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Re: “I Saw You

I am happy, pretty damn happy in general TBH- I feel more myself everyday. I miss you because you were my best friend, I have never been closer to anyone before. you have such a clean and pure mind, you're incredibly intelligent, kind, soft spoken, you don't like to hurt people. I miss our home, decorating it for the holidays, our kitties. I messed everything up, and I'm so sorry, but i cant take the past back, only learn from my horrible mistakes. I don't expect you to come back, but wish you would. To try again. Take what we've learned from our blessings and hurt to bring something greater than what we had before. I see what and where we could go. I miss u LA baby -- I'll always love you for what we had, where we went, the places we saw. your loyalty. With you out of the picture, all I focus on is work, which is fine, it will take me places, but the reward will never be as great as it would be with the one you love, and I don't feel love for other people like I feel for you-

Posted by bb on 12/07/2016 at 11:57 AM

Re: “Helping Kids Feel Secure

Outstanding. Thank you, Matt.

Posted by Anne Walter on 12/07/2016 at 10:18 AM

Re: “This Isn't Normal

I cannot even read through one of these entirely without repelling in disgust. Paul, you are disgusting! You believe lies!

And so it goes that we must visit the tale of FDR's concentration camps. Paul would have us believe that FDR "ordered" his persona non-grata to "register" for these fun little camps. FDR was one of our 'greatest' presidents I am told and so we must admit that Trump will be able to make America "great" again within the confines of that jingoism. All should know that FDR did not order these poor souls to register but, rather, he just went down to the census office and collected those that had pre-registered for FDRs concentration camp by noting their Asian heritage on the census. You know, that thing that is taken every 10 years so that America can keep being a bad-ass democracy with equal representation. Yeah, so the next time you fill out a census think, boy I hope I get to make America great--like FDR--and catalog my race so that, when the time comes--for national security of course--, you can be culled by leviathan efficiently and because of your social identity rather than your individual liberty.

I don't understand what you guys think you accomplish of your prestige to apologize for your failure in such self-serving ways. Like the poor student that is unwilling to study and then bemoans their ignorance. I have read little of the apologetics of lying media scum in regards to their corrupted opinions in this election cycle. However, there is Conrad Black's piece from Nov 11th in the NY Sun. He did not apologize for the failure but rather made mention of this utterly indisputable fact: "The publics loathing and distrust of the press is richly deserved and indicative of one of Western societys greatest failings: the free press has failed."

And so Paul. No one disagrees that the free press is not important. It is just that, in your hands, and that of your colleagues you have failed and continue to fail. Your mission is venerable, your actions have potential for great value and you are entirely capable of providing a public service as you seem to conceive that you are already--you aren't btw. But first, you must look in a mirror and accept that your role was not a good one, your sentiments were unfounded, your hostility to Trump and certainty of his failure is where you went wrong. If you can't hate Trump and cover him then maybe you should be a technical writer? If you cannot admit to this? You will not change. If you cannot own your role and accept the harm you have caused, you will continue to look stupid to the majority of people minus an insular group of back slapping colleagues and powerful people that need your myopia to operate.

Here is some reading for you:

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Posted by Lysander_Spooner on 12/07/2016 at 10:05 AM

Re: “In Defense of Refugees

Another classic obfuscation. If immigrants did not receive welfare I doubt they would be that controversial. Indeed, if they did not receive welfare, a great many wouldn't even have an incentive to come. The plight of the main character in this story is entirely sympathetic, but the author does not visit upon the issue entirely, but only in regards to the sentiments of snowflakes. He seems to be intent on misunderstanding the objections to the immigration-complex in this wretch of a country. He seems to think that there is a class of evil-bigot out there that hates these people for who they are and where they came from; which is probably why he dwells on the vain and boring sentiments rather than to perform analysis. After all, it was not long ago that this poor snowflake was smugly declaring that there is such a thing as an "undocumented citizen" which is sort of like saying "talented journalist" in this day and age. It is an allocation to a class that does not exist.

I do not doubt these people are scared. Having welfare usurped can always be alarming, but to that plight, I am not sympathetic at all. Further, if these poor and hapless immigrants are being preached to by these snowflakes it is entirely possible that their fears are unfounded like much of the sentiments of a tepid snowflake. Just like the Khan scam this summer, there is a complex of welfare that surrounds immigrants. And not only do the immigrants receive the bounty, but also depraved do-gooders, of which the "gold star" Khan was one.

