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  • May 1-7, 2003
  • Vol. 10, No. 29

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  • Bass Legend

    The Lost Horse Writers Conference -- taking place on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille this weekend -- would be enough of a draw merely on its own. The facilitators include the likes of Rick Bass (Winter, The Watch, Colter), Mary Clearman Blew
  • Simply MJ

    Take a Kid Fishing -- Can you remember the first time you went fishing? You may even remember the first fish you ever caught, landing it with little skill, standing next to someone who patiently helped you reel it in. Now is the chanc
  • X Marks The Spot

    First it was called X-Men 2. Then it was shortened to the hipper X2. When it finally got its actual title, it was because the filmmakers realized that the word "united" brought deeper meaning and relevance to the story of tolerance between no
  • From Deadlines To Finish Lines

    They're gossiping about you at the Bloomsday office. Yes, you, Mr. Can't-Fill-In-a-Simple-Form-Correctly. Did you stop to think, even for one second, about the poor beleaguered people who have to process the entry you scrawled and posted
  • DVD Review

    The Truth About Charlie is billed as Jonathan Demme's homage to Stanley Donen's celebrated 1963 film, Charade (starring Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn), a romantic thriller in which no one is who they claim to be. Universal even went so fa
  • When All Else Fails...

    For the sake of discussion, let's admit that a strong argument can be made to build the convention center at the west end of Riverfront Park: To begin with, the city would save the cost of land acquisition -- a sizable sum -- while at the s
  • Odd Lovers

    Tim Behrens had a dream. But then he has a lot of dreams. He actually gets up in the middle of the night to write them down -- and then, after a lot of coffee and cell phone calls and meetings and discussing plans with subcontractors and m
  • Summer Movie Preview

    Don't let anyone tell you differently -- the movie business is all about making money. It's great if they let you make art, too, but money is the name of the game. And summer is the name of the season that takes in the year's biggest chunk of
  • Buzz Bin

    One Hundred Candles -- He's no longer with us, but there's no reason we can't throw Bing Crosby a great big 100th birthday bash if we want to. While Bing's birthday proper is May 3 (and back then he was known as Harry Lillis Crosby, mind
  • The Real Deal

    Staging - also known as real estate merchandising or decorating to sell - is a relatively new buzzword in the real estate business. Akin to retail merchandising or theatrical set design, staging is a way to create a mood that tells a sto
  • Recently Reviewed

    Catacombs pub -- With only an understated sign marking the entrance, this pub is easy to miss. Don't, because it's a fun subterranean space with a medieval castle feel, thanks to massive oak beams across high ceilings, huge wrought iron
  • Letters to The Editor

    Dear Corporate America -- I have had it with you. In light of the most recent display of greed and deception, (i.e., American Airlines), I conclude that until you prove any different, I am lumping all of you immoral, lying, old, soft,
  • Memories In Bloom

    When people ask me where I'm from, I point to the race tags over my door, bright paper numbers bearing the words BLOOMSDAY 12 KILOMETER RUN. I'm from Spokane. Seven and a half miles, 9 am, first Sunday in May: Be there, or be from Ellensbu
  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff *** The Good Thief -- A remake of Jean-Pierre Melville's suave 1955 masterpiece of effortless cool, Bob the Gambler, The Good Thief is a snazzy, cosmopolitan lark steeped in themes of fakery and duplicity, suiting Neil Jordan's wildly ec
  • Book Review

    by Marty Demarest DeLillo is one of America's most difficult authors. He regularly takes on major themes that, despite their prominence in contemporary life, are difficult to pin down and discuss, much less turn into a novel. His newest, Cosmopolis, is no
  • The Bloomsday Mystery

    Statistics suggest the average American is fat, more than a little bit lazy and jogs only when a downpour strikes between the 18th and 19th holes. And then there's the Lilac Bloomsday Run. "Bloomsday" for short. When you're famous -- like
  • Circle Of Life

    The most recent news about the universe is that it's probably donut-shaped. Of course, this isn't going to shock anyone who watched the Krispy Kreme stock soar above a plummeting stock market a few years ago, or anyone who has noticed th
  • Crony Capitalism

    What's the most exclusive club in America? How about the Augusta National Golf Club, whose 300 members withstood the slings and arrows of Martha Burk with nary a scratch? Or maybe it's the U.S. Senate, where seats go for as mu
  • Incredible Journey

    It was a race that makes the seven miles of Bloomsday seem like a trek to the kitchen cupboard in fuzzy bathroom slippers. On May 5, 1896, Helga Estby and her daughter Clara set out on foot from the offices of the Spokane Chronicle at Post
  • Now Playing

    ** A Man Apart -- Genuinely gritty R-rated action from the director of Set it Off stars Vin Diesel as the most unsympathetic of DEA agents. With Larenz Tate and a bunch of bullets. (RP) Rated: R *** About Schmidt -- Jack Nicholson del
  • On The Scene

    A new local music venue has sprung up in one of Spokane's forward-thinking epicenters -- Hillyard. Ray and Sam's has been open for only four weeks and has already managed to grab up a portion of the scene's business as well as to lure in n
  • Salvation University

    About 70 percent of American households donated to at least one of the more than one million charitable organizations in the United States in 1998. And everyone, no matter where they send their money, wants to know that it's being put to g
  • Building Bridges

    There is a certain event that occurs every year and has the effect of separating the "lucky ones" from the rest of us. The lucky ones are those who disappear -- at least for a week -- in hasty flight to points south, to places like Palm Spri
  • CD Review

    Rather than take the easy way through the accessibility door that was flung open to them with the surprise success of 2001's White Blood Cells, Jack and Meg White pull a fast one and high-tail it back to the urban ruins where they were sp
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff Sleeping with the Enemy? -- This is as rich as a scoop of French chocolate mousse -- scratch that, we mean freedom chocolate mousse. President George W. Bush is going to spend a night in France later this spring. After all the hoopla abou
  • & amp;quot;Welcome Home & amp;quot;

    For the second year in a row, I spent my spring break in Tijuana, Mexico, with a group of student ministers from First Presbyterian Church. I think I'm prepared for what I will see, experience, hear and feel. I've already seen what a lack
  • Mapping The Past

    & & Think of all the ways new technologies help us understand history. Geologists can determine the earth's temperature millions of years ago; archeologists can find out what early humans ate; botanists can discern wh
  • Only Connect

    She's about the most engaging paradox you're likely to find. Blessed with a sweet, clear voice, a kind face and a deep respect for the folk tradition, Dar Williams can also handle her incisive quick wit like a shrimp fork while fearl
  • In Brief

    Spokane Live! -- SPOKANE -- Remember the Dan Dickau song? Now the people behind that epic tune are involved in another media adventure -- this time on TV. LaunchPad Productions has joined forces with Fusion Media Productions to put on a ne

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