Thursday, July 23, 2015

MB: South Hill shooter identified, Glacier park fire, higher minimum wage

Posted By on Thu, Jul 23, 2015 at 9:10 AM


Edward Bushnell was walking down the street when he spotted a man and woman fighting. He intervened, engaging the male, William Poindexter, in a scuffle. The couple eventually walked away, but as they did, Bushnell shot Poindexter in the back twice, police say. (Spokesman-Review)

A fire in Glacier National Park forces evacuations, spreads to 4,000 acres. (CNN)

The Coeur d'Alene tribe may no longer offer Texas Hold'em poker at its casinos, the 9th Circuit District Court ruled. (Washington Post)


Fast food workers in New York City could finally see the minimum wage bumped to $15 an hour. (New York Times)

Butt dials can be used against you in a court of law, judge says. If you call someone accidentally, you do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy. (Washington Post)

More details in Sandra Bland's death: recording of a voicemail she left shortly after her first court appearance. (BBC)
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

WW: Weed heals, seniors smoke doobies, and pot TV ad goes up in smoke

Posted By on Wed, Jul 22, 2015 at 1:02 PM

Welcome back to Weed Wednesday, your weekly dose of pot news. Wondering what this is about? Click. Looking for our previous marijuana coverage? Click. Got a question or tip? Email me at [email protected]

Cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive component of marijuana often touted for its medicinal properties, could help bones heal faster, according to a recent study.

Another recent study has found that states that have legalized marijuana have seen a decrease in fatal overdoses and addiction treatment center admissions relating to opioid abuse.

Seniors are moving to states where they can retire and smoke pot.

The Colorado Board of Health recently declined to make post-traumatic stress disorder a qualifying condition for medical marijuana. Did big pharma have a role?

Get ready for Willie Nelson’s own brand of weed.

Google says no to medical marijuana delivery apps.

The first ever ad for marijuana almost ran on TV in Denver. But it was pulled.

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MB: Wireless company gets a pass, new Seuss book, police-on-citizen violence

Posted By on Wed, Jul 22, 2015 at 9:23 AM


A wireless company has been allowed to bypass the public hearing process for building towers higher than 150 feet in Spokane County. Some people aren't happy about it. (Spokesman-Review)

The IRS will seize former state Rep. Phil Hart's home for back taxes. If you want to buy the house, stay tuned. An auction date has not yet been set. (Coeur d'Alene Press)

Unemployment rate in the Tri-Cities is at its lowest since 2008. (Tri-City Herald


A long lost Dr. Seuss book will be published next week. Alongside alphabet flashcards and a couple sketches, Theodor Seuss Geisel's widow found the 16 black-and-white illustrations paired with text in a box put away since his death in 1991. The new book will be called What Pet Should I Get? (New York Times)

New experimental drugs could slow Alzheimer's disease if taken early enough, researchers say. But more testing is needed. (Washington Post)

Researchers at the University of Birmingham (in the UK) recently determined that one particular copy of the Quran thought to be from the seventh century is actually decades older. That means it's one of the oldest known examples in the world, dating back to between 568 and 645 AD. (CNN)


Dashboard camera video of Sandra Bland's arrest shows that the officer threatened her with a Taser, saying "I will light you up." (New York Times)

A Tennessee father tripping on acid during a rock concert in Mississippi died in a hospital after police hogtied him and put him on a stretcher face down. The man's family says police then threatened them with arrest if they tried to visit him in the hospital. (The Guardian)

Prosecutors in the death of Freddie Gray refuse to give the defense internal investigation records. (Baltimore Sun)

Another black man was shot by a white police officer. University of Cincinnati officer Ray Tensing shot once at Samuel Dubose, hitting him in the head and killing him, during a traffic stop. Dubose was apparently unarmed. (CNN)
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

CONCERT REVIEW: Harry Connick Jr. got an eyeful of Spokane during his visit Monday

Posted By on Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 4:32 PM

Wow! The pride of NOLA was in rare form in Spokane Monday night. Not only was Harry Connick Jr. letting ’er rip with his nine-piece band, but he had the audience in stitches with his banter.

