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  • Accusations Flew

    What an irony. Or maybe, what a warning. Fifty years after the official censure of Joseph McCarthy in the U.S. Senate (on Dec. 2, 1954), there is but one book on McCarthyism getting any attention, and its title is, simply, Treason. In i
  • Cuts Like a Knife

    There's a question that must be asked about the third part of every trilogy: Is it necessary to see the first two films in order to enjoy the third one? In the case of Blade: Trinity, all you need to know about the previous episodes is that
  • Buzz Bin

    Between a Rock... -- The first thing Keith Mark Johnson told us about his new book, Crossing Zion, is that "it's not religious." Not that we'd dismissed it as such, but the Buzz Bin library does get its fair share of review copies and any
  • Smart Cookies

    No offense to all you chefs out there, but your job looks easy. Now before you point your freshly-sharpened Wustofs at me, I'll blame that Emeril guy - he's so simple and blas & eacute; about preparing food, throwing handfuls of spices at pots of s
  • Give a Little Bit

    Fairchild AFB Family Support Center It's been a long, rough road for military personnel and their families -- and it doesn't appear that things will be getting any easier very soon. The Family Support Center at Fairchild AFB has several way
  • Toys and Games

    Dance Along Boohbah ($20, White Elephant) -- The Boohbahs -- from the PBS children's series Boobah -- are "five colorful atoms of energy" who seem overly enamored with repetition -- you thought Teletubbies were bad -- and obsessed with
  • Wild and Wacky

    Flying Pig Paper Animation Kit ($9, Museum of Arts & amp; Culture Shop) You don't need scissors. You barely need any glue. Just pop out the die-cut pieces, fold according to the instructions, then turn the handle and watch Porky's legs stretc
  • Book Review

    I realize this might not resonate with many of you, but I could dwell in the pages of an encyclopedia for hours, immersed in information, fact, story and description. Becoming absorbed in the texts of these word museums might seem anti-soc
  • Recently Reviewed

    Go Go Burrito -- Go Go Burrito's interior is modern, functional and stylish, with an understated psychedelic design motif featuring love beads, day-glo signage and a pink go-go boot lamp. The hefty fish burrito ($5.50) included marinated
  • For Teens

    Tutti Dolci Body Polish and Indulgent Lotion ($22 and $14, Bath & amp; Body Works) Ah, teenagers -- so young, so irritable, so absolutely aggravating. Bath & amp; Body Works has got just the right thing to sweeten their sour dispositions. The Tutti
  • Voices Carry

    Disappointed by the results of the recent national election? You're not alone. Jello Biafra feels your pain. As if to underscore that point, he's made it so that callers to his San Francisco home are treated to this sardonic telephone ans
  • Beware Hit and Run

    In the middle of the day, on a quiet street, I became the unsuspecting victim of one of the plagues of car ownership. A hit and run. It was the day after Thanksgiving, no less, and the effects of the collision caper were a complete letdow
  • Opening Films

    Blade: Trinity -- Wesley Snipes still hunts vampires, but now he's joined by two compadres: smart-aleck Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds) and markswoman Abigail Whistler (Jessica Biel). Their mission is to help create a virus that will wipe
  • Food and Drink

    Homebrew Kit ($60-$135, Jim's Homebrew) Home brewing has exploded in the last 15 years, and for good reason -- not only is homemade beer cheaper than store-bought, but with a little skill it can taste a lot better, too. Encourage the beer nut
  • Picturing History

    While there is perhaps a province in which the photograph can tell us nothing more than what we see with our own eyes, there is another in which it proves to us how little our eyes permit us to see. -- Dorothea Lange The last 100 years p
  • Sleepgoverning

    The word "somnambulism" refers to sleepwalking. I can think of no better word to describe our current Spokane City Council. As our "All-American" city drifts towards Third World status -- a town that can't even figure out a way to keep its
  • Now Playing

    Alexander -- You know from an early scene of tiresome exposition by Anthony Hopkins that Oliver Stone's three-hour sword-and-sandal epic is doomed when a giant scar across the right side Hopkins' forehead mysteriously moves to the left s
  • Critter Watch

