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  • May 22-28, 2003
  • Vol. 10, No. 32

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  • Big Ideas Still Matter

    by Robert Herold Democratic presidential candidates are off and running toward Election 2004. They would do well to learn from the failures of 2000. They need reflect on the incredible fact that Al Gore's campaign will go down in history as the only one e
  • Mad For Morels

    Rain starts to patter through the hemlock and cedar. Far off, we can hear thunder. We already have a milk crate full of bagged morels, but my uncle isn't willing to call off the hunt, and neither am I. Not yet. "There's this other place I w
  • Oh! Calcutta!

    A mark of cosmopolitan cities is the abundance of foods of many different ethnic traditions. Once when I was in Seattle, I had a sudden craving for chicken vindaloo. The reasons for my obscure but near-manic craving became more appare
  • Buzz Bin

    Shoehorning It In -- Some weeks there are simply so many things going on that we can't fit them all in the paper. Thus, the Buzz Bin becomes auxiliary article space. Here are just a few more noteworthy events coming up in the next few we
  • All In The Family

    In a business where most of the product that is spewed out each week is really pretty awful, where executives don't seem to have a clue about what their customers want, and where the term "remake" or "sequel" has become an everyday occurrence
  • Betsy's Turn 05/22/03

    If the saga of River Park Square and its troubled parking garage were a TV series, Betsy Cowles would be the star. But as the story winds down to its courtroom conclusion, it's still unclear whether she's the hero or the vi
  • It's Sweet For Sauer

    Kurt Sauer, one year removed from 16-hour bus rides with the Spokane Chiefs, is four wins away from hockey nirvana. And when a young man is 22 years old and can honestly say that winning the Stanley Cup as a first-year pro would rate onl
  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff Bruce Almighty -- He's got the power, as the music in that trailer has been pounding into our heads for weeks now tells us. Jim Carrey, in full-on Ace Ventura mode, plays a perpetually dissatisfied newspaper reporter whose bitching and m
  • Letters to The Editor

    Expo Daydreams -- I detect vivid fantasies about a downtown Spokane that never did exist and most likely never will, after reading "Empty Spaces" (4/24/03). Daydreams about the wonderful effects of Expo '74 leave out the fact that Howa
  • The Real Deal

    Carolyn Roberts built her own straw bale home and survived. Not only did she live through the experience, but she wrote a book all about it, called A House of Straw: A Natural Building Odyssey. Part memoir, part journal, and part homebui
  • Onward Christian Soldiers

    Despite the fact that the Big Brother busts of Saddam Hussein have crashed to the ground, Iraq's future is murky. There, people are more concerned with things like water and medical care than the abstract world of politics. But in the We
  • Grand Slam By Damn

    When I was 10, there was only one musical worth knowing, and it was about baseball. The hills may have been alive for some youngsters, but I just wanted to punch them in their lumpy Bavarian faces. Damn Yankees was the show for me. It had
  • Now Playing

    ** Anger Management -- When it comes to the story, the script and the direction, just about everything is wrong with this movie. Adam Sandler is a nice guy loser who is supposedly suppressing a bunch of rage. Jack Nicholson is his anger
  • Good Enough...

    by Donald Clegg It's scary to think that in a mere 18 months or so, our President-by-Florida-voter-fraud may ride the war wave to his first victory. It is our duty and responsibility as citizens to hold our government accountable for its actions, and boy,
  • Simply MJ

    Moving On -- Graduation. Commencement. Endings. Beginnings. It's more than likely you know someone who is graduating this month -- from college, from high school, or perhaps from kindergarten into a world of full days at school next fa
  • Recently Reviewed

    Far West Billiards -- This is much more than merely a prime spot to get in a game of 8-ball. Far West is an easygoing neighborhood joint with a good jukebox, good booze, friendly servers and interesting chow. The fish taco platter ($8) c
  • Game Review

    I'll be the first to admit that most sports videogames are either love-them-or-hate-them affairs. Sure they have television-quality graphics, with every league player and statistic accounted for, and the option to manage a team for longe
  • DVD Review

    The original Japanese title for Castle in the Sky was Laputa. The name was taken from Gulliver's Travels, and Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki used Swift's description of a floating island to launch his own playfully daring adventure tal
  • On The Scene

    When I think of a really great place to check out some blues, Coeur d'Alene doesn't leap to mind. But several blocks north of Sherman on Fourth Street, Capone's cooks up plenty of the blues. This pub has become an Inland Northwest hotspo
  • The Zimmer Appraisal

    If every court case is a work in progress, questions posed in depositions can offer a glimpse at where an attorney is taking his or her case. In the deposition of Betsy Cowles taken last month, Gary Ceriani, the lead attorney for
  • Harmony Valley

    Imagine for a moment what it's like trying to catch seven small rabbits on a full-size football field. It would go something like this: While you have one cornered, the six others take off in all different directions. When you have one ra
  • CD Review

    There was something elegant -- at least for a pop star -- about the way Madonna approached middle age. Helmed by the brilliant producer William & Oslash;rbit, her album Ray of Light opened not only dance music, but Madonna herself, to a certain sp
  • The 'No Surprises' Rule

    In the calculus determining the success or failure of the River Park Square redevelopment project, the stakes have always been higher than just the mall for the Cowles family. After all, their most prized possession, the Spokesman
  • Branches Of The Same Tree

    Even as reports that another wave of lawlessness in Baghdad is hampering relief and reconstruction efforts in the city and country, another storm is brewing over how the U.S. government is handling -- or not handling -- religious and humanit
  • Bedwetters No More

    This past December, Coldplay was in the United States playing a series of radio-sponsored shows. The English group had gone through this ritual once before - a way of saying thanks to the stations that have supported their music - roughly
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff Just Wondering... -- Did anybody really want to watch a mini-series about Adolf Hitler? Apparently CBS thought so, as they offered one up as a cap to their Nielsen ratings May sweeps lineup. I guess it might have had some "historical signi
  • Betsy's Turn

    If the saga of River Park Square and its troubled parking garage were a TV series, Betsy Cowles would be the star. But as the story winds down to its courtroom conclusion, it's still unclear whether she's the hero or the villain.
  • In Brief

    The Facts on Tax -- Spokane - Bill Gates, Sr., president of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, will be in Spokane on Wednesday, May 28, to speak on "Washington State Taxes: Reform Proposals." In collaboration with Gonzaga University,

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