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Re: “Hierarchy of Needs

So why do I still live here?

There is no where else I can afford to live. The rule under section 8 housing is that a person cannot be self-employed. They must take a job hired by another person. That's impossible for me due to my life-long physical disability. That's why I nearly always worked from home. I have always been poor but I always paid my rent and bills with income I earned working at home making and selling decal stickers on the internet. When WSDOT demolished my neighborhood and made me homeless, it took my income too. So I have no legal way to earn any money to ever get out of here.

I'm trapped in this donation-bait-hole and very angry about it.

Posted by FBH Resident on 05/26/2015 at 10:38 PM

Re: “Hierarchy of Needs

My service dog desperately wants us to go back to living in a car like we used to because she was healthier then not having to be exposed to all the chemicals here and no yard. This neighborhood is so dangerous my car no longer works due to all the sabotage from jealous neighbors who simply can't stand that I wouldn't haul them all around wherever they needed. I put several hundred dollars into my car the first year i lived her and only got to drive it about 3 weeks because somebody would break it again. I had been wasting my money on that.

There is still much much more of all the rights violations around this place. It's overwhelmingly a horrid horrid place to live.

It's never cold enough to sleep. They pumped 92 degree heat in my tiny cement room for 21 hours a day. All ya got to do is cook dinner and it's heated plenty, even in winter.

It's never dark enough to sleep. There are bright lights outside the window. With all my room lights off and shades closed, It's plenty light enough still to read something.

It's never quiet enough to sleep. The train never ends. It's next to the train station. The street people are always yelling up at the windows looking for drugs or pimps.

But Big Charity likes it that way. I do believe I'm the only person here that doesn't take pills.

Posted by FBH Resident on 05/26/2015 at 10:32 PM

Re: “Hierarchy of Needs

I was seriously shocked the first time I saw a busload of observers on a field-trip here. They are potential donators to Catholic Charities. The busloads are different type groups. Grade-school kids for one, elderly church groups, college kids, ...etc. They like for residents to put on a show and speak about how we became homeless. They only let me do that once because I spoke the truth and don't play donation-bait very well.

Last time I saw a field-trip come through the man was telling them, "By donating to Catholic Charities we are all helping keep these people out of prison." ...."excuse me????" a neighbor and i said.

Residents are expected to play donation-bait for the cameras too. They make pamphlets with deceiving photos to market us to those with donation money.

And if there is anything you want like toilet paper, soap ...etc. Don't worry about spending your ABD or SSI to get it. Just ask Connie. People sell all their food stamps and rely on Connie for donated food and supplies because they need their actual money for drugs and alcohol.

And Connie would go to the foodbank every week and bring back stuff and have residents help her put some in her rooms and some on the table for residents. What she picks up at the foodbank is what she wants to have some of at her house. During the first year here she mentioned several times how unfair it is that she has to make car payments and house payments and come to work here and slave for the druggies. She is as phony as can be.

And Connie smokes her e-cigg in the building even though it violates Spokane Municipal Code Section 15.04.020 C. That's why they don't have a problem with residents' drug use flowing into the 25% recycled poisoned indoor air.

When I first came here it was off of 2 years living in my car with my dog. At that time it was completely overwhelming to be getting an apartment and a much needed bathroom. It was great. But it didn't take very long for the rose-colored glasses to come off and see that we have lost many rights by agreeing to accept this help.

Posted by FBH Resident on 05/26/2015 at 10:03 PM

Re: “Hierarchy of Needs

And then there's the so-called social worker for Catholic Charities (who is a tweeker too) Connie B. She is major control-freak and a liar. At first she's all let me help you, but what it really is ... is her collecting data on you so she can better profile you and better know how to manipulate you. The first year here - she continuously sent people to my door to ask me to help them, instead of her doing her job. "Oh Kristine will help you" was words she regularly said to people.

I've sat at meetings with her where I've actually had to say .... "you can't do that" for things like mandating a 10PM curfew, control-freaking how people can celebrate holidays like Halloween, whether or not residents can have a conversation with another resident. It's a long-running joke around here when we say "we're having an unauthorized gathering" in a community area. I battled that over a year. Connie acts like she is our den-mother guardian who gets to decide everything we do.

I have worked much in the past two years battling many wrongs and civil rights violations around this place that come from management.

