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Re: “The Hateful Eight

Another Tarantino comedy... cursing, killing, beautiful cinematography, crispy dialog and fun to watch acting by all.

Posted by Jake on 02/01/2016 at 8:14 PM

Re: “Kingsman: The Secret Service

Raunchy, vulgar, full of swearing and lots of horrible violence blowing peoples heads off. Even a scene suggesting and leading up to anal intercourse. And it would not be complete without a wife beater scene or two.

No not see this movie if you are a family that cares about morals and ethics.

Disgusting waste of money and time.

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Posted by nuzphtg on 02/14/2015 at 10:24 PM

Re: “So Here We Are

Columns like this prove the wisdom of Pete Townsend: "I hope I die before I get old."

Posted by muddydog on 01/19/2017 at 10:15 PM

Re: “Get Big Money Out

Want to get money out of politics? Reduce the size and scope of government. No reason to buy the government or politicians if the government is limited. Better for the country, too.

Posted by muddydog on 01/19/2017 at 10:11 PM

Re: “So Here We Are

"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."

So true.

Right, Mr. Herold?

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Posted by DDC on 01/19/2017 at 6:41 PM

Re: “Get Big Money Out

Won't get past Citizens United and SCOTUS...but keep trying.

BTW it was Hillary that spent the big money....$1.3 Billion.....and lost.

Trump won on a fraction of that.

So much for the "money equals political power" argument......much like the "money equals education" argument.

Old models, the world is

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Posted by DDC on 01/19/2017 at 6:36 PM

Re: “Spokane Police release the name of officer involved in fatal shooting

If this guy that "flashed" a knife to this officer was more than an arms length away from the scaredy cops this is a clear case of murder. Now we will get to see the extra-legal institutions that protect the security caste of our society in full display. Enjoy the spectacle! KGB agents never got charged with murder either, which makes us over here in the land of the free at least on parity with the freedom of the victims of state violence within the USSR.

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Posted by Lysander_Spooner on 01/19/2017 at 5:08 PM

Re: “Trading Places

The solar industry could hardly be said to exist within the limited context of trade with China. There was serious malinvestment in the industry in the early Obama years and there are 2 GIANT bankruptcies that I can recall that were linked to that bubble, which goes unmentioned here and was of that era of 2011-2014. Knowing that makes me doubt the very vague thesis of this article....

Well, that and the fact that the Inlander is again consulting another of democratic apparatchik Inslee's tax-paid "experts" to paint dire picture about the growing "fake" narrative of Trumps recklessness. He is no more reckless nor self-absorbed then Obama.

The great economist Frederic Bastiat once said that "where goods cannot cross borders, armies will." A free market unhindered by government eggheads is the only path towards a just and equitable world where law rules above that of force.

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Posted by Lysander_Spooner on 01/19/2017 at 5:02 PM

Re: “Avoid Our Mistakes

"Avoid our mistake" is such a perplexing heading. It raises the question of whom! Whom is it that is encompassing "our" mistake. I was excited to think that this may be the Inlander owning up to the collective madness it participated in and willfully propagated like all media institutions and their stenographers. Could this be? Was it an apology for their failure? Was it an articulation of the rightful shame every staff member of every one of these POS rags printed on dead wood?

Well, my cynicism was not misplaced. They didn't mean "our" in the grammatical sense but "our" in the culturally marxist sense. They took my voice, all of our voices, and slandered it with the presumption of their awful opinions. That a public school teacher, one of the least intellectually driven professions of our society, is fit to stand in front of a room full of kids and pontificate as if they themselves are aware of what is and isn't fake news; I cannot help but wonder if this is part of the problem. I tell my kids, all kids, that they should first doubt ANYTHING that a public school teacher tells them. Not that I am a fan of praising Reagan--not that this is even praise--but I have always liked his refrain "trust but verify." Each person deserves the dignity of trust, though, this does not mean that you should trust that which you cannot verify. Which is to say that knowing the truth has an element of faith. I wonder, do the teachers propped in front of the kids illustrate this notion? Do they teach kids to be skeptics? Sadly, I suspect that what they are teaching children are algorithms of a sort that will allow them to go to the NYT and click on the articles and not be fooled by the "sponsored content" click-bait that almost every single newspaper website in America has littered all over their pages. Which is to say they will learn to identify the advertisements in a newspaper. But what will it facilitate in these young scholars understanding of considering the truth of something on their own behalf?

