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Re: “Gov. Jay Inslee says don't let Congress play word games with health care

We don't want 0bamacare and we are tired of subsidizing parasites.

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Posted by Zebulun Allen Rosenthal on 01/20/2017 at 5:59 PM

Re: “Construction begins on new Kendall Yards grocery store, My Fresh Market

Will their still be a night market in the summer, and will it be bigger? Wonder what type of hours the store will be open. Such an exciting place and it keeps getting better.

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Posted by Derek Morrow on 01/18/2017 at 10:32 AM

Re: “No, Spokane's mumps outbreak is not proof that vaccines don't work

"So, how could more vaccinated people have mumps than unvaccinated people? Because, simply, there are more vaccinated people in Spokane than unvaccinated people."

This is certainly true for vaccines for diseases like measles, which provide life-long immunity. An issue with the mumps vaccine is that we likely see some waning immunity - some of the vaccine's effectiveness wears off over time for some people.

Still, the Spokane mump's outbreak and the others we are seeing are still not evidence that the vaccine doesn't work.

The real evidence is we are still no where close to seeing the large numbers of cases that we did in the pre-vaccine era. In the early 1960s, there were about 212,000 cases of measles each year in the United States.

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Posted by AboutPediatrics on 01/18/2017 at 6:14 AM

Re: “No, Spokane's mumps outbreak is not proof that vaccines don't work

Every time you read one of these the numbers jump all over the place, at least get your propoganda straight and all give the same numbers! 88% affective???? Really? Because Merck had to provide proof of 95% efficacy or lose their monopoly on the MMR! They couldn't do it so they ordered employees to add doctored rabbits blood to make it appear more effective! That little fraud is now in court!
And why do we give the mumps vaccine, a non lethal illness best had when young and helps protect women against ovarian cancer? The Vaccine Advisory Board once said they would never mandate a mumps Vaccine, so Merck bypassed them and took it directly to the states. Eventually, so many states had added mumps to their schedule that the National Advisory Board said, "oh what the hell.". Yes, the schedule we are all assured is scientifically based, added the mumps vaccine based on the science of "oh what the hell.". Chicken Pox added on the science of "Mom's miss work taking care of sick kids.". And, Hep B based on the science of, "we can't get the druggies, prostitutes, and crack heads to come get the vaccine and we are losing money. Well we have their undivided attention when in the hospitals giving birth and there are no other vaccines given then, how about at birth"? Perfect, and we will claim it is safe even though it was never tested in newborns"! Again, perfect!
Isn't "science" wonderful?

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Posted by Kendra Pettengill on 01/17/2017 at 9:52 PM

Re: “Police shoot man on South Hill, Trump's combative weekend and morning headlines

John Lewis was a civil rights hero but he is also a politician. He isn't above reproach. He also didn't tell the truth that by sitting out Trump's inauguration, it will be the first one he has missed since being elected to the House. He boycotted both of GWB's inauguration in 2001 and 2005. The media couldn't continue saying that a boycott was unprecedented.

It is all just politics and partisanship, nothing more and nothing less.

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Posted by ptleahy on 01/17/2017 at 7:18 PM

Re: “Trump's approval at historic low, two Idaho deputies shot and morning headlines

Those polls really showed their value back in the beginning of November. If you don't believe me, just ask HRC.

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Posted by ptleahy on 01/17/2017 at 7:10 PM

Re: “Trump's approval at historic low, two Idaho deputies shot and morning headlines

Same fake actors, same fake polls.

Same Inlander.

BTW. These guys had it right all the way through. You may want to broaden your perspectives and actually read the product of a news organization that is increasing it's market share....massively:

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Posted by DDC on 01/17/2017 at 6:54 PM

Re: “Few details yet in fatal Spokane police shooting

Unsure if shooting is "justified" because the suspect was running away. Also unsure if he posed a threat great enough to justify killing him. Even if he was car prowling; that's not a crime punishable by death.

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Posted by Avidreader1 on 01/17/2017 at 1:34 PM

Re: “Trump's approval at historic low, two Idaho deputies shot and morning headlines

Haaaaaaaa! Just wait until the ugly, vile, wretched, liar actually takes office.
One quarter of voters picked this "man" to run our country. One quarter. A minority. He lost the popular vote by 3 million votes. He's filled his cabinet with his filthy, despicable wealthy, oligarch brethren.
There's no where to go BUT down...

