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  • Aug 23-29, 2001
  • Vol. 8, No. 45

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  • From the ashes

    Art Bell may not know this yet, but one of the largest cities in Nevada will vanish without a trace in just a few weeks. It's a city filled with people in feather boas, glitter, slinky dresses and booze. And those are just the men. It's a
  • Right for the part

    Woody Allen has a cold. He's all stuffed up, a bit hoarse and is having trouble hearing out of his right ear. It's very similar to the cold he had a year ago when he was promoting Small Time Crooks. It's most likely some psychosomatic thing a
  • A knight's tale

    There's a moment in this show of Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe's that typifies its misguided mingling of the comic and the tragic. The heroine is apparently being led off to her death. With her fall will come the demise of the entir
  • Citizen critique-Princess Diary

    The Princess Diaries is a crappy movie. Still, I enjoyed it a teensy bit, partly because I had low expectations and mostly because the ingenue did a nice job of being an endearing 15-year-old klutz. I don
  • Saving Rock Creek

    Back in the days when I worked as a geologist, I remember realizing more than once how much the earth is a living organism, that it is not simply a carapace of ancient stone, but a living body that stretches, slips and slides, flexing and con
  • Tony's Pac 10 picks

    2 STANFORD The Trees are a wily bunch. They lost a lot to graduation, but they have a lot waiting in the wings, too
  • Resolving River Park Square

    By now, everyone concerned with resolving the River Park Square dispute knows that I want to mediate. Mediation can be a tremendous help to parties who see the importance of settling a dispute, but who are having trouble getting there on th
  • The Price of victory

    For Cougar Head Coach Mike Price, the 2001 football season can't come soon enough. After the euphoria of the 1997 Rose Bowl season wore off (about midway through the 1998 season), Price has been battling both reality and perception -- and
  • Roughing it

    Golf getaways offer not only the opportunity to experience different golf courses but also diverse locales. Of course, there are some great places to play right here in the Spokane and Coeur d'Alene area, but late summer and early fall a
  • Mozart goes native

    In the middle of the Kalispel Tribe's powwow grounds, a young man awakens, discovering that the monstrous serpent that had been pursuing him lies dead at his feet. As he takes in this sight, the sounds of a flute drift past him, growing
  • Local Briefs

    SPOKANE -- "What we need around here is a north-south freeway." That's been the refrain around here for as long as anybody can remember, but now it appears that someone is listening. Yesterday in North Spokane, ground was broken on the first
  • Discrimination on the firelines

    This summer, Kathy Hudak, 41, will be brewing barrels of beer rather than unhooking water buckets from helicopters for the Forest Service -- even though the agency has offered her a well-paying, seasonal job. "I'm not going to let the U.S
  • Burning questions

    The grassroots group Boundary County Concerned Citizens (BCCC) has landed a visit from one of the most sought-after thinkers on waste management, Dr. Paul Connett. The group hopes he'll be able to shed some light on the waste-to-energy pl
  • Another 90 years

    It's been a long, glorious and frequently turbulent journey through time for Spokane's venerable Lewis and Clark High School. This weekend, District 81 officials will cap the school's two-year renovation and expansion project by rededicat
  • A grand reopening

    In 1912, the intersection of 4th and Stevens was lined with diminutive maple trees and the occasional Model T Ford. The trees are now enormous, verdant and healthy; in a few weeks the streets will be skirted by more makes and models of cars
  • Gettin' lucky

    t's noon in Chicago as BARBARA MANNING and her band, the Go-Luckys!, crawl out of their beds and prepare to greet a new day of sound checks, instrument maintenance, eating and -- if they're fortunate (and this interview doesn't run on forever) -- a little s
  • CD review-Gillian Welch

    Last weekend I was showing a friend David Sedaris's book Me Talk Pretty One Day and found this choice, perfectly awful excerpt about the author's childhood speech therapist: "Here was a person for whom the word pen had two syllables. Her pe

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