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Re: “Face to Face with Jessen

Q: Anything more to add?

A: You're welcome.

Posted by muddydog on 12/26/2014 at 2:48 PM

Re: “On Bigfoot's Trail

Having grown up in The Big Thicket of SE Texas and spending ALL my spare time as an expert woodsman... I find the most astounding part of the entire Big Foot Phenomenon is the fact that these ,"Experts" who are on the TV shows and go out into the night, are the biggest bunch of wussies I've ever seen. They honestly expect a wild elusive creature to bless them with it's presence as they cower in FEAR behind the simplest of noises and as soon as a Big Footed Thrush Bird snaps a twig... HEAR THAT??? IT'S BIGFOOT!!!! I just KNOW it is... Hahahahaha... Absurdity in it's most theatrical form. If they ever DID see one, they would $&!# and fall right back in it and then run away in fear!

My grandfather told me stories of how the loggers of the 1900 - 1920s, building the railroad trams thru the virgin forests of Texas and the Louisiana border in order to move the logs out, would watch a tall hairy creature stand at a distance, and watch the camp every evening at dinner time as the food was cooking. It would stand with it's arms crossed and watch, curiously, but would run away if the normal routine of the camp was altered to the point of focusing on it or if it was even slightly approached... Some wanted to shoot it as proof, but the majority of men knew what it was and always over ruled... If not for THAT story, from my own grand father.... I would be a scoffer too! But 1900 - 1920 was 100 years ago, and we have destroyed MILLIONS of acres of our forestland and to exist in what we have left for OURSELVES is as rare as seeing an alien from outer space!!!! Whup!!! Chewybacca LIVES!!!

Posted by Marvin Watson on 12/26/2014 at 10:55 AM

Re: “A Growing Wave

“The Inlander will have additional coverage of the new DOJ report as well as analysis from the city's outgoing police ombudsman in next week's edition. (JACOB JONES)”

I looking forward to reading the Inlander Article, hopefully it will answer some legitimate questions and will draw a comparison between what wasn’t accomplished between the Use of Force Commission Report and the COPS/DOJ Report.

Many things to cover in any article and here are just a few interesting things:

I wonder if the Inlander will take the time to find out what this recommendation involves and how it relates to the Guild Contract the OPO Ordinance and what has transpired since the UOFC Report.
Finding 8.1
The prosecutor's lengthy timeline to review deadly force incidents creates delays in the administrative review of deadly use of force incidents.
Although IA investigators initially respond to the scene of an officer-involved fatal incident, according to current policies and procedures, an administrative review of a deadly use of force incident formally begins after the county prosecutor has filed a letter of declination. The IA investigators who respond to the scene do so as observers and, while they maintain contact with the detectives conducting the criminal investigation throughout the SIRR team's investigation, they are not allowed to complete their investigation prior to the county prosecutor's decision.112 Based on our analysis, an ARP occurs on average 177 days from the incident. According to our analysis of the use of force reports, IA interviews with the officers involved occur, on average, 167 days after an incident. Although in most cases we found that officers were quick to pro­ vide interviews and statements to the SIRR team, on average within three days, the length of time before internal affairs investigators interview officers involved can create concern as to whether the officer can recall his or her decision making up to five months after the incident. This process has changed slightly over the past four to six months. IA investigators continue to wait until the criminal investigation is complete, typically within two months; however, they do conduct officer interviews (primarily witness officers) prior to the delivery of declination from the prosecutor's office. The entire IA investigation is compiled and forwarded for an ARP only after the prosecutor delivers his opinion on the incident.
Communities affected by these incidents have raised concerns over the timeliness of these investigations and the delay in holding officers accountable .113 these delays can raise questions of police legitimacy and transparency, and can create conflict between communities and police agencies.
In addition to community concerns, not reviewing these incidents immediately after they occur can place the department at risk. If issues in equipment, training, or policy resulted in the incident, the department lacks the formal mechanisms to discover these issues until the administrative review, which could potentially compromise officer safety. Also, delays in the administrative review could lead to delays in identifying deficiencies in training, which could also pose a liability risk for the entire department.
Although Garrity v. New Jersey (1967) compels an officer to answer questions from an internal affairs or investigatory unit, it also provides officers with the protection that their statement will not be used against them in a criminal investigation.114 Still, many departments continue to be reluctant to obtain Garrity statements prior to the completion of the criminal investigation for fear that it will interfere with and contaminate the criminal investigation and place the officer at risk for prosecution.115 Departments that have moved toward conducting parallel investigations establish guidelines and mechanisms to ensure that both the criminal and