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Posted by Elizabeth Parker on 01/17/2017 at 12:49 PM

Re: “No, Spokane's mumps outbreak is not proof that vaccines don't work

Is anyone else entertained by the fact that in order to prove this mathematical principle of epidemiological statistics our intrepid journalist has used numbers that are an example? I find this entertaining because, in researching a story, one would assume that the journalist had access to the actual numbers and could have used, as an example, actual statistics that are actually collected and then they could have 'actually' proved their point. Nonetheless, they use "example" statistics to prove the relationship we are being implored exists (as opposed to demonstrating the existence of the relationship) which we are supposed to, after taking their word for it, apply to the real world situation.

This is a very creative rhetorical style that readily feeds into the cancer of the consensus and its adherent's well-trained tendency to lean towards confirmation bias. If you are convinced by this screed and it's authors example than you are prone to believe in russian-hacker-fake-news and you should just stop voting before you do any more harm to your countrymen's liberty.

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Posted by Lysander_Spooner on 01/17/2017 at 12:20 PM

Re: “Trump's approval at historic low, two Idaho deputies shot and morning headlines

I wonder, are the polls that say his "approval" is low--whatever that means--are the same polls that exclaimed in breathless arrogance that Trump had a 95% chance of losing the election. The political establishment in this country is failing and this "poll" is emplamatic of their flailing and anxiety. Whatever the polls say I can rest assured that it doesn't matter and is most likely not even true. Making such judgments has been a bountiful gift of Trump's to political cynics such as myself. Carry-on fragile snowflakes, I cannot wait to see what the polls say going forward and I look forward to another symbol to establish the act of polling as a depraved and sloven activity that only foolish knaves cling to in an effort to live in the imagined dreams of their reality.

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Posted by Lysander_Spooner on 01/17/2017 at 11:27 AM

Re: “No, Spokane's mumps outbreak is not proof that vaccines don't work

With an effective rate of 88% the pool of susceptibles is large. The vaccinated susceptibles spread it amongst themselves and might pass it to the few unvaxxed.
100 people (at 98% vaccine coverage)
= 98 vaxxed (at 88% effective) + 2 unvaxxed
= 84 vaxxed not susceptible + 12 vaxxed susceptible + 2 unvaxxed susceptible

I see a vaccine that doesn't work well enough, not a failure to vaccinate.

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Posted by Lisa Jackson on 01/17/2017 at 9:22 AM

Re: “No, Spokane's mumps outbreak is not proof that vaccines don't work

The fact that vaccinated students get mumps doesn't mean the vaccine isn't effective. From the CDC: "The mumps component of the MMR vaccine is about 88% (range: 66-95%) effective when a person gets two doses; one dose is about 78% (range: 49%92%) effective." That means a fully vaccinated (2-dose) group is 66-95% less likely to catch mumps after exposure than someone who is not immune. Saying that the vaccine doesn't work because people still get mumps is like saying seatbelts and airbags don't work because they are not 100% effective in preventing injury or death. It is expected that some vaccinated people exposed to mumps will get the disease. Also, a highly vaccinated group can get mumps if they have prolonged exposure to someone who is transmitting it. The larger the exposed group, the closer and longer the exposure, the more likely to have tranmission.

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Posted by Greg Stern on 01/16/2017 at 10:23 PM

Re: “No, Spokane's mumps outbreak is not proof that vaccines don't work

1-last SPS report 8/8 students were vaxxed. 2- Mizzou 193 w mumps had 2 doses. Vax isn't effective.

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Posted by Thepointis on 01/16/2017 at 5:22 PM

Re: “Few details yet in fatal Spokane police shooting

Terry V Ohio and the Broken Windows Theory!

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Posted by BRB on 01/16/2017 at 1:56 PM

Re: “[UPDATED] Sheriff's Office admits deputy's SUV hit Spokane Valley teen Ryan Holyk

Have you seen the picture of the face of Ryan Holyk after he got to the hospital?

I spent seven minutes with the night of May 23, 2014.The blow Ryan's head received caused so much bleeding the pooling blood wasn't allowing him to get air, as his face rested on the payment. I knew he would soon drown.

I told Charlie Price, I had to do something and chanced turning Ryan's head. I used my fingers and then a corner of a bar towel to scoop out a mass of blood and mucus so large. The bland taste of bone marrow hung in the air.

I have been forever changed by those seven minutes. I believe it was a miracle that Ryan ever regained consciousness, answering his mother's prayer that he would awake and know who she was.
Ryan was allowed to say goodbye and know what happened to him as he had no memory of seeing the car that struck him. Sometimes we only get a delay in what was to be, and not the reprieve from death that we hoped for.

