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  • Apr 29 - May 5, 2004
  • Vol. 11, No. 29

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  • Keeping History Alive

    Three magnates from Spokane's golden years set their dreams in brick and mortar between 1888 and 1900, bringing to life three of the city's architectural icons. Each building steadfastly witnessed the birth of two new centuries, groundin
  • Now Playing

    13 Going on 30 -- Despite resemblances to many, many movies that have come before, this Big-like bite of bubble gum -- directed by Tadpole's Gary Winick -- is the kind of flawed but effervescent romantic comedy that soars on the chemistry
  • Jake's Take - City Living

    In my last article, I looked at neighborhoods in Spokane that would be cool to live in for people in their twenties. I found three neighborhoods -- Browne's Addition, SoLo (formerly known as the "Lower South Hill") and the Gonzaga/Logan are
  • Art on the Side

    You'll find the MAC Cafe in a secluded back corner on the first floor of Spokane's Northwest Museum of Arts & amp; Culture -- boasting the best seats in the house. From the chrome and frosted green glass tables and seductively formed plywood ch
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Kudos In Order -- At the Heroes of Health Care awards last week, Spokane's own Project Access was honored for linking doctors with the uninsured. The Spokane County Medical Society accepted the award, but countless individual doctors des
  • Mean Streak

    What kind of alignment are the planets in when two teen-oriented films, each of which looks on the surface like a real stinker and which were released just weeks apart, are actually darn good? Following hot on the trail of the edgy The Girl N
  • Getting a Handle on Them

    Great baseball nicknames have gone the way of the 50-cent bleacher ticket, but the colorful nicknames of major leaguers of the past have left a lasting legacy. Whatever happened to memorable monikers like Bob "Death to Flying Things" Ca
  • Take Two

    That damn little Dakota Fanning needs to be stopped. She first showed up in I Am Sam as Sean Penn's daughter, and transformed that otherwise serious film into a melodrama. Then she defined preteen anal-retentiveness in The Cat in the Hat
  • Letters to the Editor

    Correction -- The letter "Huffing and Puffing" (4/22/04), about proposed policy for wolves in Idaho, listed the wrong address for comments. Send to: U.S. Fish & amp; Wildlife Service, Western Gray Wolf Recovery Coordinator, 100 N. Park #320
  • DVD Review

    A great book can transport you to another time and place, seamlessly dropping you into a strange new world. This power is among the advantages books have over movies. But there are movies, though rare, that transport you in such a wa
  • Buzz Bin

    Ocho de Mayo -- You wouldn't know it from all the liquor-sponsored advertising plastering the windows of our local bars, but Cinco de Mayo is more than just an early spring celebration in honor of half-priced shots of Cuervo. In many com
  • Swingin' Into Summer

    What would summer be without the movies? Sure, you'd still have swimming pools, Otter Pops and vinyl car seats searing the backs of your legs like big chunks of mahi mahi. You'd still
  • A New Dem Day

    Two recent events signal a new development in Western politics. The first is New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson's call for a Western primary in the mountain states of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. The
  • Reclaiming the Past

    Say you're the adopted daughter of not only a celebrity, but one of Hollywood's most notorious icons. Say you also wrote not only a book, but a lurid memoir that simultaneously exposed your abusive mom while spawning the recovery movement o
  • Book Review

    With all the cynical talk of imperialism being alive and well in Iraq, it's worthwhile to see what the real colonial period looked like. For a jaunty tour of the 400 years that mark the rise and demise of the British Empire -- once
  • Opening Films

    Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius -- We had to laugh at one of the ham-fisted print ad campaigns we saw for this one: "He had a Passion... for Golf." Yep. Jim "Jesus" Caviezel plays 1920s golf pro and Masters tournament founder Bobby Jones, wh
  • Pocket Lint Man

    You remember Steven Wright: the standup guy who tells wigged-out one-liners, his face totally inexpressive. Johnny Carson had him on The Tonight Show, then asked Wright back -- this was unheard of -- just a week later. That was 22 years a
  • Recently Reviewed

    JoeCo Brazils -- JoeCo Brazils succeeds in offering Spokanites affordable gourmet. The shrimp rumaki ($7) appetizer was a great combination of sweet and salty and zesty. The prosciutto-wrapped scallops skewered on a rosemary sprig ($16)
  • In Brief

    Scouting for a New Place -- SPOKANE -- The local Girl Scouts are proving that they are always prepared for a challenge as they take on not just the renovation of an old building, but also a $2.5 million fund-raising campaign. The Girl Sc
  • Blame the Enablers

    For the past year, I've been studying and writing about the fanatics running the White House and the fools on both sides of the aisle who have enabled them to prevail. Bob Woodward has now given us a chilling behind-the-scenes look
  • Dirty Business

    Like many business owners, Paul Gisselberg did plenty of homework before venturing out on his own. A branch manager for Loomis Armored Car Service, Gisselberg knew about the parcel business. So when he heard that City Parcel, one of Spokan
  • A Million on the Mall

    Anyone who thinks the contemporary women's movement is dying, over or simply irrelevant will have to think again after last weekend's March for Women's Lives. More than a million mothers, daughters, fathers and sons converged on the Washin
  • Building a Background

    In 1873, James Glover established the first sawmill at Spokane Falls, staking his personal claim as the "Father of Spokane." Fifteen years later, he hired a fresh-faced young architect named Kirtland Cutter to design a grand mansion for
  • CD Review

    What does Bonnie Raitt have in common with Shaggy? For that matter, what could Willie Nelson, No Doubt, the Roots, Ben Harper or Eric Clapton possibly share? True Love, the new album from Toots and the Maytals -- that's what. After more tha
  • Keeping History Alive

    Three magnates from Spokane's golden years set their dreams in brick and mortar between 1888 and 1900, bringing to life three of the city's architectural icons. Each building steadfastly witnessed the birth of two new centuries, g

Music & Film

  • Open Your Eyes

    Teenagers are weird. Wild hormones. Unwarranted angst. High school. Boys. Girls. Boys or girls? The keys to Mom and Dad's car. The backseat of Mom and Dad's car. But for 500 to 1,000 Spokane adolescents, teenage life isn
  • A Thinking Man's Action Hero

    In adoring fan circles, Aussie actor Hugh Jackman (aka Wolverine in the X-Men series) is regarded as a hunk. Members of other circles such as agents, directors and, producers, refer to him as an extremely talented hunk. Both of those attribut

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    • The Weed Queen needs to be uprooted.....and get off her munchies.

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    • Awesome read! "People" are TRULY ignorant..... such closed-mindedness...... I saw a sign earlier today that…

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    • We live in a country where some advocate personhood for inanimate objects, but not for…

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