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Dan Egan 

  • Nightlife- Cowboy Bars

      Big Al's 6361 W. Seltice Way, Post Falls, Idaho * (208) 777-8312 Everything I know about cowboy bars I learned from watching The Blues Brothers -- no less than 20 times. So my point of reference here is drawn directly from Bob's Country Bunker
  • Nightlife- Bowling Centers

      North Bowl 125 W. Sinto Ave. * 328-7090 The 24 lanes at North Bowl are notable for the wild Day-Glo cubist mosaic on the wall above them. The colors stood out within the brownish, '70s ambiance. I was there on a weeknight, during regular, ope
  • Peak Experiences

      Quick, what's the highest mountain in Eastern Washington? If you didn't know that Gypsy Peak (7,309 feet) in the northeast corner of the state was the highest point east of the Columbia River, don't feel bad. You're not alone. Most people do
  • Passing Notes

      Credit Davy Rothbart's great idea to two complete strangers. It was about five years ago on a cold night in Chicago when Rothbart went out to his car from a friend's apartment when he noticed a handwritten note left on his windshield. Apparen
  • Winter Sports - New Tricks

      Quick, which one of the following is not an actual, recognized snowboarding term? a) Pop tart b) Washin' windows c) Flapjackin' d) Swiss cheese air If you answered flapjackin', you are correct and are clearly in the know. Therefore you ar
  • Predator or Prey

      David Quammen is afraid we humans may have forgotten our place in nature. In his new book, Monster of God: The Man-Eating Predator in the Jungles of History and the Mind, the award-winning science journalist -- he doesn't much care for the term
  • RV Nation

      John Steinbeck had one. So did Charles Kuralt, Barbie, and the 1970s Saturday morning superhero, Shazaam! Even better, these objects of desire have romantic-sounding names that often hint at the motives of their owners: Pathfinder, Adventurer,
  • The Alpinist

      John Roskelley, a man who last year at the age of 53 ran the 7.5-mile Bloomsday course in a time of 47:50, doesn't do lunch. He hates wasting time. He's also not especially fond of slackers, hacks, ugly billboards, smoking at the fairgrounds
  • Cabinet Fever

      If you want to talk to Dennis Nicholls, you'll have to leave a message and have him get back to you, because chances are he's out hiking somewhere in his beloved Cabinet Mountains. Nicholls is the author of a new hiking guidebook, Trails of t
  • Derailleurs On Deck

      Author's Note: According to the new Hipster Handbook, it is no longer recommended that one use the term "cool." In its place, the term "deck" should now be used by all aspiring hipsters. So, in an effort to maintain my hipster status, this new
  • Bikes, Skis and Camels

      With any human pursuit, there are specialists and there are generalists. So it is within the world of outdoor endurance sports. There are those who specialize in one thing, such as running Bloomsday, period. Call them "specialists": one event,
  • At The Crossroads

      "When I drove across the long bridge," Price recalls, "I thought I was going into hea
  • Snowbound

      Feeling a little bored, irritable and edgy lately? Are you restless, yet at the same time immobilized by a pervasive feeling of inertia? If so, you're clearly in the grips of the dreaded winter malady known as cabin fever. And if, say, flying
  • Take A Free Ride

      Did you ever picture yourself executing a 360 on skis but never had the guts to try it? Or did you ever wonder what it actually feels like to launch some serious big air on a snowboard? Me neither. But many people do, and thankfully, there are
  • Out of Bounds

      Who wouldn't be tempted? A picture-perfect ski run topped with virgin, cloud-soft powder. Nothing but pure, beckoning wilderness and untouched slopes. Just you and the mountain, slicing perfect S-turns in a state of total bliss. Every skiing m
  • Season of the Gear Shift

      A great idea can hit you anywhere. For Ken Barrett, it was in a 1967 Datsun Roadster, while he was "bombing around" the tangle of dirt roads on the back side of Schweitzer Mountain. His idea was to find a route where people could ride a mounta
  • Story of the Morel

      Go out in the woods right now and look closely. Like a gift from the gods, morels will be poking their little brown cones through the forest ground cover. They are possibly the most cherished and most hunted wild mushroom in North America. And
  • In Search of Big Jake

      Wanted: A $1 million fish. Goes by the name of Big Jake. He might be swimming in Lake Coeur d'Alene. If so, he would be a Northern Pike of blueish-green color with a long, sloping forehead, light-colored horizontal spots on his body and a perc
  • Rodgers Returns

      The running boom was on, and no one was more responsible for it than the guy in the Snoopy hat and gardening gloves. At the sport's highest point, Bill Rodgers was its biggest star. "I think he was one of the people that helped create a hug
  • Breaking An Hour

      For all you frustrated Bloomies out there, we feel your pain. Every year, you tell yourself "This is the year I break an hour," only to have your dream crushed like a discarded paper cup. To that end, we suggest two options: Number one: Let it
  • Fowl Weather Fun

      Springtime in Othello, Wash., is for the birds. For six weeks or so, peaking in late March, more than 25,000 sandhill cranes will pass through the region, stopping to eat, meet and greet before continuing the trip to their summer mating ground
  • Fast Track

      In the competitive world of ski racing, Olympic dreams can die young. But if your job is a youth ski racing coach, you never know if you might have the next Picabo Street on your hands. Chris Schow is a coach at the Schweitzer Alpine Racing Sc
  • Walleye world

      In the eyes of fishermen, this is the magical time of year when the sun hangs low in the winter sky and anglers of all ages feel that timeless pull -- to go inside, dammit, it's freezing out there. So here's your chance to walk around in a warm
  • Extension cord confidential

      When Tom Evers gets ready for Christmas, he decks a bit more than the halls. He decks the roof and the yard and the shrubs and the fence, and anything else on which he can hang a string of lights or prop a plastic Santa. He usually strings 22,
  • Snowboarding

      Time was, snowboarding had a little image problem. Its participants were alternately seen as slackers with a limited vocabulary and ill-fitting clothes or as badly behaved, hyper-caffeinated punks. For a while, skiers had a hard time sharing t

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  • Re: The Food Guru

    • I think he's right about how the eating scene is changing. I like the bow…

    • on March 1, 2015
  • Re: BlueStar's Erick Hansen appears in court today — read the indictment

    • JOE GUINAN is a bigger con artist and criminal than Erick Hansen. Arrest warrants in…

    • on March 1, 2015
  • Re: The Food Guru

    • Hay js bistro in liberty lake! Best food and staff hands down!

    • on March 1, 2015
  • Re: The Food Guru

    • Santé!
      James Beard best of nominee..... Why wouldn't you eat there?

    • on February 28, 2015
  • Re: The Food Guru

    • I highly recommend The Wandering Table. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed!!!

    • on February 28, 2015
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