God allowed me that part of my prayer that night as I looked up to heaven and asked God to help me make it better. I knew I couldn't ask for Ryan to live he was hurt so badly. I told Ryan there was a God hoping my words and touch could reach him through pain and darkness he felt after his face was impacted by the corner of the bumper at sixty miles an hour.

The Community of Spokane and Spokane Valley held vigil hoping for a greater miracle that would never be. Others with darkness in their heart conspired to create an obstruction of justice under a dark color of law, hoping to hide the truth.

Those with Darkness in the heart violated a communities civil rights in the process, and hid material facts from Ryan Holyks family, Deputy Joseph Bodman, and every man woman and child of the City of Spokane and Spokane Valley.

Ryan was called home his injury too grievous, and way to young for those who knew and loved him to spend eternity with God.

Lord hear my prayer, help make this better as it's so wrong in so many ways. Help me make his better by learning the truth of how so many things went wrong, and how we can keep this from happening again.
When does an accident become a crime? When people lie and mislead and criminally interfere in a conspiracy to obstruct justice.

If you allow this practice of lying to protect from tort, over public safety, accountability, and civil rights, without stepping up and saying truth matters more than limiting liability. Your perpetuating a crime after the fact, and assume your own culpability and shame.

What's it going to take before you step up and demand truth and accountability, having your own child killed when they could have been spared? Shame on you all who knew the truth, but hid behind a lie.

It's just not right.

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Posted by Tim Viall on 01/15/2017 at 4:42 PM

Re: “SPD billed Trump, Clinton and Sanders over $100,000 for police overtime — but didn't get a penny

As to the Spokane Trump rally, Spokane was receiving a presidential candidate who incited violence everywhere he went. As to those who came to protest him in Spokane, the public information about the event, including the only public advertising which was via Facebook, made it repeatedly clear that the event would be -- from the side of protesters -- peaceful. And it was. However, the event did start with an older white male in line to see Trump call a man of Latin American ancestry a "Mexican n*gg*r", an event witnessed by the SPD officer in charge of the SPD cadre present on Spokane Falls Boulevard. The only attempted acts of violence were by a vendor of Trump paraphernalia towards another Trump paraphernalia vendor whom he accused of undercutting his prices. A price-tag of $65,000 is outrageous for the dozens of SPD officers who did nothing but stand around. This was in addition to several Secret Service as well as private security and other law enforcement observed at the scene.

6 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by DavidBrookbank on 01/15/2017 at 2:37 PM

Re: “How exactly will buses work if part of Monroe Street loses a lane? We asked STA

Take a look at the warm-weather photo used in the article, taken by Young Kwak. Try to count how many of the cars are traveling directly next to a car in the next lane. Notice that they are staggering back and forth, and see how they are avoiding scraping the car next to them.

7 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Bryce Morrison on 01/13/2017 at 7:10 PM

Re: “No charges for Spokane County Sheriff's deputy who hit teen cyclist with police vehicle

There is a pending federal civil suit filed by the family for wrongful death. It was a Spokane County Sheriff's deputy and not a SPD officer. There is conclusive evidence that the front bumper of the deputy's vehicle struck Holyk.

For more read Brian Breen's post:…

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Posted by Ron_the_Cop on 01/13/2017 at 5:41 PM

Re: “How exactly will buses work if part of Monroe Street loses a lane? We asked STA

I would recommend reading the project's documentation here:…

The STA portion of the documentation is at the end of the PDF (page 14).

Keep in mind that a bus will travel through the area every fifteen (15) minutes, so you will have a lower likelihood of encountering the 20 second delay. That 20 second delay was studied recently in northbound traffic along Monroe during the 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. time-span. Almost all of the traffic involved passengers getting off of the bus (going home from work). During the study, only one wheelchair exited a bus on that section of Monroe between 4 and 5:30.

The grant application is another incentive for the merging of the northern two stops. The two southern stops are already a high enough volume to qualify for such a grant, and the two northern stops would more than qualify once merged. Most of the riders usually boarding at Frederick would transition two blocks (or a block-and-a-half, considering Euclid) north to Dalton. Those who live just south of Frederick, on Fairview, would likely transition to the stop on Grace.

The information here that is not included in the official documentation was provided by representatives of the STA who spoke at the planning committee.

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Posted by Bryce Morrison on 01/13/2017 at 5:25 PM

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