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  • May 17-23, 2001
  • Vol. 8, No. 31

News & Comment

  • The original kings of comedy

    Early in John Waters' 1994 movie Serial Mom, a hip teenage couple is shown digging through merchandise at a flea market. After a moment of intense searching, another character triumphantly presents them with a vintage acrylic painting. I
  • The Inland NW rocks!

    The geology of Washington state varies wildly from region to region, belying the great medley of events -- ancient and more recent, catastrophic and systematic-- that formed it. And in no part of the state is this geologic variety more evid
  • The good old days

    Would plays like King John and Henry VI, Part Two get produced anywhere on the professional stage if they hadn't been written by Shakespeare? (They aren't produced much as it is.) Lesser-known plays in the canon enjoy a kind of esteem by
  • Go, Napster, go

    Computer savvy music lovers know about Napster, the Internet music-sharing software. As I recently used Napster to get one of my favorite tunes, downloading the software made me one of Napster's 60 million members. Once in the club, I j
  • Low water mark

    Every summer, most of the people in the Inland Northwest go "to the lake" at least once. As the temperatures rise, lake and riverside cabins fill up with city-dreary tourists looking for a little sun and some fun on the water. This year,
  • Buried treasure

    To the casual observer, the hillside above Seventh and Bernard behind the CORBIN HOUSE is nothing more than a tangle of brush, pines and house-sized hunks of basalt. However, if you were to take one of the steep paths that crisscross the tang
  • Angling for adventure

    Maybe it's Mother Nature's fault. Gale force winds greeting area fisherman on opening day. Drought conditions threatening both fish and fisherman with low water levels and warmer water temperatures. Many watersheds receiving less than 60 perce
  • Citizen critique

    David Spade uses his usual trademark disdain for his subject matter -- in this case his own character, a kind of half-southern white trash, half-California rocker dude named Joe Dirt. He works as a janitor in a radio st
  • Make energy, not war

    Tax cuts for the rich, fuzzy-science missile defense, environmental standard rollbacks, assaults on workplace safety, a revival of nuclear power, eliminating salmonella testing of meat used for school lunches (an initiative that had to be qu
  • Tournament of lilacs

    For 63 years now, the residents of Spokane have viewed the Lilac Festival Parade as the ultimate local tradition. Children, parents, grandparents and friends cram the sidewalks of downtown to enjoy the pageantry of the marching bands, t
  • Two years too late

    On April 18, 2000, when Spokane County Sheriff's deputies arrested Robert Lee Yates Jr. on his way to work, the Serial Killer Task Force beat the odds. Only 30 percent of serial killers are ever apprehended, and they got the guy wh
  • Local briefs

    Faxed out? SPOKANE -- The Washington State Attorney General's Office has just won a case against California- and Delaware-based, also known as FaxID. This is one of the many companies that illegally broadcasts unsolicited faxes, ad
  • CD review-David Mead

    Sometimes there's a crazy serendipity that happens when we wait until the last possible moment to write the CD review every week. What usually happens is that we end up ransacking the big stack of promotional materials like an editorial gri
  • Born to shine

    Him who knows it, feels it." Quoted from the late Bob Marley, this statement invites us all to be united under the collective emotional umbrella that life and music offers our hearts to experience. Compared by many, not so much stylistically

Music & Film

  • Swamp Thing

    Any film that purports to be a fairy tale and has the gall to kick it off with the line, "Once upon a time..." had better be able to deliver the goods. Well, as Andrew Adamson, the New Zealand-based half of the Shrek directing team might say, "

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