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  • Apr 7-13, 2005
  • Vol. 12, No. 25

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  • Dreaming in Green
  • Dreaming in Green

    How much marijuana was sold in America last year? The answer is not a number; it's a blinding flash of revelation.
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  • When a Great Man Died

    On my way to the front door of my Brooklyn apartment, I glanced at the picture perched on top of the Steinway grand piano and smiled. In the photograph, my brother-in-law Bernie looked handsome and determined in his Air Force uniform, resp
  • Bloomsday - Fun Before You Run

    If you're going to be in town this weekend to run or watch that silly foot race on Sunday, don't let Saturday night slip by without scoring a taste of what downtown Spokane has to offer. In addition to great, modestly priced restaurants j
  • Baseball Lore, NW Style

    Baseball, more than any other sport, is consumed by numbers. Batting averages, earned run averages, slugging percentages, fielding percentages, strikeouts-to-walks ratios, runs batted in with men in scoring position during midweek night
  • Opening Films

    Born Into Brothels -- Winner of the 2004 Academy Award for Best Documentary, Born Into Brothels is a devastating portrait of impoverished Calcutta children who are born into prostitution, yet the film is also an inspiring document about
  • Of Red Rock and Rebellion

    A dangerous woman is coming to Spokane this week. At least that's the opinion of William Merwin, president of Florida Gulf Coast University. Last October, writer Terry Tempest Williams - who visits Spokane Community College on Monday - w

    The Internet is a wondrous, seemingly infinite vortex of information. That being said, I recently used it to do something productive. I was able to make a detailed plan for a riveting trip to southwestern Utah. The technology I love so mu
  • Bloomsday - Comparing the Hills

    The top of Doomsday Hill isn't the top of Doomsday Hill. And Doomsday isn't even the toughest hill on the Bloomsday course. These and other startling revelations -- like the fact that you're really not in the kind of shape you should be f
  • The Problem With Plasma Screens

    There is a moment in the lifespan of every cool new gadget -- two years after Bill Gates buys one, a year and a half after the popular press gets wind of it -- when its price drops enough to show up in significant numbers on the sh
  • Now Playing

    The Aviator -- Scorsese, DiCaprio, Hughes -- as in Howard -- are director, star and subject of this splendid look at three busy decades in the life of the industrialist, filmmaker and airplane nut. The script gives plenty of leeway for DiC
  • Buzz Bin

    Hooked by Salman -- OK, first things first -- a huge round of applause to EWU Press and Get Lit for pulling off another year of their spectacular and nationally recognized literary festival. From sending regional writers to schools in the
  • Citizen Jess

    Jess Walter wants to have a fishing derby. And not just any fishing derby, but one worthy of the Spokane River and everything that's in it. "The fish wouldn't win by size, but by weight," he explains. "Because there's so much lead in the r
  • Suds 'n' Eats

    It's all because of the beer. The Coeur d'Alene Brewing Co., on the corner of Second and Lakeside in downtown CdA, draws its name and inspiration from the micro-brewed product that put the Lake City on the Northwest brewing map. Did I say
  • Bloomdsay - Elites Meet

    The men's elite field is dominated -- no surprise -- by Kenyans. Bloomsday's elite athlete coordinator, Jon Neill, reports that three former Bloomsday champions will return this year: Reuben Cheruiyot (who has raced five times here, winning
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Deathwatch 3? -- For what seemed like weeks, America hung on to Terri Schiavo's every heartbeat, waiting for news, status reports and prognoses, learning the inner workings of a life-support system and trying to will away her inevitable
  • DVD Review

    Some of those old 1950s Westerns glossed over the less appealing parts of the cowboy era. Over the past few decades, there's been an effort to portray the old West more accurately -- filled with whorin', thievin' and killin'. But in
  • Book Review

    by Harry G. Frankfurt by Ted S. McGregor Jr. We're full of it. At least that's what Princeton philosopher Harry Frankfurt thinks of the way we communicate. But after reading this odd little book, you can't help but wonder if he's full of it, t
  • Buzz Bin

    Pulitzer Presence -- Sometimes we like to note the six degrees of separation between the Pulitzer Prize and us. For instance, alternative newsweeklies broke into Pulitzer-worthy ranks this week when the prize for investigative reporting
  • Recently Reviewed

    Maggie's Grill -- Maggie's seat-yourself, order-at-the-counter style of dining adds a new twist to South Hill neighborhood dining. The menu includes a little bit of everything: sandwiches, wraps, salads and hot entrees like lasagna, chi
  • Letters to the Editor

    Don't Follow California Two issues scream out in regard to linking Washington's emissions with California's ("California Dreaming," 3/31/05). First, Washington's air quality is great. Spokane hasn't had a bad air day in seven years. Ev
  • Metaphorica

    I remember when you could smoke in hospitals. Simply fire one up in bed while recuperating from knee surgery or while visiting Uncle Harry, it didn't matter in those days. Now you've got to go outside, and here at Sacred H
  • Bloomsday - Getting There

    If you think you can just cruise into downtown Spokane and find a parking spot right near the starting line on Sunday morning, you're wrong. Parking will be scarce at best: With more than 40,000 runners and their friends all converging on do
  • Book Review

    by Richard Marinick by Ann M. Colford Most people think of Boston as a city of culture -- filled with art, history, music (and baseball). But the city has a dark side too -- gritty neighborhoods of tenement houses, dark alleys and street corner hangou
  • Take Two

    Winner of the 2004 Academy Award for Best Documentary, Born Into Brothels (playing at the Met Cinema this week) is a devastating portrait of impoverished Calcutta children who are born into the sex trades, yet the film is also an in
  • Sound Advice

    He Was Born in the '50s -- With his recent tell-all memoir Broken Music and tour of the same name, Sting is back in the pop culture spotlight. And he was in Spokane -- for the first time ever -- on Mond
  • Running on Empty

    The new sales pitch for President Bush is that he's a forward-thinking visionary, right? His policies in the Middle East were, it turns out, not about the bloody debacle in Iraq today but about democracy spreading throughout the regi
  • CD Reviews

    50 Cent The Massacre ONE STAR I know what you're saying: The Inlander hates rap. How wrong you are. It's not rap that we loathe, it's 50 Cent and his sawed-off, pointless lyrics and secondhand beats. His first album, G
  • In Brief

    Hubless? -- SPOKANE -- Earlier this week, the Spokane Transit Authority announced that it has contracted with the firm Auble, Jolicoeur and Gentry to conduct an appraisal on the market value of the downtown STA Plaza, the transit system's hub

Music & Film

  • Costello's Modern Moods

    To say that 2004 was a banner year for veteran English rocker Elvis Costello would be no understatement.Fresh off of touring behind his stirring 2002 rock album, When I Was Cruel, Costello released two very
  • Stuck in the Infield

    Strike one. Even though this is billed as a film by the Farrelly brothers -- still best known for There's Something About Mary (although their best film remains Kingpin -- it just doesn't fit in with their oeuvre). It doesn't have that freewhee

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