The assumption is that if you can parse the news website and if you can discern the sponsored content from the actual content then you are going to not fall for fake news. This sort of logical paradigm says nothing of telling whether the NYT article that you have carefully picked out from the sponsored content is entirely full of bullshit. Like when they said that Iraq had WMDs. Or, when they said that the US doesn't torture. Or when they said that Iran is 6 months from a N. bomb every year for the last 3 decades. I hate to rain on the parade of our heroic journalists and government paid teachers but knowing which source to trust is not teaching children anything more than how to come to a politically correct opinion that you have been trained to compile then to believe as if the Truth itself. But you don't get to be true just because of where you come from. You have to reason with truth. You have to say it and support it in order for it to be believed. I go to the NYT, the SPokesman, the Inlander merely to see what fools continue to believe.

Yes, the problem isn't that I cannot tell the advertisements from the articles on a newspaper's website but rather that people are prone--taught even--to believe from the source rather than using their own bullshit detector. And the cherry on top is that Wilson himself--the author of this poorly written assessment--is a purveyor of fake news. Case and point is an article he wrote in September about how the idea that Trump has supporters was hurting the feelings of snowflake immigrants at the WSU. Wilson called these people "undocumented citizens" which is an outright neologism that fits nicely with his worldview but is not appropriate in a forum that has as its chief intent to inform people. They even mention in this article about how students tend to be biased in what they decide to consider fake.

The effort to combat fake news is better founded within a good education instead of in the context of "identifying" fake news. If it is fake, it ought to be self-evident to the educated mind. And there were eras when you could say that American students had the virtue of a critical mind. However, it seems like times have changed and now instead of building up educated individuals who will not bow to a weak analysis are we are instead teaching students how to "identify" fake news by any means other than reason. Reason is the only true way to establish what is true and what isn't; and, the truth is often left to the soul's discretion. Plato's desire may have been for there to be a world of the forms where truth is an objective, discernible and universal thing but the Platonic world of the forms hasn't been a standard epistemology for hundreds of years. Whether something is True or not isn't a matter of identifying and categorizing a thing into its proper form but rather it is the act of synthesizing knowledge and analyzing with reason. One could hope that "AP" classes would be more challenging. Frankly, I think AP classes are a waste of time, and in thinking that I didn't take them and still I got into the only University that I applied to and the only one I wanted to go to. Which begs the question, what purpose are these classes? It certainly does well to elevate the ego of the hapless students that are dabbling in their first taste of elitism but, like most of the self-gratifying fluff I was told in my public school, much of it turned out to be just lies and I would add the need for AP classes to be one of these lies. AP classes are pretty much superfluous and, from reading this article, it seems like they aren't even that intellectually challenging, which is funny.

Moreover, this act of seeking out the "fake" news is in part an apology Clinton's failure. It is most certainly not the reason for her failure but it is an apology that has emerged from the ongoing narrative that Clinton was harmed not by her character and reputation but by foreign meddling in the election. And the meddling was simply that the truth of her duplicity was revealed in a glorious display of leaks that shower her and her team to be made of the worst of what everyone had expected of them. I give thanks to that unexisting god in the sky that we are not going to have to survive 4 years of pretty much exactly what all these idiots think we will be getting with Trump. I hope Trump burns DC to the ground. Figuratively of course, or at least in a way that no one gets hurt. I say that because hurting people is wrong and, as it turns out, the most pinnacle of my objections to the central government in that swamp is under that banner. I don't want people to be hurt! So in summary, I guess what I am saying is that AP classes of this nature are "fake" school. Ha!

Posted by Lysander_Spooner on 01/19/2017 at 4:05 PM

Re: “Rich Man, Poor Men

It is difficult to read the thoughts of an individual that lives in a dream world, but does not realize it. I am trying to help here by imploring you witless writers to understand that your rhetorical devices and lies/'facts' that you elevate in your petty and vulgar narratives are exactly why your power and prestige wanes.