    I am weary of the strong sea and of the mysterious earth I am weary of chickens: no one knows what they're thinking, and they look at us with dry eyes and consider us unimportant -- Pablo Neruda It's 9 o'clock on a chilled
  • Outdoor Gear

    Leatherman Tools ($30-$70, Mountain Goat Outfitters) Think of these as "non lethal" Swiss Army Knives. Made arguably better and more versatile than its classic European counterpart, the Portland-based company's 13 Leatherman pocket tools
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Separation of Church and TV -- This just in from the Squeamish Department... Media watchdog FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) reports that CBS, NBC and UPN have all rejected a TV spot from the United Church of Christ because its me
  • DVD Review

    They say more eyes have watched Gone With the Wind than any other film. With this new version on DVD, even more people can get their chance to see this epic of the American South during the Civil War. This isn't just any re-release;
  • Crafty Stuff

    Addi Turbo Circular Needles($12-$23, A Grand Yarn) Any knitting friend will tell you: You can never have too many knitting needles. And Addi Turbos -- made in Germany and constructed of sleek, nickel-plated brass -- are considered the Audi Tu
  • Just for Seniors

    Crosley Portable Record Player ($162 at Cabin Fever, Sandpoint) Back in the days of the Greatest Generation, music didn't come via MP3 or even CD. Years before the advent of vinyl, Americans danced and romanced to tunes played on flat discs
  • Letters to the Editor

    Bird Flu Worries Avian influenza (or bird flu), now projected by the World Health Organization to wipe out as many as 50 million people, is another deadly consequence of factory farming, today's grotesque method of raising animals for
  • Dirty Dozen?

    The question must be asked about every sequel: Is it necessary to see the first film in order to enjoy the second one? Not in this case, for a couple of reasons. Ocean's Eleven, despite its box office success -- it grossed just under $200 mill
  • Cool Gadgets

    Cruzer Titanium Flash Drive (CompUSA, $90) If the technological revolution hasn't impressed you much yet, consider this: Nowadays, you can wear around your neck what it used to take a sprawling library to hold. In more practical term
  • In Case You're Still Stumped

    Beaded Cat Change Purse (Creature Comforts in the Flour Mill, $10) Most cat lovers love all things feline, and this little beaded coin purse is sure to please even the most discriminating kitty fan. A
  • Yuse-ful Ideas

    Frank Yuse, a 77-year-old retired schoolteacher, is sitting in The Inlander offices discussing his recent attempts to transform his award-winning health care plan -- which would lower the cost of care and cover the nation's 45 million unins
  • Unsettled Primary

    The Democratic and Republican parties have been at each other's throats over the closest governor's race in state history. Soon, however, they'll turn on a common enemy: Washington voters. On Nov. 2, the electorate had the temerity
  • In Brief

    Spreading Like Wi-Fi -- SPOKANE -- It's about time that the national media recognized the technological paradise that is Spokane. The city has been beaming with pride since Time's Oct. 11 feature story, "The City That Cut the Cord," which chr
  • All She Wants for Christmas

    "And what do you want for Christmas, little girl?" To which Betsy Cowles whispers back into Santa's ear, "a parking garage." OK, so maybe it didn't happen quite that way, but the end result is the same: After years spent gnashing
  • Sound Advice

    A Few Minutes Short -- At this point, we've completely lost count of how many members local skankers 10 Minutes Down have gone through since they started back in 1997 -- but we're betting it's a baker's dozen. Or double that. However many i
  • Living in Danger

    Harvey Danger know what diapers feel like. We need them, use them and then toss 'em. They are like the paper clips and pocket lint that get thrown in the spare change dish with the Abe Lincolns and the Canadian maple leav
  • CD Reviews

    Fatboy Slim Palookaville TWO STARS I'm convinced: The day of the deejay is dying - and with Fatboy Slam's newest record, Palookaville, I couldn't be surer of it. Here we have Norman Cook, one of the best house DJs wo

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