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Re: “This Isn't Normal

"Hillary Clinton lost (she didn't)"

Paul, get a grip. Yes, she did lose. Trump won according to rules of the election which we have used since the ratification of the US Constitution. He got 302 electoral votes and she got 232.

You really need to work this out and to still be stuck in the first stage of grief (denial) is just going to make it more painful for you.

Move on...

Posted by ptleahy on 12/04/2016 at 7:20 PM

Re: “Fake-News Nightmare

Funny how a minor captain of liberal media is whining about "fake news".

This is analogous to a kid pleading for mercy from the court after being convicted of killing his parents; "...after all, I'm an orphan, judge".

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Posted by WakeUpDs on 12/04/2016 at 7:12 PM

Re: “Fake-News Nightmare

Unmentioned in this column are the progressive's pet fake news sources that were widely popular in that liberal bubble. We had years of the smug and smarmy John Stewart and Stephen Colbert (and now we have their offspring shows). These shows readily admitted it was fake news and many of their viewers readily admitted these shows were their only source of news. Sure they are satire and comedy but the line was blurred. Remember 'truthiness'?

Unless you are willing to admit that some of the biggest purveyors of fake news were those on the left, just save your bellyaching.

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Posted by ptleahy on 12/04/2016 at 8:27 AM

Re: “This Isn't Normal

Re: Ryan Humphrey.

Paul is as pro DEMOCRAT and anti-Republican as anyone you will ever meet. Apparently, you're not a frequent reader of his biased, liberal rants in the Inlander.

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Posted by Justsaying' on 12/04/2016 at 12:24 AM

Re: “This Isn't Normal

Re: Paul read a book. The only time Paul even mentioned "DEMOCRATS" (as you put it), is when he said normalizers could be both Republican and Democrat. Literally none of what you said had anything to do with what Paul was speaking about.

All of Paul's historical references were accurate. I think it's safe to say he has a grasp on history.

People who subscribe to both the Democrat and Republican parties can be racist. Parties themselves cannot be one or the other. They're not sentient beings. It's the people. Your argument about this makes absolutely no sense.

Planned Parenthood has never, and currently does not make profit off of baby parts. You, Republican fanboy, of all people, should know this; as it was your party that not only wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer resources investigating dozens of Planned Parenthood locations throughout the country, but they (the Republicans) also found and concluded that there was zero evidence of this. Talk about someone who doesn't know their history...

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Posted by Ryan Humphrey on 12/02/2016 at 4:06 PM

Re: “Incendiary Words

Anybody who suggests an equivalency between Trump and Nazis is a clueless, histrionic ninny.

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Posted by muddydog on 12/02/2016 at 11:16 AM

Re: “Incendiary Words

It's funny to see reality set in on the perpetually clueless democrats. They have been lied too by their leadership so many, many times, yet they are still hopeful that somehow what their betters said would happen, and it will magically come true if they have faith.

This is not Field of Dreams democrats. Shoeless Joe was a cheat.

Now the D's are reduced to their endless practice of blaming others for their own failures

When will they ever grow up and clue in to the fact that big government is a recipe to failed government?

When will the democrat faithful learn their leaders are nothing more than money grubbing opportunists and reprobates.

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Posted by Hillary for Prison on 12/02/2016 at 9:30 AM

Re: “To Kill the Black Snake

Those sticking up for the black snake are the most ignorant people on Earth. Do some research, look at history, get your head out of your ass and off the fucking internet, and you might be enlightened to the fact that cutting down all the trees and burning fossil fuels will ultimately lead to the planets sixth mass extinction, end-of-times in other words. If you don't believe in prophecy, or even Revelations, than surely you must believe in science. There have been five mass extinctions, the dinosaurs being the latest, and studies have proven elevated levels of CO2 during each one. Here's basic science for you, humans breathe in oxygen to live and convert it to CO2 as we exhale. Trees, in turn, absorb CO2 and through a process called photosynthesis convert it back to oxygen cause they're nice like that... Stewards of the land persay, much like my native heroes. Continue deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, and the inevitable population growth.....
I'm done because I know you imbeciles won't hear a thing you just read and will argue every point I made, so save yourself the precious time you have and go back to your luxurious quality of life that only oil can supply you with. IMO walking around the forest with my family foraging for our quality of life, is far more luxurious than sitting in traffic for two hours before and two hours after working for "the man" ten hours a day six days a week for my entire fucking life just to die broke and so detached from my family because all our heads are wrapped up behind a tiny fucking screen the other ten hours of our days. I'M DONE!

