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Dan Richardson 

  • Book Review

      Opening the pages of To America is like sitting beside Stephen Ambrose as he tells stories from his deathbed. Dying of lung cancer, he seems to be racing with mortality to inscribe a record of his life as a historian, as an American, and
  • Eyes on the Prize

      A new city means new government, and that means more news coverage, especially from print publications. The region's two newspaper titans are looking from their respective headquarters over to a potentially huge core of readers, advertis
  • Air to the Throne

      Some climbers approach the vertical plane with a grace and balance honed by years on the rock. Others flash through tricky sequences of moves with inborn talent. Lucas Morgan climbs with a bit of both. Morgan, of Spokane, is an up-an
  • Penciling Out

      Remodeling projects are notoriously expensive, but $1 million a week still sounds like some kind of record. That's how much Walt and Karen Worthy were shelling out at one point in the renovation of the 14-story Davenport Hotel. So it's p
  • Devil in the Details

      Ah, the grand old days of May, when all the convention center boosters needed was a few thousand voters to agree to their $96 million dreams. Now those dreams have come true, but reality is a bit rougher. Or at least slower. Despite gra
  • News In Brief

      Hamilton Cleanup Plan - SPOKANE -- For years, companies like the American Tar Company conducted operations from Spokane's Hamilton Street Bridge site, and for years industrial pollutants seeped into the ground. Ecological investigators f
  • Traditions

      Why would anyone visit Pamplona, Spain, to get chased through the streets by bulls? Tradition, of course. That's the power of tradition: whether serious or silly, the place and the event become one. With the Davenport Hotel in years pas
  • Finds at the Fox

      The first surprise for the painting restoration workers from New York this summer was that decades of tobacco soot haven't destroyed the Fox Theater's 71-year-old murals.
  • (Legal) Drug Pushing

      Turn on the television and watch the drug commercials promise to ease your every ill. ("Paxil -- Your life is waiting!") They're ubiquitous. Now imagine the drug companies' representatives stopping by your office to chat about the latest
  • PO'd at the GOP

      For the second time in recent history, Idaho's Supreme Court has ruled that an aspect of term limits law may be ill-advised but that it is constitutional. The justices handed down their most recent ruling on Friday, saying that the Legi
  • Torpedoed in Mead?

      Say you're a married couple, with strong political opinions and some extra money in the bank. The school district is asking for fancy computers and high-speed Internet connections that will, you think, cost too much in taxes. You decide
  • Uphill Battle

      In the biblical story, it's Goliath, the heathen giant, who hurls challenges until David fells him with righteous anger and a well-placed sling stone. In the local political version, it's David (activist Clark E. Hager, Sr., and his band
  • A Wilder Washington

      The idea's been around for years: Convince Congress to give federal wilderness protection to the Kettle River Range, an archipelago of mountains west of Colville. The idea has waxed and waned. It lost out the last time Congress designat
  • Conventional Choices

      Expanding the Spokane Convention Center is an easy question for Shaun Cross: The state wants to give the community about $36 million for economic improvement. Do we take it, build a snazzy expanded convention center and shine up some cou
  • CCX vs. RPS

      Perhaps the most damaging allegation, and one of the easiest for critics to fling, is that this convention center expansion plan is just another River Park Square. Does this expansion have the potential to dissolve into competing claims
  • Paying Its Own Way

      Why hire dozens of staff, build many thousands of square feet and bond for millions of dollars for a convention center that would, at best, barely break even? Because, say supporters of the convention center expansion, the project could
  • Follow the Money

      One might think that $96 million is a bit much for an expanded convention center in Spokane. One would be correct. In fact, only about $76 million would go toward the project being proposed, and the Public Facilities District would only
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