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  • Apr 3-9, 2003
  • Vol. 10, No. 25

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  • Whimsical Vision

    Tim Lord's art makes the everyday world seem desperately, irredeemably dull. His vivid, whimsical acrylics depict a half-mythical cosmology inhabited by fabulous goddess women with leopards perched in their sleek brunette up-dos. It's place
  • Letters to The Editor

    Stick to Singing -- I just wanted to respond to the events involving the Dixie Chicks. Since when did being an entertainer mean that you could use any platform to espouse your personal and political opinions? Being an entertainer is a
  • Optical Illusions

    In the gallery stands a column eight feet tall, ribbons of opaque plastic spiraling down to an almost classical base. The swirls of pastel and white, the subtle interplay of shadow and light, make the tower appear luminous and unearthly.
  • Recently Reviewed

    Quinn's -- Quinn's, well known for its exquisite dinner menu, is now open for breakfast and lunch as well. During-the-week offerings include both traditional morning grub along the lines of French toast ($3.95) and three-egg omelettes ($
  • Another Look At The Bush Plan

    by Robert Herold When President Bush's National Security Strategy of the United States was published after September 11, only two of its nine passages received much attention. And as the war in Iraq inched closer, the United States' move toward using pree
  • Odd Girl's Pleasure Dome

    Tim Behrens had a dream. But then he has a lot of dreams. He actually gets up in the middle of the night to write them down -- and then, after a lot of coffee and cell phone calls and meetings and discussing plans with subcontractors and m
  • Now Playing

    ** A Man Apart -- & & Genuinely gritty R-rated action from the director of Set it Off stars Vin Diesel as the most unsympathetic of DEA agents. With Larenz Tate and a bunch of bullets. (RP) Rated: R & & *** About Schmidt -- & & Jack
  • Buzz Bin

    From Wieners to Winners -- Just when we think we've safely put our Best of the Inland Northwest issue to bed for another year (with a loaded pistol and a lead blanket... ha! Kidding!) the phone calls start coming. It turns out that somewhe
  • DVD Review

    Don't watch the Three Colors Trilogy with blind American patriotic hopes stirring your imagination. The three films - Blue, White, and Red, by the late Polish director Krystof Kieslowski - are meant to form a trilogy based on the French
  • Being Watched

    & & Some plays indict us. And then they convict us. Lillian Hellman
  • Urban Forest

    Spokane is a city of trees. In the early days, great fanfare accompanied the planting of trees in our parks and along streets. It was a matter of civic pride. Today, when you read a tourist or economic development brochure for the quality of
  • Don't Blame The Military

    We were promised a war like none the world has ever seen. Our precision weapons, so much advanced since the first Gulf War, could do the job, could destroy Saddam Hussein's regime's ability and will to fight. Vice President Dick Cheney, o
  • Get Lit - Lynda Barry

    One Hundred Demons is one seriously beautiful book. If you haven't seen it yet, we humbly suggest that you put down this paper -- now --and go find yourself a copy. A work of what the author calls "autobifictionalography," One Hundred Demons
  • Wonderful World

    Spirited Away is the type of movie that begins the usual way: children are crying, trendy teenagers are talking on their cell phones, and adults are politely fidgeting in their seats. But the movie ends differently than anything I've see
  • Game Review

    by Marty Demarest Once the winter holidays have passed, the entertainment industries settle into a holding pattern. With any luck, people have become so addicted to attending movies, buying CDs, and playing video games that they'll continue to shell out d
  • King Con

    The first line of dialogue in this twisting, turning, puzzle of a movie is the kind that makes me want to get my hands around the screenwriter's throat and squeeze. "So, I'm dead," says Ed Burns in voice-over. And there, true to his word, is
  • Book Review

    by Marty Demarest Pattern Recognition is a departure for William Gibson, who usually writes about a plausible if frightening future. This time around, he has set his story approximately in the present. Among today's preponderance of advertising, media per
  • The Real Deal

    Sustainability is the latest buzzword in design and construction. But most people who really begin to look at design issues related to sustainability soon realize that far more than shelter is at stake. If one creates a sustainable syste
  • Bikes, Skis and Camels

    With any human pursuit, there are specialists and there are generalists. So it is within the world of outdoor endurance sports. There are those who specialize in one thing, such as running Bloomsday, period. Call them "specialists": one event,
  • Regaining The Garden

    Watching the chaotic aftermath of repression and war in Iraq hurts my heart. As an antidote, I conjure a vision of hope: a shimmering expanse of water and life that may once again grace the Iraqi desert. Until a decade ago, southern Iraq
  • The Real Deal

    Novelist Edith Wharton documented the lifestyles of America's emerging aristocracy at the turn of the last century. In her books The House of Mirth, The Age of Innocence, and The Buccaneers, she wrote of the social conventions and recrea
  • Recently Reviewed

    The Catacombs -- With only an understated sign marking the entrance, this pub is easy to miss. Don't, because it's a fun subterranean space with a medieval castle feel, thanks to massive oak beams across high ceilings, huge wrought iron
  • Cool And Sweet

    Quartetto Gelato means "ice-cream quartet," and it gives a good impression of the group. There is something of a stroll down a sunny sidewalk - probably in Italy - in their nature. Far from being an uber-serious classical music quartet,
  • DVD Review

    Judy Garland, look out. Eminem is going to put on a show. He's even got a girl around (Brittany Murphy) to keep things tense. Because as Garland and Mickey Rooney learned, the only point of getting together and putting on a show at all i
  • Time To Rebuild - America