Verily, this inane and mundane act of informing has to be symptomatic of our failed educational system which reaches such lofty heights of ignorance and hubris as this only through well-trained self righteousness. Schools teach their victims--at a great cost to the victim too--that "spreading awareness" is a virtue. Which is essentially like saying that if you egoistically pontificate what you learn in school at your family's dinner table you are doing something positive. It seems the aim is never articulation in order to create dialog but rather to exclaim knowledge professed to them so that they may propagate the narcissism of the academy into the world. A modern journalist, like a precocious child acting on impulse, slanders our minds with their witless incantations, from what I can tell, they are not capable of understanding the hate people hold for them. Indeed, they seem unaware of the existence of the disdain they have among us. And, like the esteemed dan waters, they will emit a bountiful emblem of their conceit such as this screed that allows for their "truths" to have an audience, however meager, so as to justify the consensus they hold. The consensus, they will exclaim, is true! And they will bask in that truth seemingly incapable of smelling their own bullshit. Which is hilarious! Trump's campaign understood this and yet, even after clutching defeat from the jaws of victory, journalists and their regal embodiment in the person--the horrible person--of HRC still do not understand. However, their confusion is entertaining. The weekly emitting here of those confused souls is both entertaining as a pitiful spectacle but it is also entertaining to mock. Which is where I generally expel by grief...through mockery. Sort of like the aphorism "if you don't laugh you will cry." Well, I prefer to laugh.

Lessons for the Trump era are first, never consider a journalist to have principle unless they can illustrate it as such. Like Glen Greenwald, he is a truthful and honorable man. He will not be fooled by lies because of how they make him feel. He can properly hate Trump for who he is and not because of all the sentimental shit that these losers tend to elevate. Just recently Trump ditched the whitehouse press pool. Good! The whitehouse press pool is corrupt to the core and full of vain gatekeeping fools. Their jobs were made easy by past presidential norms, they grew wealthy dealing in their access which would be opposed to other subtle nuances of their profession like that of seeking out the truth; truth, it is easily illustrated, wasn't as important as getting an invitation to a private party at the whitehouse with its resident god-man. The slovenity of the press pool disqualifies its mission and when Trump renders it useless I will cheer not because of the "attack on free speech" as it will be framed but as the usurpation of the mechanism that allows the political class to shape narratives and their lap-dogs whom carry that water.

Nonetheless, here I can get down to specific critiques of this poorly written commentary. I found a few nuggets of poor thinking that I want to mock. First on the list would be Mr Waters breathless dictum that Trump articulated the corruption of our political institutions and the fools that operate within them. Mr Waters exclaims "somehow it worked". Somehow indeed, from my interpretation this "somehow" is but the admittal that he thinks the Earth has been taken off its axis, that somehow this guy got elected. "Somehow" it happened, and he cannot fathom why. Which just goes to illustrate the poor writing and lack of creativity that constitutes the meager faculties that are at work within the bowels of the Inlanders resident intelligentsia. Oddly enough, it seems that none of the writers in the Inlander even hail from the Northwest but are McGregor's concubines from our nations best (but still bad) journalism schools. I always find the patriotism that the Inlander has for the Inland Northwest to be somewhat of a sophism as it seems to have little interest in folk that are of Spokane but only outsiders brought in to make Spokane "better" by its estimate. Of course, I can see no betterment and only self-aggrandizement and elitism.

There is also an unhealthy infatuation with Trump's wealth here. I have heard several snowflakes refer to Trump as the Richest president ever. Despite that his finances are obfuscated and he has not released tax returns, he couldn't possibly have matched the wealth of America's first president under the present constitution. Washington was a very wealthy man with vast land holdings and estates. He even mobilized an Army larger than the one that won the revolutionary war to put down an uprising in W Penn. over civil disobedience on his fancy new liquor tax. At the time that Washington committed this selfish treachery he was one of the largest spirit producers in the entire f-ing country. Trump? His spray-tanned hair piece is only good for real estate development, branding and toursim, which are big business in Banana Republics but not really in an industrialized nation with one of the largest GDPs in the world. Not that Trump isn't rich, he just isn't that rich. Not nearly as rich as Darth Soros who was a Hillary supporter. And even as rich as Trump is, he isn't part of the cadre of rich-aholes that meet at Davos every year. As far as I know he hasn't ever been to the elitist ahole "Cremation of Care" creepfest in Bohemian Grove every year. The Clintons are practically family to these people--who hold far more wealth than Trump and his hotels--and yet Mr Waters is attempting to mourn the fact that the wealthy elite are going to be raping this country for the next 4 years because of Trump's election when it was going to happen no matter who was elected.

