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Re: “A Debt Unpaid

The correct bill is s. 1448

Posted by Dave on 04/28/2015 at 8:02 AM

Re: “Machines That Kill

I was hit last summer biking and had to have shoulder surgery because of it. I was rising on the sidewalk at the time. I now ride in the street. I would much rather be honked, flipped off, and have my presence known than try to hug the side of the road and have drivers try to squeeze by me with a couple of inches to spare. It's not because I have a sense of entitlement. It's because there aren't enough bike lanes.

Posted by Cody Sherman on 04/28/2015 at 7:52 AM

Re: “All in the Family

Shar Lichty for Mayor!

Posted by spokanelefty on 04/27/2015 at 7:23 PM

Re: “The measles are back in Spokane County… what now?

Darwin Award!

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Posted by tinderbox on 04/27/2015 at 7:21 PM

Re: “In Idaho, resistance to marijuana runs deep

The article contains an error. Democrat Cecil Andrus served as governor of Idaho from 1971-1977. Democrat John Evans then served from 1977-87. Cecil Andrus was then elected governor and served from 1987-1995. In 1995, Idaho elected its first Republican governor in 24 years....

Posted by Jeff Schrade on 04/27/2015 at 6:18 PM

Re: “Cookie Craze

While reporting on something factual about a girl scout selling cookies is fine.... It seems a little excessive to relate girl scouts to the manufacture of drug cookies. Jordy, I think the article tells more about you than it does the Girl Scouts. Time for a test pal... (Operation Golden Flow)

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Posted by JordyNeedsANewJob on 04/27/2015 at 2:47 PM

Re: “Pay to Play

As a local musician, teacher, and small time performer, this pretty well digs our graves and covers it over as well. Thanks for shutting down local venues where real live neighbors can visit and share songs they have written or covers they do to support other obscure musicians, who have NOT and will NOT benefit from any of these regulations. A FEW songwriters....I've never known any....will ever actually get published or compensated. Now they will have no places to get known, even just locally, and share their music. We will have the top 40 only...and they are already quite well off. Please anyone tell me what I am missing in this dismal understanding, so I have something less dreary to tell my young students. I am a fan of the "never heard of songwriters and bands". Where do they fit in?

Posted by Believer of Small Music and Small Music Venues on 04/27/2015 at 10:48 AM

Re: “Prominent Spokane mustache takes first place at Portland competition

Interesting! I'm just now getting into beard grooming, my girlfriend got me some beard oil from and I like their stuff a lot. Reasonably priced and great scents. Well worth giving it a try!

Posted by adrianl on 04/27/2015 at 9:06 AM

Re: “The Great Urban Divide

When people on welfare vote, democrats win.

When people who do not own property or pay income taxes vote, democrats win.

When people with relatives in prison vote, democrats win.

When people in the country illegally vote, democrats win.

When people with low I.Q.'s and no high school diploma vote, democrats win.

The left has never met an over-priced, pie in the sky, make work scheme that benefits almost no one, that they did not endorse. They constantly promise something for nothing, pensions from schemes that collect no money to fund them are a favorite. Buses no one rides, to places no one wants to go.

If "progressive ideas work better", explain Detroit? Explain Chicago? Explain crime and murder rates is "progressive" strongholds nation wide? Explain the inability of progressives to balance a budget no matter how high the taxes?

Your progressive president has doubled the national debt and help no one to a better life. Fewer people work full time in 2015 than worked full time in 2006 and they earn less money doing it. Your solution is to replace him with the a woman who leads a "charity/foundation" that rivals a crime syndicate and who has enriched herself to the tune of $250,000,000 dollars while in public office. While you moan about the "Koch brothers", George Soros has made billions off crooked deals backed by Obama and you celebrate that.

Is this success?

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Posted by whocares on 04/27/2015 at 8:58 AM

Re: “Machines That Kill

I think the problem is two-fold, lousy, texting idiots driving cars as if they were the only people in the world and rude. They are complimented by idiots on bikes not watching where they are going, jumping from the sidewalks to the road, crossing against traffic and the lights, weaving between cars, pulling left into the roadway as cars approach to make sure we all know they have a bike and "rights".

Like most drivers, I pull left and give you room when I pass. There is no reason for you to pull into traffic, stand up and show your butt like some sort of baboon and hinder my passing. I know you have a bike, I own one too. Try riding like you "share the road" and get over yourself.

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Posted by Rides also on 04/27/2015 at 8:32 AM

Re: “Sun Power

It's not about whether the panels are cheaper than asphalt. It's about whether the panels are cheaper than asphalt + all energy production in the United States combined. This will replace not just roads, but power plants as well.

Posted by selkirks on 04/26/2015 at 7:32 PM

Re: “Whole-body healing

I am interested in this Ayurveda center, as I'm moving to the area in a few months. I can't locate "Wellspring" in Spokane on line...anywhere but in this article. Could someone direct me or put me in contact with Kevin and Rebecca Laselle please? THANK YOU!

Posted by Keli N Dean on 04/26/2015 at 5:05 PM

Re: “The measles are back in Spokane County… what now?


Faith has the ability to trump science every time. I don't have fear, except in ever changing science. I have faith in a never changing God that knows whats best for me and my family.

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Posted by Heather Johnson on 04/26/2015 at 3:01 PM

Re: “Supply And Demand

Methadone saved my life

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Posted by susie on 04/26/2015 at 1:14 PM

Re: “The Art of Science

Great stuff, though Zion is Klos, not Kols :) Here's the link to the IndieGogo!

Posted by Lucy Holtsnider on 04/26/2015 at 9:27 AM

Re: “The Final Chapter?

Thank you to Marina, Gregory and all mentioned for your roles in this valuable and beautiful history. I, for one, am eagerly awaiting the next chaper.

-- Valerie Nafe
Spark Center

Posted by Valerie Nafe on 04/26/2015 at 9:19 AM

Re: “The measles are back in Spokane County… what now?

Point fingers. Call ignorance by it's name. Science should trump faith and fear every single time.

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Posted by Bryce Peterson on 04/26/2015 at 5:54 AM

Re: “Supply And Demand

I like this article

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Posted by Keisha Wilhelm on 04/26/2015 at 4:01 AM

Re: “The measles are back in Spokane County… what now?

So why did he get measles if he was vaccinated? I think this media frenzy is part of the problem. Report facts. Who out of all the infected was and was not vaccinated. Measles have never been eradicated, only reduced. These pop up cases have been going on for years. Stop pointing fingers and do real reporting with facts.

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Posted by Debra Paige Damasceno on 04/25/2015 at 8:35 PM

Re: “War Games

In honor of the friends and comrades that died in the Nam, I will never forget you. Thanks for saving my life. I salute you. Semper Fi.

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Posted by beechnut on 04/25/2015 at 2:17 PM

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