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  • Feb 27 - Mar 5, 2003
  • Vol. 10, No. 20

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  • Letters to The Editor

    Worthless Covenants -- My wife and I had a new home built by Monogram Homes in 1999 on East 15th Street. One of the main reasons we decided to build a new home in a planned neighborhood in this location was because of covenants that wo
  • The First Of Five

    Longtime readers of management guru Peter Drucker know that one of his favorite examples of leadership is the bond that exists between a conductor and an orchestra. Drucker's use of the analogy was informed by a lifelong appreciation of mus
  • Recently Reviewed

    Kafka Coffee House -- Located on the ground floor of EWU's Brewster Hall, Kafka is bright and cozy, with a burgundy color scheme, hardwoods, a fireplace and booths conveniently wired with data ports. The coffee (and yerba and chai) was g
  • Buzz Bin

    Musicals for the Masses -- The ink-stained wretches who live in the Bin (that's us) don't have jobs if we don't keep attracting readers -- and developing new ones among the younger generation. That's why we think it's pretty cool that Wes
  • DVD Review

    Well, someone finally got around to making the perfect science fiction film. They did it in 1927. And I just got to see it. When Fritz Lang's Metropolis premiered in Berlin, audiences enjoyed a two-and-a-half hour-long film. Two weeks l
  • Simply MJ

    Grow your own winter greens -- This time next year, you could be supplying your family's daily quota of salad greens without ever going to the grocery store. It's easy and inexpensive. You'll be harvesting tasty greens like spinach, m
  • Beer For Lunch

    While we normally utilize this space to dissect and comment on the offerings of various local dining establishments, this week we thought we'd throw a wrench into the works and talk about beer. Beer made at home. This winter, the Coeur
  • Ambience Ambush

    What's with this new cultural phenomenon of the surprise home makeover? Two of the most popular home design shows on TV are based on the premise that the best way to show someone that you love them is to lie to them, get them out of the
  • Dead Man Talking

    In acting circles, Kevin Spacey is known as a chameleon, smoothly switching from evil incarnate as the killer in Seven to bon vivant as the detective in L.A. Confidential to his current role in The Life of David Gale. This time out, he plays
  • Hit Me With A Hot Note

    Maybe you associate swing music with beautiful young people cavorting about in khaki pants in those Gap commercials. Or perhaps, with more historical perspective, you figure that all those boogie-woogie rhythms helped keep people's minds
  • Opening Films

    Bowling For Columbine -- Documentarian and savage satirist Michael Moore points his cameras and his tough questions at the subject of guns in America. Starting with the massacre at Columbine High School, he goes on to look at murder and
  • Where's The Gridlock?

    At last count, before the Monroe Street Bridge was closed for repairs, more than 24,000 vehicles made their way across the aged structure each day. I recall the morning following the closure. I drove north across the Washington Str
  • The Real Deal

    In the early days of American domestic architecture, no one had to worry about where to put the bathroom. Bathers used a pitcher and bowl or maybe a portable metal washtub and often bathed in the kitchen, for that was the warmest room in
  • Game Review

    I've got to admire Sony: First they take over the world with the Playstation2, and then they make a video game that tries to take over the world of movies. And even though The Getaway isn't perfect by either film or game standards, it is
  • Now Playing

    About Schmidt -- Jack Nicholson delivers a different-than-usual tour-de-force in this seriocomic road movie about a just-retired and just-widowed fellow who tries to make his aloof daughter see that she's marrying the wrong guy -- and get
  • A New Blue In The Valley

    by Cara Gardner If you get pulled over in the Spokane Valley this summer, the car in your rearview mirror may be an ice blue sedan, sporting the logo of the new City of Spokane Valley. Some of the officers in those vehicles will wear a different uniform w
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff Al is Left? -- It's not that catchy, but liberals who have long wanted to challenge the likes of Rush (who, as we know, is right), Sean Hannity and (fill in the blank) at Fox News are hoping a new radio network will give people a more ba
  • In Brief

    Last Whistlestop -- REARDAN, Wash. -- The Inland Empire Railway Historical Society (IERHS) has found a new home in this small Eastern Washington town northwest of Spokane. The train buffs who run IERHS on a voluntary basis have made the
  • The Soul Rebellion Wants YOU

    What the hell is NO-FI SOUL REBELLION? I can honestly state, completely free of all hyperbole and rhetoric, that this genre-defying two-man show from the weird side of the Missoula tracks is unlike anything you've ever experienced before.
  • Plumbing Problems

    by Pia K. Hansen Nothing gets your attention like a backed-up toilet, and that's just what public officials throughout the greater Spokane area are facing: the region's capacity to treat sewage is about to overflow. The city of Spokane's wastewater treatm
  • Dissension In The Ranks?

    Over the past year, the American intelligentsia has expended no small amount of cerebral capital in an effort to articulate, if not delineate, visions of empire. Whatever form a Pax Americana might take, it will almost certainly require expa
  • On The Scene - Mootsy's

    Another frigid night found me venturing toward the thriving metropolis of downtown Spokane to make another judgment about the vivacity of the nightlife in our bustling city. At first glance -- and if the lack of parking and abundance of ca
  • Perspectives On War - The Right

    In his Feb. 13 statement from the Senate floor (excerpted below), McCain said containment has failed and that UN policy toward Iraq has been a "moral failure" The United States' containment of Soviet power was arguably the
  • Debating Dolly

    by Pia K. Hansen Dolly the Sheep died last week. She looked like a regular Scottish sheep, but she didn't come into the world in as ordinary a way as she left it. The first of her kind, Dolly was a clone created by splicing a sheep egg-cell without a nucl
  • CD Review

    The overtones that you hear when the wind blows through telephone wires and downtown glass-and-concrete canyons. A dial tone, or the reverse signal of a utility vehicle. A sheet of metal falling. Electronic audio feedback. The click your
  • Perspectives On War - The Left

    In his statement from the floor of the U.S. Senate on Feb. 12 (reproduced in full), Byrd said he hears nothing but "haunting silence" from Congress on the issue of war To contemplate war is to think about the most horrible o

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