72. CNA Interviews. January 26-30, 2014.
73. CNA Interviews. January 26-30, 2014.
74. Independent Review Board. 2011. The Baltimore Police Department: Police-Involved Shooting of January 9, 207 7. Baltimore: Independent Review Board. Police Department.pdf
Garrity v. New Jersey, 385 U.S. 493 (1967).
75. Independent Review Board. 2011. The Baltimore Police Department.
I wonder if this means COPS/DOJ may have identified some issues regarding current staffing allocations at the SPD given these recommendations. The last time any legitimate and independent staffing analysis was done was in 2007 by the Matrix Group

Recommendation 5.1
SPD executive leadership should hold meetings with their personnel to discuss the changes, the intended strategy, the reasoning behind the changes, and the impact of these changes and to reaffirm the department's overall mission.
SPD's executive leadership should work closely with the director of communications to develop routine communication methods on all changes to the department's organizational chart, policies and procedures, training, strategies, etc. These communication methods should be geared towards informing the organization as a whole and specific enough to inform those most directly affected of the changes and the potential outcomes of the changes. These communication methods should include department-wide e-mails,

46. CNA Interviews. September 2014.
47. Ibid.
48. Ibid.

roll call briefs, one-on-one meetings, group meetings, and meetings with supervisors. The SPD should also provide an avenue for officers to submit their comments and suggestions about the changes back up the chain of command, either directly through their supervisors or anonymously.
Appropriately communicating these changes with officers in supervisory positions is most important, be­ cause their continued buy-in will be directly reflected in how they communicate and reinforce the changes among the officers they supervise. The role and level of importance that supervisors play in facilitating cultural change within the department is key to the department's overall success, and supervisors must understand that their role can impede or encourage positive reaction to the organizational and cultural change of the department.

Recommendation 10.5
SPD should conduct a staffing analysis to determine if the department is meeting its operational needs and has an adequate amount of staff to ensure its continued mission, objectives, and community policing principles.
SPD should conduct a staffing analysis. This analysis should follow the workload-based model. This model will allow SPD to examine the "levels of demand for police services and matches that demand with the supply for police resources:'143 In addition to examining calls for service received, this model also examines other "operational demands facing the department" 144 (e.g., police activities league [PAL], community meetings, training) and makes staffing determinations based on these findings.


This is a real interesting recommendation by COPS/DOJ especially when you consider not only is it a current issues, but the use of Rifles by SPD was dealt with in the UOFC Report, and based on recent Officer Involved Shootings was never addressed.
Recommendation 7.5
SPD should update its rifle policy and provide officers with explicit and more detailed guidance on the proper deployment of rifles.
In response to concern over officers' use of rifles in incidents requiring deadly force, a number of police departments have re-examined their policies and procedures regarding rifle use. Changes to policies and procedures typically increase restrictions when deploying rifles and require greater supervision and communication. SPD should revise its policies and require officers to be aware of the number of rifles already deployed, announce the intent to deploy the rifle via the radio and receive an acknowledgment from dis­ patch, and use a two-officer team consisting of a single rifle carrier supported by a cover officer to ensure security of the scene.

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Posted by BRB on 12/26/2014 at 9:12 AM

Re: “State Supreme Court: Cop's confidence doesn't make it a DUI

Someone has some money or a really good friend who is a lawyer. Dang. 3 trials. I do not want to know how big his legal bill is.

