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  • Aug 28 - Sep 3, 2003
  • Vol. 10, No. 46

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  • DVD Review

    If you're the sort of person who buys into a Samuel Beckett work based on the author's name alone, you may want to check your pretensions at the door, or stay away from Beckett on Film altogether. In a daring move, all 19 of Beckett's pl
  • Buzz Bin

    Private Parts -- We had no idea a simple five-letter word could be so offensive. After all, roughly half of the world's population has one, it performs several useful bodily functions and it even comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. T
  • It's Lunch Time

    Anyone can make a sandwich, right? After all, it's just two slices of bread filled with cooked, sliced meat, cheese and veggies. "At Picnic Company, making sandwiches is an art form," says Harmony Storms, one of the owners of the new ca
  • Fall Arts 2003

    To exemplify the diversity of the arts in Spokane, we picked five people from a variety of fields for our cover. We even picked another artist to photograph them, Don Hamilton of Hamilton Photography & amp; Film. Peggy Goodner Tan is the ar
  • RV Nation

    John Steinbeck had one. So did Charles Kuralt, Barbie, and the 1970s Saturday morning superhero, Shazaam! Even better, these objects of desire have romantic-sounding names that often hint at the motives of their owners: Pathfinder, Adventurer,
  • British Rule In California

    by Robert Herold In his televised counterattack against recall, California Governor Gray Davis accused Republicans of, once again, trying to steal an election they couldn't win at the polls. Republican Bill Simon said in response, "Let me ask Gray Davis t
  • Extending The Run

    In America, the theater is dying. Ensconced with our TVs and our videos in our cozy home theaters -- we even have screens in the backs of our minivans -- people just don't want to make the effort anymore to get off of the couch and pay good
  • Now Playing

    American Wedding -- In the third and final (what? No more band camp?) installment, Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) need to get married. Fast. And not for the usual reason so much as the fact that Jim's granny is sick and
  • Buzz Bin

    Semi-Tough -- Some guys want to knock heads so badly that if their team goes under, they simply set up another one. Whatever the cause of the Spokane Nightmare's recent demise, some 28 players and a couple of the coaches have jumped sh
  • The Other Mootsy's

    If it weren't for the curbside signage along Washington just north of Sprague, you'd hardly notice it. But notice it you should. I'm talking about Mootsy's North 9 -- just about the most happening little pizza-and-sandwich joint in the dow
  • A Decision (Finally)

    Late Tuesday afternoon, the Public Facilities District (PFD) held a highly anticipated meeting at the Arena announcing the location of the convention center expansion, also known as CCX. Since voters approved the expansion of the Conventi
  • Recently Reviewed

    Paprika -- Paprika is home to some of the most inventive dishes in the Inland Northwest. Even the appetizer list harbors intrigue. Included are fresh-roasted local porcini mushrooms with gremolata served over grilled toast ($8) and roast
  • Home Movie

    Two men, beige in clothing and temperament, one with a distractingly odd hat. Their Irish accents are thick, their comedy is broad, the backdrop's uninspired, and the two actors, confusingly, flash out of one character and into another, r
  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff *** American Splendor -- The real world of ordinary life as seen through the eyes of a cranky Cleveland file clerk who adores jazz and distrusts the modern world. With the adaptation of over 25 years of Harvey Pekar's curmudgeonly comic
  • Doba's Day

    Bill Doba has heard all the negatives about Pullman. Too small. Too isolated. Too backwards. Too... Pullman. Why, people ask, would a Pac-10 Conference football recruit choose to play in wheat-engulfed Pullman instead of, say, Los Angele
  • DVD Review

    A good subtitle for Michael Moore's Academy Award-winning documentary Bowling for Columbine might have been "Fear and Loathing in America." Moore, the schlubby genius behind the now-classic documentary Roger & amp; Me and the highly entertaining
  • Music Without Borders

    by Robert Herold High school music directors are amazing. They face students of uneven preparation and motivation, yet somehow manage to select and teach music that holds appeal for the more advanced student while still being playable by those with less t
  • Recently Reviewed

