Wednesday, May 13, 2015

WW: Liquor board conducts sting; Christians, Morgan Freeman make case for weed

Posted By on Wed, May 13, 2015 at 2:12 PM

Welcome back to Weed Wednesday, your weekly dose of pot news. Wondering what this is about? Click. Looking for our previous marijuana coverage? Click. Got a question or tip? Email me at [email protected]

Washington pot retailers, beware of young people coming into your stores.

The Washington State Liquor Control Board (soon to be the Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board) has announced that it’ll be sending 18-to-21-year-old “investigative aides” into recreational pot shops to test to see that they are checking the IDs of potential customers before selling marijuana. According to a statement from the board, the investigative aides will tell whoever is working the counter that they forgot their ID or will present IDs that show they aren’t old enough to buy pot.

Indiana’s First Church of Cannabis plans on testing the state’s controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act by holding a service on June 1, the day the controversial law goes into effect, that will include public smoking of pot for religious reasons, reports U.S News.

Could Texas really be the next state to legalize pot? A Texas legislative panel has passed a measure that would legalize pot in the state, but the Houston Chronicle reports that it’s unlikely to make its way to the governor’s desk. The bill’s sponsor is state Rep. David Simpson, a Longview Republican, who makes his case for legalization from a Christian perspective.

“As a Christian, I recognize the innate goodness of everything God made and humanity’s charge to be stewards of the same,” he writes in an opinion piece. “In fact, it’s this reason that I’m especially cautious when it comes to laws banning plants. I don’t believe that when God made marijuana he made a mistake that government needs to fix.”

Lawmakers in Texas are also considering two other marijuana-related bills that would decriminalize the drug and allow cannabidiol oil to be used for medical purposes. A group called Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy is running this ad to support the bills.

Have you ever wondered what Morgan Freeman thinks about marijuana. The Daily Beast decided to ask him. He replied:
They used to say, ‘You smoke that stuff, boy, you get hooked!” says a chuckling Freeman. “My first wife got me into it many years ago. How do I take it? However it comes! I’ll eat it, drink it, smoke it, snort it! This movement is really a long time coming, and it’s getting legs—longer legs. Now, the thrust is understanding that alcohol has no real medicinal use.
Forbes has a ranking of the cheapest weed in the country. Washington state doesn’t have the cheapest, but it comes close.

Here is Alex Trebek telling Howard Stern a story about eating hash brownies.

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VIDEO: Running Bloomsday in two minutes

Posted By on Wed, May 13, 2015 at 10:35 AM

Bloomsday has several GoPro cameras stationed on the course. They are capturing one still frame every second so that people can download their results photos. This year, the cameras captured more than 50,000 images and we thought it would be cool to combine them all into one quick video, with Summer in Siberia providing the soundtrack. Enjoy!

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Jazzed for Justice, poetry at Auntie's and the Kendall Yards Night Market debuts

Posted By on Wed, May 13, 2015 at 10:05 AM

You've reached midweek once again, a great reason to celebrate if I've ever heard one. Take a look at our event listings and Staff Picks and pick yourself out something nice to do. 

Here are a few highlights for Wednesday, May 13: 

BENEFIT | Hamilton Studio is hosting Jazzed for Justice, a fundraiser for the Center for Justice that includes a night of great jazz from local singer Julia Keefe, as well as food and local beer and wine. 

WORDS | Author Sam Hamill is leading a reading of his poetry at Auntie's, followed by a discussion led by EWU creative writing professor Jonathan Johnson. 

FARMERS MARKET | It's the first ever Kendall Yards Night Market! You can imagine we're pretty excited around here, as residents of the neighborhood, but all of Spokane and beyond can rejoice at another option for great produce, live music, food trucks and cool folks gathering each Wednesday at 4 pm. 

