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Clint Burgess 

  • The Word Made Fresh

      & & by Luke Baumgarten and Clint Burgess & & & r & It's gotta be tough to do publicity for Christian rock. The evangelical idea that the secular world is the devil's domain - that it's the fiery gauntlet you have to navigate to get your eternal reward - turns
  • Summer Adventure - NW Fishing

      Fishing is a way to absorb the natural surroundings of the region we call home, to commune with the spirits of generations gone before who dropped their lines the same way we do today. Besides, it's
  • Honda Gets Tough

      As a rule, certain car companies are known for specific models and typically excel at what they do within a specific type of vehicle. For example, Dodge is known for its trucks, Toyota for its sedans, Mazda for its sports cars and so fort
  • The Ultimate Altima

      It seems to be more often that auto manufacturers are taking their old models to the drawing board and transforming them into more modern and relevant vehicles that can compete in today's buyers' market. This idea of making old models new
  • Not Your Mom's Volvo

      I have vivid memories of my family's white Volvo station wagon from back in the '80s. We took some very long drives in that car. Then, later in my childhood, my father drove a navy blue Volvo sedan. These cars are now obsolete and my memo
  • New, New Mustang

      It may seem like Ford just released a new Mustang a few years ago, but that previous "New" Mustang doesn't come anywhere near the 2005 model the manufacturer rolled out recently. An impressively redesigned body style and more bells and wh
  • Drop Top Dreamer

      Summer is upon us, and there's nothing like riding in style in a convertible. Soaking up the rays on a warm summer day, feeling the wind whip through your hair, hugging the S-curves and driving off into the sunset -- it's a feeling that's
  • Not Your Mom's Volvo

      & & I have vivid memories of my family's white Volvo station wagon from back in the '80s. We took some very long drives in that car. Then, later in my childhood, my father drove a navy blue Volvo sedan. These cars are now obsolete and
  • One for the Ages

    Signs of the season: frigid snow and Dixieland jazz.
      There are a few noticeable signs of the seasons here in the Inland Northwest: the frigid temperatures in the winter and the Dixieland Jazz Festival early every summer. Each summer for the past 11 y
  • Ford Five Hundred

      Certain auto manufacturers exude a sense of presence and style. For the most part, it has been European vehicles that conjure images of comfort, engineering excellence and a bit of panache. U.S. companies, however, are now in the running
  • Ultimate Machine

      Europe has always symbolized a certain sense of fashion and style. In the auto industry, a few standout manufacturers have upheld a high standard of luxury and elegance that embodies European sensibilities. BMW is one of those compani
  • The Mini is Mighty

      I finally had the opportunity to fulfill one of my guilty pleasures, driving the Mini Cooper. Since there are no specific Mini dealerships in Eastern Washington that sell Mini Coopers, I solicited car lover Cory Kerr and his little piece
  • The Clock is Ticking

      Technology has changed our lives so thoroughly that now it has even put the bite on parking meters. All along the strip in front of River Park Square, curious little green machines have popped up and sent the parking meters of yesteryear
  • The Car Wash

      Spring is synonymous with so many things. Everything seems to start moving again, the grass starts to turn green, and everyone gets the cleaning bug. After a mild winter and a minimum of the annoying debris and buildup that accompanies th
  • All In Your Head

      In the world of hardcore music, it's easy to mistake bands that claim to be hardcore for bands that are best described as "heavy." The Oakland, Calif., foursome Machine Head makes no claim for their rigid a
  • Minivans Return

      The idea of a sport utility vehicle has convinced many vehicle buyers to go the route of a large, gas-consuming rig that may sometimes be too much vehicle for their basic needs. When you step back and take a look at what sport utility veh
  • Book Review

      Set in a time where the American Southwest was a ravenous, Godforsaken wasteland, The Diezmo (Houghton Mifflin) illuminates a timeless struggle between man and the forces that struggle tirelessly for the soul. This
  • A Great Saab Story

      There are plenty of sport utility vehicles on the road. Finding one to fit your budget as well as your fuel allowance can be challenging for mere mortals. As the boom of high gas prices and even bigger SUVs continues, automakers are downs
  • Flat Out Airless

      Rubber plays many roles in our daily routines and we don't put much thought into it. There isn't anything lavish or exciting about this simple compound -- rubber is what it is, with no frills or fanfare. The first rubber tires for motor ve
  • RV Help On the Go

      As the region basks in 70-degree weather, thoughts of summer cross the minds of road-trippers. The serious trip junkies are the dedicated souls who have gone their own way and put the cash up for an RV. While these houses on wheels are th
  • Keeping it Safe

      Drivers are continually spending more and more time in their cars. As the time spent behind the wheel increases, so does the probability of the vehicle becoming a mobile base station for business, recreation or sometimes both. This also i
  • What's the Fuss?

    The Killers keep pushing their days in the sun.
      There is no band more ready for the bright lights and big cities of rock 'n' roll than the Killers. This conglomerate of pop-savvy fashion boys has captivated the masses with a sound that infects
  • American Luxury

      Ever since cars were built, it has been the aim of designers to make them better. Often, this translated into their being more luxurious. Here we are in the 21st century, and not much has changed. Auto manufacturers have found new heights

      The Internet is a wondrous, seemingly infinite vortex of information. That being said, I recently used it to do something productive. I was able to make a detailed plan for a riveting trip to southwestern Utah. The technology I love so mu
  • Suzuki's Big Boost

      Over the past few months, you may have noticed some work going on at the Wendle Northtown location. The dealership has been renovating its Suzuki showroom to bring it up to speed with the new fast-track approach that Suzuki has developed

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