    In one of our recent capsule restaurant reviews, we listed the phone number of Riverview Thai incorrectly. That number is 325-8370, and it is located at 1003 E. Trent, the old Bayou Brewery space. Cheddar Chad's Hot Dog Cart -- Eating o
  • Letters To The Editor

    That Day Was My Life -- I picked up the recent issue of The Inlander, as I always do, anxious to check out the latest on what's going on in this great city of ours. The cover story, "A Day in the Life of the Inland Northwest" (8/14/03)
  • The Real Deal

    "To me it will always be haunted by my companions who have been there, by the books that I have read there, by the pleasure and the pain that I have felt there, and by a laughing group of bright, fresh faces, that have rendered it sun
  • To Fly

    When you see Winged Migration, keep an eye out for the segments filmed in the red rock wilderness of Monument Valley, Utah. With enormous jutting stone formations, deep channels and turbulent air conditions, Monument Valley doesn't seem par
  • Game Review

    Have you admitted to yourself how much the last two Star Wars movies sucked? You know how, if you like them at all, it's an act of indulgence? How you're giving George Lucas credit because, well, you invested so much in the series? Wheth
  • Now Playing

    American Wedding -- In the third and final (what? No more band camp?) installment, Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) need to get married. Fast. And not for the usual reason so much as the fact that Jim's granny is sick and
  • Cougar Preview

    You can tell by Bill Doba's face that something is getting him excited. It's likely that it could be the prospect of watching the 2003 Cougars play football, which they will do, for the second time this year, against Idaho this Saturday
  • Bird's Eye View

    Neither just a kid's film nor just an adult film, Winged Migration, the Oscar-nominated documentary about the search for food by birds all over the world, will make any viewer's jaws drop. Survival is the name of the game here. Although migra
  • Letters To The Editor

    Mural is Meaningful -- I saw the mural from the article "Off the Wall" (8/28/03) for myself in Hillyard. The Great Healer is extending his nail-scarred hand to those humans with life-destructive habits, offering them hope, healing and
  • The Real Deal

    Everybody needs a roof to shelter from the sun or the rain, but some people in our community don't have the roof they need. That's why Habitat for Humanity-Spokane chose "Raise the Roof" as the theme for its eighth annual fund-raising au
  • Goodbye Comp Plan

    Two years ago, following what was called the Horizons process, the City Council adopted a new Comprehensive Plan. It appeared that citizens had finally had enough of blight, sprawl and unplanned growth. They opted instead for a pred
  • High Tech Tip

    Technically, it's a little late to start your summer reading. But you can still start to read technologically. Electronic books, or ebooks, are a persistent dream of companies that want to make people's computers even more useful (i.e.,
  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff Jeepers Creepers2 -- "Jeepers Creepers, where'd you get those... aaaaaaggggghhhh..." Yep, the Creeper is back, and this time he's hoping to eat an entire school bus full of basketball players, coaches and the cheerleading squad. Directed by
  • Club Hoppers

    While most "big" things in the music industry (record labels, radio stations, media consolidation, music television) suck hot gravel and serve only to squash innovation, access and fun, big Northwest music festivals like
  • In Brief

    Dean's List Grows -- SPOKANE -- Monday morning at 9 am, approximately 1,000 Spokane residents squeezed into the West Central Community Center to sit in on a town meeting conducted by Democratic presidential hopeful Howard
  • Facelift In Hillyard

    The Hillyard neighborhood has been a bit of a stepchild for many years. Over the last couple of decades, a strong business district gradually gave up, with only a few bars and a handful of secondhand and antique stores sticking it out. Mo
  • Studying Overseas

