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Re: “Really White House

To the clown who keeps using the old meme, ``Liberal Media'' do yourselves a favor and research the Conglomerations that own all the major media giants: they are all Conservative Rags. Fact free zone GOP is going to be a riot to watch as it buries itself in BS over the next 2 years and watches the Congress get split again and one term Humpty Dumpy fall off his grand feckless Wall.

Posted by Marc Jeffrey Driftmeyer on 12/09/2016 at 2:51 PM

Re: “Five Mile Secret

Absolutely my favorite place! What makes the place also ,is the employees,of course the quality of the food!

Posted by Jenn Beernink on 12/09/2016 at 2:06 PM

Re: “Stuckart WON'T be running for mayor — will be running for U.S. Representative

Presumably he'll run as a Democrat, which is the right party for a jackass.

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Posted by muddydog on 12/09/2016 at 12:08 PM

Re: “Skunked

The pious have cried and the county commissioners reacted with a knee jerk " throw the baby out with the bath water ".
When cannabis is flowering and brings a succulent order much like day lilies or roses....

This is just another case of " I hate the cannabis people" ...they smell....
" "I kind of decided it was something I wanted to go out of my office with," McLaughlin says.

She compares the odor affecting property owners in rural parts of the county to a neighbor McLaughlin once had who played music too loud. She adds that the smell of cannabis primarily impacts people who didn't want to legalize marijuana with statewide Initiative 502 in the first place."
Lets just grow up and use common sense and quit whining about your supposed loss of property value

Posted by Rick Rosio on 12/09/2016 at 4:43 AM

Re: “Some idiot took a Walmart truck on a high-speed chase and our local TV news knew how to handle it

Nice job, I enjoyed it. Wish it could have been the whole pursuit!

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Posted by Jubilee1959 on 12/08/2016 at 11:48 PM

Re: “Some idiot took a Walmart truck on a high-speed chase and our local TV news knew how to handle it

Is this today's cheap journalism? What's up with the language?

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Posted by Trece Loren-Turpin on 12/08/2016 at 10:49 PM
Posted by Ambermarie H. Roy on 12/08/2016 at 10:00 PM

Re: “Some idiot took a Walmart truck on a high-speed chase and our local TV news knew how to handle it

Just a bit over dramatic. Made me laugh.

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Posted by stuckherefornow on 12/08/2016 at 8:30 PM

Re: “Fake-News Nightmare

ITT: people sticking their heads in the sand pretending like sites full of fake headlines and stuffed full of ads and sometimes malware don't exist. That's also on top of the satirical websites people often fail to realize are satirical.

I assume it's because they're too busy forwarding chain emails.

Posted by Joshua Ohm on 12/08/2016 at 8:29 PM

Re: “Skunked

Just as an illustration. In a free society a 'county' does not get to dictate how people manage their private property just as in a society with a free press does not allow the government to dictate the content of newspapers. In a free society a squeaky wheel will go to a court and file a case for damages rather then complaining to their local politburo to inform on their neighbor regarding their private business and whether or not they are using 'their' property in accordance with what leviathan has demanded of them. Know that, like with Negan, everything is consumed by that great whale and so we are all of his domain; you are not free!

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Posted by Lysander_Spooner on 12/08/2016 at 4:59 PM

Re: “How local law enforcement plans to use that extra $300,000 to fight property crime

Why not mock this "story"? Why indeed!

I am going to mock this on multiple levels. First there is the fact that this strengthens the chains the masters have clasped over their slaves. Second, there is very little analysis that isn't woefully superficial including the conclusion that the Inlander played a role in this allocation of tax payer money; money that is taken by force from us for them (stolen). I would love to see a snowflake's take on that on that massive theft that isn't some categorical denial that it is theft because the government calls it another name.