Management mandated that we do not use the storage unit across the street or we will get evicted. i was a customer of theirs for like 3 years and was paying for a storage unit there and had to choose between standing up for my rights or getting illegally evicted.

And every time i complain about Connie - she punishes me. Glad to have some of those in writing signed and dated.

there's much much more of what's wrong about this place.
It's an experiment all right ... for our Fundamental Change into Socialism as Obama promised. Everybody is going to end up in a green building like this unless more people help to stop it from continuing.

Posted by FBH Resident on 05/26/2015 at 9:36 PM

Re: “Hierarchy of Needs

Fire Station 1 visits Father Bach Haven quite regularly.

We've had the 4AM naked chick won't get outta some room so idiot pulls the fire alarm to make her leave. The apartment manger yelled and scolded me and Danny about that and told us to "spread the word" ... when neither of us had anything to do with it. We just were the ones that actually went outside. So then the manager lied and illegally mandated fire-drills, claiming it was the law and if we didn't comply we'd get a 24 hour eviction notice. There is no law that says that because we are not a school or a nursing home.

Several mandated control-freak fire-drills and fire-alarms because my neighbors are all idiots.

Fire Station 1 full units have come here to help drunken drugged up partiers walk from their neighbors room to their own room.

Fire Station 1 and the ambulance comes here so often that one time they got here and said "what? we went to the wrong place" and had to quickly go and get to where they should have went.

Posted by FBH Resident on 05/26/2015 at 9:19 PM

Re: “Not so fast: Document undermines mayor's case to pay for Davenport Grand cleanup

Looks like Walt bought that. With as many attorneys as he has available and the PDC had available not to mention the City of Spokane's attorneys and counsel throughout the private offices, there is no way that Walt should have made it this far without knowing it was his bill.

Condon is just trying to make a great deal a better deal for Walt at the City of Spokane taxpayers expense. Don't be scuzballs.

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Posted by Teresa Juneau-Simon on 05/26/2015 at 9:01 PM

Re: “Hierarchy of Needs

I became homeless when the Recovery Act demolished my neighborhood of 28 years (99202) for the alleged north-south-freeway in 2010. Then WSDOT relocation assistance strung me along for a long time. After they moved all my neighbors, they said "Unfortunately we ran out of funding" and "You're too poor to be relocated, we're not legally obligated to care" ... but that is a whole other story that angers me much.

FBH and Catholic Charities and HUD and Housing authority are very wrong to assume that anyone who became homeless was because they were lazy or irresponsible or did something wrong, or was a druggy or criminal or mental illness ... because I'm not.
They are extremely wrong when they think that nobody here at Father Bach Haven cares about the giant use of chemical drugs and the pimping. We have several pimps here bringing in girls, some rather young. Every day & every night you will hear customers yelling up to the windows of the dealer they are looking for.

Posted by FBH Resident on 05/26/2015 at 8:59 PM

Re: “Hierarchy of Needs

Always look down when you walk around the community area at Father Bach Haven because there is spit, blood, vomit, urine, feces, pills, all over the place. It's super gross.

Posted by FBH Resident on 05/26/2015 at 8:41 PM

Re: “Hierarchy of Needs

Several charity groups held fund-raisers to purchase mattresses for each unit. There is news articles on the internet about that, and all the donated household stuff given to us when we first moved in, like some dishes, cups, towels, chairs. BUT ... the lease contract states the cost of the mattress that each resident is liable for. They are charging us for the donated mattresses. I tried to refuse the mattress and they said I couldn't refuse it. Then when a resident moves ... after over a year of disgusting homeless drunken guests sleeping on it, and 2 sessions of professional bed-bug cookers ... the new resident of that unit gets that mattress and is liable for the full price of it as though it was new, when it was very very used. Don't believe there are no bed-bugs here. Rooms have been cooked and poisoned for them. I see the bed-big bites on many of my neighbors. I can see the vans and the workers here all day long when they come. I hear tell that management charges several hundred dollars for the bed-bug poison they can pay monthly payments on. These residents are all poor and want their money for beer, tobacco and drugs, so when they do laundry they overload the machines to the point that everyone is catching the bed-bugs from the washers and dryers. I have never used the laundry machines here because the people look yucky and machines rarely get washed. I've been having to wash all my clothes by hand in the sink for over 2 years.

