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  • Jul 31 - Aug 6, 2003
  • Vol. 10, No. 42

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  • Mainlining Spokane

    At the Rocket Coffeehouse in the Holley Mason Building, actor Matt Davis, who portrays the young protagonist in Mainline, a new film being shot in Spokane, kicks back between takes to continue the game of chess he started earlier in the d
  • The Alpinist

    John Roskelley, a man who last year at the age of 53 ran the 7.5-mile Bloomsday course in a time of 47:50, doesn't do lunch. He hates wasting time. He's also not especially fond of slackers, hacks, ugly billboards, smoking at the fairgrounds
  • Sustaining The Notes

    In case you haven't been following the story closely: The symphony has folded. It's not coming back. One of the region's cultural lights has dimmed - likely forever. The musicians are already looking for other work. Many of them will lea
  • A Hole In One

    This three-year-old course on the Rathdrum Prairie has already earned the title of "masterpiece" from some visitors. What's even more dramatic than a 7,450-yard course (from the championship tees) in our own backyard is the fact that it's
  • Recently Reviewed

    Paprika -- Paprika is home to some of the most inventive dishes in the Inland Northwest. Even the appetizer list harbors intrigue. Included are fresh-roasted local porcini mushrooms with gremolata served over grilled toast ($8) and roast
  • Presidential Politics

    The implementation of the strong mayor system created a new position on the city council, that of city council president. Under the city manager-council form of government, the mayor basically served as president of the council, leading t
  • Rabbit Food Redux

    The year was 1986, the music was the Psychedelic Furs, and the food was the salad bar at Arby's. Ah yes, my friend Linda and I would pile into the ol' Chevy Citation -- a tumble of pink and black and glittering faux rhinestones -- and head do
  • Fly Us To The Moon

    Think of My Way, the musical tribute to Frank Sinatra, as a retort to His Way, Kitty Kelley's gossip-mongering 1986 biography. Kelley (a Spokane native) chose to focus on Sinatra's personal feuds and underworld connections while virtually
  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff Bend it Like Beckham -- More than anything, Jess (Parminder Nagra) wants to be a soccer superstar like her idol David Beckham. Her traditional Indian family wants her to lay off the soccer practice and take up her sari like a good future
  • On The Fringe

    Fringe Fest 2 is a multimedia happening that secures art by the people for the people. Fringe Fest 2 will feature the works of local filmmakers (including conSpiritcy by Spirit Skate Shop, Restricted by members of local band Half Inch Hea
  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff **** Dirty Pretty Things -- Dirty Pretty Things, from a screenplay by one of the co-creators of "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?" and directed by Stephen Frears, is a rich genre entry that turns the stuff of urban legend -- the misplaced h
  • Total Recall

    It's beginning to look a lot like California around here, and we're not talking about the 90-degree heat. Initiative politics have taken a serious turn south of here, where the governor is being recalled after a year in office. The Oct. 7
  • Frankly Speaking

    One of the biggest misconceptions about New York City dining is that it's expensive. While it's true that classy joints like the Russian Tea Room could set you back to the last recession, if you keep it simple and "of the people," you can
  • Rewriting the Comp Plan

    Councilman Al French, who wants to be City Council President, is quoted as saying that Ms. Arpin has made her case. He was referring to Counselor Margaret Arpin, who represents the developer who wants to rezone some parcels up at t
  • Recently Reviewed

    Cheddar Chad's Hot Dog Cart -- Eating on the cheap. Yep, we're all for it. Chad Rattray is the smiling face behind the hot dog cart on the southwest corner of Howard and Riverside (in front of the Bank of America). Every day from 11 am-3
  • Buzz Bin

    Staking a Claim -- OK, so it might be a little too late for all those Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans left hanging last fall, but Spokane finally has its own UPN affiliate again. KQUP-24 can be seen on Channel 47 over the air and on Channe
  • Now Playing

    *** 28 Days Later -- When animal rights activists break into a research lab and release the wrong apes at the wrong time, the world is thrown into chaos. An experiment in rage results in a deadly virus that turns people into bloodthirsty
  • Buzz Bin

    Alliteration on Tap -- The organizers of the Peaceful Valley Picnic taking place this Sunday, are having a heyday with the letter "P." In addition to pointing out that their event is a "power potluck" with plentiful portions of poetry, t
  • Now Playing

    American Wedding -- In the third and final (what? No more band camp?) installment, Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) need to get married. Fast. And not for the usual reason so much as the fact that Jim's granny is sick and
  • McCarthy Lives!

    by Robert Herold The display at Hastings greets the customer with the image of a slim woman, dressed in a slinky red dress set off by a stark white background. Meet Ann Coulter, whose photograph says all that needs be said about her latest bestseller, Tre
  • Two New Idaho Gems

    Thanks to its floating green, the 14th hole at the Coeur d'Alene Resort Golf Course is one of the most famous golf holes in the world. The floating green, however, has suddenly drawn worthy competition when golfers near and far discuss
  • Letters To The Editor

    Dump the Patriot Act -- The question that we all have to ask ourselves in America is this: Will the Patriot Act, with all its civil rights infringements, really deter another attack on the United States, any of her interests abroad, or
  • The Real Deal

    Back in 1997, planning consultant Jim Kolva and his wife, Pat Sullivan, a social worker, wanted to live downtown, but they couldn't find any residences for sale. "As an urban planner, I believe downtown is the heart of the city," he sa
  • Book Review