We live within a system wherein the people that "enforce" the laws are particularly exempt from their application against themselves. Case in point is the slew of blue-murders where the commissioned cowards mow down civilians because they are "scared" and then are exonerated not by courts of law but by other extra-legal means that are designed so as to prevent them from being accountable for the snuffing out of a sacred life on the account of the fear that they might harmed. Until the police are subject to the law they will remain illegitimate agents of its enforcement.

Criminal statistics in this country are horrible. They lack structure and are not audited effectively, and, they are not collected with any consistency that would lend to the integrity of the dataset. Often they rely on pre-adjudication numbers; and in a country where those that are pre-adjudicated are supposed to be considered innocent; a principle lost on most of these chair moisteners. The fact is most cops are not that intellectual, and a perusal of a sample of police reports will lend credibility to that assessment. Too, a lot of crime is simply ignored or dismissed because these police officers are more apt to express their right to brutalize the people than they are to take the initiative to gather evidence in such a way that would support a guilty disposition in court. The US criminal system has high standards that these morons have to meet in order to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that an accused is guilty and often they fail. Often, too, they cannot be fired for their stupidity, or in the case of Creech's murderer, even killing a man in cold-blood, he got fired for driving his patrol car home without permission. Oh, the humanity! I am sure he got lateral-ed to another PD where he can kill another person with impunity. It is literally an epidemic.

Needless to say, the "police" are an institution that is and has failed. It is an institution that has been directly responsible for the deaths of many people subject to their force, and it has harbored murderers because they have badges and yet prosecuted others, like Gerlach, that did not. It has defied its label! Law is not their concern, hither it be applied them! No, the laws are for us!

The narrative I am trying to establish here is that there is no rule of law in Spokane County and it is the "law" enforcement that is the cause. Daniel would have us believe that it is a matter of resources rather than a mixture of ill-aptitude and depravity. It is not uncommon to see that the solution to a failure of government is to produce to that class a greater amount of flesh from the people to be placed in the trough of the 'servants' so that they can eat out the people's substance for their own benefit. Thomas Jefferson elevated a similar wrong against the once free people of North America when authoring the declaration of independence; and it is truly ironic that the leviathan that emerged from that era is now committing this wrong writ-large against the people she was constituted to protect against this evil. Whom can we declare independence from now? Whither is our liberty and yet whom can deliver it upon us if not this government? The only legislation that can be authored legitimately is that which emerges from the soul and its only regulation is to that of the individual themselves. More broadly, all power is illegitimate that does not respect this domain. At least, that is how I would constitute a free people.

And so I must egress from freedom to that drabness of a socialist police-state that demands my reflexive obedience and my property just for the privilege of existing within its jurisdiction. Hardly something that you could say constitutes a free society, which I hold to be a standard for the degree of moral legitimacy any leviathan can hold. But what toys will this failing class of servants get because of their failure (and apparently the Inlanders coverage of their failure)?

15k will get put right into the bank account of the dept; don't you feel safer already?

60k will go back to Spokane's corrupted and collusive media for an "information campaign" that is given no quantitative justification. And here I would just say that McGruff the crime dog did not prevent any crime. I see this as a partial payoff to Spokane's corrosive and collusive media organizations who will probably directly receive this money. Indeed, they better give good coverage or they may not receive much.....amiright Daniel? lol

90k will be given to a vendor that will provide overpriced equipment that is designed to collect data on the people en masse and without warrant or cause. Moreover, it appears as though the popos already have some of these toys and yet they still cannot resolve reported property crimes effectively. But another will help, correct? You have to spend that grant money on something....

135k, the largest portion of this money, will go directly to the cause of the problem. Ineffective and lazy public servants. In reading the paragraphs subsequent to this subheading I can see clearly what the author has designed for the hapless readers to conclude. We are to conclude that this will be used for taskforces, that taskforces have been used in the past, and that those taskforces lead to quantifiable results that reduced property crime.

