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  • The Big Election

    Election Day news from around the nation
      Pundits, pollsters, wags and spin doctors have been screaming for weeks about the potential logistical nightmares surrounding this year's elections. Late-night political talk show hosts have boomed that elections all across the nation, held
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  • Shock to the System

      Washington state's voting system hasn't changed for 70 years, which may explain why voters are confused, frustrated -- even angry -- about the new primary ballot. Instead of simply checking the box next to any candidate, people must first ch
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  • Radioactivity on the Ballot

      The Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Eastern Washington is the most polluted site in the Western Hemisphere and the biggest environmental cleanup site in the United States. The federal Department of Energy (DOE) has been charged with the cle
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  • It's McMorris vs. Barbieri

      The TV's been humming with a flood of political ads for weeks now, but if you think that's been wild, well, it's just the beginning. With the Primary Election in the books, it's on to the Nov. 2 General Election - a
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  • Counting Conundrum

      It's almost become routine anymore; on Election Night, Washingtonians go to bed knowing that more votes are yet to be counted. In any close race, it'll be as least a few more days until a winner can be crowned. Why does it take so da
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  • A Race to Lead

      As the presidential campaign picked at scabs of the Vietnam War, our gubernatorial race reopened the wounds of the struggle for civil rights. Reliving of the 1960s began with a Seattle Times story on Monday, Aug. 23, about Attorney
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  • Knocking On Your Door

      You may think hugging babies and shaking hands is easy work in order to get elected, but follow a candidate like Larry Sheahan around for a while and you'll soon discover that running for Congress seems more like training for the Olympics.
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  • Fruits of Labor

      Despite pressing issues such as health care, jobs and the war in Iraq, Cathy McMorris doesn't seem to mind discussing more mundane topics -- like fruit. "Peach trees require more maintenance that apple trees," she explains. "You have to sq
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  • Cross Examination

      Shaun Cross has a hard time letting things go. When his wife of 28 years, Kathy, decided finally to pitch a pair of old shoes, Shaun brought them back into the house. His housekeeper of 17 years, Rae Holland, confirms that Cross "has been
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  • A Different Kind of CEO

      Back in 2003, when President Bush's poll numbers were high and the mission in Iraq was reportedly accomplished, the White House's plan was hatched. George Nethercutt would defeat Patty Murray and shift the balance of power in
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  • Democracy In Action

      No one knows who said it first, but variations of a single declaration were repeated throughout Saturday's Washington state Democratic caucuses in Spokane: "I'll vote for anyone -- I'd even take a chimp in a suit, for that matter -- if he'
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