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  • Jun 10-16, 2004
  • Vol. 11, No. 35

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  • Recently Reviewed

    Rock City Grill -- Rock City took over the spot vacated by Chevy's at River Park Square late last year and toned down the d & eacute;cor a bit with deep earth pigments and dark stained wood. The wood-fired oven pumps out pizzas and calzones and t
  • How to Grow a Giant Pumpkin

    Some call it a hobby; others say it's a sport. In the mid-1980s, the biggest pumpkins on record were about 400 pounds. Two years ago, however, an Oregon grower set a new world record with a 1,385-pounder. (Yes, these people are trul
  • Summertime is Wine Time

    At some point, I know the summer's begun when I've switched to white wine for several bottles in a row. Of course, there are other changes as well. The Farmers' Market at First and Division opens. New leafy greens, pea sprouts, asparagus
  • Eight Summer Video Rentals

    Psycho Beach Party -- Not only does the title live up to expectations -- there is a psycho, plenty of skin 'n' sand, and a party complete with dance-off -- but it also has plenty of goofy adult humor, courtesy of drag queen Charles Busch,
  • 20 Holes of Hell

    There are golf holes, and then there are golf hells. Let's call this article for what it is: 18 Holes of Hell, Plus 2. There are 20 golf courses in the Spokane-Coeur d'Alene area that have 18 holes and are open to the general public, and
  • How to Become Canadian

    In the current political climate, many Americans gaze with covert longing toward our northern border. After all, you don't hear about terrorists plotting to kill Canadians, do you? When was the last time anyone held an anti-Canadian prot
  • Now Playing

    13 Going on 30 -- Despite resemblances to many, many movies that have come before, this Big-like bite of bubble gum -- directed by Tadpole's Gary Winick -- is the kind of flawed but effervescent romantic comedy that soars on the chemistry
  • How to Find Cassiopeia

    Whether you're trying to impress someone or are tired of only being able to see the Big and Little Dippers when contemplating the night sky, knowing how to find a constellation is a good thing. Cassiopeia is easy to find because it's shape
  • Reinvent Yourself Through Recreation

    For some reason a majority of adults think playing is just for kids. In fact, most of the people we interviewed for our On the Street question this week, ("How will you spend your time this summer?"), responded by exclaiming how much work
  • Sheri's Summer Checklist

    Relive 1977 -- Who could forget the Summer of '77? For me, it was the summer of my best friend moving away and the summer of playing Barbies in the driveway until the sun went down. It was the summer I first read a Lloyd Alexander book, the
  • Hit the Open Road

    Every time we do this road trip thing in our summer guide, some well-intentioned resort owner calls to yell at us for picking drives "that don't go anywhere... just through a bunch of desert to see nothing." Respectfully, we reply "Dude, you'
  • Deep Secrets

    This past winter, Spokane resident Guy Zajonc was in his car starting an eight-hour round-trip drive from Tampa to Jacksonville to meet the research vessel Odyssey Explorer when his cell phone rang. The co-founders of the company he was wo
  • Follow the Fur Trappers' Footsteps

    It's a bit of a stretch, but you could say this place we call home is here because 19th-century English dandies liked really soft hats.
  • Oh, Bite Me -- It's Fun!

    As far as put-downs go, "bite me" isn't very antagonistic, really. This catch-all retort -- derived from its antecedent, "eat me," and popularized by those robotic rapscallions, Tom and Crow, of Mystery Science Theater 3000 -- is certainly
  • Overcome Fear of Bears by Pitching a tent

    It's something I say I'll do at the end of every spring -- when the air clears of pollen and smells of barbecue, when everyone and everything moves at a slower pace. Each year as I sit, scheming up summer adventures with friends, I'm the on
  • Mike's Summer Checklist

    Buddy Up With Buddy Guy -- One of the youngest -- and best -- of the famous Chicago blues men to emerge in that city as a result of the great mid-century Delta blues migration north, Buddy Guy cut his first record for Chess in the early 196
  • How to Run a Lemonade Stand

    Develop a seed capital financing program; test focus groups; establish quality control procedures and a staffing schedule." These are just four of the 38 hyperlinked "Helpful Tips" specifically on running a lemonade stand offered to 8-yea
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Casket Confusion -- Is it just us, or is it a little weird that the flag-draped casket of President Reagan is paraded around the country and all over the news as a kind of patriotic affirmation, but the sight of a flag-draped casket cont
  • Canoeing and Kayaking