Naivety is a hallmark of the modern snowflake and I think this sentimental screed is evidence of that fact. The rich were in a better place when Hillary was going to be their mouthpiece. The rich were in a better place to fleece the taxpayers of this country if Hillary was president. The Clintons had been in "public service" since the 80s and yet they are millionaires, how does that happen? The answer is clearly corruption and the selling of access. Did Trump get a million dollar birthday gift from a monarch in the middle east? Clinton did. Has Trump used his political office to funnel money into his foundation? Well, Clinton did; and for years! Every fear that this snowflake has of Trump would be of equal weight if Clinton--a rich millionaire corrupto--was also in office and yet this snowflake supported her. In the interest of that dichotomy I can only surmise that either these things do not matter to this snowflake and therefore they are the worst kind of liar; or, this snowflake does not see the similarities in the manifestations of their political sentiments and fears therefore making unreasoned statements that buttress their wicked partisanship over that of the freedom of our countrymen; we all ought to aspire towards the freedom that our governments are, allegedly, instituted in order to protect.

Naivety is the hallmark of the modern snowflake. Sorry to repeat myself but it is an ongoing problem in this screed. Mr Waters, it appears, wants to connect Trump with the GOP and so he goes and talks to a local GOP leader. Except, that he does not mention that the Spokane GOP establishment largely hated Trump. Their own federal representative, McMorris, tepidly acknowledged that he was even running and refused to say whether she supported him or not until he was elected, which is no surprise, McMorris is a wind vein and has no principle; much like her colleagues in those marble halls in Washington DC. There was nearly a rebellion in the state RNC nomination for the cretin Ted Cruz over Trump and, hilariously, our neighbor to the East had a senator who supported Trump, than denounced him, than supported him. Mr Crap-o, it seems, was reading the wailing of the local media and made the mistake of believing it, an act that evinces for me the desire to mock all politicians and journalists for their idiocy.

Indeed, and the idiocy is perfuse within this screed. Like I said, naivety is the Hallmark of the modern Snowflake. And so it goes that we enter into the vast field of tax-funded government propaganda with the "special assistant" whatevers like this Crittenden fellow. First, it doesn't surprise me that Inslee has special assistance. Like someone with downs-syndrome, someone of his intellectual stock would need lots of assistance and so it goes that we are given this source for our unfolding snowflake drama. Crittenden, who is paid to lobby on behalf of Inslee for occasions just as this where a journalist need not perform research but just ring up the government paid "expert" to inform him of the way s*** is. Crittenden, verily, informs our resident Snowflake that there are 80,000 people that got coverage in McMorris's district. The 80,000 number is a fact without context and it is clear that the snowflake and his government expert expect us, you and I, to think of this 80k as a group of sick people that were blessed by Obamacare with coverage and when it is gone, they will be left out in the cold. But those 80k on Obamacare could be because of a large range of reasons. One thing that Obamacare "helped" people with was the voiding of their catastrophic coverage. The thinking was that those people needed "better" coverage and so the choice they made was voided and a better and more expensive one was offered whether they liked it or not. Another hapless recipient of Obama's love was the young. It used to be that you could get by in your youth with a catastrophic policy or none at all but Obama made a corrupt deal with the insurance company to mandate that they get this or that or they will make them pay a fine. I wish a pol would write a law for my business that mandated its patronage. Of course that sort of corruption, in democratic circles, that is re-framed as a "service." And Obamacare is 'serving' people all over the place, you know, for their own good. Ironic for the party of "pro-choice" to be anti-choice. Political realities are often ironic and this 80k number is no exception because its offering from a government propagandist to the willing stenographer is given in vague context and purposefully so. I would say that it would be a feat to get 80k formerly uninsured and desitute individuals access to affordable healthcare. Indeed, but that isn't how this 80k number is made. It is made in part by the actually-in-need whom are pitiable but also made up of those that had coverage they were happy with until it was outlawed or the young whom need to get this pointless insurance in order to keep from paying a tax penalty which GWB appointed chief justice laughingly attributed as a tax and therefore legal. Hopefully he is impeached as he deserves. So I would say that it is telling that this 80k number is offered by its lonesome and without context because it is a lie of omission. The juicy question is whether or not this Waters character is actually aware he is a tool or not. My guess is the latter.