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Posted by hopefully 1of144,000 on 12/02/2016 at 8:28 AM

Re: “Guardian Saint

Great insight and a good read. :)

Posted by Annie Parker on 12/01/2016 at 9:40 PM

Re: “Incendiary Words

What is most disturbing about Trumps candidacy and his subsequent victory are the many voices that, in their support of him, his actions and his policy proposals, show no capacity to detect anything out of the ordinary and readily see in him nothing more than a refreshing, much needed, new personalty on the American political stage. This attitude is exactly what Hannah Arendt had in mind with her reference to the "banality of evil," or Nadezhda Mandelstam recalled as unwitting victims "the whole pack of us licked the hunter's hand, squealing incomprehensibly." This phenomena is not so much itself a moral failure as an absence of honest intellectual reference points that would allow a Trump apologist to reject the appearance of normalcy and equivalence and thereby find grounds to make a moral judgement. Such thinking might be safely dismissed except for the fact that it produces the many accomplices necessary to implement evil on a large scale. Clearly, such people would not be hard to find.

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Posted by Puca on 12/01/2016 at 9:01 PM

Re: “This Isn't Normal

FDR was a Socialist Democrat with a cult like following in his time and like said was the closest thing to a Dictator America has ever experienced.

FDR and his Democrat Controlled Congress put Americans in Concentration Camps.

FDR's Kangaroo Supreme Court said it was A'OK.

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Posted by Tangeant on 12/01/2016 at 5:02 PM

Re: “Cohousing Community

Yes they could and should be, but will the current state of demonizing taxes take its death toll against that of the home owners who cry and cry about taxes and yet still get deductions like no one believes.....time and time again.

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Posted by Rhonda Cromwell on 12/01/2016 at 2:57 PM

Re: “Fake-News Nightmare

Fake news during Presidential elections isn't a recent development . Remember Dan Rather's Killian documents scandal just months before the 2004 election? He presented forged documents on 60 Minutes to suggest GW Bush didn't fulfill his obligations in the National Guard.

Even the founding fathers used fake news in the form of untruthful letters to newspaper editors written under pseudonyms to attack political opponents.

And it is both frightening and appalling to think that internet content should be "screened" by persons who decide what is true. People should be allowed or obligated to do their own critical thinking. Not quite ready for a Ministry of Truth, thanks very much.

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Posted by muddydog on 12/01/2016 at 1:25 PM

Re: “This Isn't Normal

If people who are supportive of Trump or his agenda are normalizers, does that mean that those who oppose Trump or his agenda are abnormalizers?

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Posted by muddydog on 12/01/2016 at 12:14 PM

Re: “Incendiary Words

Articles complaining about Trump's latest pronouncement remind me of my old neighborhood. Every time a car alarm went off, numerous dogs would bark and bark and bark until the alarm was shut off or just wound down. Kids and teenagers realized this and would push cars with their hands to trip the alarms. Bark, bark bark without fail.

Perhaps Trump enjoys listening to the media bark, bark bark. Or perhaps he realizes that eventually the public will no longer listen to what the press has to say about him, writing it off as just more bark, bark bark.

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Posted by muddydog on 12/01/2016 at 12:06 PM

Re: “Incendiary Words

"Trump's remarks come as Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and the Clinton campaign have pushed for a recount in three swing states Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. But even after winning, Trump is the one claiming that the election was rigged against him, and challenging the media to prove him right. (WILSON CRISCIONE)"

Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton (behind the scenes) are hoping against hope to change the outcome of the 2016 POTUS election. Jill Stein states:

"... even though she admits there is no evidence of fraud at the ballot box.