    Three summers ago, rafting on Oregon's Rogue River, I felt like Huck Finn on the Mississippi. I was in the lead position, about to lead our group down a three-foot drop over an old embankment -- that is, until I lost my foothold and my han
  • DVD Review

    I have to admit, it's taken me a long time to get around to dealing with the conundrum that is The Muppet Show. On one hand, there's something hilariously subversive about these characters and the jokes that they convey. On the other han
  • Cara's Summer Checklist

    Check Out Julyamsh -- From July 23-25, Post Falls will be reverberating with the energetic rhythms of the largest outdoor Powwow in the Northwest: Julyamsh. Held at the Coeur d'Alene Greyhound Park and hosted by the Coeur d'Alene Tribe, th
  • Marty's Summer Checklist

    Hang Out at Center Stage -- On the second story of this downtown building you can find a dinner theater. But if you continue up one more flight of stairs, you'll encounter a beautifully wood-paneled room with a small performing space at
  • Eight Summer Songs

    "In the Street" by Big Star -- Hanging out, down the street / The same old thing we did last week / Not a thing to do / But talk to you / Steal your car, and bring it down / Pick me up, we'll drive around / Wish we had / A joint so bad "
  • Touring Indian Country

    The history of the original Americans is not some-thing separate but is integrally woven into the story of this place we call the Inland Northwest. People from other continents did not begin making a mark on this land until about two cen
  • Buzz Bin

    Rainier Redux -- If you grew up in the area during the late '70s or early '80s, you might remember the classic "motorcycle" commercial for Rainier beer. The plot, such that it was, was simple: just a motorcycle tearing down an empty high
  • Bo's Summer Checklist

    Watch the Brothers Jumping Axes -- This season is a landmark of sorts for Roger Welch and Michael Ericson. Ten years ago -- the last time CdA produced Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (June 12-26) -- Welch had just started as artistic direct
  • Pour On the Cheese

    Things I learned from watching the unnecessary remake of 1975's mostly forgotten The Stepford Wives: There's less to fear from the future of robots than from robotic comedies. At the age of 60, the man behind the voice of Yoda isn't t
  • Leah's Summer Checklist

    Practice My Punk Rock ABCs -- Alkaline Trio. Bad Religion. Coheed and Cambria. Don't Look Down... Looks like the organizers of the annual Vans Warped Tour booked this year's acts based on simple ABCs -- OK, maybe not. But it seems like it.
  • Eight Smutty Classics

    Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov -- To be wary of this frisky, disturbing masterpiece detailing the illicit love of a worldly older gentleman for a young nymphet is to miss out on one of the greatest reading pleasures of all time. Nabokov was a
  • Summer Calendar

    June 10-16 Performance 10-12 I Do! I Do!, Civic Theater 11 Danceworks 2003, Panida Theater, Sandpoint 11-12 Pinocchio, Christian Youth Theater, First Nazarene Church 11-12 Stomp, Spokane Opera House 12 Spring Dance Show, Panida
  • Letters to the Editor

    Providing Shelter -- Thanks for Mike Corrigan's cover story, "Signs of Fear: Sheltered Existence," (5/ 20/04). Your local Red Cross has been providing relief to victims of disaster for 90 years. The Red Cross provides community disaste
  • Ann's Summer Checklist

    Go Out to the Ballgame -- There's no sound quite like the crack of the bat on a warm midsummer evening. Whether it's neighborhood kids or a field full of future major leaguers, baseball is a definitive summertime experience. A night at t
  • Passing Notes

    Credit Davy Rothbart's great idea to two complete strangers. It was about five years ago on a cold night in Chicago when Rothbart went out to his car from a friend's apartment when he noticed a handwritten note left on his windshield. Apparen
  • Eight Lakes

    Chelan -- Frigid and Nordic-like, Lake Chelan reaches depths of up to 1,500 feet -- one of the nation's deepest lakes. The Lady of the Lake is the old but regal cruise boat (, that makes daily rounds with much noise an
  • Eight Places to Eat and Tan

    1. The Elk Public House -- An outdoor seat at the Elk is a rare and beautiful thing. They're hard to come by, but God, are they sweet when you get one. Head on down and grab a table before the regulars do. Sip a pint, soak up some sun and
  • How to Marinate Anything

    The easiest way to enhance the flavor of an ingredient is to marinate it. Marinating is nothing more than steeping a piece of meat, fish, or vegetable in a flavored liquid for a while. I suspect that you can marinate any food at all, sin
  • Ted's Summer Checklist