Sigh, naivety is the hallmark of the modern snowflake. In an act of public relations for the government mr Waters seems to have performed a classic obfuscation technique of putting two things near to each other for an implied association without articulating the association. Generally, editors are employed by media institutions in order to correct this emblem of poor thinking and writing but I would imagine that the editor shares the intellectual aptitude and the bias of this snowflake and is therefore less likely to correct the intellectual error. In the paragraph following the mention of this vague 80k number we are told about the protections for those with pre-existing conditions, though we are not given any context for how many of that 80k were in that group. It seems we are to only infer that it was all of them? The employment of an editor that is critical of writing style and content would be very beneficial to the inlander in situations like this in my opinion. It would prevent them from emitting vague propaganda, that is, if their intent was to NOT do this, of which I am skeptical of their attempting to avoid that malfeasance.

Did anyone else think it was interesting that this sentence was all by its lonesome? "Crittenden worries that could all be lost." What? What is encompassed within this "all"? For me, such a statement usually follows mention that Bangor, WA has the largest concentration of nuclear weapons on Earth or that there could be an active nuclear war between India and Pakistan. To think that because one of Obama's signature failures will not live-on beyond his administration is not "all" being lost; it is just something important to a particular portion of the partisans in the United States where "all" will be lost. But consider why it is being lost! It is being lost for its failures, for its unpopularity, for its false promises, for its ineptness. The people, they want this to change, even Hillary said that it didn't work. And far be it for me to point out that the dems got trounced in this election. Prior to that fateful day there was much ballyhoo of the coming slaughter of the republicans. The optics on that movement were unmistakable and it even scared Mr Crap-o into denouncing the man that would become president and even shared his party. Speaking to the local GOP party members about Trump as if their opinions are of one mind is a YUUGE and foolish mistake. A mistake that is made in this very article. Once Trump is president tomorrow I imagine there will be an interesting political re-alignment in this country. Re-alignments happen all the time. The GOP ended slavery and the dems were the party of white-racist for decades and yet this is not how they currently align.

Beware of faction! That is what Washington said in his farewell to this nation. Washington's farewell was probably the only thing he ever wrote/spoke that is worth reading and in it he warned the pols he addressed to 'beware of the seeds of faction,' which is just another way of saying beware of partisans because their loyalty is not to the country as a rightful patriot but instead to the interests of their fellow partisans if not to themselves. How could an empire of liberty succeed if not for virtuous men? And what virtue can be had in aligning with a faction rather than with their heart and to their interests in propagating freedom to themselves and that of their posterity through a government instituted by the people to ensure their and their childrens' rightful destiny as free-men. An allegiance to a faction, I think Washington would agree, negates the allegiance to country and therefore to liberty and freedom. Faction would tear this country apart, and it did! It had New England demanding secession in the war of 1812 (a partisan war that destroyed the federalist party) and again in the 1850s with the struggle of tariffs and slavery and imperial conquest of mexico's northern half.

