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  • Nov 4-10, 2004
  • Vol. 12, No. 3

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  • Buzz Bin

    The Fairer Sex -- Two X chromosomes and ten bucks are all you need to get into this weekend's orgy of health information, makeovers, lectures and freebies known as the first-ever Sacred Heart Women's Show. The scheduled list of speakers
  • Not Just the Kids

    The new computer-animated film The Polar Express (opening on Nov. 10 at local theaters and IMAX) is most likely going to be thought of as typical kiddie fare. It is kiddie fare, but it's not at all typical. And the film, based on the wildly
  • The Last Big Issue

    Publishing schedules being what they are in the weekly news business, I'm writing this column the day before the votes are cast. Win, lose or draw, the political fortunes of the president have, and will continue to, rest entirely on what
  • Making Policies

    Chances are, if you drive a car or any other sort of automobile, you probably have insurance. After all, it's the law, and abiding by the laws is in all of our best interests. As the financial demands of this thing called life go, chances
  • Out of Retirement

    The first animated feature not to be called a cartoon was Toy Story, which also happened to be the first computer-generated offering that was born out of the Disney-Pixar match-up. It wasn't a cartoon, it wasn't stop action, it wasn't a live
  • Book Review

    It took wordsmiths and workaholics more than 70 years to complete the first edition of The Oxford English Dictionary, a feat of etymological engineering that has been compared to the world's most fantastic cathedrals and coliseums; indeed,
  • Making Music with Mick

    Check out any biographical information about Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, and his height will be listed as 5' 10 & quot;. But it's a lie. He's a diminutive little fellow, can't be more than 5' 7 & quot;. Standing by a crowd of reporters in a New Yo
  • Ticket to Genova

    When you mop up the last bits of 74th Street Gumbo at the Elk, you're doing it with Genova. Or when you bite into your roast beef and havarti at Domini's, that's them, too. From the light croissants at Huckleberry's to the dinner rolls at
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    What follows are our annual awards recognizing excellence in political TV advertising, the Bozos. The Family Values Award -- Back in '94, George Nethercutt exploited his golden retriever, famously saying, "I'd never kick my dog!" The th
  • Jetting to the Top

    Seven games into his NFL career, Spokane's Erik Coleman has impressed everyone with his cool, calm and collected manner. Of course, as soon as Coleman got to thinking about his appearance on Monday Night Football, he completely blows his
  • Opening Films

    Alfie -- It's safe to say that Jude Law owns every frame of this remake of the 1966 Michael Caine film, the one that shot him to fame and will finally push Law to the top. It's time in the life of a cad, a real ladies' man, a guy who's s
  • Alphabet Art

    A single letter can say a lot. Just ask Hester Prynne, who spent the greater part of Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter being shunned because of the ornate embroidered "A" on her chest. Or ask any kid whose test has just come back
  • Family Values

    If you're having trouble conceiving a child, the last place that you'd likely look for ways to quell your woes would probably be the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. On the other hand, who better to learn from on how to deal with conception
  • Recently Reviewed

    Crickets Deli -- Crickets Deli is a lunchtime gem with its colorful atmosphere, center-of-town locale and diverse choices. Owners Sam and Karen Yi provide a menu with an excess of 15 salads and sandwiches - all with witty titles. The Fre
  • Letters to the Editor

    Summing It Up Regarding The Inlander's political endorsements, perhaps it would have been easier for your publication to have simply said, "We are liberal, vote Democrat." This would have saved you lots of paper and accomplished the sa
  • Holocaust to Hope

    A play about the Holocaust done in something called "black box" style? Sounds pretty grim. We all have our own worries. Why go out of your way to get more dejected than you already are? But Tracey Benson, first-year artistic director at
  • Now Playing

    The Forgotten -- When a young mom (Julianne Moore), distraught over the death of her son, is told by her husband and shrink that the son never existed, she freaks out, then starts to find pieces to the puzzle in her confused head. With t
  • Youth Empowerment

    Presidential election years remind us of the many sides of American democracy. Political discourse is enlivened as politicians and pundits debate various records, policy proposals and qualifications. Unfortunately, along with these nobl
  • DVD Review

    Around the start of the current war, American, British, Iraqi and other Arab government representatives all went on camera to denounce Al-Jazeera. "The Fox News of the Arab world" must be doing something right. "Different channels. Diff
  • Winter Movie Preview

    If the summer movie season- with its mindless blockbusters, sequels and cleavage- can be compared to a big, sugary Appletini, then the winter movie season is like a deep, plummy merlot. Sure, there are treats
  • Dems Doomed in the 5th

    All numbers as of Tuesday night Congress, 5th District Don Barbieri 74,152 / 39.8% Cathy McMorris 112,152 / 60.2% Party allegiance turned out
  • Welcome Home

    It's been a long couple of years for Erik Skaggs, former vice president at Metropolitan Mortgage. In August 2003, he was called up for a year's duty by the Army to serve overseas as part of Operation Enduring Freedom -- not a huge s
  • CD Reviews

    The Finn Brothers, Everyone Is Here FOUR STARS They started out as Split Enz, then morphed into Crowded House and finally ended up with parallel solo careers. Now Tim and Neil Finn are together again, and without a
  • After the Ads

    You've been hounded, haggled, tallied, polled and pitched. And now it's over -- until next time. While it may take a couple weeks for the billboard signs to come down, the bumper stickers to wear off and your neighbors to take their signs o
  • Washington Initiatives

    All results statewide as of Tuesday night R-55 * Charter Schools Yes 701,624 / 41.4% No 991,730 / 58.6% "I voted yes. It's time that we helped public schools -- they're falling through the cracks. They need to get rid of all the bad t
  • Sound Advice

    Phat Tuesday's -- Fat Tuesday's is back, baby -- maybe better than ever. After leaving the original Fat Tuesday's Concert Hall in the Riverwalk complex behind last May, owner Ken DuPree wasted little time tracking down new digs. An opport
  • The Race for the White House

    As of Tuesday night George W. Bush Washington state 822,553 / 45.9% Spokane County 71,534 / 55% John Kerry Washington state 943,181 / 52.7% Spokane County 57,191 / 44% Like the rest of the country, voters in Spokane County
  • Painful Decisions

    Nancy Figy planned to work just a little longer, adding four or five more years to her 24-year career as an LPN (licensed practical nurse) at Sacred Heart Medical Center. She looked forward to spending her retirement traveling and being wi
  • Slideshow Poet

    When it comes to artistic expression, you've got a myriad of possible forms to explore. You've got your live music and live theater. You've got your visual art and performance art. You've got prose and poetry. And never,

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