People, being individual, clearly have the choice to believe whatever they want but I would be weary of any intellect that is persuaded with that analysis. Obergruppenfhrer Knezovich language is very interesting. This is where my statement on the lack of integrity of criminal statistics comes into play, and this is a normative association for police to makes themselves look like they are holding back the flood-gates of evil.

Daniel didn't quote Knezovich but uses the loose language of "says"; Knezovich 'says' that one of these cute little taskforces 'combated'--see the floodgates here?--burglary. And what were the consequences from the intrepid warriors combating the forces of evil? It lead to 228 "charges". However, the charging is only the first step in a criminal proceeding. Anyone can be charges and, nominally, in the US you are supposed to be innocent until you have been convicted, which means that the "charging" metric will be the least conservative assessment of the impact of the 'combat' from this intrepid taskforce from 2012 and that those people 'charged' we are to consider them innocent. He has given a dataset of nominally innocent people. Classy! Imagine if a grocery store made an accounting of its inventory by counting not whether the customer bought a product, but instead managed their inventory based on whether the customer has placed an item in their cart. From an analytic perspective this assessment, it seems to me, is flawed in very much the same manner.

Keeping the aforementioned in mind, I think it is pertinent to assess the differing priorities and how funding is allocated at the grocery store as compared to the troops quartered among us. There is a reason that the grocery store manages its inventory effectively, they need it to be accurate. Obergruppenfhrer Knezovich, on the other hand, does not bolster his balance sheet by being effective and efficient but rather by the act of obfuscation in furtherance of fear. And so it goes that we get an assessment of effectiveness based on the statistic that is likely to be the highest. Further down in the legal process, like pleading or being convicted, is a better metric but it will be lower. Further, if the charges are compared to the convictions and pleas you can also get a picture of his departments effectiveness in the investigation and pursuing of criminal acts. But wait, there is still an incongruity in this tale. He elevate "charges" when it seems that burglars put away would be more relevant. So why the discrepancy? Well, Daniel is not that great at analysis could be part of the problem, but also the fact that 228 charges could be amongst a pool of only half a dozen people. That incongruity, I think, lends credence to the idea that there is some obfuscation going on here. I only wish that there was some group of people that could examine the public record and do an investigation so as to find out the truth. Unfortunately, the people that have put themselves in that position do not seem capable of that sort of analysis. Oh well, it is fun to mock nonetheless.

Even despite all my prior griping there is still more to this propaganda. If the police are so good at reducing crime in this fashion, if it truly is effective, than why is it not better applied? If it truly reduces crime to have these taskforces why are they not permanent? Instead of at the whimsy of grant solicitations and poorly written Inlander features? I think that if the reduction in crime was as simple as giving a taskforce of chair moisteners a couple hundred grand than it would be easy to use the taskforce to reduce crime and then re-allocate resources because of that reduction into other taskforces that will then reduce crime. In doing so, given the claptrap association Obergruppenfhrer Knezovich and his stenographer have offered, the money saved by reducing crime could be used to make these taskforces permanent and then Spokane would be the first city in the US to eliminate crime and Obergruppenfhrer Knezovich could use his taskforce model to spread peace and order throughout the land. That is, if you believe the association that you are being given here. The association is wrong, the analysis is wrong and all this money will be used for in the end, is to further tighten the shackles that weigh our society down in every aspect. You are not free!

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Posted by Lysander_Spooner on 12/08/2016 at 3:03 PM

Re: “A Win for Everyone

Only a delay till Obama's Bureaucrat is replaced in two months.

Saying the protesters were peaceful is a Lie, attacking workers and police, destruction of private property trashing the land .

In the end the Violent protests will do nothing, Activists will go home and the Sioux will lament the loss of the money they were trying to extort from the pipeline Co after all they were willing to let the pipeline go through the res for a mere 20 Million in pay offs....

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Posted by Tangeant on 12/08/2016 at 12:47 PM

Re: “I Saw You

You wrote I really wish I didn't love you?? Wrong person.

