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  • Oct 23-29, 2003
  • Vol. 11, No. 2

News & Comment

  • Misanthrope on a Rant

    Mark Twain is screaming at me. I've been listening to what the author of Huck Finn has to say about our own Gilded Age and the current situation in Iraq. He's not happy. As we talk over the long distance, Twain happens to be sitting in s
  • Getting a Few Words In

    As we're getting close to the election, candidate forums and meetings are held in some part of town almost every day. Going to a few of them, you begin to recognize the questions - and soon after that also the answers. This election hasn
  • Taco Quest

    I did this so that you don't have to. Over the past few weeks, I've eaten tacos throughout Spokane. My mission was to find the perfect taco. What I found were so many good tacos that, were I inclined to conduct this experiment again, I c
  • Michael and Us

    Michael Moore is an angry white guy with a sardonic wit. He has such a disarming approach to getting at the root of a bad situation that it's often difficult to see what he's up to, at least initially. Just about the time he's lulled y
  • Taking A Tip From Newt

    by Robert Herold When a candidate leads with a list of campaign promises in the form of a "Contract," as has Tom Grant with his "Contract with Spokane," I immediately lock my doors and check my wallet. The last time a local candidate promised us a contrac
  • Recently Reviewed

    Paprika -- Paprika is home to some of the most inventive dishes in the Inland Northwest. Included are fresh-roasted local porcini mushrooms with gremolata served over grilled toast ($8) and roasted artichoke stuffed with saffron-potato p
  • Game Review

    The first Soul Calibur remains an incredible one-on-one fighting game. Players square off and try to beat the hell out of each other onscreen. It's slick and no-nonsense, which makes it addicting and fun. You can actually learn how to pl
  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff AMC Classic Film Festival -- It's the last week of AMC's homage to the greatest films of all time. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989, Rated PG-13) may not have been our fave Indy joint, but to some it's the only one that will do.
  • Letters To The Editor

    Dollars and Sense -- The poor STA says it is in such dire straits that they might have to sell the downtown Plaza. But rather than unload this property, they should look to other means of becoming more profitable. To do so, some combin
  • To The Sticking Place

    We fear what we can't see, and we don't know how to look inside ourselves. We're failures at introspection. At least that's the case with the protagonist in The Turn of the Screw (at Interplayers through Nov. 8), making this a thinking p
  • Buzz Bin

    Thin Air Takes Off -- Just a reminder to let you know that Spokane's first and only non-commercial community radio station begins broadcasting this Sunday. After years of blood, sweat and probably a few tears spent on the part of the sta
  • Now Playing

    Coral Reef Adventure -- Think of it as a way to explore all 1,300 miles of the Great Barrier Reef without the danger of shark attacks. Not rated ** Good Boy! -- Talking dogs are as unlovely a curse as rainstorms of toads. Cuter, yes, b
  • Go West

    Mayor of Spokane & & -- Jim West -- Spokane voters confirmed their trust in the new strong mayor system in September, and come Nov. 4, they can finish the job by choosing a qualified leader who can fill the office the way it should be
  • The Real Deal

    Behind the Corbin Art Center, work continues on the Corbin and Moore-Turner Heritage Gardens, two high-profile early 20th-century residential gardens on Spokane's lower South Hill. Crews have been busy this summer in the Corbin Garden, b
  • At the Ceiling of the World

    The images are of a Tibet that, thirty or so years ago, few Westerners even knew existed. But thanks to Brian Harris and other photographers like him, many of us now see pictures of laughing young monks in crimson and gold robes and know th
  • DVD Review

    Among the most enduring cartoon franchises ever, Scooby Doo has also been the most abused. In production just about continuously since the late 1960s, the big, brown talking dog has suffered through the indignities of an annoying si
  • In Brief

    Start Your Engines -- SPOKANE - We've seen the Segway and the Tango, both offering creative, environmentally sound alternatives to the gas-guzzlers most of us currently drive. Now there is another option: the Neighborhood
  • Go West

    by Inlander Staff Mayor of Spokane -- Jim West -- Spokane voters confirmed their trust in the new strong mayor system in September, and come Nov. 4, they can finish the job by choosing a qualified leader who can fill the office the way it should be. Spoka
  • CD Review

    Soundtracks are the ultimate mix tapes. You know, those tapes you'd make for yourself that featured all of your favorite songs by your favorite performers, in just the right order. Those tapes you'd make for a long drive that plotted the
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Times in Town -- After a long wait, the Seattle Times finally published its story on Spokane and the little parking garage controversy that just won't go away. Written by Times' veteran Ron Judd, the two-part article did a surprisingly t
  • Mayoral Pop Quiz

    By now, we've all heard the candidates for mayor go on and on about the usual issues: potholes, River Park Square, jobs. For a change of pace -- and in hopes of getting a little better feel for who these guys really are -- we decided

Music & Film

  • Add It Up

    For someone who in 1983 had just recently been released from the torture garden of high school, the Violent Femmes debut resonated like no album ever had before. While initially stunned by the raw performance and emotio
  • Beyond Bad

    Watch out, people. Here comes a big "important" movie, with a message telling us about how terribly people have been treated in Ethiopia, Cambodia and Chechnya. And in fact, most of what the film is zeroing in on is probably true: governments

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    • Pull that figure out from your dark behind?

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    • The Weed Queen needs to be uprooted.....and get off her munchies.

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