First, the music: The highlights were definitely the New Orleans tunes on the set list, putting his soulful piano playing center stage. He ran through a couple crooner numbers early — “The Way You Look Tonight” and Sinatra’s “More” — but you could tell he was just clearing his throat. The audience also got a sneak peek at three cuts from his soon-to-released new album — the first, “Tryin’ To Matter,” a riff on some offhand wisdom from his Dolphin Tale co-star Kris Kristofferson. Along the way, he played the trumpet, the organ and even the acoustic guitar. The guy is ridiculously talented, and the show was a rare treat in front of a rowdy, almost-full INB Center.

The show also had the feel of an impromptu summer camp, as he paraded a series of teens — his kids, friends’ kids, tour staff kids — up on stage. Heck, he even brought young Washingtonian Daniel Seavey from Vancouver with him, one of the youngest contestants ever on American Idol. After America chose someone else, Connick struck up a friendship with Seavey and he joined him Monday night, singing the old Marvin Gaye/James Taylor song, “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You).” Even Martina McBride and her band wanted in on the Harry Connick Summer Camp and were in the audience, on a stopover between Santa Barbara and Helena. (Hey Martina, why no Spokane gig?)

But the very best part was hearing about his experiences in good, old Spokane. Let’s just say, he got a pretty accurate tour — but not the one the Chamber of Commerce types might have scheduled.

The morning of the show, he and his buddy Tucker decided to go golfing; they asked the driver to find a Starbucks. Instead, he took them to a local coffee hut. “You know about this?” Connick asked the audience. “They ain’t wearin’ no clothes in there!” When he blurted out to the baristas, “Where’s your all’s clothes?” one of them turned on him and snapped, “It’s a lingerie espresso stand!” Duh! “I’m from New Orleans, and we ain’t got nothin’ like that,” he added.

But the punchline? Tucker, you see, is one of his friend’s kids, along for the summer tour/camp. He’s 15 years old and he got a big old eyeful of Spokane in all its glory.

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VIDEO: Macklemore shooting new video in downtown Spokane

Posted By on Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 4:05 PM

Seattle-based duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – whose second half comes by way of Spokane – are in town this week shooting a new video with local production company North by Northwest. 

The shoot will close off several blocks of downtown Spokane until Saturday, July 25, according to The Spokesman-Review

Neither Macklemore's publicist or North by Northwest have made any comment to local media regarding what exactly is being recorded this week.

Video from Tuesday morning (above, and shot by someone who'd like to remain anonymous) clearly shows choreography, so a music video is quite likely. What song this video could be for is extremely hard to say – the duo's most recent single was "White Walls," in October 2013, which already has a music video. While Macklemore has said on his Twitter that a new album will be released in 2015, no new information has come out since.  

Perhaps a new single and a video – featuring Spokane! – will be the debut single for the upcoming album? It would not be unlike Macklemore to release a new song and the video to accompany it. The track "Thrift Shop," his chart-topping, tag-popping hit, came out Aug. 27, 2012, and the video followed two days after, on August 29. 

Photos and social media chatter below: 

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Inland Northwest filmmakers crowd-funding piece on area's extremist, racist history

Posted By on Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 2:49 PM

Filmmakers often touch on history for inspiration for a fictional narrative, but seldom do they get to be as hands-on with that history as husband-and-wife filmmakers Andrew Davis and Jennifer Montgomery got over the July 4th holiday when they visited Spokane from their Los Angeles home. 

It was a homecoming of sorts — Davis is from Spokane, Montgomery from Colville — and the two made their way to the now-defunct Shadows Motel on North Division, where they found shards of the old sign among the weeds and litter. See?
Davis and Montgomery visiting the old site of the Shadows Motel. - ANDREW DAVIS
  • Andrew Davis
  • Davis and Montgomery visiting the old site of the Shadows Motel.

The significance of the spot? The motel serves as the setting for their short film The Shadows, a period piece set in the '90s about two brothers who are leaders of a white supremacist group vying with each other for control as they try to create a racist homeland in the Pacific Northwest. The motel was reportedly a hangout for members of the violent Christian Identity movement, and there were rumors of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh showing up there in the period just before his crime. 

The script was inspired by things the couple heard when they were growing up in the area, and The Shadows is actually a prologue to a full-length feature film about modern extremism and racism in America. 

"Both of us in different ways had heard certain stories and been somewhat connected to the subject matter since we were kids," Davis said via phone from Los Angeles. "The past few years we've been more specifically researching the subject."