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MB: Trains derail, teachers may strike, one step closer to Jurassic Park

Posted By on Wed, May 13, 2015 at 9:38 AM


A freight train derailed just south of Wenatchee this morning. No one was hurt, but the track — which is used by about 20 trains each day— will be closed until engineers figure out what happened. (KHQ)

In the next week, Spokane public school employees will vote to decide if they will stage a one day strike between now and the end of the school year. (Spokesman)

Spokane County marijuana retailers sold $3.2 million worth of product in April, reaching an all time high. Sales have been climbing every month since the beginning of the year. (KREM)


An Amtrak train on its way to New York derailed in Philadelphia yesterday evening, killing at least six people and injuring many more. (New York Times)

Researchers manipulated chicken embryos, resulting in chicks with dinosaur snouts. (National Geographic)

One of the Islamic State’s top leaders was killed during an airstrike on a mosque in Iraq. (VICE)
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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

TUESDAY TASTE: Snoop Dogg, Crocodiles among the week's new releases

Posted By on Tue, May 12, 2015 at 10:57 AM

Each week we delve into the new music and movie releases to figure out what's great and what's ... not so great. We relay that info to you every week in Tuesday Taste. Here we go: 


It's not quite as big a week of music releases as we've had lately, but you might want to check out new releases from Rhett Miller, Paul Weller, Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell and The Tallest Man on Earth. Even David Duchovny of The X-Files and Californication has an album coming out. 

Here, though, are the ones I'm most interested in this week: 

CROCODILES, Boys. The San Diego noise-rockers are back and sounding, well, a bit less noisy on their new effort. Pop hooks and fuzz are the rule, especially on new tune "Crybaby Demon." Here's a taste: 

. Snoop has ditched the reggae thing and gone back to basics with Pharrell Williams, the man behind some of his biggest hits, back in the producer's chair on Bush

SURFER BLOOD, 1,000 Palms
. The Florida band has a long, spotty history of highs (like opening a Pixies tour) and lows (a domestic violence accusation), but always managed to make some shiny guitar-pop. Their new one tries to recapture past glories

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Some dude in Spokane wants you to pay the Patriots' Deflategate fine

Posted By on Tue, May 12, 2015 at 10:32 AM


Cruising through any crowdfunding site reveals no shortage of wrong-headed, misguided or simply God-awful ideas, but this campaign posted yesterday to GoFundMe may take the cake. Someone who says his name is Michael J. Whitman and claims to live in Spokane, launched an effort to raise $1 million to cover the fine levied against the New England Patriots for their conspiratorial efforts to deflate footballs below league requirements.

And while there are no shortage of Tom Brady apologists in the world, the planet is not, however, populated with enough morons to donate to this cause, and this dude seems aware of that truth. Here's what he wrote on his site, which currently has just over $1,900 raised.
We obviously know we won't reach One Million Dollars, however we do believe the fine is bulls**t and want to help anyway we can. So whatever is donated will be donated to the New England Patriots in help with the fine! As we venture with this, we will do frequent updates to show progression of this! If enough is made to make the travel, we will fly down there (on our own expenses) and deliver a check in person! 
There is so much idiocy spraying from this passage that reading it without protective goggles could forever alter your intelligence. First off, and most obviously — you're in Spokane and this is part of the Seahawk Nation, so start acting like it, Michael. But that's just the tip of this iceberg of ignorance.

How about the phrase "we want to help anyway we can." Really? You want to help an outlandishly profitable team owned by a man who probably has a million bucks absentmindedly tucked in the pocket of a fur coat he hasn't worn for a few years? That's where you think people should be spending their money?

You only have to click two or three times away from this moronic endeavor to find fully worthwhile fundraising efforts, even a page of Spokane-centric causes, including pages to raise money for a kid in need of a bone marrow transplant, a Whitworth student who wants to go to Guatemala on a goodwill mission, and a Spokane boxing team looking to head to the national championships.

Here's the full list of campaigns, almost all of which are more worthwhile than helping some dickwads on the other side of the country who cheated in a football game.
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David Bazan returns, Ice Age lecture, and yoga meets wine in a stroke of genius

Posted By on Tue, May 12, 2015 at 9:55 AM

Tuesday is here, folks, and we have a slew of great options for you if you're looking to get out of the house. Check out our event listings and Staff Picks. 

Here are a few highlights for Tuesday, May 12: 

LIVE BANDS | The incredible singer/songwriter David Bazan headlines at The Bartlett, revisiting his Headphones album, among other tunes no doubt. Here's a bit of what's in store: 

| Now this is some exercise I can totally get behind: Instructor Larkin Barnett is hosting a night of yoga and pilates, plus fine wine, at Barrister Winery. 

