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  • Apr 5-11, 2001
  • Vol. 8, No. 25

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  • The tao of t'ai chi

    It can increase strength, muscle tone, flexibility and immune power. It can reduce tension, depression, anger, fatigue, blood pressure and anxiety. Another fast-fix, miracle drug? No, it's T'ai Chi and QiGong and for a limited time only
  • Editor's Choice

    Spokane's Legacy Back in the mid-1910s, when Spokane was booming and civic pride was bursting forth, city fathers hired the now-legendary firm of the Olmstead Brothers to plan a park system for the city. It was the same firm respon
  • Editor's Choice

    What would it take for Spokane to become known as a good restaurant town? C'mon, it's not that far outside the realm of possibility. We love to talk about restaurants here at The Inlander, because, well we're notorious food hounds, but also
  • Olympia blues

    Who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep It's own appointed limits keep O, hear us when we cry to Thee For those in peril on the sea! -- William Whiting, "The Naval Hymn" Among themselves, members of the Washington State Legislature, both Republi
  • Good Answer

    Good answer pick: Suzanne Stone of Spokane The secret's out. Some of us here at The Inlander thought we were the only ones who knew about the DONUT PARADE on North Hamilton. But there it was on Suzanne Stone's ballot fo
  • Editor's Choice

    by Pia Hansen Can you name an attraction that's geared toward both adults and children, considered a great tourist draw (therefore a boon for the local economy) and an exceptional learning tool all at the same time? It's a science center, and we think it'
  • Imagination's circus

    Dreams are fertile fields for artists. In dreams, bodies are not limited by gravity. The familiar cuddles with the bizarre, and absurdity makes perfect sense. Bringing dream images to life on the dance stage is the territory of Momix, a
  • Ed reform - Still rich vs. poor

    President George W. Bush kept his campaign promises concerning education by attending to public schooling during his first weeks in the Oval Office. Bush's education plan includes traditionally Republican themes such as support for chart
  • Good Answer

    Good Answer pick: Ron Hall of Spokane Always on the lookout for tips on where to go for family fun, we noticed Ron Hall's ballot featured a lot of great local spots, especially in the family category. "I'm a golf course contractor -- we b
  • Icon and iconoclast

    Spokane is not exactly a hot spot on the circuit for cultural icons. We get the occasional musician, writer, politician, or activist who wanders through town on their way to somewhere else. But this weekend, one of the great voices of the
  • Everybody cut Footloose

    When it comes to the Broadway stage, Hollywood loves to take what it needs, but it seldom gives anything back. While film adaptations from plays and musicals are driving forces behind the movie industry's dream machine, it's rare for a s
  • Good Answer

    Good Answer pick: Jeff Johns Jeff Johns is a no nonsense kind of guy. The 25-year-old's ballot responses were to the point, but showed a wry sense of humor. His vote for "Best Philanthropist": THAT GUY WHO BOUGHT A ROUND LAST NIGHT. Spoka
  • Nose candy

    Movie topic trends tend to come and go. One of the current hot ones is all about drugs -- how they're bought and sold, how they're used and abused, how they can wreak havoc on people's lives. Last year the top drug movies were Traffic, the rea
  • In the year 2051

    The Inland Northwest will be known throughout the world for - Its Natural Beauty. People may put up with a lot to live here -- potholes, Nazis, low-wage jobs, that meth lab next door -- but there's a reason for the sacrifices we make
  • Editor's Choice

    Sure, it's cramped, dark and smoky. And it does get a might loud. But Ichabod's is a rock club, damn it. It's not pretty, but then again, it's not pretentious either. And it's one place where you'll never have to worry about running into
  • All you need is Love

    North Idaho might have a reputation as a bastion of all things white, conservative and close-minded. Yet when Laura Love showed up for her gig as part of the Festival at Sandpoint last August, the crowd went nuts for the dreadlocked African
  • Local briefs

    Grace bankrupt? Libby, Mont. -- W.R. Grace and Company, which used to mine asbestos-tainted vermiculite on Zonolite Mountain here, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a Delaware court on Monday. Asbestosis -- a deadly disease whic
  • Leave the car at home

    Did you know that for every 20 miles you drive in your car, you contribute one pound of carbon monoxide pollution to the air? Every day people all over the Inland Northwest fire up their trusted vehicles and head to work, school, daycare
  • Desert island discs

    Having recently been stranded on a symbolic desert island, these are a few choice selections that have helped soothe the isolated, inner savage beasts. The Cocteau Twin's Victorialand is guaranteed to tame the most ferocious soul. Wave a
  • CD Review - Nick Drake

    Originally released in 1970, Nick Drake's Bryter Layter constitutes one third of the recent reissue of his back catalogue. This trio has been re-packaged, digitally re-mastered, and enhanced with lyrics and additional photos. Drake died in 1

Best Of

  • Best of Recreation

    Best Outdoor Adventure Supplies - REI REI (Recreational Equipment Incorporated) is synonymous with the Pacific Northwest -- and it's the first place many professional as well as weekend hikers head for boots, gear and clothing. REI's drive
  • Best Italian Cuisine

    The hands-down winner in this category could be compared to a phoenix rising from the ashes. In May of 1998, a fire put LUIGI'S out of commission. "It was a long journey to get back," says owner Marty Hogberg. "We were out of business t
  • Best place to watch the sun set

    High Drive This category we did get a few smart answers, like "in my back yard" and "from my deck," but we're not sure you'd like all of Spokane to hang out in your back yard every night. Some suggested "from my bedroom" and others simply
  • Good Answer