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CONCERT REVIEW: Melissa, Debbie and Joan pulled off one of the hottest rock shows of summer

Posted By on Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 2:25 PM

Debbie Harry still has got the moves, even at 70. - LAURA JOHNSON
  • Laura Johnson
  • Debbie Harry still has got the moves, even at 70.

Last night at the Northern Quest Resort & Casino, Melissa Etheridge, Blondie and Joan Jett played one of the hottest shows of the Inland Northwest summer – not just because it was 90 degrees out, but because it moved and entertained and brought a whole bunch of different folks (punks, housewives, lesbians, grandparents, teens) to the packed-out outdoor concert space.
This was the only time the trio of acts was booked to play the same stage this year — Blondie and Etheridge have toured a bit together, but Jett is opening for the Who. Somehow, Airway Heights lucked out getting the legendary rock ‘n’ roll artists in one spot.

Etheridge was the perfect choice to kick off
Melissa Etheridge's selfie from Monday night's Northern Quest concert. - TWITTER
  • Twitter
  • Melissa Etheridge's selfie from Monday night's Northern Quest concert.
 the show. She has this voice capable of taking over whole planets and guitar skills to match (her guitar-playing ability is seriously underrated). As people filed into their folding-chair seats for the spot-on 7 pm set, Etheridge played songs to get the crowd movin’ and shaking, to forget that they were sweating hard.
“I can’t seem to get enough water,” she admitted from the stage, as she drank out of a purple water bottle. This, of course, moved her perfectly into the hit “Bring Me Some Water.” And even when her vocals did get dry and raspy, she still hit every note.
Throughout the hour-long set, she stomped around the stage while playing all the hits, took on her bass and guitar players, played harmonica, flipped her hair and even took a selfie of the crowd. She never got super-political, just told people to “choose only love.”
The closer, “Like the Way I Do” went on for 10 minutes of pure aggression complete with an interlude where Etheridge nearly killed her acoustic guitar.

Debbie Harry can still move. At 70, she was up there last night doing kicks, spins, foot shuffles and air punches. Her voice is still there, too, as much as it ever was. Harry’s life partner, Chris Stein, whom she started Blondie with in 1974, is five years younger and barely moves on his guitar, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t feeling it.
Starting off with the big one “One Way or Another,” the crowd went nuts. At first it seemed like she was saving her voice a bit, but she came back strong, strutting around the stage in a bobbed blonde wig, a pink dress complete with pink goggles around her neck and black platform sandals — basically, everything I wish I was wearing.
There was a point partway into the 45-minute set when some fans chose to sit down; energy seemed to wane. But then Harry started rapping (“Rapture”), moved into a cover of “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party!)”, rolled into “The Tide is High” and finished with “Heart of Glass.”
By the end of the set, the audience was all hers.

At a certain point it was obvious Jett was fighting off some sort of sickness. There was a big bottle full of brownish liquid next to a bottle of water and box of tissues behind her on stage. Intermittently she’d go back and wipe her nose. But there was never any complaints or excuses from her on the microphone and her snarling vocals were strong. She and her band powered through her set, full of the hits (“Bad Reputation,” “Cherry Bomb”) and some of the newer tunes she’s penned with rockers like Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! and Dave Grohl.
A recent inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Jett was like a little firecracker on stage, mentioning that “Love between three people can be a good thing, especially if one of them is me!” before heading into “The French Song.”
Her huge rendition of “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” brought everyone to their feet, while “Crimson and Clover” caused at least one nearby couple to bump and grind with a passion.
Jett was rocking the same haircut as the early '80s, and why change if you’re still one of the coolest punk artists out there? Joan Jett, please never change. 

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MB: Voters can add county commissioners, CdA gay-marriage suit and John Oliver's food rant

Posted By on Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 9:27 AM


After its mayor referred to Barack and Michelle Obama as monkeys on social media, the Airway Heights City Council voted to strip him of his powers. Even so, Patrick Rushing has refused to resign. Here are 75 other racist, sexist and homophobic things Rushing has posted on social media. (Spokesman-Review, Inlander)

An Idaho wedding chapel is suing the city of Coeur d'Alene, saying an anti-discrimination ordinance violates their religious beliefs against performing gay marriages. (Coeur d'Alene Press)

Spokane County Commissioners voted last night to give voters the opportunity to decide whether or not to add two more commissioners to the existing three. (KXLY)

The trial for a former Pasco police sergeant charged with solicitation of prostitution and lying to investigators began yesterday. Zachary J. Fairley was fired from the Pasco Police Department in 2014. (Tri-City Herald)


