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  • Jul 4-10, 2002
  • Vol. 9, No. 38

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  • New Fire Strategies Needed

    In recent weeks, some politicians and some U.S. Forest Service officials have repeatedly misrepresented the conservation community's position on wildfires, home protection and fuel-reduction. It is our hope that this letter will clarify o
  • Breaching the Subject

    Elizabeth Grossman's new book, Watershed, the Undamming of America, begins with a success story out of Maine. The Edwards Dam built across the Kennebec River at Augusta in 1837 became the first operating hydroelectric dam in the country t
  • Himalaya General

    Ask writers about their work, and if they're being honest, they'll probably tell you that completing anything, even a short story, is an enormous task. The challenges posed by something as lengthy and complex as a novel are even more dau
  • Letters to the Editor

    Roundabout Way - In reference your "Round and Round" article in the July 4 edition of The Inlander, it is with no small sense of frustration that I see that Spokane continues to draw virtually the opposite lessons from what I've been tr
  • Stonegrill Sensation

    We decided to check back in on Jimmy D's after a pleasant afternoon at the lake recently. On Sherman Avenue there was a lively, happy buzz of summer tourists strolling and starting to consider where to have dinner. We arrived early en
  • Hangin' with the Lost Boys

    Standing outside a rehearsal hall, his Spokane Theatrical Group cast filing in, director and choreographer Troy Nickerson says it'll be obvious who's playing the title role in Peter Pan. Her name's Belinda Geren. "One look at her, and you
  • Council in Crisis

    Honk if you love the Spokane City Council. Okay, honk if you know anyone who believes that our City Council is doing a good job. No takers? Not surprising. After all, the latest data that I've seen had the council's approval rating at 8 p
  • Recently Reviewed Restaurants

    Pete's Pizza plant #2 - Pete's doesn't look like much from the outside. Or the inside either. But who cares? It's the calzones, dummy. Eat in or get 'em to go because they are huge, flaky and delicious -- possibly, the best in Spokane. The expansive selec
  • Book Review-Lovely Bones

    The Lovely Bones is a tale told from beyond what doesn't even qualify as a grave. At the outset, we learn where and how 14-year-old Susie was murdered (brutally), by whom and with what devastating effect on her loved ones. We watch her pa
  • Viva Knievel!

    Look, up in the sky! It's a biker. It's a glam rocker. It's Evel Knievel! To kids growing up in the 1970s, Robert Craig "Evel" Knievel was, in star-spangled white leathers and flowing cape, the wildest daredevil ever to throw a leg over a
  • Basque-ing in Boise

    Every year during the last weekend in July, Idahoans turn off their country music and set aside their cowboy hats to take part in a celebration that is old and European but nonetheless down home to Boise residents. In the capital's center
  • Buzz Bin

    O Author - There we were the other day, thumbing through our new issue of O: The Oprah Magazine -- quit snickering you punks... here in the Buzz Bin we like an occasional foray into the glossy world of women's magazines -- when we saw a fami
  • Starting Over

    July 1, 1991, is a day I will never forget. My foreign exchange sister and I were headed to Coeur d'Alene from Priest River to have my Honda CRX serviced. We never made it. In Rathdrum, a man driving a pickup truck failed to see me and drov
  • Speeders Beware

    They were sitting in the shade of a large maple tree, where the cars going north on Perry Street had no way of seeing them. A few drivers noticed the guy in a baseball cap, shorts and Teva sandals sitting like a slacker on the sidewalk, b
  • Healthy Living - Supplements

    With so many supplements on the shelves now, and new advertisements coming out every day, the glut of information can be overwhelming. Every supplement seems to have its own unique set of instructions. How does a conscientious consumer p
  • Rendezvous S'il Vous Plait

    It's that time of the year again, when Moscow, Idaho, asserts itself as a community with a deep and abiding love for great music. The annual Rendezvous music festival (now in its 19th season) was started by the Moscow Arts Commission in r
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Wisdom from Beyond the Grave - We were sad to hear about the passing of true crime author Jack Olsen, who died last week at 77 at home on Bainbridge Island. Over the years, we've interviewed him a few times and we were always impressed b
  • Finds at the Fox

    The first surprise for the painting restoration workers from New York this summer was that decades of tobacco soot haven't destroyed the Fox Theater's 71-year-old murals.
  • Old School Rules

    The Creeps -- lead vocalist Jon Coker, drummer Al Guest, guitarist Kory Kissell and bassist Larry Reiner -- specialize in something mighty elusive out there on the Spokane music scene these days: Fierce, elemental punk rock played balls-out
  • News in Brief

    Green Light to Burn - COEUR D'ALENE -- The Sandpoint-based activist group Safe Air for Everyone (SAFE) didn't get the result it had hoped for in court last week. SAFE is seeking to end grass stubble-burning in Idaho, and to do so, the gr
  • Energy Drinks

    You've seen 'em -- those crazy, criminally priced energy drinks in those trendy little 250ml cans cluttering up the specialty drink section of your local supermarket or convenience store. What's the deal? And what's with those goofy claims
  • CD Review-Vincent Gallo

    Vincent Gallo personifies unorthodoxy. The accomplished actor/model/writer/musician/artist/director has become one of few conduits for "pure" art in the last decade. He was a contemporary and friend of famed artist Jean-Michel Basquiat an
  • Just For Kids

    A hospital is a hospital is a hospital -- right? Well, not according to Joe Gilene, the chief operating officer and executive director of Sacred Heart's Children's Hospital. "First, of course, there are specific illnesses and issues in p
  • An ATM for Pills

    An innovative program that makes it easier to distribute medication to underserved areas is running smoothly in the Inland Northwest and may be extended if funding can be secured. The Community Health Association of Spokane (CHAS) opera
  • Healthy Living - Vitamins

    Their names alone could heal. If you've ever stood in the supplements section of your favorite health food store, quietly reading the labels aloud, you know what I mean. Black Cohosh Root, Slippery Elm, Colloidal Silver, Cat's Claw, Blessed
  • (Legal) Drug Pushing

    Turn on the television and watch the drug commercials promise to ease your every ill. ("Paxil -- Your life is waiting!") They're ubiquitous. Now imagine the drug companies' representatives stopping by your office to chat about the latest

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