WORDS | Join some like-minded science lovers at the Community Building tonight for a lecture on Ice Age Megafloods and their affect on the topography of the Pacific Northwest. 
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MB: Hookerville debate rages on, South Hill tire collection, "Deflategate" nails Brady

Posted By on Tue, May 12, 2015 at 9:27 AM


Women are getting really excited about hunting. The "growing interest of women in blood sports isn’t a stampede", though, according to the Spokesman. Just a trend that companies that sell hunting gear are taking note of. The average female hunter spends five days a year shooting at deer on private property, according to the results of a Whitworth University study. (Spokesman-Review)

South Spokane residents are beyond frustrated with their neighbor and his humongous tire collection. After visiting the home, fire department and health department officials are onboard, saying its time for the tires to roll off the property. (KREM)

To say Hookerville or not to say Hookerville, that was the question during the heated free speech debate at Monday's Spokane City Council meeting. Key takeaways? There is a town by the same name in Texas. They say Hookerville at their meetings, so why shouldn't people in Spokane? And, also, some council members worry banning one word could be a slippery slope to further infringement on free speech. (KXLY)


New England Patriot's quarterback Tom Brady has been suspended for four games and fined $1 million over the whole deflategate debacle. (ESPN)

George Zimmerman, the guy acquitted of killing unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin a couple years ago, apparently has a lot of enemies. Monday, one of these individuals shot him. (VICE)

A 7.3 magnitude earthquake rattled Nepal this morning, killing dozens and injuring many more. (New York Times)

The world has a new most expensive painting: Picasso's Women of Algiers fetched $179.3 million at Christie's auction house. (BBC)
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Monday, May 11, 2015

Q&A: Sen. Patty Murray on compromise, the trade deal and abortion

Posted By on Mon, May 11, 2015 at 12:58 PM

Sen. Patty Murray, negotiator
  • Sen. Patty Murray, negotiator

Last week, we published a story about how Washington Democratic Sen. Patty Murray, despite her far-left ideology, has managed to become a unique force of compromise and deal-making in Congress. Here are a few additional selections from the interview. 

On the environment that made Republicans willing to negotiate with her:
They got so stuck in a philosophical debate in their own turf, that they put us — if you will recall — into a government shutdown, sequestration taking place, people across the country wondering if we could even do anything in this country, wondering whether our democracy worked. Two businesses who were finding their international partners were not trusting our country to be able to do what we needed to do to manage a country.

That dynamic created the opportunity to work with Congressman Paul Ryan. Two very different people, two very different budgets, two very different philosophies. We challenged each other together, to look at each other not as foes, but as collaborators in trying to put together a budget. And that’s how we got that done. 
On how Murray and Ryan built the trust for compromise:
We had been talking, long before we’d ever got put into a room, to get to know each other. Who you are, what brings you here, what’s important to you? Knowing what’s important to somebody creates the groundwork to be able to listen to someone and trust them.

But the other thing is, inside that room, we had a really important agreement that what we talked about, that what we agreed upon, wouldn’t be used against the other person. And that trust is essential when you’re trying to work out a compromise. You have to put things on the table and trust that the person won’t go out and hold a press conference and say, “You won’t believe what Senator Murray was giving away.”

I think we were in an atmosphere before that time where the two sides were yelling from opposite sides of the football field, and not really trying to find common ground. One of the things we actually talked about as we put together an agreement was, how do we show that compromise can be awarded and supported and applauded, rather than compromise being something that everyone says, “I won’t do.“

We got government running again. We got our economy moving again. We got the votes in the House and the Senate. And, by the way, don’t [shut down the government] again.

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Spokane Craft Beer Week begins, Mimicking Birds soar at The Bartlett

Posted By on Mon, May 11, 2015 at 10:15 AM

You're staring down a whole new week, so you need some entertainment to help get through. Take a look at our event listings and Staff Picks for some great ideas. 

Here are a few options for Monday, May 11: 

FOOD & DRINK | It's the opening of Spokane Craft Beer Week, as if we needed another reason to enjoy some awesome local craft beer. We have a story about some special beer collaborations, and a great list of events happening all week. Cheers! 

FILM | Down in Moscow, head to The Kenworthy to check out Plant This Movie, which explores urban farming in environments all over the world, from Havana to Shanghai, Calcutta to London. 

LIVE BANDS | The Bartlett hosts Mimicking Birds as the dreamy Portland band led by Nate Lacy tours in support of its sophomore album, Eons. Here's a sample: 

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