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  • Jul 1-7, 2004
  • Vol. 11, No. 38

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  • Band Testing the Santa Fe

    There's a relatively new player in town in the game of new automobile sales: Hyundai. While some car manufacturers have been going for bigger and better, this company is finding a way to offer quality and affordability in the same package
  • Your Name Here

    Standing up proudly for their right to revel in double meanings, "Early Morning Stiffness" rode to a landslide victory in voting for The Inlander's 2004 Hoopfest Team Name Tourney. Funny, though, how eight of the votes for EMS came in o
  • Recently Reviewed

    Lenny's -- Lenny's is not fancy -- in fact, in a former life it was a drive-in burger joint-- and the tiny dining room makes for tight quarters. Service is brisk, the menu is vast and dinner entrees include your choice of soup or salad. (T
  • Time for a Change?

    & & According to a U.S. Senate report, by the year 2000 Americans should have had a 20-hour workweek and seven to 10 weeks of paid vacation a year. That was back in 1933, when Congress actually passed a 30-hour workweek (only to have it
  • Her Life Is a Cabaret

    The turning point in Abbey Crawford's singing career arrived eight years ago when she opened for famed cabaret singer Samantha Samuels in an AIDS benefit at the Davenport Hotel. "When she got onstage," says Crawford, "the way she intera
  • Now Playing

    Adrenaline Rush -- Adrenaline Rush is not only for those who turn to the IMAX for a bit of stomach-twisting, nausea-inducing, gravity-defying armchair extreme sport action; it's also for those who get all the adrenaline they need from ap
  • Put a Lid On It

    Generally speaking, people don't like others telling them what to do, which is how Shanae Beito feels about the helmet ordinance, passed by the Spokane City Council on Monday. "I think it should be everyone's choice," Beito says from the
  • Spot's Light on Local Stage

    Got stood up at the mailbox: At one time, didn't the daily newspaper invite others to help celebrate the accomplishments of local theater people? Back in the day, there was some legitimacy in calling ourselves the Spokane Theater Critics
  • Well-Done Weepie

    Any enterprising movie house manager would do well to fill a section of the concession stand with boxes of Kleenex for audiences buying tickets to this weeper, then figure out a way to market them before viewers sit down. But don't think tha
  • Game Review

    Yes, another Riddick product. In case you missed the announcement from Universal Studios, 2004 is the Year of Riddick, or something like that. The practical upshot of this is that we get a good video game. While it's true that most movie
  • Moore to the Story

    The potential political impact of Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 has audiences champing at the bit to see news that they can't read in USA Today. The movie promises a brewing storm of civil controversy that has never before been tested in
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Moore Facts to Check -- Professional thorn in Bush's side Michael Moore was pretty careful about the facts he presented in his film Fahrenheit 9/11. In fact, he had a team of pros vet every single item. Sure, he presented them with his o
  • News From the Fringes

    This is the man who preached the purifying power of bare-knuckled fistfights and confessed that the stench of blood and sweat on concrete can be aromatic. He created a man who finds love in choking, and in forcing unwilling people to save
  • Take Two

    I'm not sure White Chicks deserves to be called a Wayans Brothers project. That would put it in the same class as the brutally funny television series In Living Color (available on DVD, by the way), and the successful Scary Movie series.
  • Buzz Bin

    Rock the Vote -- It was a sight to make a liberal Spokanite's heart glad. Friday afternoon's showing of Fahrenheit 9/11 -- Michael Moore's incendiary expose of the Bush family's connections to the House of Saud and Bin Laden families -- wa
  • DVD Review

    There are two ways that films traditionally present tragedies. Either they're the result of some single, apparently heinous entity (the sun, invading aliens, George W. Bush), or, the aftereffects are studied (28 Days Later, any AIDS film
  • Surf and Turf

    Any big lake worth its spot on the map has at least a few of those joints where you dock the boat, come inside for faux nautical d & eacute;cor and hefty beers, and use all the comforts of a real landlubber bathroom. Coeur d'Alene has a number of su
  • Letters to the Editor

    Selective Cursing -- I have two questions for Jimmy Marks about his letter (of 6/17/04). First, why is all of Spokane under the Roma curse and not just those who were responsible for the alleged violations against the religion? To my w
  • Kissed by a Rennie

    "Good day, miladies." We hadn't even entered the Renaissance village of Pleasance yet and already we had made a new friend. The speaker, a young girl of about 15, curtsied and introduced herself as Lady Mary, then introduced us to Lady Mine
  • Opening Films

    Spider-Man 2 -- Just as X2 outdid everything in X-Men, so too does this sequel outshine its predecessor. Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) is beset with problems -- no money, no personal life, many emotional demons and the fact that Mary Jane
  • Case Study - Changing Your Culture

    Doma Caf & eacute; is one of Coeur d'Alene's newest businesses. Like all new business owners, the couple who own Doma Coffee, Terry Patano and Rebecca Hurlen Patano, are working extra hard to make sure it's a success. In fact, coupled with their wh
  • The Money Keeps Flowing

    Real Networks founder Rob Glaser has given more than $1 million to support Democratic candidates and defeat President Bush in November. Glaser's giving is just Washington's biggest example of how campaign cash continues to flow, des
  • In Brief

    Snap, Crackle, Pop -- SPOKANE -- The Fourth of July is a great day for celebration -- barbecues, parades and fireworks abound. But some traditional Fourth of July activities are dangerous and can turn out to be harmful i
  • Lessons From SLC

    We were at intermission down at Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City. While waiting for the Utah Symphony to return to the stage, my son Timothy and I, ambled through the main entrance out onto the plaza that fronts South Temple. Already impr
  • Take Back Your Time

    Take Back Your Time Day is on Oct. 24, nine weeks before the end of the year, which is exactly how much longer Americans work than Europeans. Take Back Your Time, the organization, is nonpartisan, but has four main political platforms.
  • Case Study - Quitting Your Job

    For Ann Colford, giving up the car, the high status job and the nice wardrobe wasn't really a choice. It was a survival tactic. After working as a successful accountant for over 10 years, Colford moved into a management position with Spoka
  • Time for a Change?

    & & According to a U.S. Senate report, by the year 2000 Americans should have had a 20-hour workweek and seven to 10 weeks of paid vacation a year. That was back in 1933, when Congress actually passed a 30-hour workweek (only to have it

Music & Film

  • Don't Stop

    As Fleetwood Mac got set to release its new studio album, Say You Will, drummer Mick Fleetwood knew any extended future for the reunited group would probably hinge on how things went on the impending tour. "Hopefully thi
  • 'To the Five Boroughs,' Beastie Boys

    Gray hair, dated music, Early Bird dinner times and falling asleep by 9 pm all seem to come with age. For the Beastie Boys, however, age has brought anger. To the 5 Boroughs dropped earlier this month - a long-awaited release since the t
  • Armed and Dangerous

    First things first. The question that seems to be on everyone's mind is how the sequel compares to the original. But to say that Spider-Man 2 blows Spider-Man out of the water is a little simplistic and a little strong, so allow me to wax on

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