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Cara Gardner 

  • Pride or Prejudice?

      Jim West may have overcompensated for his closeted sexual identity by voting against gay rights legislation. But how are his fellow Republicans dealing with the news that the powerful conservative has admitted to sexual relationships with
  • Weapon of Mass Doubt

      Scott Ritter has been called "an honest man lost in Washington" by Forbes and "the most famous renegade Marine officer" by the New York Times. A former marine captain and the former chief weapons inspector for Unscom, the agency in charge
  • Plaintiffs Speak

      For many, the current hearings in the Washington Supreme Court regarding marriage equality are interesting side notes in the ongoing battle over the right of homosexuals to marry legally. But for Marge Ballack and Diane Lantz, two plaintif
  • Nightlife- Dance Clubs

      The Big Easy 919 W. Sprague * 244-3279 It's a weird phenomenon, the one R. Kelly describes when he sings, "I don't see nothin' wrong / With a little bump and grind." Bankers by day become "bumpers" by night; college students during the we
  • From the Pulpit

      Sunday sermons are possibly the best forum for people to receive powerful messages about their lives. So it's especially troubling to be told that many church leaders resist talking about one of the most troubling and prolific community is
  • DVD Review

      Remember those out-of-date educational films we all had to watch in junior high? The ones with perky, impractical people who tried to convey Reading Rainbow-style lessons using music that was a generation old? Well, either What the #$*! Do
  • Get Ready for YETI

      The educational system teaches kids to add and subtract, to compose essays and dissect frogs. K-12 curriculums do everything from teach students the significance of pi to the value of Shakespeare, and tests students rigorously on what they
  • The Weighting Game

      "We've been a spoiled country for a long time. You know what the number one health risk in America is? Obesity. Obesity. They say we're in the middle of an 'obesity epidemic.' An epidemic, like it's polio. Like we'll be telling our grandki
  • Call to Komari

      As a Spokane Valley firefighter and EMT, Darrin Coldiron saves lives for a living. Even so, he never could have imagined that he'd help save a village on the other side of the world. Yet when the tsunami struck South Asia on Dec. 26 -- ki
  • Take Two

      I wish Sandra Bullock had learned her lesson about Hollywood sequels after Speed 2. Instead, we find her (painfully) working for laughs during the uninspired sequel to Miss Congeniality, which, to be sure, wasn't good enough or big enough
  • At War With Wal-Mart

      It's an unusually warm day for March in the Inland Northwest, but that's not the reason for the crowds. People teem around me --mothers with strollers, teenage couples, elderly people carrying cloth shopping bags. I'm standing outside the s
  • Take Two

      How do you make another screen adaptation of a Jane Austen novel fresh and creative? Give it to director Gurinder Chadha (Bend It Like Beckham). Bride and Prejudice is a modern-day take on Austen's classic, Pride and Prejudice -- this time
  • DVD Review

      The first time I saw this movie, it was a on a bootleg DVD a friend brought back from Malaysia. Made from a camcorder that recorded the movie as it played in a theater, the quality was less than stellar. Scenes were cut off, the sound was
  • In Brief

      Soldiers' Security-- SPOKANE -- Usually soldiers protect civilians, but Spokane attorney Christine Weaver is one civilian who worked hard last year to protect a National Guardsman. Weaver was recently honored with the Award of Special Recog
  • Beyond Thinking Caps

      A few years ago, my sister and I were eating at the Elk in Browne's Addition. As usual, the noise level was high and we were deeply involved in our own banter, but I couldn't help overhearing a man at the table next to ours commenting on h
  • Abstaining from Facts

      Can an abortion lead to suicide? Does it put you at a greater risk for breast cancer? If you have sex when you're 14, are you more likely to develop cervical cancer than if you wait until you're older? Medical professionals may be astonish
  • Nightlife- Wine Bars

      The Wine Cellar 313 Sherman Ave., CdA * (208) 664-9463 The Wine Cellar is one of the region's most beloved wining and dining venues. For the past 12 and a half years, owner Jim Duncan has brought eager customers an expansive 250-item wine
  • Routes Still A-Changing

      The bus has been Spokane resident Maggie Dunne's sole source of transportation for more than 10 years. During that period, she's seen too many routes disappear. "For me, it was [a choice between] a car or a retirement fund. I parked my ca
  • The Big Ideas

    Thinking outside the box for the Spokane region.
      You might recall that back in the mid-1990s, talk of a merger was all the rage.
  • In Brief

      The family of Michael Kralicek, a Coeur d'Alene police officer who was shot during an arrest in Hayden on Dec. 28, would like to announce two upcoming benefit events.
  • TV or Not TV?

      After residents learned that Comcast, Spokane's only cable company, plans to pass a tax increase imposed by the city onto its own customers, some are saying it's time to call it quits with cable.
  • In Brief

      Spokane is licking its wounds after losing firefighters, police, city staffers and numerous community programs to its record $18 million budget shortfall, but citizens of the Lake City may be getting a brand-new library, additional police officers, firefighters and upgrades to fire stations.
  • DVD Review

      Napoleon Dynamite is a perfect example of why indie films scored big this year.
  • The Boise Mystique

      I've just spent three days and two nights in Boise trying to figure out why there's so much more buzz about Idaho's capital city than there is about Spokane. Boise has become a favorite hotspot for the California elite and retiree c
  • The Boise Mystique

      I've just spent three days and two nights in Boise trying to figure out why there's so much more buzz about Idaho's capital city than there is about Spokane. Boise has become a favorite hotspot for the California elite and retiree crowds,

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