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  • Oct 25-31, 2001
  • Vol. 9, No. 2

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  • Man of a thousand faces

    Halloween is less than a week away, so it's time to pull out all of the ghosts and goblins from our collective anxiety closets and put them on display. In recent years, Halloween has grown to become the second-spendiest holiday in Americ
  • Macabre music

    For Kendall Feeney, director of the contemporary chamber ensemble Zephyr, the decision to devote this Friday night's concert to the theme of Halloween was not only seasonal, but also artistic. "A Halloween-themed Zephyr was something I'
  • Halloween Events

    Blue Door Improv Comedy, Blue Door Theatre, in the alley at 122 S. Monroe. The Halloween show, Give Me Something Good to Eat 2: The Nightmare Continues, will creep you out on on Oct. 27 at 8 p.m. and Oct. 31 at 8 p.m. Tickets: $7; $5, students. Ca
  • El Dia de los Muertos

    It would seem that there is nothing that wandering spirits like so much as sugar combined with raucous activity. For instance, here in the United States, kids celebrate Halloween by dressing up as ghosts, running around in the dark and hitt
  • Cougs in the driver's seat?

    It's showtime in the Palouse. The curtains are up, and it's time for the world and Fox Sports executives -- whose network has failed to provide a live telecast of the last three WSU conference games while the Cougars were taking their spot a
  • Sins of the fathers

    In 21 seasons, Interplayers has done nearly 150 productions. Over the latter half of that span, in the last decade, I've seen more than 50 of them. This one -- the current one, Robin Stanton's production of Richard Greenberg's Three Days o
  • Terrorism chic

    In the weeks after the attacks of September 11, we have seen it. Guilt-mongering, hand-wringing, peace vigils, protests against globalism and American hegemony and even modernism itself. I say this reaction has been misplaced. If ever the
  • Scenes from a cemetery

    There is no denying the allure of cemeteries this time of the year. While people's thoughts turn more quickly to the imagery of Halloween -- the looming specter of a tombstone, the fleeting suggestion of a ghost -- there's something darkly se
  • Letters to the Editor

    tionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan in "Women and the Taliban," 10/18/01) would have gone unwritten and unheard in the Middle East. I am grateful to your paper for revealing the true lives of these f
  • Salt and pepper

    Ichiro for mayor. Despite at least one sign to that effect, the charismatic ballplayer isn't on the ballot. Soon, though, Coeur d'Alene voters will choose from two arguably more interesting locals for mayor. Current Mayor Steve Judy is
  • Local CD reviews

    Jupiter Effect The fusion of erstwhile bands Longview and Old Tale culminates in Jupiter Effect, featuring the Spokane trio of Dan McElfish, Nerek Neu and Armando Arguello. Their fiery amalgam of jazz, funk and rock is as pleasing to the e
  • Local Briefs

    SPOKANE -- It's the stuff cop shows are made of: Undercover government agents buying goods in a sting. This time, the agents are teenagers, their agency is the Spokane Regional Health District and the goods are cigarettes. Eight of 24
  • Little Voice

    In a matter of just a few years, Little Voice has gone from obscurity to one of the top cover bands in the area. How did they do it? It's no mystery to drummer and bandleader Chris Rieser. "It's taken about two and a half years to get th
  • Choosing a council

    Jeff Colliton vs. Cherie Rodgers -- District 3 -- Political fates are sometimes strangely intertwined. Take current City Councilwoman Cherie Rodgers, for instance. She was first appointed to the City Council back in February 1997 to repl
  • Kid RAWK

    There's nothing to do here." "No one cool ever comes here." "There is never anywhere to go here." Time and time again, I've heard those whiny sentiments come out of the mouths of my adult friends. It's funny -- they don't know how good they'
  • The state of the scene

    There's really no other way to say it. Live original music venues in Spokane --rock clubs in particular -- are at a premium these days. For as much as I try to put a positive spin on our various and ongoing local music scene agonies, it's h
  • Gorilla & Rabbit

    "After their two-bit stint at the San Quentin Petting Zoo, Gorilla and Rabbit rode the rails..." So begins the semi-mythologized biography of one of Spokane's most peculiar and entertaining original live music acts, the guitar and drums duo
  • The Panics

    "We're doing really well right now, and I have no idea why," says Bob Gallagher of local alt-country band the Panics. "I mean, we've been around forever." He's not kidding. Although known primarily as the "guy behind the counter" at Spok
  • The musicians

    All hail the performing musican. In an age when, increasingly, the music du jour is canned and preprogrammed, it's comforting to see so many folks out there willing to put in the time and effor
  • The King of Swing

    The King of Swing is one of those monikers that gets tossed around in movies and pop culture without much thought. But this week THE SPOKANE JAZZ ORCHESTRA pays tribute to the original King of Swing, Benny Goodman. The SJO has made a tra

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