Posted by FBH Resident on 05/26/2015 at 8:38 PM

Re: “Hierarchy of Needs

Regarding the fact this is a "highly supervised community environment" .... last year when I contacted city hall, the mayor, parking enforcement and city counsel members about getting the No Parking past 10PM signs in the PUBLIC STREETS in this area removed, so we could legally park our cars while we sleep at night .... within 30 minutes the City Of Spokane emailed my apartment manager tattle-tailing on me for daring to complain about anything. I was promptly called out and scolded in the lobby in front of other residents. Then we all got several landlord inspections as punishment and the entire building knew it was because of me. And they didn't like that at all. They had to stop smoking drugs in their room for those inspections. Now today I call state legislature Andy Billig office to talk about changing state code that allows 25% of air flowing into my room is coming from my neighbors who are all smoking meth and whatever blowing it into the air system making me very sick. .... and his office said I will be getting a call tomorrow from the State Catholic Conference. Why? They have red-flags next to our names so that whenever I contact a state agency I'm referred to either my landlord or catholic charities even though it has nothing to do with them. Father Bach Haven is an experiment in socialism, the kind they want for our entire country, and it is spreading fast. Your landlord will be your master, so you better pray she doesn't dislike you for any reason.

Posted by FBH Resident on 05/26/2015 at 8:23 PM

Re: “Hierarchy of Needs

There are cameras everywhere and we were told that they are for our protection. But ... when creepy key-holder is caught peeping-tom in my window, or throwing food at me ... etc, those cameras don't help me at all. They are there to protect catholic charities only.

Posted by FBH Resident on 05/26/2015 at 8:07 PM

Re: “Hierarchy of Needs

When I first moved into FBH February 2013, they told me if I get locked out to contact the key-holder and gave me his contact info. Then he saw me and introduced himself telling me that he worked here and part of his job is to get to know all the residents and he acted like the other intake sessions, so I told him things about my situation. Before the hour was over he had flashed me his groin scar and insisted we spend the night together. I complained to manager and was told he doesn't work here, he is just a drunken drugged-up pervert mental patient who gets a master key to my apartment. I complained for months. He left sicko love-notes at my door. He became obsessed with me and management would not take that key away from him. Many problems about that. He could snoop through my room or rape my dog when I went to work. That is so wrong wrong wrong to give a creep like that a key to my apartment.

Posted by FBH Resident on 05/26/2015 at 8:00 PM

Re: “Hierarchy of Needs

The Catholic Charities social worker here was carrying around a master key and using it to illegally enter residents apartments to snoop for clues on how to better play them as donation bait. She scolded me saying, "You cause too many problems by being argumentative about your rights" She abuses her authority, which she shouldn't even have in the first place. She tried to implement a 10PM curfew in spring of 2013 and I had a problem with that. Then I got a legal paperwork threat to not break curfew again or I'd get the ten-notice to be evicted. She & manager lied on other legal paperwork making false claims in attempt to kick me out. They threatened to claim I used drugs as a ploy to get me removed because they don't want me seeing all their many rights violations. I responded with "I can prove I don't do drugs with a test at the hospital". They were pumping 92 degree temps into my room for over a year. Every time I complained they turned it up. I finally was able to get that fixed by threatening them with Spokanimal.

Posted by FBH resident on 05/26/2015 at 7:50 PM

Re: “Hierarchy of Needs

25% of indoor air is recirculated throughout the building. So when all my druggy neighbors are smoking meth and crack and whatever, it pours into my apt making me and my service dog very ill. Management says I cannot prove a smell and if I keep complaining or call HAZMAT I will be charged, and be tossed out into homeless again. They don't ask, and they punish if anyone complains, which is only me, because I've never been a druggy or drinker. My disability is not self-induced or from drug use. So I'm the odd man out living here with many of my neighbors dissing me because I'm not a partier. I constantly have to watch my back living here. There is no grass for the dog like they first promised, that grass area is only for the cameras and marketing. Catholic Charities brings busloads of field trips through to observe residents as 'Donation-Bait' and claim we'd all be in jail if it wasn't for their donations, so they can have houses. .... and so much more that is very wrong about Father Bach Haven.

Posted by FBH resident on 05/26/2015 at 7:38 PM

Re: “Rejoice over the recent bumper crop of weird little videogames

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Posted by Prem Pooja Singh on 05/26/2015 at 6:37 PM

Re: “I Saw You

Re: Little Angels and Little Devils are not racist

Talk about lack of understanding! This ranter above doesn't even know that those formerly named "Little Angels" cupcakes at Rockwood Bakery were in fact not Angel Food Cake. Sad, sad, ignorant person ranting above.