Frankly, I quit reading this boring piece once I got to the third sub-heading. I was curious, what sort of defense this would be; I was also curious at how the offense would be conceptualized. In both cases I am loath to admit that this sort of "journalism" is really part of the problem. It does a bad job defending immigrants. Moreover, it does an even worse job stating/understanding the offense. Words that come to mind to describe this sort of intellectual affair is 'sophistry' or even 'demagoguery' and all wound up with dis-eloquent platitudes.

Posted by Lysander_Spooner on 12/07/2016 at 9:27 AM

Re: “Hitting the Wall

You snowflakes are always talking up the SPLC as if they are some esteemed source and not Morris Dees slush-fund of hate and Bill Morlin's retirement fund. The hate-crime epidemic is establishment optics...

Case and point is this:

The methodology for this "survey" is the biggest load of horse-apples and is derived--INTRINSICALLY DERIVED!--from hearsay. The SPLC either employs researchers that are damned fools or they intentionally release these sorts of surveys to even bigger idiots whom bounce it in the establishment echo chamber. The SPLC relies on this sort of reflexive stenography from the cadres of establishment journalists in order to keep their endowment. The endowment of this quaint hate-group is over $300 million dollars and growing, with special thanks to the snowflakes.

But back to the methodology. This survey was sent out not as a sample but en masse; most likely to people on the leftish side of the idiots gambit called political ideology. It implores teachers, which are as much an agent of leviathan as any pig, to report hate to them. The survey is performed in such a way that it cannot have statistical integrity and cannot therefore be said to have any probabilistic value or accuracy but for the sentiments of the ignorant. Nonetheless, the snowflakes are snowing it down on all of us. Don't be deceived.

And journalists? Why? Why are you so gullible? Why are your principles built upon wind veins? Do you not hold opinions? I just do not understand this crying. And to peel off the act of "hating" as a crime in itself is so Orwellian. Crime is hate embodied. I hate tyranny, which is why I am so hard on you people. You should know better. I expect you too! And even if you think that expectation is unfair, I do not care, I will hold it anyway. Spokane did not always have such a talent-less pool of hacks writing to her peeps. Isabel Paterson, for a time, was a writer in Spokane. No, not for the Spokesman, I do not know of any talent that has ever emerged from that cesspool. I think she wrote for the herald. But she was talented, perhaps the last talented one in Spokane. I believe she was on to greener pastures before WWI had even started, but she got her editorial chops here! You idiots could learn by her example if not from her prose. How could she emerge talented and brilliant while you wallow in the squalor of your love of your own opinions and righteousness?

Isabel wrote a book called the ghost in the machine. She also had the courage to oppose the new deal. She was an 'America First' kind of person, not like the limp wristed losers that now write for America's deadwood. Such a pathetic bunch, if I was a journalist I would be ashamed if I didn't protest that coy depravity of spirit. But then, I am not depraved and therefore I am ill suited to be a journalist.

Isabel's "Ghost in the Machine" is a brilliant book. And inside that book there is an essay that is titled "The Humanitarian with the Guillotine" which lays out in beauty what the establishment continuously fails to see of themselves. The establishment, it seems to me, takes great joy in spreading their goodness through wicked means. They seek to end all suffering by identifying those that it wishes to make suffer on your behalf. No one, in such a depraved system, can be certain that they themselves will not be the target of this means, for it is the means of violence that is to be abhorred, and not merely to apply violence to the appropriate people.

So what did Isabel say of you snowflakes? Here:

"Most of the harm in the world is done by good people, and not by accident, lapse, or omission. It is the result of their deliberate actions, long persevered in, which they hold to be motivated by high ideals toward virtuous ends."

On this account, I do declare all of you journalist snowflakes to be "good people" but you have myopia for your own evil. You do not have the intent of evil, but your actions produce great evil. Stalin didn't starve 3 million Ukrainians because he was a bastard. He did it for the greater good and the soviet revolution; the greater good is the calling card of the SPLC.

She ends the work with:
"The philanthropist, the politician, and the pimp are inevitably found in alliance because they have the same motives, they seek the same ends, to exist for, through, and by others. And the good people cannot be exonerated for supporting them. Neither can it be believed that the good people are wholly unaware of what actually happens. But when the good people do know, as they certainly do, that three million persons (at the least estimate) were starved to death in one year by the methods they approve, why do they still fraternize with the murderers and support the measures? Because they have been told that the lingering death of the three millions might ultimately benefit a greater number. The argument applies equally well to cannibalism."

Prove her wrong snowflakes.

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Posted by Lysander_Spooner on 12/07/2016 at 7:32 AM

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