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Andrea Palpant 

  • Mood indigo

      Jazz finds its footing in free movement -- an established beat, a strong chord progression, then a high squealing trumpet or a moaning saxophone that drops down the scale and wanders away across countries of color, tone and melody. The mu
  • Fashion on the fringe

      "I was reborn, as if the act of changing clothes were to force me to live another life." -- Pablo Neruda A sway of skirt, a dash of hat, a tilt of belt on the hips. This is the art of dress -- art by the body, art in motion, progressi
  • His American life

      He could be your uncle -- telling you a story, playing you a song. He could be the kid next door, talking blithely out his bedroom window. He could even be a muse. But he's Ira Glass, sultan of stories, vindicator of voices and host of th
  • Civic pride

      Sometimes life can be condensed into a small space -- a momentous event retold in a one-page poem, a lifetime packed into a book. Rarely, though, does an entire three-dimensional dramatization of a story, complete with bodies, props and f
  • CD Review - Gold Frapp

      Eclectic Electric Seduction might be the unofficial subtitle to Felt Mountain, Allison Goldfrapp's debut album. Known for providing vocals for Tricky and Orbital, Goldfrapp is yet another enticing voice to wind its way from the U.K. Th
  • In perfect form

      Almost all of us know what it feels like to disappear, to be marginalized to the shadows, for looks, for age, for race, for height or faith or weight. And most of us know what it feels like to fantasize about the other side -- that bright
  • Red hot from Brazil

      Let's face it: The United States is premised on thievery. The overriding shapes and textures of America are borrowed or stolen from other cultures, and everything from hamburgers to rock 'n' roll belongs in its original form to
  • Rock for tots

      No, this isn't a hip rock concert with babies moshing in their PJ's. While the upcoming holiday event isn't meant to target four-year old music tastes, & & ROCK FOR TOTS & & does, in the end, benefit youngsters in need of a lit
  • Reasons to ski

      Tired of snow, sludge and gray skies? Sick of sitting around indoors in these dark winter months wedged between Christmas and springtime? Here are at least seven resort-ful reasons to get off your cold winter bum, strap on a b
  • Pop politics

      Imagine drama without the set, without costumes, complicated lights or makeup. Forget about the blocking, and leave only a few chairs on the stage. What remains? Voice -- expressive, acute, dramatic -- the voice of the people, o
  • Fly like an eagle

      If Ben Franklin had gotten his way in 1782, we might be going on special cruises to watch the turkeys strut their stuff. As it is, the eagle remains the national bird, and people are waiting around to watch it glide across the
  • Jesus lives

      In the spring of 1982, at the age of 11, Jesus Tecu Osorio lost his parents, his younger brothers, and an older sister and her two children in a government-sanctioned massacre in Rio Negro, Guatemala. At that time, a total
  • Classical clowning

      Here's a recipe for classic Halloween fun: Take a dose of the Spokane Symphony Orchestra, add the score from Jaws, top it off with a conductor in a mummy suit, and you've got yourself Spokane's own Symfunnies Halloween Spookta
  • Indie auteurs unite

      In the documentary Hearts of Darkness, director Francis Ford Coppola says: "To me, the great hope is that now these little eight-millimeter video recorders are coming around and some people who normally wouldn't make movies a
  • Festivals

      Christmas time conjures up images of big city flair -- Rockefeller Square with a thousand lights, a towering tree and a horde of people enjoying a cosmopolitan celebration of the season. Still, the small town can put on a good
  • Grab your partner

      Folk music brings to mind a variety of names and places mostly from the '70s: Joan Baez, Woodstock, Woody Guthrie, plus many other people and events that by now are cultural icons. But in truth, folk's roots go a
  • Dance

      The strains of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Ballet have become as synonymous with Christmas as Rudolph's shiny red proboscis and Santa's three-syllable chuckle. No matter where you live, chances are a production of The Nutcracker
  • Reading at the Reid House

      Spokane" and "art mecca" aren't usually found in the same sentence. But word by word, book by book, the two are growing closer together these days as the local community stands in support of artists and authors. Every word cou
  • The creative fire

      On Friday evening, The Met will be the cosmic arena for the dance of original creation. The introduction of the four natural elements -- earth, water, air and fire--will be represented in Rebel's baroque ballet, The Elements, a
  • You say you want a revolution

      Rock 'n' roll might well be called the religion of modern society. Its birth in the 20th century has spawned generations of followers who turn faithfully to its rhythms and words for wisdom on life, self and the cosmos. The so
  • Fun at the Fox

      Art is imagined. Art is built, raised up and praised. Art suffers and falls out of favor. Sometimes, an old work of art is rebuilt, reimagined and subsequently, renowned. Such is the story of the Fox, one of Spokane's architec
  • Divine inspiration

      These days, "art" and "organized religion" seem out of sync with each other and out of vogue as a philosophical pair, at least in contemporary American art culture.

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    • If you already know you hate the play, don't go to the show.

    • on March 1, 2015
  • Re: The Food Guru

    • I think he's right about how the eating scene is changing. I like the bow…

    • on March 1, 2015
  • Re: BlueStar's Erick Hansen appears in court today — read the indictment

    • JOE GUINAN is a bigger con artist and criminal than Erick Hansen. Arrest warrants in…

    • on March 1, 2015
  • Re: The Food Guru

    • Hay js bistro in liberty lake! Best food and staff hands down!

    • on March 1, 2015
  • Re: The Food Guru

    • Santé!
      James Beard best of nominee..... Why wouldn't you eat there?

    • on February 28, 2015
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