    It's easy to dismiss graphic novels as nothing more than souped-up comic books or perhaps alternate realities for Goth kids. They might be stunning to look at, and they might even have well-executed plotlines, but for the most part they
  • DVD Review

    Don't think I'm going all Oprah on you when I tell you that angels exist. But one winter afternoon, as an undergraduate nursing a cold, I met them. A friend brought a pair of them to my room. They stood magisterial -- flickering and insub
  • Book Review

    The most anticipated publishing phenomenon of the year, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, sold 8.5 million copies in a month and is already in its third printing. Millions lined up at midnight on June 21 to purchase the 870-page
  • DVD Review

    Julie's a popular high school girl from the San Fernando Valley who likes shopping, hanging out at the mall, "normal parties," and boys. Randy's an introspective rocker from Hollywood who's into rock clubs, thrift store duds, cruising Sun
  • Letters To The Editor

    Closet Commitments -- I was reading "Drawing a Line" (7/10/03) on my lunch hour today and it struck me how tragic it is that gay marriage is even an issue, with all our enlightenment, civility and what we call freedom. Our inherent rig
  • On The Scene

    When cruising the downtown scene, not many haunts can be considered an "old reliable." Fortunately, the Blue Spark can be counted as such. I've yet to have a bad night there; I'd be hard pressed to think of anyone who has. A great corner
  • CD Review

    With his partner in crime appearing in Spokane this week, it's a good time to give Waylon Jennings his due. Along with Willie Nelson, Jennings was the original outlaw of country music back in the 1970s. Jennings passed away last yea
  • Just For Kids

    Walking down the hallways of the third and fourth floor of Sacred Heart's east tower on a sunny Monday morning, it's hard to tell if the brightly colored walls, painted footprints on the floor, balloon animals and round windows are the se
  • Endangered Spaces

    Spokane's downtown Rookery block is still threatened by the wrecking ball, but at least the three historic buildings on the block are now officially recognized as both significant and endangered. Late in June, the Washington Trust for Hi
  • CD Review

    Say the term "crossover album" to a classical music lover, and you're likely to hear a terse comment about marketing. Say the same thing to a jazz fan, and you'll probably encounter an open mind. Jazz, after all, wouldn't exist without t
  • Making Sense Out of City Hall

    A group consisting mostly of city employee unions and ex-city officials has led Spokane into a predicament. The group's insistence on an immediate vote over returning to the city manager form of government means that on Sept. 16,
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff Pot Calling the Kettle... -- Here's a good one: Democrats plan to start running a TV campaign criticizing President George W. Bush for including false and misleading statements in his State of the Union speech about Saddam's ability to bec
  • In Brief

    Gateway Competition -- SPOKANE -- Design students with WSU-Spokane's Interdisciplinary Design Institute will compete at the institute's 7th annual Community Design and Construction Charrette for the best gateway entrance to the City of Spok
  • Cougars On Top

    Most NCAA Division I-A schools lose money on athletics, but the school with the smallest athletic budget in the Pacific-10 Conference recently enjoyed its second straight banner year on the balance sheet. Washington State announced on M
  • In Brief

    It's Your Money -- SPOKANE -- The city is getting ready to make the budget for 2004, and as part of that process Mayor John Powers wants to hear from you. If you're tired of potholes, think your local swimming pool needs
  • High Waters

    While we ski, scurf, swim and splash in North Idaho's beautiful lakes during the summer, most of us take the high water levels for granted -- that is, until Labor Day, when suddenly the water is siphoned down by the powerful force of the da
  • On The Scene

    Clint Burgess -- Living legend" is too tame a term to describe The hot nights keep getting hotter. Saturday evening at Club Soda was no exception. More suited as a sauna than as a live music venue, the oven-like room sweltered in the 90-degree heat. As us
  • Cynics And Strawberrries II

    Chris Majer was right when he wrote in The Inlander ("Of Cynics and Strawberries," 7/10/03) that the local press and the general public has demonstrated "a profound lack of understanding about the purpose, process, status
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff Tune in to Reality -- All this talk about gay marriage has us wondering: Don't the supporters of this change know that marriage is among our most sacred institutions? Don't they know that it's traditions like marriage that buoy us in the
  • Fire And Debate - Both Raging

    The 2003 wildfire season is in full swing, as forests have ignited across the West. The 16,500-acre Trapper Creek Complex fire has much of Montana's Glacier National Park closed and evacuated. The Fawn Peak/Farewell fire near Winthrop has been

Music & Film

  • No Surrender

    I remember first hearing about Pansy Division in the early '90s. It was only a decade ago, but at that time, the very idea of an all-gay, openly gay rock band seemed so -- subversive. They weren't just overtly gay, either.
  • A Touch Of Gray

    Living legend" is too tame a term to describe Willie Nelson. He's more of an icon, albeit an accidental one. But then that's the best kind. And as for all you whippersnappers thinking of following Willie's path to stardom, fo
  • Going Nowhere Fast

    The newest IMAX spectacle begins with a baby crawling along a beach and ends with a couple of guys on a go-cart track. In between it looks, sometimes with dizzying intensity, at the various methods we've developed to go faster, and then go fa
  • Bunkies in Barcelona

    The Manhattan-centric friends of Friends would probably hate the Euro-diverse friends in the light, likable French import, L'Auberge Espagnole. Cedric Klapisch's earlier features include the delightful When the Cat's Away, one of the great

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