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  • Aug 5-11, 2004
  • Vol. 11, No. 43

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  • Book Review

    Ever wonder how a favorite childhood toy might narrate significant moments in your life? Penn Jillette, of the magic-comedy duo Penn & amp; Teller and author of new novel Sock, has endeavored to do just that. The result is not unlike The Velvete
  • Little Bit of Everything

    The quirky, verbal romantic comedy Little Black Book has a lot on its mind about trust in relationships -- mostly trust in one's own instincts. While Brittany Murphy is its perky core as an employee on a Montel-like show (hosted by a splutteri
  • Call of the Wild

    Recently the Bush Administration released a new policy: Artificially raised hatchery salmon may be labeled in the same way as wild, naturally spawning salmon. This improvident policy opens the door for weaker habitat protections and, som
  • Cruisin' for a Cause

    The idea of concept cars is quickly taking hold of the automobile industry. One of the first concept vehicles that hit the market in a big way, grabbing the attention of consumers everywhere, was the Chrysler PT Cruiser. One group of loca
  • Instant Picnic

    Not in the mood to pack your own lunch for that afternoon romp in Manito Park? Why not let the friendly staff at the Park Bench do it for you? The Park Bench is located in that low-slung, red-trimmed basalt structure just off the road tha
  • An Alien In the Garden

    During a time of year when most people look to the sky, tracking northern lights and smoky fires, many Inland Northwest residents will remember the summer of 2004 more for a rash of yellow blobs that bubbled up from the ground.
  • DVD Review

    Before This Old House became a mainstay on public TV and before Home Depot turned home improvement into a national pastime, Cary Grant and Myrna Loy offered America a glimpse of the madness to come. In Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream
  • Who Gives?

    & & The polished brass bowl passed around the church pews on Sunday morning brings in a lot more money than you might think. Tithing and donations to religious charities account for 80 percent of all monetary giving in the United States
  • Come On Downtown

    It happens on Thursdays in some cities, Fridays in others, and at various times during each month across the country. In Spokane, it's on the first Friday of the month, and it's one event that is attempting to reform downtown's cultural co
  • Opening Films

    Collateral -- After a couple of historical entries (Ali, The Insider), Michael Mann refines the mean streets of L.A. once more with stripped-down, street-savvy results. The acting's solid, and the digital video landscapes are gorgeously
  • Last Line of Defense

    So far, media coverage of the 9/11 Commission report has been dominated by story lines out of John le Carr & eacute; novels. We've learned that the CIA failed to penetrate al-Qaida in the Middle East and capture the deadly hijackers, how the FBI ga
  • Ghosts of Salmon

    It's one thing to have a river flowing through the middle of downtown. Lots of metropolises can claim that: Chicago, Portland -- hell, even Great Falls, Montana, has a river to call its own. It's quite another to have what we have he
  • Buzz Bin

    Hey, Ernie! -- You think you've grown up, huh? Well there's one thing that no one, no matter how grown up they are, can possibly resist. Felt bodies and plastic, expression-frozen faces. Oh yeah, you bet we're talking about puppets. OK,
  • Now Playing

    Adrenaline Rush -- Adrenaline Rush follows two young skydivers, offering a look at both the physical sensations and the psychological challenges of risk-taking. At IMAX. Not rated. Anchorman -- Anchorman isn't so much a satire of TV ne
  • Letters to the Editor

    Suspicious of Alt Medicine -- One of the recent articles you ran focused on how "complementary" medicine was cheaper than regular FDA-approved drugs ("Covering the Alternatives," 7/22/04). While this would be fine if these "natural" su
  • From the Chinese Frontier

    In Kashgar, along China's ancient Silk Road, Beijing is a distant dream. Here in China's Wild West, the Mediterranean is closer than the China Sea and you're as likely to see a yak or a camel as a bicycle. Most of the region's residents
  • Recently Reviewed

    The Wine Cellar -- The Wine Cellar has been a mainstay in Coeur d'Alene for years, attracting diners interested in good food, oenophiles eager to explore the vast wine selection and people just wanting to listen to a little live music. T
  • In Brief

    In the Bank -- SPOKANE - For many people, payday means stuffing bills under the mattress or in the sock drawer. Thousands of local residents have money but don't put it in the bank. This is especially true for clients
  • Changing Our Lives Together

    At age 11, Rebecca Stokes was already being introduced to the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol. Her boyfriend smoked and got drugs from his mother, and her friends were involved in similar activities. Now, at 17, Rebecca has left t
  • Tips on Giving

    With the number of charities increasing by 50,000 to 80,000 each year, it's no wonder that choosing where and how to donate can be confusing. Add to that the threat of fraud and it's easy to see why many Americans throw up empty hands inst
  • Hospice of Spokane

    Some people have a spirit that can't be beaten, no matter what life throws at them. And that certainly describes one elderly woman who, some years back, came under the care of Diane Hermanson, director of social services for Hospice of
  • Praising Unruly Women

    Teresa Heinz Kerry is a breath of fresh air. So why are the media choking on it? Almost every story about her these days includes at least one snarky remark -- usually attacking her for her refusal to endlessly regurgitate the same pr
  • Catholic Charities

    "And now abideth Faith, Hope, Charity, these three; but the greatest of these is Charity." -- Corinthians 13:13 It would be hard to quickly summarize all the services Catholic Charities provides. The organization is as diversified as any m
  • Ready for His Close-Up

    Despite the fact that former state Senator Dino Rossi is virtually unopposed for the Republican nomination for governor, he has bought nearly $1 million in television advertising to run before the Sept. 14 primary election. It is ju
  • Healing the Children

    As a little girl in the Philippines, Charisma felt weak and fainted after the slightest exertion. Doctors diagnosed a serious heart condition requiring open-heart surgery, but the advanced procedure wasn't available in her homeland and h
  • CD Review

    Whoa! This is Jonathan Richman's 22nd full-length release! And as with his earlier releases, this album once again provides beautifully crafted and lovely, earnest pop tunes that celebrate the small pleasures and joys of life and ache with
  • Lee and Jody Sahlin

    If the local arts scene ever needed a superhero, that time is now. But don't go looking for glimpses of red satin capes, bat signals in the sky or anything faster than a speeding bullet. The dynamic duo most dedicated to keeping Spokane's a
  • Dr. Lauri Costello

    After previous journeys providing medical assistance to Belize and Ecuador, Dr. Lauri Costello spent two weeks in late March in Kabul. She traveled, she says, "with the Memphis-Afghanistan Friendship Summit, a small outfit out of Memphis,
  • Who Gives?

    & & The polished brass bowl passed around the church pews on Sunday morning brings in a lot more money than you might think. Tithing and donations to religious charities account for 80 percent of all monetary giving in the United States

Music & Film

  • Garvey's Ghost

    So I didn't know what 'jah' meant. Upon hearing Marcus Garvey's name, I swore it was a guy I'd gone to high school with. And Burning Spear? That sounded to me like some sort of traditional Celtic and heavy metal fusion ba
  • Mann-ly Men

    To consider a couple of his better-known movies, Heat and The Insider -- and aside from a relentless sense of style and gesture -- Michael Mann makes movies about the modern man who's encased and encoded by his profession. Collateral may be Ma

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