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Re: “It's About Decency

Here's the thing "spokoresident" it's NOT about stiffing your precious free speech. WE are not moderating your behavior for you. We are not controlling what you say and how you say it. We are asking YOU to control yourself. We are asking YOU to examine problematic behavior and prevent it from hurting anyone else. You might want to fully understand all views on the movement instead of just your own anti-social justice one. You may also want to research what the actual goals of social justice are barbecue it's not to condemn or blame, it's to FIX the condemnation and blame that is placed upon the incorrect receivers.

"black on black violence" you scream as if white people still don't contribute largely to black murders. Any credit that point might have had is reallyjsut destroyed by the fact that all you're saying is "ALLA lives matter" in response to Black lives matter. OF COURSE ALL LIVES MATTER but we are focusing on the police brutality that happens to not only black people but to almsot all people of color in the united states. Sorry that you feel excluded but right now we're not focusing on priveleged white people.

And see, that's where your entire argument is negated, the fact that you refuse to see and accept that you and other white people have privilege.

It's pretty obvious that both sides have an agenda, I assumed we were both conversing under that assumption, but I apologize since it seems you have a hard time letting go of your objectivity.
If you knew anything about politics you could see that conservative's policies are pretty blatantly classist, xenophobic, sexist, and

Are you honestly serious? You're actually going to sit there and scream "boo hoo! undocumented immigrants" as if they actually pose some form of a threat?

Here's the thing: police officers are there to SERVE and PROTECT. Michael Brown was an AMERICAN with RIGHTS (as you're so fond of) so even if he had committed a crime (as white people do literally every day in the same manner) do you really, in all honesty, think that SHOOTING TO KILL is an appropriate response to a teenager robbing a gas station? (hint: it's fucking not)

In this country black CHILDREN are shot for less than white criminals of higher calibers; then those same white people are treated with more respect and dignity in our judicial system and that is a FACT.

You just proved to me that you really have not bothered to learn anything about the left. Take Bernie Sanders for instance: he supports individual gun rights but advocates for harsher gun control laws and a more rigorous process for attaining a weapon (i.e. guns shouldn't be sold at wal-mart.)
The left HAS been pushing for stricter gun control laws and if you have selectivity removed yourself from absorbing that information than you are a straight up fool.

Instead of sticking to your white washed selective exposure to reality maybe you should gain some real world experience and look at the bigger picture instead? Just a thought.

Posted by Kiki on 11/24/2015 at 1:28 PM

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