In this article we can also see the well established media institution of the echo chamber. No voice was offered in order to dissent from the pre-conceived notions that this article is window dressing for. Mr Waters frames the problem as a rich ahole running roughshod over the poor Hillary because he is rich and an ahole. We are to suppose that this rich ahole, because of his richness, won the election. The narrative is that this guy with a golden spoon up his a** got elected by useful idiots that do not share his interests. As opposed to poor Hillary who deserved this so and was yet prevented from fulfilling that destiny. The whole establishment and their stenographers seem to still be in shock over this surprise, I savor their shock because it shows the depths of their ignorance and hubris. And so it goes, that as an emblem of their ignorance we, the readers of this rag, are offered unto us this screed which has done a superb job--as chicken little would too attest--to representing the sky is falling. Of course, nothing that would display this fact is offered but only innuendo and poorly amalgamated propaganda from losers that make their livings suckling from the teets of productive people so that they can enact their good will--with other peoples money. And it is my opinion that it is money that is stolen as the act of taxing seems to me to demand of my actions the same as a robber: hand over the money or be ruined. And so these snowflakes have the money from this depraved act of theft by leviathan and we are supposed to lament their goodness? We are suppose to believe their protests that the loot they account for will be smaller and therefore the vulnerable will be hurt? Ha, I suppose no one vulnerable is ever made to pay their "fair share" at the barrel of a gun. Which isn't true. Is this screed a joke? I doubt it. It is probably drafted with complete sincerity however bereft of skill or principle or analysis it may have been. The fact is that it not only proffers lies and innuendo--from my perspective--but it lacks journalistic integrity. For instance, no voice was offered in dissent of the singular position theorized throughout the screed. Having read the writings of this author for a period of time I think it is fair to say that this is not a lapse in ethics but deliberate and/or systematic ignorance of ethics of his profession. I know this was in the opinion section--the most corrupt section in deadwood--but it seems that there ought to be ethical concerns regardless. Drafting a screed and only contacting folks that would offer nice flowery quotes in support of his already held beliefs is a terrible habit and a dis-service to the community!

1 like, 2 dislikes
Posted by Lysander_Spooner on 01/19/2017 at 2:51 PM

Re: “Trading Places

The Progressives war on Coal and Oil has already cost Washington State thousands of Jobs and lost Tax revenue.

2 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by CommonSense on 01/19/2017 at 6:11 AM

Re: “La Resistance

Progressive Fascism is a very ugly thing.

1 like, 3 dislikes
Posted by CommonSense on 01/19/2017 at 6:07 AM

Re: “Rich Man, Poor Men

Obama was rich and became even wealthier as President and is going to retire to a Glorious multi-million Dollar estate in Hawaii and do the occasional 6 digit speaking engagements.

So how did the poor do under a rich Obama ??? They got poorer along with everyone else.

5 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by CommonSense on 01/19/2017 at 6:03 AM

Re: “Patients and Prisoners

Its a great place to stick people if they see an officer involved death of a fifteen year old Ryan Holy, as they attempted to say Joseph Bodman never struck him for a year and a half. Its a terrifying place when your not crazy like Im not, as there is so very sick and dangerous people there. I know I was there, and thank God everyday they had a phycologist Dr. Brooks England Phd. who actually did her job. Once a label has been stuck on your screwed.

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by Tim Viall on 01/18/2017 at 9:18 PM

Re: “So Here We Are

Robert, anyone is better than a POTUS who failed on the economy, foreign policy, healthcare, and race relations.

Obama was a divisive, radical ideologue, a stunningly incompetent man, and finished his failed presidency by pardoning traitors, terrorists, and career criminals.

Thank God for Trump.

3 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Smarg on 01/18/2017 at 7:03 PM

Re: “The Watch List

62M+ of us will just be glad that the stunningly incompetent Obama and his sycophantic media followers will be gone from the White House.

3 likes, 4 dislikes
Posted by Smarg on 01/18/2017 at 6:57 PM

Re: “La Resistance

These people against Trump are pure human garbage.

Jobs are already coming back, the border will be sealed, and Obamacare will die a glorious, quick death.

Thank you Sweet Jesus.

3 likes, 6 dislikes
Posted by Smarg on 01/18/2017 at 6:45 PM

Re: “Rich Man, Poor Men

Is Mr. Walters promoting class warfare? If so, this is absurd.

Trump is already doing more to create jobs of Americans than Obama did in 8 failed years.

9 likes, 4 dislikes
Posted by Smarg on 01/18/2017 at 6:43 PM

Re: “The Landed and the White

This Tara person is an obvious anti-white racist in the mold of the exposed fraud Rachel Dolezal, which The Inlander proudly employed as a regular contributor.

No wonder this rag is free.

3 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Smarg on 01/18/2017 at 6:40 PM

Re: “Construction begins on new Kendall Yards grocery store, My Fresh Market

Will their still be a night market in the summer, and will it be bigger? Wonder what type of hours the store will be open. Such an exciting place and it keeps getting better.

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by Derek Morrow on 01/18/2017 at 10:32 AM

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