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  • Mar 25-31, 2004
  • Vol. 11, No. 24

News & Comment

  • Crime Pays

    Words to the wise: Never leave spent bullets lying around, because if a hurricane were to blow through, the winds could hurl a bullet through your neck and kill you. Always keep your dog away from firearms unless you want him to blas
  • DVD Review

    One of the great -- and largely unknown -- movies to be released during the 1970s was a Swedish adaptation of Astrid Lindgren's classic book Pippi Longstocking. Three sequels followed in this story of a rebellious little girl who is part s
  • Buzz Bin

    Game of Stick -- Usually a "game of stick" pertains to a friendly bout or two of billiards. But Indian tribes throughout the Northwest are familiar with the Stick Games, which were often used as an icebreaker between gathering tribes. NA
  • Speed Dancing

    March is the month when Americans turn their eyes to all things Irish. We guzzle our green beer, eat our yearly quota of corned beef and cabbage, and dutifully line the streets for parades celebrating a holiday that is little-known on the
  • Back In The Nest

    Poof and it's over." Gonzaga Coach Mark Few uttered these words Saturday afternoon, just as I was getting home from Kansas City. Eastern Washington University's season had come to an expected but still premature end, and now Gonzaga's seas
  • Recently Reviewed

    The Porch Public House -- The Porch's rustic yet sophisticated log cabin ambience is most inviting and compliments its Hayden Lake neighborhood. The menu resembles the Elk's in Spokane and is broken down into appetizers, salads, sandwich
  • Interior Images

    Lewis and Clark would have benefited from the skills of an official expedition artist. While Lewis was by no means a slouch with the ol' quill-and-ink - his journals are illustrated with many examples of the more than 400 species of flora a
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    The Anderson Center? -- When we caught up with Pastor Percy "Happy" Watkins this week (see Best Spiritual Leader in our "Best Of" section), he told us about the ongoing fundraising for a statue of astronaut Michael P. Anderson, the Spoka
  • Opening Films

    Jersey Girl -- Writer-director Kevin Smith eases up on his penchant for making outrageous movies -- the most recent was Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back -- and goes for a dollop of charming schmaltz in a story of a single father (Ben Affleck
  • Game Review

    After a respectful moment of silence, we move on to baseball. Each year, game companies glut stores with "updated" versions of the sports games they offered the year before. These updates aren't always improvements; often, they amount to
  • Letters to the Editor

    Bear Witness -- In regards to your comments in Q & amp;N and the film review of The Passion of the Christ (2/26/04), the absolute worst thing anyone can do in depicting The Passion is to sugarcoat it. If anyone has a problem with the violenc
  • Now Playing

    50 First Dates -- Drew Barrymore is cute as hell, and she has genuine sparks with a (surprisingly) sweet Adam Sandler. But neither of them brings any sense of character to this story about a relationship that must start anew each day due
  • In Brief

    Expansion Update -- SPOKANE -- The Public Facilities District gave a project update on the convention center expansion on Tuesday afternoon, and as expected, it didn't go down without a few fireworks. "We have a limited budget of $96 mill
  • It's All Academic

    What is it about Spokane and higher education? If it isn't one magic bullet, it's another. First there was SIRTI, which was supposed to solve all our research shortcomings, but it became a problematic business incubator instead. We wanted
  • The Nethercutt Effect

    Back in 2000, Congressman George Nethercutt's political career was at a turning point. As a first-time candidate in 1994, he had embraced the mission of limiting the terms of public office holders. He embraced it so much, in fact, t
  • Mediasaurus Rex

    To grasp bigness, sometimes you have to take out the magnifying glass. That's what media observers are doing retrospectively with a story that came out of Minot, N.D., in January 2002. The small town was hit with a rail-car leak of

Music & Film

  • Small Town Confidential

    Norwood, Ontario is home to all of about 1,500 people, yet this tiny Canadian town was home base for Three Days Grace, the rock band whose 2003 single, "I Hate Everything About You," is still in Billboard's Top 15 after p
  • 'Walkie Talkie,' Air

    In the jigsaw puzzle of music, electronica and America don't really fit together. While there are a handful of decent American artists creating decent electronica, it seems the States can never quite catch up with the electronic mastermind
  • Sweet Smith

    There's going to be some lively conversation taking place as people leave the theater at the end of Jersey Girl. My guess is that of the viewers familiar with Kevin Smith's past work, half will say, "Hmm, what an interesting turn he's taken."

Best Of

  • Best Of... 2004

    After counting hundreds of ballots, here they are, the winners of The Inlander's 11th annual Best of the Inland Northwest Readers' Poll.

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