There is a really really big fault line that will eventually cause a really really big earthquake throughout the Pacific Northwest. We just don't know when it will happen. (The New Yorker)

The U.S. Senate is running out of time to reach a deal on a transportation bill that would fund repairs to the country's highways and bridges. The current program expires July 31. (New York Times)

District Attorney Elton Mathis says it's too early to call Sandra Bland's death in a Texas county jail a suicide. The 28-year-old was found dead in her cell three days after being arrested during a traffic stop. Officials released a video from inside the unit where Bland was held and dashboard camera footage from her arrest will be released today. (Washington Post and Los Angeles Times)


Obama will be on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight. (New York Times)

John Oliver explains why Americans waste food. (Gawker)
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Monday, July 20, 2015

THIS WEEK: Tons of tunes, Tom Cruise, Land of Plenty and lots of festivals

Posted By on Mon, Jul 20, 2015 at 3:10 PM

There is a lot happening in the Inland Northwest this week, starting with a bevy of concerts Monday night. You can find all of your options in our event listings, and some great advice in our Staff Picks

Here are some of the highlights for the week: 

Monday, July 20

LIVE BANDS | There is a crazy array of touring musicians dropping by Spokane Monday night. At the INB Performing Arts Center, Harry Connick Jr. will charm the crowd with witty between-song banter while delivering a strong set of poppy jazz and classics. I've seen him a few times, and it's always a fun night. At The Bing, Bruce Hornsby brings his band The Noisemakers to town for a show hot on the heels of his playing with the Grateful Dead during their recent Fare Thee Well shows. I'd hazard a guess that he'll do a Dead song during the show. 

My evening, though, will be spent with the rocking ladies joining up for a show at Northern Quest Resort & Casino Monday night. All are headliners on their own, and together should make for a great night. You can read our interview with Melissa Etheridge right here; she's topping the bill. Blondie are post-punk legends and Debbie Harry still sounds great; they got some rave reviews for a recent show at Madison Square Garden opening for Morrissey. And Joan Jett, the "opener," was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year. She's the reason I'm going — can't wait to hear this one: 

Tuesday, July 21

FILM | The Spokane Drive-In Movies pop-up screen pops up in Mead Tuesday night for a screening of Top Gun, Tom Cruise's Cold War fighter pilot flick. 

COMMUNITY | This summer's drought is nothing to be trifled with, and water conservation is always a good idea. Learn some useful tips Tuesday night at the East Side Library at a presentation called Every Drop Counts: Water Conservation Tips

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MB: Spokane County can used unmarked vehicles, Chattanooga protests, and a shark attack

Posted By on Mon, Jul 20, 2015 at 9:46 AM


At the request of Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, Spokane County Commissioners passed an ordinance that allows deputies to drive unmarked vehicles in some circumstances. (Spokesman-Review

Men and blacks in Seattle are targeted most often for marijuana use, according to a second study by Seattle police. The first study reported similar results. (Seattle Times)

A Spokane mom asked to stop breastfeeding her infant at a public pool schools lifeguards on state laws. (KXLY)

Farmworkers should get paid for breaks, the Washington Supreme Court ruled last week. (Spokesman-Review)

19 people have died at the hands of law enforcement in Washington state this year. Seattle Weekly tells their stories. (Seattle Weekly)


After 54 years, the U.S. embassy in Cuba is reopening. (New York Times)

Protests broke out in Chattanooga Sunday over the killing of five U.S. service members. The 24-year-old gunman's family and friends tell of a troubled man who struggled with depression and reconciling his Muslim faith. (Washington Post)

In a meeting with Nigeria's new president, Muhammadu Buhari, President Barack Obama will discuss more military aid to fight the Boko Haram terrorist group. (CNN)

Donald Trump said John McCain isn't a war hero. Here's what Trump was doing while McCain was locked in a Vietnamese prison cell. (Washington Post)


A shark attacked a surfer during a competition in South Africa, AND IT WAS CAUGHT ON VIDEO! (Los Angeles Times)

Mysterious murders at sea were caught on video but went unreported for a year. Authorities found out about them after a cell phone video from a phone found in a cab in Fiji was posted online. Read the first two parts of a New York Times report here. (New York Times)

A complete timeline of Bill Cosby's downfall. (The Wrap)
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