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  • Feb 24 - Mar 2, 2005
  • Vol. 12, No. 19

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  • DVD Review

    The Motorcycle Diaries is a road trip movie that veers off escapist highways onto more committed paths. It's a rite of passage into Communism: the story of how Ernesto transformed himself into Che. In 1952, Ernesto Guevara (Gael Gar
  • Letters to the Editor

    Water 101 -- Thank you for presenting a responsible and well-balanced article about the aquifer and Spokane River "Digging Deeper" (2/10/05). I'd like to offer several comments to clarify the information presented in your article. Fi
  • Suzuki's Big Boost

    Over the past few months, you may have noticed some work going on at the Wendle Northtown location. The dealership has been renovating its Suzuki showroom to bring it up to speed with the new fast-track approach that Suzuki has developed
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Franken in Spokane -- It was such a big deal when the Air America radio network went live on the airwaves back in early 2004. Perhaps liberal talk show blowhards like Al Franken and Janeane Garofalo could out-talk conservative blowhards
  • Take Two

    It's probably not fair to critique an IMAX film the same way you'd critique the week's new releases. After all, IMAX is pure formula: jaw-dropping cinematography + family friendly/mildly educational subject x 45 minutes or so, all raised to
  • Buzz Bin

    Bouvier Boulevard? -- The New York Times asked a provocative question this week: "As goes The Simpsons, does the nation go, too?" Leaving aside the awkward phrasing from our Newspaper of Record and the larger cultural implications for th
  • Opening Films

    Cursed -- There were reputedly no screenings for this Wes Craven mishmash of werewolves, teenagers and Christina Ricci -- often a sign the studio has no faith in it. A brother and sister, still grieving the untimely death of their parents
  • Buzz Bin

    Craigslist in Space -- Getting a local craigslist site was a real triumph for Inland Northwesterners eager to pawn off their cheap furniture and share their sexual predilections with the rest of the world. But now craigslist CEO Jim Buck
  • Farewell Dr. Gonzo

    Once in awhile, someone comes along who is such a colossus in his field that he single-handedly dismantles and reinvents all previous standards of excellence. Because of his originality -- because he stretched his craft and caused it to evolve
  • Made in the USA

    Spokane Chiefs scouts spend much of the winter scouring the backwoods of Canada in search of young talent. It's a difficult, time-consuming job, and it costs Bobby Brett a whole lot of jack. No wonder Chiefs management loves Derek Ryan.
  • Recently Reviewed

    Stadium Pizza Parlor -- For over 25 years, this family-owned Northwest Spokane neighborhood pizza joint has been serving great food with a personal touch. And the menu is full of choices: pizzas, calzones, soups, sandwiches, pasta and an
  • Letters to the Editor

    Dear Mayor West: We write to you in disdain and concern over your awarding Harlan Douglass a "Spirit of Spokane" award and thanking him for taking down his spiteful sign (as quoted in "The Year That Almost Wasn't," 2/17/05). It is our
  • Opening Films

    Bride & amp; Prejudice -- Jane Austen's Pride & amp; Prejudice goes Bollywood in this lively re-telling of the classic romantic tale. In this Indian musical version, ol' Mrs. Bennet is eager to find suitable husbands for her five daughters. And wh
  • Book Review

    by Amy Krouse Rosenthal by Cara Gardner I'm a huge fan of organization. I love lists, file folders and magazine racks. I like things to be cross-referenced. My bookshelves are organized according to author and genre; my cl
  • Now Playing

    Are We There Yet? -- Are We There Yet? fulfills every low expectation that its target audience will bring to the cinema. Nick (Ice Cube) plays a 35-year-old case of arrested development who makes the mistake of playing foot servant to Su
  • Book Review

    by Tom Wolfe by Ted S. McGregor Jr. In a kind of Bonfire of the Vanities for the 21st century, Tom Wolfe has created the fictitious upper-crust Dupont University as the setting for his latest social critique. It's a perfect playgrou
  • Beyond Thinking Caps

    A few years ago, my sister and I were eating at the Elk in Browne's Addition. As usual, the noise level was high and we were deeply involved in our own banter, but I couldn't help overhearing a man at the table next to ours commenting on h
  • Does Oscar Matter?

