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  • Jul 11-17, 2002
  • Vol. 9, No. 39

News & Comment

  • Permitting Permutations

    The Journal of Business ran an article recently that carried the headline: "Development Process Improves." Seems that after years of complaining that county and city bureaucracies act more as the ministers of red tape than as facilitators
  • Past is Present

    Lura Sheahan is excited about the Davenport Hotel. Of course, as the newly refurbished hotel's public relations manager, it's her job to convey enthusiasm from inside the historic building to the rest of the world. But despite the fact t
  • Book Review - Penny Arcade

    Back in 1998, two teenagers in Spokane created a comic strip sounding off on their favorite subject: video games. A few years later, Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins' creation had its own, much-visited Web site, and the two were actually
  • Traditions

    Why would anyone visit Pamplona, Spain, to get chased through the streets by bulls? Tradition, of course. That's the power of tradition: whether serious or silly, the place and the event become one. With the Davenport Hotel in years pas
  • Restaurants recently reviewed

    China Best - With an enormous menu that features approximately 150 items, generosity is the key at China Best. The "Wonderful Taste Noodles" ($4.25) lived up to their name to start the meal, with a heap of warm egg noodles topped with a perfect amount of
  • Letters to the Editor

    No Fast-Track Decisions - I am very concerned about soon-to-be decided fast track legislation. Everyone should be watching this bill very carefully. There are some very powerful people who want it passed, and they will probably do anyth
  • Getting a First Glimpse

    While the Davenport is booked for opening night -- all 160 rooms available have been reserved for July 15 -- mere mortals can still get a glimpse this weekend of the renovated and ornate treasures within. The public can tour the lobbies and
  • DVD Review -The Others

    The Others is stylish, atmospheric fun with a surprisingly deep foundation. It begins like a ghost story for children and quickly takes on all the ingredients of a good gothic thriller: creepy old manor, pale young heroine, mysterious serva
  • Davenport on Film

    The closest of friends - After our publication of Spokane's Legendary Davenport Hotel, we received all kinds of letters detailing people's individual memories. But around mid-February, 2002, we received one that led to a new ca
  • Sunday Driving

    Summer Sundays mean a reprieve from the regular routine. It's somehow not as imperative that you haul yourself out of bed for church, for grocery shopping or to hit your 9 am power yoga class at the Y. You can sleep in. Go fishing. Park yours
  • For Pete's Sake

    On a recent lazy summer day, the whole gang -- Buster, Skippy, Froggy, Lulu and Sid -- decided it was high time to pay Pete's Pizza plant #2 on Northwest Blvd. a visit (there are two more Pete's: one at 821 E. Sharp and one at 18219 E. Appl
  • Davenport on Film

    The closest of friends - After our publication of Spokane's Legendary Davenport Hotel, we received all kinds of letters detailing people's individual memories. But around mid-February, 2002, we received one that led to a new ca
  • What's Next?

    by Mike Corrigan Downtown Spokane is stirring to life. Long neglected, often subjected to short-sighted solutions for long-term problems, the city's heart seems to be pounding again. Walt and Karen Worthy's meticulous restoration of the splendid Davenport
  • Devil in the Details

    Ah, the grand old days of May, when all the convention center boosters needed was a few thousand voters to agree to their $96 million dreams. Now those dreams have come true, but reality is a bit rougher. Or at least slower. Despite gra
  • Penciling Out

    Remodeling projects are notoriously expensive, but $1 million a week still sounds like some kind of record. That's how much Walt and Karen Worthy were shelling out at one point in the renovation of the 14-story Davenport Hotel. So it's p
  • Opening Films

    Crocodile Hunter - Fans of the Animal Planet already know all about Steve Irwin. He's the genial, John Denver-esque Aussie often found teasing cranky pit vipers or wrestling willful alligators to the ground. In his big-screen debut, Steve rescues a wild c
  • Buzz Bin

    Safety First - Sometimes we get so caught up in the hoopla surrounding new movie releases that we forget all about keeping our readers safe. Fortunately, those nice folks at Avista have your back. Last week we ran a capsule review of the
  • Tunnel Vision

    Like canoeing the Little Spokane or camping at Priest Lake, riding the Hiawatha Bike Trail is quickly becoming an Inland Northwest must-do activity. If you have yet to ride the 15-mile trail, it's time to dust off that two-whee
  • CD Review-Patti Griffin

    Every now and then a CD comes along that's my new Favorite Thing. I play it at work, I play it at home, I make a tape for the car, I pack the CD around in my knapsack like a Berlitz guide book and the lyrics float around in my head like gho
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Talking Trash - Those orange-T-shirted youths picking up trash alongside the roads aren't convicts, so stop harassing them. They are, ahem, "exceptional kids who are getting valuable job experience," according to a Washington Departmen
  • Worthy Role Models

    We moved The Inlander offices downtown last fall into the old Chamber of Commerce building -- site of many a backroom deal, according to local lore. Out front there's an inscription on the building that always takes me back to the o
  • News In Brief

    Hamilton Cleanup Plan - SPOKANE -- For years, companies like the American Tar Company conducted operations from Spokane's Hamilton Street Bridge site, and for years industrial pollutants seeped into the ground. Ecological investigators f
  • I-90 Hootenany

    This weekend, the desert jumps to life as one of the Inland Northwest's premium blues festivals puts the "ritz" in Ritzville. That's right kids, it's time for the Ritzville Blues, Brews and BBQ Festival once again, a day-long cavalcade of
  • Repeat Offenders

    For the second time in a month, Spokane County is in trouble over the way in which it has developed its comprehensive plan. The Growth Management Hearings Board for Eastern Washington has ruled that the county is out of compliance with th

Music & Film

  • Brave New Radio

    If you're just about going out of your mind waiting for Thin Air Community Radio (95.3 FM) to secure its license and start broadcasting... man, welcome to the club. All I can tell you is, don't panic and be patient. According to Thin Air's
  • Gangster Rap

    Tom Hanks has won two best actor Oscars (for Forrest Gump and Philadelphia), proving that he's adept at both comedy and drama. He started acting onstage in high school, worked his way into television for a couple of years in the one-joke Boso

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