"What we have are predictors that if tampering took place, it would be most likely to be discovered in the three states where we are looking," she told CNN's Anderson Cooper on "Anderson Cooper 360."

The problems in the 2016 election were in TEXAS, not WI, PA and MI. Voting machines were converting votes for TRUMP to votes for Hillary.

Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton are not looking for anything more than raising more money from their loyal lemmings and defaming TRUMP. Voters be damned.

These two women are hurting this nation and are proving for all the world to see; neither were worthy to be POTUS.

Let's hope their supporters and the moron media types wake up and see these reprobates for what they truly are;

self serving political hacks and epic sore losers.

May God have mercy upon their bitter souls.

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Posted by C'mon Inlander on 12/01/2016 at 3:29 AM

Re: “This Isn't Normal

"Paul Dillon, a Center for Justice board member, manages public affairs for Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho." --- Yet he is astoundingly ignorant of US history.

Paul Dillon, FDR was a DEMOCRAT. Every congress with FDR was controlled BY DEMOCRATS. THE DEMOCRATS were the ones that created, implemented and rounded up the US citizens of Japanese decent into internment camps; not republicans.

The DEMOCRATS were the monsters and violated the US Constitution. FDR in fact intimidated and threatened the SCOTUS of his day.

FDR was the closest this nation ever came to electing a dictator. His policies actually exacerbated and extended a depression into the great depression. lasting years longer than it should have.

In fact, THE DEMOCRATS were the party of the KKK; as well as the people in charge of the state governments that created and implemented and enforced Jim Crow laws.

Deny it all you wish Paul Dillon, but any honest student of history will tell you the DEMOCRATS have always been the party of racist, not the Republicans. The Republicans freed the slaves; the DEMOCRATS tried to thwart and stymie their efforts.

The DEMOCRATS are the party that violates the US Constitution when it suits them; not the REPUBLICANS.......

Read an actual book Paul Dillon. Learn something before you bleat rote ignorance and misinformation.


Plan Parenthood kills babies and sells the parts for profit. They are ghouls.

You work for them. Your job is to convince people they are not ghouls.

Reconsider your career choice. Apparently it is as naive and misinformed as your political philosophy and understanding of US History.

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Posted by Read a book, Paul...... on 12/01/2016 at 2:36 AM

Re: “'Faithless'?

The liberal media can't be trusted. They disgraced themselves in this election for all to see.

The cure for this is to prosecute Hillary Clinton to the full extent of the law for her crimes as Secretary of State as well as taking money from her Charity.

Let the world see what type of POTUS the liberal media tried to stick us with. Let everyone get an eyeful of the corruption, the quid pro quo and the security breaches thank to Hillary's personal servers that caused the death of others.

We need media reform and justice for us to heal as a nation.

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Posted by We need justice on 11/29/2016 at 3:45 AM

Re: “Cohousing Community

I WA first involved in co-housing in the 90s. It is an approach I deeply appreciate. Could city blocks be transformed into communities this way?

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Posted by Kalexandera on 11/26/2016 at 11:22 PM

Re: “Trumping More Truths

Stupid is as stupid does.

Imagine some actor, actually any actor, lecturing anybody about anything but acting......

They are at best idiot prancing, mocking jays; repeating the words of others with no original thoughts of their own.

Without writers, they would be silent or blubbering nonsense....

On another note.

I can only imagine how the liberal media and DEMOCRATS would have publicly crucified any actor in a Broadway play, who lectured Hillary if she (God forbid) would have won the White House.

Despite her compromising national security, stealing money from the needy via her charity and lying to the American people as well as causing the deaths of others, etc, the aforementioned would have driven the poor thespian from ever acting again.

DEMOCRATS and the liberal media are such hypocrites.

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Posted by Was Moses Lake, now Spokane Valley on 11/25/2016 at 5:27 PM

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