Posted by Not You on 12/08/2016 at 12:08 PM

Re: “Fake-News Nightmare

DDC, I was wondering if that was you. I gotta make the bastards pay somehow ;)

Hope you're doing well. I so miss the Spokesman's dialog.

I had some real zingers leading up to the election on here but they got taken down because the cursing was melting the snowflakes. Whatever the case, the election was VERY entertaining and, because of the winner, it is yet to entertain

Take care.....

Posted by Lysander_Spooner on 12/08/2016 at 9:01 AM

Re: “My Dinner with Fidel

What is wrong with America? This!

"Though I imagined that Castro understood English, he spoke only through a female interpreter who appeared to translate his comments the way he wanted them understood, not the way he stated them in Spanish. "

I am just amazed that someone more apt to negotiate with a Spanish speaking leader was not chosen over George. He may say he was there for the pea farmers but Havana has some nice beaches and world-class prostitutes; that amalgamation makes me wonder if he was not just a tourist on a government subsidized vacation. A vacation that the rest of us peons are forbidden from endeavoring to encounter because of pols like ol' Georgey-boy here. And so he was at a dinner with a national leader and the leader is able to speak freely and duplicitously in front of George because he does not even know the language, though he can tell that Castro is not being translated accurately. And so I wonder, why was George there? If America has vast resources, could not those resources be used to send more fitting individuals to deliberate on Her behalf? Surely, only a select few ought to have been considered since travelling to Cuba is dictated by our overlords in DC to be haram, and therefore forbidden?

Nope, America is perfectly suited to send on Her behalf a bumpkin of limited wit that doesn't speak the language. I think it is little tales like this that show Washington for what it is, a bunch of egoists that make things up as they go along and then pretend that isn't the case. It is why Trumps "bad deals" is such a harbinger of truth to so many. George should just shutup about Castro and Cuba. He had his chance to make a difference and instead he glommed to the cancer of consensus. Now, after he has left power, he has courage to say that American's ought to be free to travel to Cuba, where he has already been on a government paid vacation to a place that the government forbids people from going. What a perfect emblem for his and the government's ineptitude. He was "our" representative and his concern was not "our" right to freely travel but that pea farmers could not sell to Cuba as their Canadian counterparts could. Like most pols, this one's principles are a wind vein.

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Posted by Lysander_Spooner on 12/08/2016 at 8:42 AM

Re: “I Saw You

For someone who thinks there were worth honesty and transparency you sure havent been honest with me. Have you? I still dont know why you arent around. Im wondering exactly how do you still love someone whom you want nothing to do with? How can you miss them if you are the one who left? You say youre being honest but the truth is youre not. You havent been honest with me or yourself in a long time. If youre feeling bad about things its because you refuse to take any personal responsibility for your feelings, your actions and your lack of action.

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Posted by What The on 12/08/2016 at 7:32 AM

Re: “I Saw You

I am happy, pretty damn happy in general TBH- I feel more myself everyday. I miss you because you were my best friend, I have never been closer to anyone before. you have such a clean and pure mind, you're incredibly intelligent, kind, soft spoken, you don't like to hurt people. I miss our home, decorating it for the holidays, our kitties. I messed everything up, and I'm so sorry, but i cant take the past back, only learn from my horrible mistakes. I don't expect you to come back, but wish you would. To try again. Take what we've learned from our blessings and hurt to bring something greater than what we had before. I see what and where we could go. I miss u LA baby -- I'll always love you for what we had, where we went, the places we saw. your loyalty. With you out of the picture, all I focus on is work, which is fine, it will take me places, but the reward will never be as great as it would be with the one you love, and I don't feel love for other people like I feel for you-

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Posted by bb on 12/07/2016 at 11:57 AM

Re: “Helping Kids Feel Secure

Outstanding. Thank you, Matt.

Posted by Anne Walter on 12/07/2016 at 10:18 AM

Re: “This Isn't Normal

I cannot even read through one of these entirely without repelling in disgust. Paul, you are disgusting! You believe lies!

