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  • Mar 6-12, 2003
  • Vol. 10, No. 21

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  • Buzz Bin

    We're No. 6! -- Remember that big cover story we ran last August on the Creative Class? Based on the principles set forth by Richard Florida in The Rise of the Creative Class (Basic Books, 2001), this elusive demographic includes not onl
  • Domestic Security

    Americans are feeling nervous. There's our antsy president trying to muster national and international support for a war with Iraq, while the North Koreans vie for attention with some real firepower, not to mention the sinking economy
  • Mom and Pop Fight Back

    Think about how you really shop. You're done with work. There's something you need, and you don't want to spend too much time searching. So navigating into one of the major streams of traffic on your way home, you settle into a barrage o
  • The Entertainer

    Auntie's should be packed to the rafters this Sunday afternoon for the appearance of best-selling author James Patterson, who is just beginning the tour for his newest soon-to-be-blockbuster, Jester. The bookstore scored a coup by gettin
  • Book Review

    Ever since civilization first formed, I'd bet there were folks intent on dropping out of it. We know about the monks of the Middle Ages, the hermits of Chinese poetry and, of course, the hippies of the 1960s. In his new novel, T.C.
  • Wild and Crazy Guy

    When a film's previews make it look like a one note comedy, it usually is a one-note comedy. This one's previews make it look like Steve Martin's Peter Sanderson, a divorced tax lawyer, meets up with Queen Latifah's Charlene Morton, an ex-con
  • Simply MJ

    QUESTION: I was wondering what to do with potted spring bulbs after they've flowered, faded and wilted. I've got a hyacinth and a daffodil (your basic grocery store floral department variety) and I hate to throw them out. Is there any
  • To Vote, or Not to Vote

    While others can't seem to decide what do to about a potential referendum on the strong mayor system, Councilman Dennis Hession has made a simple, concise suggestion. On Monday night, he simply asked the backers of the initiative to just
  • Now Playing

    About Schmidt -- Jack Nicholson delivers a different-than-usual tour-de-force in this seriocomic road movie about a just-retired and just-widowed fellow who tries to make his aloof daughter see that she's marrying the wrong guy -- and get
  • Pushing Envelopes

    The first thing you noticed was the delicacy. The works in Bradd Skubinna's first show at Lorinda Knight two years ago had an astonishing weightlessness to them, and from across the room it was hard to tell what you were looking at beyond i
  • Opening Films

    Bringing Down the House -- This all starts out looking like a formulaic comedy about a square white guy (Steve Martin) and a hip black gal (Queen Latifah). But don't be fooled -- this film soon becomes a fresh and funny story that relies
  • Shareholder Blues

    If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. It's true at home, and, as some are finding out, it's just as true in business. So, tired of waiting for a political action hero to take up their cause, ticked-off investo
  • DVD Review

    Nobody likes to talk about death. So when Oscar-hot American Beauty writer Alan Ball announced that he was developing a television series for HBO that was set in a funeral parlor, it was greeted with relative silence. However, after the
  • Catching Rollins in the Wry

    Henry Rollins gives great interview. Seriously. He's congenial, talkative, a fascinating study in survival, a guy who has seen the world and one who has left a unique and indelible mark across virtually all media -- music, literature, film
  • Recently Reviewed

    Europa -- Since 1982, Europa has welcomed diners looking for hearty Italian fare. The antipasto misto ($10) is always a favorite, with various combinations of tangy, marinated vegetables, rich cheeses and salty meats. The menu includes a
  • Letters to The Editor

    No Enough Action -- Last week's commentary by William Stimson, "Getting from 'Nay' to 'Yea' "(2/27/03), raises some interesting and insightful points. Unfortunately, author William Stimson seems to have missed mine entirely. He accurat
  • The Real Deal

    The west end of downtown Spokane is in the middle of a rebirth, with an influx of art galleries and the reintroduction of downtown living. Amid the changes, history has its place, as the neighborhood was designated the West Downtown Hist
  • The Comic Book Shop & amp;amp; Merlyn's

    At the southern end of North Division sits a simple building with blue trim and gold lettering. It says "The Comic Book Shop." Across the bridge, after the curve into downtown, Merlyn's, on the corner of Browne and Sprague, features supe
  • Minding His Majority

    When Senator Jim West (R-Spokane) ascended to the position of Majority Leader of the Washington State S
  • On The Scene - Sol & amp;eacute;

    Every once in a great while, fortuitous opportunities arise and present otherworldly experiences while offering a glimpse of life on a higher plane. Saturday night at Sol & eacute; was one of those times. The stripped-down, bare essentials are w
  • Taking The Plunge

    What happens when a mom and pop business really starts to succeed? Growth can be scary -- there's always the possibility that as you speed into the future, the wheels could fall off. Most people think lack of growth kills businesses, but to
  • In Brief

    Harsh Blow -- SPOKANE - Victims of domestic violence are beaten by relatives or lovers. But critics say Governor Locke dealt the latest blow to these victims in Washington state. The Governor's budget for 2003 proposes reductions of abou
  • CD Review

    Rainer Maria's newest album explores ideas of love, strength and loss, with Caithlin de Marrais's heartbreaking, voluptuous voice alongside brilliantly crafted lyrics that detail melancholy hope over robust, melodic music. Formed in 1995,
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff $100 million -- That's how much more U.S. consumers are spending each day on energy over what they paid last year at this time. A barrel of crude oil was at $36 earlier this week, up from $20 last year, and gasoline, flirting with all-ti
  • Humanix

    Back in 1986, Julie Prafke believed she knew what business customers wanted in a temporary employment service, and she didn't see those services offered by the leading firms. So she struck out on her own, opening a one-woman independent
  • Of Teachers and Tires

    Neighbors helping neighbors," that's what it says in bright white letters on the awning of the Alton's Tires store downtown. "Just two great guys who like to sell tires..." chimes one radio jingle. These are just regular people, trying to m
  • Book People

    by Sheri Boggs Moscow has the kind of downtown corridor that most small towns its size only dream of. Its Main Street is a "pedestrian priority" area with big leafy trees, plentiful bike racks and old-fashioned lampposts, and its town square is an informa
  • Mountain Gear

    Paul Fish started building custom backpacks in Bellingham in 1978. He called his tiny home-based company Mountain Gear. "It never did much," he says, "But it was fun and interesting. When we moved to Spokane in the winter of 1983, my w

Music & Film

  • Rez Unbound

    Jim Boyd has a great job. He gets to write, play, record and market his own music for a living. But he sure didn't arrive at that position overnight.

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