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Ray Pride 

  • Cuts Like a Knife

      There's a question that must be asked about the third part of every trilogy: Is it necessary to see the first two films in order to enjoy the third one? In the case of Blade: Trinity, all you need to know about the previous episodes is that
  • Love Bites

      Love: the foremost four-letter word. Or at least it is in Mike Nichols' glossy yet stormy adaptation of Patrick Marber's 1997 world-weary hit play, Closer, which collates the most intense moments in the romantic lives of a quartet of modern-d
  • Sick Individuals

      I wanted to vomit. It's a learned reflex in this profession, looking away from the screen, but the premise of first-time director James Wan's Saw, a puzzle-game serial killer thriller -- described in the Sundance 2004 catalog as "indelible hor
  • Puppet Masters

      Wooden puppets save the world. How's that different from any Jerry Bruckheimer movie, you ask? It's very different -- and almost the same -- in Team America: World Police, Trey Parker and Matt Stone's brilliantly mindless, wickedly profane, rel
  • Little Bit of Everything

      The quirky, verbal romantic comedy Little Black Book has a lot on its mind about trust in relationships -- mostly trust in one's own instincts. While Brittany Murphy is its perky core as an employee on a Montel-like show (hosted by a splutteri
  • Mann-ly Men

      To consider a couple of his better-known movies, Heat and The Insider -- and aside from a relentless sense of style and gesture -- Michael Mann makes movies about the modern man who's encased and encoded by his profession. Collateral may be Ma
  • Royal Mess

      Vaudeville is dead, but nobody bothered to tell Garry Marshall. Turning 70 in a couple of months, the veteran hack seems the most unlikely director of movies about young women, such as Runaway Bride (1999), The Princess Diaries (2001) and thi
  • Double Dare

      Child's Play might not be the best name for a dark romantic comedy. Unless it's Chucky you love. French writer-director Yann Samuell's lush and mean Love Me If You Dare was changed for American release from Jeux des Enfants, or Child's Play,
  • They're Loving It

      Stuffed with turkey after a Thanksgiving feast at his parents' house in West Virginia, New York-based TV producer Morgan Spurlock, 33, had what he calls a "sadistic epiphany." "This is a great bad idea," he recalls thinking. It was 2002, a
  • Pour On the Cheese

      Things I learned from watching the unnecessary remake of 1975's mostly forgotten The Stepford Wives: There's less to fear from the future of robots than from robotic comedies. At the age of 60, the man behind the voice of Yoda isn't t
  • Love of Country

      Michael Moore's powerful, wrenching, drenching, heartfelt, ultimately patriotic Fahrenheit 9/11 -- a rapid-fire assemblage of what the career polemicist finds most wrong in our nation's government in the almost four years since the Supreme Cou
  • Cosmopolitan Sweet

      Despite resemblances to many, many movies that have come before, 13 Going On 30 is the kind of flawed but effervescent romantic comedy that soars on the chemistry of its central duo, Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo (who are sublimely dorky t
  • Forget The Alamo

      The Alamo is a battleground, but I don't know if it's bloodier in front of or behind the camera. The current incarnation began as a dream project for Ron Howard: an epic three-hour awards grab, pushing the R rating for a war movie further th
  • The Gospel According To Mel

      In Mel Gibson's brutal, explicit 125-minute succession of graven images, The Passion of the Christ, what you will witness, if you choose to attend, is a movie more violent than most of those condemned as part of what certain groups refer to t
  • Down For The Count

      In a film without much perfection, credit must be given to the person who came up with the title. It's perfect. And that's not good. With acceptable acting, lackluster direction, and a ridiculously manipulative script, this story, based on th
  • One-Room Schoolhouse

      To watch is to learn. To understand is to love. There are so many pure hopes one can hold for the documentary film form. Nicolas Philibert's quiet 2002 masterpiece, To Be and To Have (Etre et Avoir), is a magnificent construction of empathy,
  • Whispers Of War

      Woodrow Wilson supposedly said that D.W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation was "history written in lightning." With that in mind, Cold Mountain is whispered in distant thunder. It's the hurt back home, what's left behind, what's deep inside. It th
  • The End Is At Hand

      I'm still in a haze. Until last week, I was a virgin to The Lord of the Rings trilogy, hoping that the once-mooted plans for a pre-release marathon would stay in effect. I had avoided even watching trailers for the film. Frankly, I have a pro
  • Pseudo-Searchers

      The Missing, Ron Howard's latest movie, drawn from Richard Eidson's little-known and almost unreadable pulp novel The Last Ride, is a gritty, brutal, often unpleasant portrait of a family crisis in 1885 New Mexico, in what Howard describes as
  • Getting Medieval

      Let's have a quick survey of novels by Michael Crichton that have been adapted to film. First there are the ones that have been turned into good movies: The Andromeda Strain, Jurassic Park and The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Then there are the
  • Berry Scary

    OK, so a movie's first scene has little Penelope Cruz squinting her little eyes and squeezing out her small Spanish accent, telling her shrink, "He opened me like a flower of pain and it felt gooooooooood."
      OK, so a movie's first scene has little Penelope Cruz squinting her little eyes and squeezing out her small Spanish accent, telling her shrink, "He opened me like a flower of pain and it felt gooooooooood." Do you: A) Await the Variety full-
  • War Of The Worlds

      Up to a limit, I'm content to kick back in the dark to admire pretty pictures, sleek computer animation and strikingly featured faces emitting terse philosophical dialogue. I'm a sucker for formal beauty in movies, from the most costly and bo
  • Leading The Blonde

    When I hear the words "Merchant and Ivory," most times I reach for my remote control.
      When I hear the words "Merchant and Ivory," most times I reach for my remote control. Their previous movie set in the almost-present day, A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries, is one of the few of their movies I've ever treasured. But Home Vision
  • Bunkies in Barcelona

      The Manhattan-centric friends of Friends would probably hate the Euro-diverse friends in the light, likable French import, L'Auberge Espagnole. Cedric Klapisch's earlier features include the delightful When the Cat's Away, one of the great
  • Really Bad Boys

      If it weren't for Entertainment Weekly, whole chunks of pop culture would remain but rumors to me. For example: The last multiplayer shooter game I found myself playing introduced me to the pleasures of being repeatedly slaughtered by an 11-y

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