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Posted by Josh Meckel on 12/24/2014 at 6:58 PM

Re: “MB: Stolen iPad returned, hospital penalties and Guantanamo Bay

"After community outrage, horrible person returns iPad stolen from disabled man to become slightly less horrible."

Do you bother to watch the stories you link to? The thief was arrested and police found the iPad. The horrible person is no less horrible.

Posted by James McPherson on 12/24/2014 at 10:25 AM

Re: “Cease-Fire

As baby boomers are growing older it's interesting to note that those of us who defied the law and chose marijuana over alcohol are now enjoying better health and less addiction than those who complied by the prohibitionist regulations. It was wrong of the federal government to force us to risk our freedom in order to protect our health! And it's wrong of the federal government to continue to do this today.

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Posted by jway on 12/24/2014 at 9:19 AM

Re: “St. John's Cathedral commemorates 100th anniversary of 1914 Christmas Truce

That brief day of peace of long ago can be seen in harmony with current Pope Francis encouraging our nation and Cuba to seek peace on Earth by reaching out to each other. Another pope, Benedict XV, suggested back then that there be a temporary break in the Great War that had been going on and in celebration of the birth of the Prince of Peace there be a Christmas truce.

Thought leaders of the belligerent nations wanted nothing to do with any cooling of the heat and hatred of war, the news got out and into the trenches and on first light of Christmas some solder, maybe a Dirty Hun (as propaganda painted all of those Germans to be) climbed out of his trench and started calling seasons tiding out across no-man’s-land. And then someone else did the same and others started singing in the familiar words of their own tongue to the tune of a Christmas carol everyone knew and the voices were followed by crossing to each side and exchange of good wishes and cigarettes and what they had brought peace on Earth among those who have had served all too much war.

Anything other than peace made no sense at that time of truce. And it never much did again for those in the face of being blown to hell in war as usual. In the following years came one disastrous tactical defeat for one side or the other, with one big one in the retreat from Caporetto for our Italian allies who thought they were winning, certitude was replace by doubt and a longing to just go home.

Finally after more years of war, there came an Armistice of leaders getting out of that war as best they could. And “The Farewell to Arms” by those more directly involved in the deadly and destructive inanity of it all. Thus came the title of a novel in which Ernest Hemingway painted in words the grim picture of the meaningless nature of war and he and others likewise affected ended up a lost generation in Paris disillusioned about all illusions that between life and death amount to nothing more than a damn game of war, war and more damn war.

Posted by Sam Osborne on 12/24/2014 at 8:16 AM

Re: “Cease-Fire

The Kettle Falls Five were just Stevens Country residents who owned a home within 50 miles from the border ( Homeland Security) so all that property is under the control of DHS not the state of Washington.
The sad fact that they had a hunting rifle and varmint .22 to keep them safe from the 4 legged predators that inhabit the neighborhood puts a different spin on this.
The law is specific about firearms.... due to the old crazy crack cocaine days of the 80's there is no room if you have even a piece of ammunition, much less a gun.
We need to change these laws that are there only to suppress the people and do nothing for real law enforcement.
Cannabis prohibition is neither a sin or vice, and the Harveys are not criminals....

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Posted by Rick Rosio on 12/24/2014 at 4:59 AM

Re: “Cease-Fire

they might be shocked at what happens

Posted by Richard Elvers on 12/24/2014 at 3:25 AM

Re: “Swipe right for love

This is a unique service started in Seattle.

Posted by jojo on 12/22/2014 at 9:28 PM

Re: “The Big Dipper continues on after a business partner breakup

He has always been like that try touring with him. . I'm suprised he doesn't get his ass kicked daily! !!!#

Posted by Buzzco on 12/22/2014 at 8:08 PM

Re: “The Big Dipper continues on after a business partner breakup

I too have seen this side of that pile!!!! He is like this in every affair!

