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  • Apr 17-23, 2003
  • Vol. 10, No. 27

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  • Dancing To Beat Time

    Memory plays are tricky. When playwrights insert narrator figures between us and the action, it often feels as if the theater is trying too hard to be more like the novel. Long, flowery descriptions and internal monologues don't work so w
  • Sushi On The Lake

    It might be pretty risky to think about opening a sushi bar in a town where for years, raw fish usually meant "good bait." Fortunately, for the sushi lovers of the Inland Northwest, Takara came along to alter that perception radically. The
  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff Bend it Like Beckham -- More than anything, Jess (Parminder Nagra) wants to be a soccer superstar like her idol David Beckham. Her traditional Indian family wants her to lay off the soccer practice and take up her sari like a good future
  • Play Ball!

    National Baseball Hall of Fame April 7, 2003 Mr. Tim Robbins Dear Mr. Robbins: The President of the United States, as this nation's democratically-elected leader, is constitutionally bound to make decisions he believes are in the best
  • On The Table

    The timing of Diana Abu-Jaber's new novel, Crescent, is absolutely uncanny. Ten years after her debut novel, Arabian Jazz, became the first Arab-American novel to reach broad popular and critical acclaim, Crescent tells the story of Siri
  • The Spice Of Life

    When we go out to eat, we want something unusual -- something we can't make at home. Highly flavorful, intriguing ethnic foods are often just what our palates crave. These foods stimulate our senses and excite our taste buds. Spice, heat
  • Buzz Bin

    Lit Up -- It was a phrase we were hearing a lot over the weekend, in any number of variations but pretty much expressing the same sentiment: "This is renewing my faith in Spokane." What was this magical elixir? Was it a big new high-paying industry come t
  • Simply MJ

    Mary Jane: Surely there must be some, my farm crew and I thought. We searched the Web for ideas. We found suggestions in maga
  • Now Playing

    ** A Man Apart -- Genuinely gritty R-rated action from the director of Set it Off stars Vin Diesel as the most unsympathetic of DEA agents. With Larenz Tate and a bunch of bullets. (RP) Rated: R *** About Schmidt -- Jack Nicholson deli
  • Letters to The Editor

    Food For Thought -- Thank you for opening the latest issue of The Inlander with the first two opinion articles -- "Time to Rebuild America" by Jonathan Schell and "Don't Blame the Military" by Robert Herold (4/3/03). Both were thoughtfu
  • From Refugees To Restaurateurs

    When Katy Azar's parents, Najeeb and Najla, opened the first Azar's 23 years ago on the corner of Nevada and Empire, there was plenty of room on the local dining scene for a little ethnic diversity. "Spokane was definitely a meat-and-po
  • The Real Deal

    The Palouse is known for many things - rolling wheat fields, peas and lentils, deep fertile soil - but trees are generally not considered one of the area's specialties. That's what makes the University of Idaho Arboretum and Botanical Ga
  • Recently Reviewed

    Benjamin's Cafe -- Located in the middle of downtown, with its dining area looking out onto the Parkade Plaza, Benjamin's can seem like a welcome surprise even when you're just looking for some fries. The menu is restricted to breakfast
  • Book Review

    by Sheri Boggs One of my favorite Mary Oliver poems, "The Summer Day," ends with the lines, "Doesn't everything die at last, and too soon? / Tell me, what is it you plan to do / With your one wild and precious life?" It's something we all think about from
  • Shopping The World

    Let's face it, the Inland Northwest is not exactly famous for its ethnic diversity. On average, people are pretty white around here, being (perhaps) of German or Scandinavian decent. There is no Chinatown in Spokane, no Little Italy or Li
  • Iron Fist

    With two films coming out -- one this week, the other slowly around the country over the next couple of months -- Sigourney Weaver is proffering a double shot of her acting range. In the intimate indie feature, The Guys, she plays a sensitive N
  • Electric Dreams

    In the galleries at the MAC where artist Jack Dollhausen's work is on display, a girl about 10 years old, in shorts and a T-shirt, stops in front of one of the pieces. Her feet are planted in the circle of light being cast from the ceili
  • Tex Mex Tradition

    Before sitting down to talk about her restaurant, Aracelia Duncan places a mass of dough the size of a small load of laundry in a bowl and covers it. The dough is destined for tortillas, which Aracelia makes by hand six days a week. Even
  • Down In The Grotto

    The basement" does not usually conjure up images of excellent ambience; mine is dark, cobwebby and a bit spooky. None of these adjectives applies, however, to one of Spokane's newest dining establishments -- and Inlander readers' pick
  • You Break It, You Buy It

    by Robert Herold Despite the chilling demonization of war skeptics by the likes of draft-evader Tom Delay and his jingoistic Republican right wing, all should applaud the fall of Saddam Hussein. And most do, except for those who can't abide the possibilit
  • Persian Pioneer

    It's just a small yellow house on a busy corner near the hospitals, so small you'd hardly notice it. But inside is a feast for the senses - scents of garlic and cinnamon and other indefinable yet mouth-watering flavors combine with the v
  • DVD Review

    You just knew this one was going to get the full DVD treatment sooner or later. It deserves it, because there's a lot to explain via special features. The careful references to pre-1949 Hollywood animation, film noir and even the c
  • Meteora Shower

    Last fall, when Linkin Park released Reanimation, a remix album in which a variety of guest producers and performers created radically new versions of songs from the band's 2000 mega-hit, Hybrid Theory, it created some apprehension among l
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff One Job Created -- If you're wondering whatever happened to that One Spokane summit (sometimes known as the "poverty summit") from last year at this time, maybe you should just apply for the job. That's right, to keep pushing the dozens
  • Fussy For A Reason

    by Juliet Sinisterra As a mother of two young children, I have always believed in the importance of good nutrition. During both pregnancies, I monitored what I ate and included adequate amounts of protein and whole foods in my diet. Recognizing that good
  • CD Review

    Linkin Park has returned to the forefront of mainstream rock with a collection of familiar tunes on its latest offering, Meteora (Warner). If you'd forgotten the corporate radio anthems "In the End" and "Crawling" from Linkin Park's debut
  • Nice Segway

    by Cara Gardner Larry Lambeth is like the rest of us. He gets up for work in the morning like every one else. But there's something extraordinary in Lambeth's daily commute -- something revolutionary. Lambeth doesn't drive his car to work or take a bus. He
  • Food Fights

    by Pia K. Hansen Food fads and trends come and go just like fashion. One year, carbohydrates are bad. Then it's protein. Next it's meat, or butter, or margarine. And when it comes to what you put on your children's plates, there are even more myths and fa
  • It's In Our Hands

    by Cara Gardner If you've never celebrated Earth Day, here's your chance. Earth Day activities are planned all over the Inland Northwest, and most of them are free. Earth Day is a time to acknowledge and respect the natural world, but it's also an opportu
  • On The Scene

    I hadn't seen any of the bands on the bill before, but as I pulled up across the street from the Mercury Cafe Saturday night and was met by raucous sounds of sonic malice, I knew it must be all good. Once inside, I found the aural assault
  • In Brief

    Thin Air to be on Air -- Spokane -- If you listen to local radio, get ready for a breath of fresh air -- or Thin Air -- because Spokane's Thin Air Community Radio received its permit from the Federal Communications Commission to begin constru

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