And so it goes that we must visit the tale of FDR's concentration camps. Paul would have us believe that FDR "ordered" his persona non-grata to "register" for these fun little camps. FDR was one of our 'greatest' presidents I am told and so we must admit that Trump will be able to make America "great" again within the confines of that jingoism. All should know that FDR did not order these poor souls to register but, rather, he just went down to the census office and collected those that had pre-registered for FDRs concentration camp by noting their Asian heritage on the census. You know, that thing that is taken every 10 years so that America can keep being a bad-ass democracy with equal representation. Yeah, so the next time you fill out a census think, boy I hope I get to make America great--like FDR--and catalog my race so that, when the time comes--for national security of course--, you can be culled by leviathan efficiently and because of your social identity rather than your individual liberty.

I don't understand what you guys think you accomplish of your prestige to apologize for your failure in such self-serving ways. Like the poor student that is unwilling to study and then bemoans their ignorance. I have read little of the apologetics of lying media scum in regards to their corrupted opinions in this election cycle. However, there is Conrad Black's piece from Nov 11th in the NY Sun. He did not apologize for the failure but rather made mention of this utterly indisputable fact: "The publics loathing and distrust of the press is richly deserved and indicative of one of Western societys greatest failings: the free press has failed."

And so Paul. No one disagrees that the free press is not important. It is just that, in your hands, and that of your colleagues you have failed and continue to fail. Your mission is venerable, your actions have potential for great value and you are entirely capable of providing a public service as you seem to conceive that you are already--you aren't btw. But first, you must look in a mirror and accept that your role was not a good one, your sentiments were unfounded, your hostility to Trump and certainty of his failure is where you went wrong. If you can't hate Trump and cover him then maybe you should be a technical writer? If you cannot admit to this? You will not change. If you cannot own your role and accept the harm you have caused, you will continue to look stupid to the majority of people minus an insular group of back slapping colleagues and powerful people that need your myopia to operate.

Here is some reading for you:

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Posted by Lysander_Spooner on 12/07/2016 at 10:05 AM

Re: “In Defense of Refugees

Another classic obfuscation. If immigrants did not receive welfare I doubt they would be that controversial. Indeed, if they did not receive welfare, a great many wouldn't even have an incentive to come. The plight of the main character in this story is entirely sympathetic, but the author does not visit upon the issue entirely, but only in regards to the sentiments of snowflakes. He seems to be intent on misunderstanding the objections to the immigration-complex in this wretch of a country. He seems to think that there is a class of evil-bigot out there that hates these people for who they are and where they came from; which is probably why he dwells on the vain and boring sentiments rather than to perform analysis. After all, it was not long ago that this poor snowflake was smugly declaring that there is such a thing as an "undocumented citizen" which is sort of like saying "talented journalist" in this day and age. It is an allocation to a class that does not exist.

I do not doubt these people are scared. Having welfare usurped can always be alarming, but to that plight, I am not sympathetic at all. Further, if these poor and hapless immigrants are being preached to by these snowflakes it is entirely possible that their fears are unfounded like much of the sentiments of a tepid snowflake. Just like the Khan scam this summer, there is a complex of welfare that surrounds immigrants. And not only do the immigrants receive the bounty, but also depraved do-gooders, of which the "gold star" Khan was one.

Frankly, I quit reading this boring piece once I got to the third sub-heading. I was curious, what sort of defense this would be; I was also curious at how the offense would be conceptualized. In both cases I am loath to admit that this sort of "journalism" is really part of the problem. It does a bad job defending immigrants. Moreover, it does an even worse job stating/understanding the offense. Words that come to mind to describe this sort of intellectual affair is 'sophistry' or even 'demagoguery' and all wound up with dis-eloquent platitudes.

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Posted by Lysander_Spooner on 12/07/2016 at 9:27 AM

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