    The decision to go to war to overthrow the government of Iraq will bring unreckonable death and suffering to that country, the surrounding region and, possibly, the United States. It also marks a culmination in the rise within the Unite
  • Simply MJ

    by Mary Jane Butters S pring has arrived! The budding, greening world outside awaits you. If you're looking for a reason to get outside, try a nesting and twigging expedition. Exploring a mall probably satiates the same nesting urge, but outside, the air
  • Staying The Course

    Spring awakens our senses to fresh aromas, tastes and colors after winter's somber tones. It's the perfect time to head to the lake and indulge in a leisurely dinner. And where better to do it than at Cedars Floating Restaurant on Lake C
  • Letters to The Editor

    Not Brainwashed -- I am a military member and, contrary to popular belief, I am not a brainwashed soldier who defends the ideas of our leaders. It is hard to give my opinions on the war in Iraq to civilians because of the uniform I wea
  • Simply MJ

    What would you do with an extra ten hours a week? That's a question many of us may never get to answer but would love the opportunity to figure out. Ten hours to spend on absolutely anything. Make your list. Write it down. Do possibil
  • Far Eastern Fare

    When I walked in the door, I thought I was back in Southeast Asia. The high-pitched, lilting songs; TVs in every corner playing Asian travel shows; servers in bright, short silk jackets scurrying around the busy dining room filled with a
  • Now Playing

    *** About Schmidt -- Jack Nicholson delivers a different-than-usual tour-de-force in this seriocomic road movie about a just-retired and just-widowed fellow who tries to make his aloof daughter see that she's marrying the wrong guy. (ES)
  • Buzz Bin

    Chomsky at the Bit -- Noam Chomsky has been called "arguably the most important intellectual alive" by the New York Times and has published more than 30 books on politics, human rights, foreign policy and corporate media. Ubiquitous U2 f
  • War And Words

    by Pia K. Hansen When the American invasion of Iraq was two days old, I was watching ABC news with my 10-year-old son. Being the child of a hopeless news addict with an admitted European bias can't be easy. The kid has grown up listening to my endless exp
  • So Long, Spokane

    Fiddling with her necklace and staring out the window, Jill Jarvis sits in a coffee shop on First Avenue, trying to explain why she'd never live in Spokane. "My life is elsewhere," Jarvis says. "I guess diversity is a real issue; it take
  • In Brief

    More Land for Lake City? -- COEUR D'ALENE - The Lake City will add 107 acres of riverfront property to its zip code if local developers are successful in working with city officials to annex two parcels of open land on the old Crown Mill s
  • Jamming Econo

    Mike Watt's off-tour daily schedule is typically atypical. He konks out early and gets up early -- like at around 4 or 5 in the morning. He spends a few hours in the a.m. biking it through the scenic ocean-side community of San Pedro, Cali
  • CD Review

    I know it might seem like a stupid waste of precious paper real estate to utilize this space for the purpose of bashing as opposed to praising (what a giveaway). But considering the sad fact that every time you purchase a CD at full retai
  • Too Strong?

    by William Stimson Through the 1990s, various local civic groups brought in experts to advise Spokane on how a community achieves success and prosperity. Daniel Kemmis, David Chrislip, Neal Peirce -- all nationally recognized authorities on what makes comm
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    -- Richard Perle, recently resigned chairman of the Defense Policy Board, in a PBS interview July 11,
  • Filling The Windows

    Window-shopping has always been a favorite American pastime. That's where you stroll from one interesting retail window to another, visually dissecting which one might be worth a visit inside to "acquire" some of that window dressing. In Spo
  • CD Review

    Demonstrating once again how he has won the minds and hearts of English majors worldwide, ex-Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus delivers eleven songs of melancholy mischief and euphonic meditations on independence, love, sexuality, breaking
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff Playing CEO -- Chris Kelly of the Entrepreneurs' Forum of the Great Northwest wants you. In "Silicon Valley 101," he wants you to jump into a new startup business. Best of all, it won't cost you -- of course, that's mostly because it's al
  • In Brief

    'Walkable' Spaces -- SPOKANE - Want to make your neighborhood safer for pedestrians? The Spokane Regional Transportation Council (SRTC) will hold a series of two-part workshops starting next Monday, April 7, and continuing until April 11
  • Fewer Studies More Action

    Spokane is a city with a split personality. Most of us feel fortunate to live here, yet there is significant public cynicism and anxiety. We live in a beautiful area with magnificent natural resources, affordable housing and an outstanding e
  • Where Are The Risk Takers?

    At the risk of dating myself, I remember Expo '74 and what a big deal it was for a small city like ours to host a world's fair. I remember my mother helping my sister onto the chair lift and then getting tangled up herself, dangling 15 fee
  • No Blank Walls

    Downtown Spokane's updated plan requires that glass storefronts be installed in all newly constructed buildings and major renovations. Why? About eight years ago, the City of Spokane and the Downtown Spokane Partnership embarked on a nationw
  • Battle of Bahgdad

    by Neal Gabler With the United States' much-hyped air bombardment failing to shock and awe enough members of Saddam Hussein's military or high command into surrender, many observers remain convinced that U.S.-led coalition forces will have to win their mi
  • Perfectly Imperfect

    They had to fight for the right to party. Last Thursday night, five local bands -- the Creeps, Rebecca's Tragedy, Scatterbox, Warmer and the Weirdhurt -- went one by one out onto the stage at Fat Tuesday's to do battle. The prize? Nothing l

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