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  • Apr 18-24, 2002
  • Vol. 9, No. 27

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  • Buzz Bin

    The Mighty Pen--Who would have thought that a weekend-long festival devoted to writers, reading and publishing would take off -- and take over -- downtown Spokane. But with crowds packed into venues like Mootsy's and the Lorinda Knight Gal
  • DVD Review-Vampire Hunter D

    The title's not the only obstacle that viewers will have to overcome if they want to enjoy Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. Anyone who has problems with violence -- particularly over-the-top, animated gore -- should stay away from the film. Bu
  • The Stuff of Life

    We can all leave it to the bakers and the brewers to duke it out over the particulars, but what we do know about the origins of civilization leads us to one inescapable conclusion: at some point roughly 10,000 years ago, humans said to th
  • Letters to the Editor

    Don't Hate Oscar--Cintra Wilson's "Oscar Rant" in the March 28 edition of The Inlander got me thinking. Hate, resentment and envy of rich, successful people is pointless, but not unusual. There have always been and always will be celebrit
  • Earth Day 2002

    In recent years, it seemed that the annual celebration of Earth Day had disappeared completely from the public radar. Well, that's not the case any more -- this weekend, the Inland Northwest is celebrating the earth as it's rarely been cel
  • Rock Star

    There was a time when all World Wrestling Federation superstar The Rock had to do to incite the adoration of 20,000 screaming fans was climb into the ring. These days, it's gotten much crazier. If he so much as appears on a video screen at Ma
  • Sign of the Bull

    When you visit Toro Viejo -- that's the original Toro Viejo on Second Street in downtown Coeur d'Alene -- you are immediately greeted by the friendly visage of a dapper Mexican gentleman, grinning like a Cheshire Cat. His name, you soon dis
  • Book Review-Down the Great

    After Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery, perhaps the greatest expedition in American history is the first running of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon back in 1869. At the time one-armed Civil War veteran John Wesley P
  • White Beard and All

    Okay, I'll admit it -- I have a little problem with the God of the Old Testament, who can be seen as a vengeful all-powerful deity, ready to zap unbelievers into kingdom come at the slightest provocation. And my trepidation was not helped
  • Recently Reviewed

    Toro Viejo--Coeur d'Alene's Toro Viejo is resplendent with bright wall murals, hanging plants, dark wood and rustic brick. The thoughtful lunch menu offers a good selection of dinner-y entrees at very reasonable prices. The complimentary chips and salsa m
  • Early Morning Edibles

    It's early. We know it's early because it's still dark out, the streets are surreally still and the birds aren't even up yet. The photographer and I are not fully awake and wondering how on earth we could have thought this assignment was su
  • Dark and Moody

    The fact that Rick Moody titled his most recent book of short stories Demonology should tell you something about how concerned he is about fitting into the mainstream. Moody's fiction, including the novels Purple America and The Ice Storm
  • Opening Films

    Italian for Beginners -- Lone Scherfig's romantic comedy fits nicely within Lars von Trier's Dogme 95 movement specifications (think The Celebration, The Idiots and Mifune) but stands well on its own. It's rude and prankish, but also smart as it partakes
  • Recently Reviewed

    Mizuna -- One doesn't have to be a vegetarian to appreciate Mizuna's inventive, fresh cuisine and cozy, intimate atmosphere. The restaurant began serving fish a little more than a year ago due to customers' requests. Entrees include your choice of a house
  • Undeclared War

    As waves of legislative hysteria roll across federal and state governments in the wake of September 11 and the anthrax incidents that followed, assaults on American civil liberties seem to have become the norm. And while protecting public h
  • Keys to Life

    It wasn't the thunder of Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture," the majesty of Bach's "Brandenburg Concertos" or even the thrills of Chopin's magical compositions that attracted pianist Margaret May Ott to her favorite instrument. No, it was the
  • Garden of Eatin'

    A few years back, the entire Olive Garden chain was infused with true Italian culture when the corporation bought a culinary school and restaurant in Tuscany. Some staff members get to go there each year for special training, which mu
  • Crash of Ideas

    You could feel it in the final ovation. Just as people tend to pull for the title character in Visiting Mr. Green, they're also pulling for John Grant-Phillips, who plays Green in the current Interplayers production. Those were some enor
  • Now Playing

    Alaska -- A solid natural history documentary that explores the beauty and harsh realities of nature in an extreme environment, Alaska is deserving of its 1997 Oscar for best documentary short. Gorgeous cinematography shows Alaska through the seasons, fro
  • Vine Dining

    For me, the best part of dining out has always been the wine list. Of course the service, cuisine and not having to clean up are all wonderful, too, but as an inveterate wine-drinker and passionate collector, it's the chance to sample an
  • Save Us From Ourselves

    On the issue of protecting the aquifer from the various threats it faces, Kootenai County Commissioner Gus Johnson has announced that he will support a process of cooperation "as long as the people who come here are from this side of Ritz
  • Inlander Picks

    Music Man for All Seasons THEATER--Nearly half a century after its inception, The Music Man still has a corny charm. You think Meredith Willson just got lucky with his first musical back in 1957? He worked on the book, music and lyrics f
  • East Meets West

    It's all the rage in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Trendy restaurants with attitude are serving up fusion cuisine. Chic patrons dine on lobster "margarita" cocktails of the succulent crustacean marinated in a cilantro
  • CD Review -Trail of Dead

    Smashed equipment, firecrackers, beer, blood, sweat and abandon in copious quantities. These are the signs by which -- in a live setting at least -- you shall know this band of heavy-hitting, guitar-brandishing miscreants from that mythical
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Throw the Bums... Back In?--Friday, April 5, was the deadline for Idaho residents to declare their candidacy for 2002 elected office, and 415 people signed up, say officials at the Secretary of State's office. Of those candidates, 67 are
  • Conventional Choices

    Expanding the Spokane Convention Center is an easy question for Shaun Cross: The state wants to give the community about $36 million for economic improvement. Do we take it, build a snazzy expanded convention center and shine up some cou
  • Paying Its Own Way

    Why hire dozens of staff, build many thousands of square feet and bond for millions of dollars for a convention center that would, at best, barely break even? Because, say supporters of the convention center expansion, the project could
  • CCX vs. RPS

    Perhaps the most damaging allegation, and one of the easiest for critics to fling, is that this convention center expansion plan is just another River Park Square. Does this expansion have the potential to dissolve into competing claims
  • News In Brief

    Belt-Tightening--SPOKANE -- The budgetary storm clouds have been gathering for some time, and they will soon burst: Spokane city administrators have asked all departments to prepare suggestions for trimming their spending by next week. D
  • Kids Getting Fat

    It's remarkable what a difference a year makes. Or for that matter, even a couple of months. In January, the Big Dipper -- which had over the past year been hosting live music shows for an under-21 crowd -- lost its cabaret license, and the
  • Follow the Money

    One might think that $96 million is a bit much for an expanded convention center in Spokane. One would be correct. In fact, only about $76 million would go toward the project being proposed, and the Public Facilities District would only

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