Posted by Buzzco on 12/22/2014 at 8:06 PM

Re: “Face to face with Spokane's CIA torture architect

Enhanced interrorgation wasn’t [illegal] in 2001. And it’s actually not illegal now. It’s basically on hold because Obama temporarily stopped it with an executive order. Feisty Feinstein has gone back into millions of pages of information (that Dems have known for all these years! lol), cherry-picked it, put together some sort of prosecutorial brief, & then released it. That report is filled with instances of where they think things got a little out of hand and they had to be reported to headquarters. Sen feinstein is an expert opportunist. America remains the greatest country in the history of the world. We kick butt, Nazi butt, Russian butt, Iraq dictator butt, Panama dictator butt.

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Posted by Skyne on 12/22/2014 at 3:04 PM

Re: “Face to face with Spokane's CIA torture architect

Get em Sharon!! lol. You know you've gotten under the skin when a flaming lib "reacts". Although im not a guaranteed fan of any military, enhanced interrorgation (ie; waterboarding) worked & works quite well. lol. non-lethal. Flaming lib has a little bit of a soft spot. lol. [ Noun. an interrogation technique simulating the experience of drowning, in which a person is strapped, face up, to a board that slopes downward at the head, while large quantities of water are poured over the face]

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Posted by Skyne on 12/22/2014 at 2:33 PM

Re: “Game Changer

If you disagree with leadership, you are fired. This administration wants "yes" people. The administration hiring practices are clearly based upon who you know. Experience be damned.

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Posted by longlivenepotism on 12/21/2014 at 7:11 PM

Re: “Game Changer

Muffin-Tan Jan
Going to the Street Department?
Look out, boys and girls. The knives will be out.

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Posted by -?? on 12/21/2014 at 2:32 PM

Re: “Face to face with Spokane's CIA torture architect

Did he have this house designed to look like a mini-version of the Hoover Institute? Kind of a comical pseudo-Stanford style.

Posted by Zelda Krup on 12/21/2014 at 12:25 PM

Re: “A Second Chance

My belief is that if a child is capable of committing a crime like this, they should be eradicated. This type of callous and heinous crime is something that is instilled from a young age. The difference between right and wrong is a choice made in subconscious thought. Unfortunately, people like this don't deserve a second chance. They deserve to be terminated like the wild animal they are. For God's sake, we put down dogs for biting people. Until we humans learn that we are ultimately in control of our society and that our reactions shape the actions of others, we are doomed to allow others to act like beasts and receive "forgiveness" for crimes that deserve permanent punishment.

Posted by William Wallace on 12/21/2014 at 9:10 AM

Re: “Face to face with Spokane's CIA torture architect

Sharon, I am sure that the friends of Dr Mengele thought he was proper and respectful and tithed his church too... by the way is the Mormon church giving the money they tithed back to the victims they tortured?

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Posted by Rick Rosio on 12/21/2014 at 3:44 AM

Re: “Face to face with Spokane's CIA torture architect

Bruce Jessen is prosecutable under US and international law, whether he is an honest, nice and giving human being. It doesn't matter whether or not he is a US citizen, a father of a few children who attended District 81 schools, a psychologist, a member of the US Air Force, a CIA contratista, and an accomplice in torturer, all of which he is. He is prosecutable under US and international law.

And unlike this reporter, Bruce Jessen is a coward, hiding behind CIA secrecy agreements. I challenge Bruce Jessen to come forward and openly describe the role he, James Mitchell, Roger Aldrich and Randall Spivey played in the US crimes during the bloody US Iraq and Afghan fiascos.

(Spivey, former policy chief for SERE's parent organization JPRA, still runs CIA/DOD front organizations - including Center for Personal Protection and Security - out of the American Legion Building at Washington and Riverside in Spokane. Dial Mitchell Jessen Associates' former phone number and you will reach Spivey's operation @ 509-468-4128).

David Brookbank
Spokane Socialist Alternative

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Posted by DavidBrookbank on 12/20/2014 at 3:02 PM

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