    Check out the Reggae Cowboys -- The Silver Mountain amphitheater is one of the great venues in the region -- heck, where else in the entire country do you get to ride a gondola to 5,700 feet to see a concert? This summer, Silver's f
  • Book Review

    If you do it right, a vacation can be a wake-up call to consciousness. Being in a foreign setting gets in your finely tuned, at-home self's way. It slows you down, and forces you to focus your attention on everyday activities: walking, e
  • Eight Games

    Indoors 1. Scrabble -- This one's a classic that actually rewards you for being good at something other than rapidly pushing your thumb into a plastic controller. 2. Pinochle -- People don't play enough cards anymore. Pinochle is
  • Opening Films

    Chronicles of Riddick -- Pitch Black was a great science-fiction film: It was dark, funny, occasionally creepy and came out of nowhere. Because we had no expectations for this tale of a ragtag group of intergalactic travelers, we weren't
  • Eight Pieces of Cool Gear

    1. Wild Planet's SL175 Waterball Single Launcher -- Dominate all weenies with their pathetic squirt guns. The SL175 "forms and launches 40 balls of water per minute." No silly spraying action; this baby delivers a statement with genuine i
  • How to Make Dandelion Wine

    Mother Nature might be an alcoholic. I mean, why else would she have created sooo many ways for us to inebriate our bodies? Think about it: grapes, barley, wheat, hops -- malt liquor?! (What is that made out of anyway?) The natural possibil
  • Those Gosh-Darn Dams

    Going down into the bowels of a big hydroelectric dam can make you feel like a spy, like an agent sent by a shadowy foreign power to ascertain the engineering secrets hidden beneath all that concrete. Or maybe taking the tour will make yo
  • By the Numbers

    Drivers, start your engines -- and empty your wallets! As we gear up for the biggest driving season of the year, vacationers all across America are coming face to face with the highest average gas prices in history -- up 42 cents a gal
  • Eight Community Days

    Prospector Days (June 11-13, downtown Republic, Wash.) -- The Ferry County seat began civic life as a mining boom town called Eureka. The town has been through a lot since then, but this weekend is a tribute to Republic's mining past. Ar
  • Jake's Take- Cabin or Teepee?

    When I lived in L.A., I would regale my so-cool So Cal friends with stories about the trees, mountains, lakes and other awe-inspiring natural features of the Northwest. I would wax poetic, gesticulating with broad, sweeping motions and ast
  • How to Clean a Fish

    There's nothing quite so satisfying as peering into an ice chest full of freshly caught lake trout and realizing that after four hours of doing little more than sitting in the sun and drinking beer, you now have dinner. Until, of course, yo
  • Sidebar- Fact File, Cotto#E83C0

    Cottonwood Population 1970 867 1980 941 1990 822 2000 944 (from Idaho Dept. of Commerce Community Profiles) town stats Elevation: 3,950 feet County: Idaho Zip Code: 83522 Median household income: $34,167 (year 2000) Median hous
  • Fairchild at Risk

    Despite opposition from both Democrat and Republican lawmakers, the Bush Administration is adamant about the need to close up to 25 percent of the nation's military bases -- and right now, there's no indication which of the country's 425 ma
  • Inland NW Crossroads- Cot#E83BC

    History rests easy on the north central Idaho city of Cottonwood, high on the Camas Prairie. The bones of downtown reflect a consistency of architecture born of tragedy; only one building on Main Street predates the massive fire that con
  • Pretty Good Band

    Seattle's Pretty Girls Make Graves is one of those bands that kind of flirts with mainstream success but is ultimately happy to remain on that fringe between independent rock and the supposed greener pastures on the other
  • In Brief

    Coffee Talk -- SPOKANE -- According to the Department of Health, the average person sees about 2,000 media images a day. That statistic got Mike Beegle, a 2001 Chase Youth Scholar, thinking. Beegle, who now attends the Loyola Marymount Scho
  • CD Review

    I love that instead of a tasteful black and white photo -- something haunted and contemporary like the portraits on Johnny Cash's last few albums -- the cover of Van Lear Rose is 100 percent Grand Ol' Opry. Wearing the kind of voluminous forg
  • House of Deals

    A special examiner issued a public report earlier this week that paints the clearest picture yet about how and why Metropolitan Mortgage and its related companies were forced into bankruptcy earlier this year. Hired by the Securiti

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