    If the Oscars matter ... how? They have economic impact: Money magazine reckons that a Best Picture nomination means about $11 million in additional revenue for a film; Best Actor or Actress mentions earn about $1 million in ticket sales.
  • Found in Translation

    What I remember most about the film Lost in Translation was the dreamy quality of the nightspots, with the flashing lights and pulsating music. While Aki's isn't perhaps as big as the restaurants featured in the movie, it manages to b
  • Abuse of Power?

    Once again, Spokane County Commissioners have had the opportunity to make an appointment to District Court. Thirteen candidates applied for the opening, and on Feb. 23 it was announced that local attorney Harvey Dunham was selected to comp
  • Now Playing

    Are We There Yet? -- This fulfills every low expectation that its audience will bring to the cinema. Nick (Ice Cube) plays a 35-year-old case of arrested development who plays foot servant to Suzanne (Nia Long). Rated: PG The Aviator --
  • Bright Lights, Small City

    It's hard to watch a weatherman who predicts sunny days ahead when it's pouring rain outside. After a few too many rain-soaked picnics, you'd probably turn him off. Spokane's not much different. For years, Spokane declared that our big-cit
  • DVD Review

    The 19th century created an almost inexhaustible supply of literary works ripe for cinematic translation. Great Expectations, Jane Eyre, The Phantom of the Opera, the entire Jane Austen canon ... all lend themselves to the kind of opulent cos
  • Baby's Daddy

    Write about what you know" is the advice creative writing teachers used to give first-time writers. One wishes someone had given it a little earlier to Francis Xavier Toole, who died in 2002 at age 72 after just one book. What Toole knew be
  • Recently Reviewed

    Lindaman's -- Lindaman's breakfasts offer a refreshing change of pace with excellent service and a relaxed atmosphere. Breakfast orders are taken at the coffee and wine bar. Items include pastries ranging from muffins ($1.95) to blackbe
  • Do-Overs Allowed

    People sometimes look back on their lives and say, "I have no regrets." And we're supposed to nod and smile? Did they never leave their kitchens? If you haven't made any mistakes, you've been watching too much Wheel of Fortune. Steven Di
  • Take Two - Because of Wi#26012E

    Because of Winn-Dixie is a heartwarming movie that lifts our spirits, assuring us that if only we overcome our guilt, surely we will enjoy a brighter future. Because of Winn-Dixie is sentimental, predictable mush filled with stereotyped
  • CD Reviews

    * Rose City Hardcore by Leah Sottile Pop in the Portland-based Escaped's new record Rose City Hardcore and you'll get an earful of new-school kids rocking old-school punk standards. But just because it sounds old doesn't mean it sounds good.
  • CD Reviews

    The Decemberists Picaresque ***** The Decemberists have more fun singing about death than any other indie act. It certainly seems that way on Picaresque, the Portland-based quintet's third full-length release (due out March
  • In Brief

    Bad News for Bishops -- WASHINGTON, D.C. - According to an independent audit of sex abuse-prevention policies in American dioceses, released by the U.S. bishops' conference last Friday, the Catholic church received 1,092 new
  • In Brief

    Soldiers' Security-- SPOKANE -- Usually soldiers protect civilians, but Spokane attorney Christine Weaver is one civilian who worked hard last year to protect a National Guardsman. Weaver was recently honored with the Award of Special Recog
  • The Buck Stops Where?

    With the president preparing to hit up Congress for an additional $80 billion for the war in Iraq, I thought it might be a good time to crack open a history book. In 1941, as the United States was on the verge of entering World War II, S
  • Sound Advice

    Boyd's NAMMY -- Local singer/songwriter and three-time NAMMY award-winner Jim Boyd made it a "four-peat" a couple of weeks ago as he picked up another Record of the Year award at the seventh annual Native American Music A
  • Sound Advice

    Oh, Nell -- Little Nell's Records at 711 N. Monroe St. has been serving the needs of local vinyl addicts -- as well as those of music lovers in general -- for the past 30 years. All of that is unfortunately coming to an end

Music & Film

  • Finals Four Final

    So it's all come down to this, the last stand for the four finalists (and one wildcard band) in the 2005 RAWK Final Four local teen band competition. The dust from the four qualifying rounds has settled, and four winners
  • Incredible Year

    Maybe Social Security can get out of the supposed trouble it's in by having every tax-paying American citizen put a portion of his or her payroll check into a pool that will predict the outcome of the Oscar contest each year. That's about as

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