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  • Sense of Closure

    Their current catalog of titles includes, among other things, a full-color journey down the Columbia River, the only known mystery by celebrated Northwest poet Richard Hugo and a history textbook used by all fourth graders in the state of I
  • Recently Reviewed

    S.S. Beryl -- This place has been around since the late '70s and has built up a devoted regular clientele. The kitschy-cool d & eacute;cor works. Brass navigation aids are embedded in the wood and polyurethane tabletops while nautical lanterns fl
  • Buzz Bin

    Exit, Stage Left -- In recent months it seems there's never been a dull moment over at Interplayers. In addition to staff shake-ups and budget concerns, rumors were flying last week that Artistic Director Robin Stanton had left town. Tho
  • Mad At The Maids

    Why does parking dominate so much of our attention in this town? Steve Eugster filed a suit with the city over a parking ticket last year, and the River Park Square parking garage was central to the debates in our recent mayoral race. Is park
  • Cabin Cuisine

    The Porch Public House is tucked way back to the east of Government Way in Hayden Lake, on Miles Avenue near one corner of the Avondale Golf course. It's a new-ish (as of last summer) dining and drinking establishment brought to you by th
  • 5 Shows Worth Watching

    South Park -- This isn't the friendliest show on television -- it's an equal-opportunity offender that tries to push every cultural, political, and sexual button possible. A kid dies in each episode. Children discuss sex with a wit that b
  • Guarding The Door

    Playwright Kenneth Lonergan has remarked that in Lobby Hero (at Interplayers through March 27), he "was interested in writing about a situation where the deck is stacked against somebody... who's just trying to do their job and be a human b
  • Opening Films

    Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London -- Frankie Muniz plays the teenage secret agent, still plagued with debilitating shyness around girls. Quite frankly, we think this would be a lot funnier if he vomited, a la South Park's Stan, ever
  • 5 Really Bad Shows

    Emeril -- Nobody else on television is as irritating as this gnome of a chef who continually talks to his audience like he's drunk and horny. Instead of cooking instructions, he shouts unhelpful words like "Bam!" and "Pow!," and then -- e
  • Gifted Greeks

    Lysistrata is the ancient Greek comedy set in the middle of a war, with women going on a sex strike so their husbands will stop fighting. The men come home, all right, sporting huge erect phalluses. And you're wondering why the classics
  • Now Playing

    50 First Dates -- Remember Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray's insufferably smug TV reporter is doomed to repeat the same day over and over until he gets Andie MacDowell to fall for his unpleasant self? 50 First Dates is a variation on th
  • Homeless Help

    For thousands of people in Spokane County, there really is no place like home. Despite promising indicators of economic growth, Spokane County, at 13.7 percent, still has the state's highest number of households living in poverty, accordin
  • Game Review

    To the people who missed 1986: It might be hard for you to fully appreciate a game like Metroid: Zero Mission (for GameBoy Advance). It's not exactly a remake of 1986's Metroid. It's more like a retelling of that classic game. It has be
  • DVD Review

    For me, there was always something so recognizable about Alice: a girl who was bored by schoolwork and occupied by her nonsensical dreams, who loved her cat and who had trouble resisting substances that make you grow and shrink. As a chil
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    The Other Shoe Dropping? -- As Met Mortgage's reorganization continues to get more complicated -- is it a reorganization or a liquidation? -- local arts supporters are hoping the firm's troubles don't impact the Met Theater. A downtown ins
  • Confessions of a TV Virgin

    I have a confession to make: I've never really watched TV. Oh sure, I'd see episodes of Friends and The Simpsons on plane flights. I remember watching cartoons on Saturdays occasionally before I entered grade school. There are enough TVs
  • Spokane Syncopation

    At about 9 o'clock, polite conversation and the scraping of silverware on ceramic china slowly drowns in the thick-as-molasses plunk of an upright bass. A snare slowly pats in time, and gentle piano keys plink notes suggestive of warm Frid
  • Letters to the Editor

    Did the Time, Not the Crimes -- I've just read John Kerry's 1971 testimony to Congress, where he accused our Vietnam troops of widespread crimes against civilians. I was in the Central Highlands during that time with the 577th Army Eng
  • Channels Worth Watching

    VH1 vs. MTV -- Music videos may be one of the few worthwhile art forms to have emerged from the world of television. MTV established the genre and gave thousands of artists new ways in which to express themselves. Sadly, it's not a stati
  • Stick To The Plan

    We call them "Special District Authorities." We created them to deliver public services and projects that don't fall neatly under any particular governmental jurisdiction. Fire districts, health districts, utilities districts, sewage trea
  • In Brief

    Medical Emergency -- SPOKANE -- Hundreds of registered nurses and their supporters will picket outside Sacred Heart Medical Center this week, because more than 1,200 unionized registered nurses at SHMC have not reached an
  • Early Empowerment

    Despite its location in the basement of Liberty Park United Methodist Church, the space is open and bright, with mellow pastel walls and splashes of vivid primary colors peeking out from the shelves. Child-sized chairs, tables and shelve
  • Dr. Montessori's Legacy

    The Children's House is now the second preschool in Spokane to follow the AMI (Association of Montessori Internationale) philosophy, following the long-established Woodland Montessori School. AMI, founded in 1929 by Dr. Maria Montessori,
  • CD Review

    It's a jazz trio, but it is Keith Jarrett or Brad Mehldau on the piano? Jarrett's the one who hums as he plays, sticking closely to the melody on standards, making room for bass and drum solos, then concluding with a bright-spirited finis

Music & Film

  • A Shiny New Jewel

    Jewel's gone techno. Or has she? If all you've ever heard from the multi-platinum superstar are the songs from her fifth and latest album, 0304, you'd be perfectly justified in pegging the singer/songwriter as a beat-hap
  • Strong Silent Type

    Spiked with the bare-bones dialogue and the frayed-nerves action that have both made David Mamet famous and kept him from being a household name, Spartan poses question after question and situation after situation, keeping viewers guessing by

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