Posted by Here it goes on 05/26/2015 at 4:56 PM

Re: “The Contenders

Would you leave any one of these people alone in a room with your wallet?

Posted by registered voter on 05/26/2015 at 12:35 PM

Re: “Walking to Where, Exactly?

My name is Larry Delaney, and I am the president of the Lakewood Education Association. On April 22nd, along with our neighbors in Stanwood-Camano and Arlington, we were the first local teachers union in Washington to walk-out. Contrary to what many in the media want to believe, our labor action - and the action of the more than 60 school districts that followed us - was not based on a directive from WEA. Quite the contrary, this was a grass-roots action born out of a meeting of teacher leaders in Snohomish, Skagit, and Whatcom Counties. When we walked on April 22nd, we had no idea what districts, if any, would follow. What we found was that our reasons for walking-out resonated not only with educators across the state, but comunities too. Our primary reason for walking out was the lack of progress that the legislature has made toward fulling funding K - 12 education statewide. Do the current iterations of the budget make progress? Yes. Is it adequate progress? Not even close! Media outlets across the state seem attached to the "Teacher's Want More Pay" angle. Are teachers, statewide, compensated fairly? No. Are these walk-outs about salary? No. Be assured, if either the Senate or House budgets made adequate progress toward fully funding the McCleary Decision by 2018, you would not see teachers walking-out. This statewide action is about kids - both my children and the children that I teach. I apologize if the actions of any local unions inconvenienced a community for a day. A one day inconvenience is a small price to pay, however, for strengthening our communities for years to come with fully funded schools.

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Posted by Larry Delaney on 05/25/2015 at 8:52 PM

Re: “Walking to Where, Exactly?

Excellent comments Gayle. You appear better informed than the writer of this article. He says that the legislators are funding at higher amounts than ever before. Well, that is because they have underfunded for decades. If you pay your housekeeper 50 cents an hour for decades and then raise it to $5, that's a significant increase BUT, it's still significantly underpaying.

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Posted by Karen Adlum on 05/25/2015 at 8:50 PM

Re: “Walking to Where, Exactly?

This is very uneducated article. Obviously the author did not do a lot of research. First of all the WEA did not and cannot force its members to walk out. What they actually did was support those that chose to as well as those that decided to do otherwise. Secondly the legislature has been held incontempt by the supreme court because at the rate they are progressing it will be 2056 before they have met their constitutional obligation. In the past six years, teachers have not received a cost of living allocation and have seen their medical costs soar, sometimes at a thousand percent. Some are receiving significantly lower pay because of this. Currently the senate only plans on putting 1.3 billion back into education. It comes at a heavy price though because it would eliminate collective bargaining rights at the local level and would eliminate local control over healthcare plans. The vague plan would create a new healthcare system, to be overseen by a yet unnamed committee, which would naturally have to receive a salary. The beauracracy is mindboggling. Unfortunately it would cut teachers healthcare to pay for it while state workers and state legislators already receive two hundred dollars more for their health plans. The senate, while giving themselves an 11.2 pay increase, would only give teachers a 2.3 increase over two years which would in no way make up for the 26000 dollars in back pay they owe educators. The house has the highest amount, which would put 1.8 billion but in no way meets the five billion they have been mandated to add. Also this is the second time voters have decreed there should be smaller class sizes. I think it is highly insulting to say that voters didn't know what they asking. Most four through 12 classes have over 30 children in a class. A high school teacher can see upwards of 200 students in a single day. We, as a state, are 47th in the nation in class sizes. This is a major problem. Teachers cannot work individually with students when classes are so large. This is how students get left behind. The legislators have promised to lower class sizes in K-3 but it comes at a price. There are two bills, one in the house and one in the senate, that would add eight students to every four through 12 class. A class of 35 would now be a class of 43. This is a logistical nightmare, not to mention a safety hazard. Many teachers spend 60 to 80 hours a week already on grading and planning. Can you imagine what this extra workload would do? None of the plans coming out of Olympia are good. In a state with the fifth highest economy in the country, I find it interesting that we can give Boeing a nine billion dollar tax cut, refuse to close the loophole that states Microsoft is still a start up (they only pay two percent) but refuse to support the future of our society.

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Posted by Gayle on 05/25/2015 at 7:17 PM

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