    Good Answer pick: Tara Lee One voter in our balloting had a hard time looking past the artsy North Idaho town of Sandpoint. Tara Lee chose a winner from her hometown in almost every category. The Sandpoint resident loves the area so much
  • Best Person to Save the Davenport Hotel

    Best Person to Save the Davenport Hotel - Walt Worthy Walt Worthy is a businessman first and foremost. But as recent owners of the venerable Davenport Hotel have no doubt admitted, at least to themselves, it takes much more than a
  • Best Nightlife

    Best Movie Theater - AMC's River Park Square 20 Once again, the plush AMC 20 in River Park Square with its great sound, big screens and stadium seating you can stretch out in (heck, lie down in) gets to walk the runway with the crown for
  • Editor's Choice

    Let us be among the first to announce it: The official grand opening of the MAC will be Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2001! And here in the Inland Northwest, we can't wait. The museum began the renovation process in June, 1999, making way for 43,300 s
  • Best place to propose

    A Spokane Chiefs hockey game During the loud and festive atmosphere at the Spokane Chiefs games, you won't only hear the score called out over the loudspeakers. A lot of people, as it turns out, like to propose marriage to their significa
  • Best Shopping

    Best Furniture Store - Burgan's Furniture Oooh, nothing beats that "new furniture smell." Especially if it means your tattered, threadbare, dated, dog-haunted sectional is long gone, and in its place is a sleek, stylish leather couch or a g
  • Best New Restaurant

    Even though SAWTOOTH GRILLE has only been open since early August, Inlander readers have become loyal fans of the River Park Square restaurant with a unique atmosphere.
  • Best People

    Best TV Newscaster - Nadine Woodward, KREM Since 1990, when this Vancouver, Wash., native first joined the staff at KREM, Nadine Woodward has been a community favorite. Along with bringing the news into your living room every weekn
  • Best Touring Theatre

    Best Touring Theater Production of the Year - Phantom of the Opera It came and went just more than a year ago, but people are still talking about it. Phantom of the Opera, the Andrew Lloyd Webber, synthesizer-heavy, Beauty and the Beast tal
  • Best place to meet singles

    Church Okay, so there are a lot of wisecracks that leap to mind when thinking about going to church to meet that special someone. And there are probably plenty of people out there recovering from an overly strict religious upbringing who
  • North Idaho's Best Nightlife

    Like something plucked from an old Chicago neighborhood and plopped randomly in Coeur d'Alene, CAPONE'S (the No. 1 bar and live music club in North Idaho, as far as our readers are concerned), is perfectly out of place.
  • Best Food & amp;amp; Drink in North Idaho

    Best Locally Brewed Beer The population density might drop a little on the North Idaho side of State Line, but you'd hardly know it by the looks of all the excellent restaurants over here. And in the microbrewing department, North Idaho i
  • Best College Professor

    Best Prof. - Ann Teberg, EWU She teaches potential teachers how to teach. That's how Ann Teberg describes her job in the education department at Eastern Washington University. Still, this longtime teacher --and teacher of teachers --
  • Best Bartender

    Derek Hall is a little embarrassed. When asked how it feels to be named "Best Bartender" by Inlander readers, he ducks his head slightly. "I find that to be funny. There's a lot of good bartenders out there. I could name a good 10 of the
  • Best of Arts continued...

    Ever since the Texas trio of Martie Seidel, Emily Robison and Natalie Maines hit the big-time scene, country music has never been the same. Their June 9 concert in the Spokane Ar
  • Best Drive Thru Espresso

    What makes one espresso hut stand out from the zillion or so others that are out there? Furthermore, how does one such hut manage to repeat the feat year after freaking year? Speed? Great service? Co-owner Paul Jacob says it's no accident
  • Best of Family

    Best Daycare Center - KinderCare Though many of you answered this question with "grandma," "mom" or "home," the reality is that parents often depend on daycare centers while they are out earning the dough. Among those, KinderCare, which has
  • Best place to meet a blind date

    Starbucks Starbucks won with pretty close to a landslide as the best place for that scary, first, make-it-or-break-it date. There are certain advantages to meeting at a coffee house, such as the ability to quickly sneak out without ever m
  • Best Place to Climb

    Wild Walls Timon Behan made the mountain come to him. Combining 33,000 pounds of steel beams, countless sheets of plywood, just as many handholds and 16,000 hand-drilled holes in the wall, he set out to build a 40-foot, indoor mountain at
  • Best Athlete

    Best Athlete - Casey Calvary Casey Calvary is a name that will not be soon forgotten in Spokane -- or around the country, for that matter. This is not because a Gonzaga Bulldog jersey bearing his number hangs in sports stores everywhere,
  • Best Art Gallery

    The Lorinda Knight Gallery is the kind of place Spokane has always needed, but we didn't know it until we saw how vital and accessible a contemporary arts gallery could be. And artist Lorinda Knight certainly didn't plan to become a gallery
  • Best Birthday Party

    Even the people who work there admit the pizza is mostly for the adults. The main attraction is Chuck, or Chuck E., as he's known among friends.
  • Best pickup line

    How you doin? In this category, the winner along with the second and third place choices, are not exactly the most creative outbursts we've ever heard. For crying out loud, even the checker at Safeway says 'How you doin'?" while you unloa
  • Best Idaho Recreation

    Schweitzer won an undeniable edge over any other resort in our area, and that edge has been sharpened further since the resort came under new ownership. Though downhill skiing is the main draw -- along with snowboarding -- the

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