    Paris, Florence, Madrid, Tokyo, Sydney. There are a wide variety of places for students to spend their parents' money while - at least theoretically -- enhancing their own education. Yet many American families have become wary of sendin
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff The Big One -- Mt. Rainier sure is purdy, but many of us forget that it's really a volcano. And over the past few years, scientists who study these things have come to believe the mountain may be quite unstable. The big fear isn't a rain
  • Campus Summaries

    Gonzaga University Hangouts -- Off-campus: GU students always frequent the local restaurants and stores just off campus. Favorites include David's Pizza, Sonic Burrito, and Pete's Pizza. And, of course, Starbucks, S
  • Goodbye Comp Plan

    by Richard Rush Two years ago, following what was called the Horizons process, the City Council adopted a new Comprehensive Plan. It appeared that citizens had finally had enough of blight, sprawl and unplanned growth. They opted instead for a predictable
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff Over by Labor Day? -- In recent years, Spokane County has seen remarkable growth in the number of voters who choose to vote by mail, or absentee. Just recently, county officials calculated that 50 percent of its voters have chosen to sta
  • Last Word In

    There they were, almost all five of them, dressed to the nines, lined up against the wall on those stackable cafeteria chairs with gray upholstery. On one side sat a huge yet miserable-looking plant. On the other, a crooked overhead-proje
  • Activism On Campus

    In Managua, Nicaragua, university campuses don murals with political slogans, demands for justice, pleas for change. At the London School of Economics in England, students hold forums to debate their prime minister's support for the U.S.-l
  • Stay Strong

    To decide what form of government Spokane should have, as voters are being asked to do on Tuesday, you need to boil down all the rhetoric to a more basic level: What do we expect from our government? It's a simple question tha
  • Off The Wall

    It's already plenty hot in the parking lot behind Victory Outreach Ministry in Hillyard. But the heat provided by Mother Nature is nothing compared to the heat the church continues to take for the mural it put up earlier this summer. Vic
  • In Brief

    by Cara Gardner and Pia K. Hansen Problem With Potlucks -- OLYMPIA, Wash. -- You might cringe when remembering suspicious dishes from potlucks in your past, but communal meals are a tradition. After all, the first Thanksgiving was a potluck, with natives a
  • On The Scene

    The promise of a little fun on the wrong side of the tracks lured me to the Comet on Saturday night. Located on the strip in Hillyard, this place was North Market to the bone. Picture for a moment, if you can, the evening's entertainment.
  • Who You Gonna Call?

    For any parent, a sick or injured child causes worry and stress. When it's 4 o'clock in the morning and the Tylenol has worn off and your child is showing symptoms you've never seen before, parental stress goes off the charts. The doctor

Music & Film

  • Take The Long Way Home

    Well, the dust had hardly settled in the recently vacated Sol & eacute; location at 175 S. Monroe (not to be confused with the even more recently shut-down-due-to-code-violations Sol & eacute; location on North Division) before something p
  • 'Welcome to the Monkey House,' The Dandy Warhols

    If you ask me, the Dandy Warhols are one of the hardest-working bands to ever come out of the Pacific Northwest. I mean, how many other bands would keep going after releasing four albums and still not getting their due from regional audien
  • 'From the Ashes,' Pennywise

    Not being a huge fan of punk myself, I was somewhat surprised to discover that that listening to Pennywise's latest album, From the Ashes (Epitaph), was far from a chore. The long-standing California punk quartet doesn't beat around the bu
  • Raised On Country

    BR5-49 was the telephone number of a used-car lot on an old Junior Samples Hee Haw comedy skit. And to the members of the alt-country band that would later co-opt the number to use as a name, it se
  • Leading The Blonde

    When I hear the words "Merchant and Ivory," most times I reach for my remote control.
  • Partners In Crime

    It's about time Sir Ridley tried his hand at comedy. Not that his films have all been all that serious. There are certainly pieces of Thelma & amp; Louise that are funny. Parts of the shamefully underrated Legend are made up of great little gags.

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