records parodying pop songs (think “Amish Paradise” and “White & Nerdy”), yet 2014’s Mandatory Fun was Yankovic’s first album to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Charts. In fact, it was the first comedy album to top the charts since 1963. Taking full advantage of his newfound success with the selfie generation, Yankovic is getting back on the road.

Expect the usual amounts of accordion playing and over-the-top eyebrow usage at the upcoming Airway Height show, but there should be plenty of surprises too. Tickets have not yet been released for sale.

Check out this ridiculous song about the wonders of foil from his latest record:

Also, this classic: 

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An ode to Boyd Crowder, Justified's greatest creation

Posted By on Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 4:01 PM

Justified was always a Western, right down to the cowboy hat perpetually perched atop the head of Raylan Givens’ head, the U.S. Marshal with a quick trigger finger.

Every great Western, of course, needs a man in a black hat to stand on the other end of Main Street, squinting at the high-noon sun, as our hero lunges for his six-shooter. Enter Boyd Crowder.

Balding, with the hair in his back sticking straight up, Crowder’s visage isn’t close to the Tumblr-fan-page worthy mug of Givens. He doesn’t need to be. 


After a mostly disappointing Season 5, one that strangely mistook deaths for stakes and blood for momentum, Justified hones in on the central conflict between Givens and Crowder. They grew up in the same shitty town, choking down the the same shitty coal-mine dust. One ended up an outlaw; the other ended up a lawman.

Boyd Crowder could be unarmed, surrounded by big men with big guns pointed directly at his face and still be the scariest man in the room. That isn’t because Crowder’s an especially impressive in combat.

It’s because he’ll start talking.

He’ll play the I’m-just-a-simple-country-fella card, even as his effortless loquacity betrays the mendacity of that particular conceit. He’ll swirl his monologue around like a tumbler of Kentucky whiskey, before drinking deep, savoring the sound of the words, swishing them in his mouth, letting their meaning hang for a moment. And then comes the burn.

Maybe's already paid off your cronies, and with a single word, the guns pointed at him turn to point at you. Maybe he’ll sweet talk you with a deal so persuasive you can’t help but lower your sights. Maybe he’s stalling you just long enough for Givens to burst in and force you to holster your weapon.

You got a sense that his swastika tattoo wasn’t a matter of racist ideology, but a sort of hood he could slip on to attract the right type of fools. Fools are plentiful in Harlan County. Givens has shot plenty of them. But only Crowder could make them dance.

Over the years Crowder's burned though a half-dozen possible personal motivations: Greed, envy, ego, control, the love of a good woman. None of those feel like the primary driver. There's something richer at play. 

Actor Walton Goggins previous defining character, Shane Vendrall on The Shield, ended in one of TV’s great tragedies. There, you got the sense he was more of a victim – a weak man corrupted by proximity to corruption.

By contrast, Crowder, even when backed into the tightest of corners, always had control. Yet, he seemed obsessed with destiny — driven by a desire to escape his inevitable, fatal end and helplessly drawn to it. It’s the same for Givens. Neither can escape Harlan. Neither can escape the other.

For six seasons, Crowder and Givens have been playing Harlan Roulette with each other. This six-shooter has six bullets, and this season one or the other will pull the trigger for a sixth time. 

(Justified airs on Tuesdays at 10 pm on FX)
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Immigration initiative ready to hit streets

Posted By on Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 3:45 PM

Jackie Murray wants to change how the city handles immigration.
  • Jackie Murray wants to change how the city handles immigration.

Supporters of an initiative that would overturn a city ordinance barring employees, including police, from asking about someone’s immigration status can start collecting the 2,500 valid signatures needed to get it on the November ballot after clearing a legal hurdle today.

In Spokane, citizen initiatives need to be cleared by the Office of the Hearing Examiner, which makes sure that they’re not too legally zany, before supporters can start collecting signatures.

The initiative was given the green light by the office earlier today in a six-page memorandum that basically states that the measure fits within the legal parameters established by the city.

The sponsor of the initiative is Jackie Murray, a 59-year-old Spokane truck driver. The issue has already been the subject of a long and heated city council session held earlier this month.
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Schweitzer's volunteer cleanup machine

Posted By on Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 3:26 PM


Everyone has their own personal reason for skiing or snowboarding — exercise, fresh air, excitement, adventure. In addition to all of those, one Spokane man has another reason: Collecting trash. 

If you have spent any time at Schweitzer Mountain Resort, you have seen him. His name is Larry West. He frequently skis under the chairlifts, the Hollywood line, with that one focus in mind.

I had the opportunity to ski one morning with him and got a firsthand glimpse of what he does every day he is on skis, which coincidentally, is every day of the ski season, logging as many days per year as Schweitzer is open. The mountain's awarded him for this feat with a free season pass.

On the chairlift recently, I jokingly said, as if I was on a two-way radio, “Larry West, do you copy? There is a piece of trash located between the 5th and 6th tower on the Great Escape Quad.”

Larry responded, “I do get text messages from people alerting me of the location of trash.”

As the day progressed, and as we rode more lifts, he would talk about his different finds under the chair. Gloves, cash, candy wrappers. Later that morning, he noted a glove under the chairlift. As we got off the lift, he asked the snowboarder in front of us if it was his glove. The snowboarder said, “Yeah.” Larry offered to pick up a glove for him and the snowboarder responded, “No, it’s okay. I have an extra pair.” Larry made the mental note of the location of the glove, mumbling something about going back to pick it up anyway.

Later that morning, we rode the Great Escape Quad. As we made our way up the mountain, he pointed out the tracks under the lift and spoke about a recent successful gathering adventure. Chairlift rides, for some, are about scoping out their next run, or playful banter amongst friends and strangers. But for West, it is about checking out possible conquests for keeping the mountain free and clear of unwanted trash, or helping skiers and boarders reunite with their fallen gear.

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Civil Service Commission will investigate Quintrall's hiring of temp

Posted By on Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 1:36 PM

Jan Quintrall, division director of business and development services for Spokane. - YOUNG KWAK
  • Young Kwak
  • Jan Quintrall, division director of business and development services for Spokane.

The Spokane Civil Service Commission voted earlier today to investigate whether or not the city’s Business & Development Services Division had violated the civil service system by improperly hiring a temporary worker.

On January 6, Joe Cavanaugh, president of AFSCME Local 270, complained to the commission that Jacqueline Luenow, who was hired as a temporary worker, was performing work that should go to an employee that had gone through the city’s civil service system. City employees hired through the merit-based civil service system must pass an exam and are given union protection.

Cavanaugh told the commission that he understood that there is a place for seasonal or temporary workers in city government, such as Parks and Recreation, which sees its staffing needs change depending on the season. However, he said that he is concerned that the position held by Luenow, who supervises clerical employees, should have gone to an employee that had gone through the civil service system and he wanted the commission to look into it.

“Temporary-seasonal [workers], as I’ve stated earlier and I’ll state it again, are to supplement the [civil service] workforce not supplant it,” he said.

Jan Quintrall, division director of business and development services who has been at the center of hiring-and-firing controversies in the past, made an appearance at the meeting and told the commission that she had originally asked city council to make the position exempt from civil service requirements but was turned down. She said she then approached the commission to begin the civil service testing and hiring process for the position in November and is still waiting. In the meantime, she said, the work needed to be done and she hired a temp.

“It’s a stop-gap just to make sure we have supervision of these clerks,” she said.

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